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Vehicle Donation in Dayton, Ohio

For people interested in vehicle donation in Dayton, Ohio, below is a list of Dayton, Ohio organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

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2003 Fund Inc. Dayton, OH
355th Fighter Group Assn 6 Dayton, OH
A. Brighter Day Ministries Inc. Dayton, OH
A. New Beginning Youth Minstry Inc. Dayton, OH
Abe Margolis Foundation 4 Dayton, OH
Abundant Life Christ Centered Ministries Dayton, OH
Academy Memorial Fund Dayton District Academy of Osteopathic Me Dayton, OH
Access Center for Independent Living Dayton, OH
Adolescent Oasis Inc. Dayton, OH
Adopting Children Today Information and Option Network Dayton, OH
Adult Care Options Management Inc. Dayton, OH
Advocates for People With Developmental Disabilities Dayton, OH
Advocates for the Mentally Ill Admi Dayton, OH
Affecting Community Transformation (Until December 2007) Dayton, OH
Affiliate Societies Council Asc Incorporated (Until December 2008) Dayton, OH
African-American Visual Artists Guild Dayton, OH
Agape Pentecostal Assembly Dayton, OH
Aids Resource Center Ohio Inc. Dayton, OH
Aim Inc. Dayton, OH
Air Pollution Control Association East Central Section Dayton, OH
Al-Mustaqeem Islamic Community Center Dayton, OH
Alco-Aides Club Inc. Dayton, OH
Aldersgate African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Dayton, OH
Alliance Facility Management Inc. Dayton, OH
Alliance for the Mentally Ill of Montgomery Conty Ohio Dayton, OH
Alpha School Dayton, OH
Amcast Industrial Foundation 4 Dayton, OH
American Guild of English Handbell Ringers Inc. Dayton, OH
American Horticultural Therapy Association Ohio Chapter Dayton, OH
American Orphan Association Inc. (Until December 2006) Dayton, OH
American Osteopathic Colleges of Opthalmology and Otolaryngology Dayton, OH
American Society for Composites Dayton, OH
Americana Festival Inc. Dayton, OH
Anchor Program Inc. Dayton, OH
Angels Miracles Sanctuary Dayton, OH
Animal Birth Control Dayton, OH
Annie Oakley Womens Shooting Association Dayton, OH
Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ Inc. Dayton, OH
Apostolic House of Christ Dayton, OH
Area Agency on Aging Planning and Service Area 2 Dayton, OH
Ark Foundation of Dayton Inc. Dayton, OH
Ark of Deliverance Ministries (Until December 2007) Dayton, OH
Arnovitz Foundation 4 Dayton, OH
Artemis Center for Alternatives to Domestic Violence Dayton, OH
Arts Center Foundation Inc. Dayton, OH
Asian Arts Center Dayton, OH
Association of Nature Center Administrators Dayton, OH
Association of Philippine Physicians in Greater Dayton Dayton, OH
Association to Broaden Learning Experiences Inc. Dayton, OH
Aunte Liz Inc. Dayton, OH
Authentic Word Ministries Inc. (Until December 2007) Dayton, OH
Aviation Hall of Fame Dayton, OH
Aviation Heritage Foundation Inc. (Until September 2006) Dayton, OH
Aviation Trail Dayton, OH
Bach Society of Dayton Inc. (Until June 2006) Dayton, OH
Ballet De Jeunesse Dayton, OH
Be Well Foundation (Until December 2008) Dayton, OH
Bear Creek Church of the Brethern Dayton, OH
Beavercreek Education Foundation Inc. Dayton, OH
Beerman Family Foundation Dayton, OH
Beerman Foundation Inc. 4 Dayton, OH
Belmont Historical Society Dayton, OH
Benjamin Wegerzyn Horticultural Center Dayton, OH
Berry Family Foundation 4 Dayton, OH
Beth Abraham Synagogue Dayton, OH
Beth Abraham Synagogue Foundation Dayton, OH
Beth Jacob Congregation Dayton, OH
Bethel Baptist Church Dayton, OH
Bethesda Temple Inc. Dayton, OH
Bethsaida Baptist Church Dayton, OH
Better Business Bureau Education Foundation of Dayton Miami Valley (Until December 2008) Dayton, OH
Bible Baptist Church Dayton, OH
Bible Church of Christ Dayton, OH
Bible Class Missionary Church (Until December 2007) Dayton, OH
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Dayton Foundation Inc. Dayton, OH
Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Miami Valley Inc. Dayton, OH
Bike Miami Valley Ohio Dayton, OH
Bike-A-Thon Inc. Dayton, OH
Bill and Jackie Lockwood Family Foundation 4 Dayton, OH
Bobby Blair Missions Dayton, OH
Boh Foundation 4 Dayton, OH
Born Again Fellowship Dayton, OH
Box 21 Rescue Squad Inc. Dayton, OH
Brantwood-Pto-Brantwood-Parent Teacher Organization Dayton, OH
Breast Cancer Foundation Dayton, OH
Bridgebuilders of Mid-America Inc. (Until June 2005) Dayton, OH
Brighter Tomorrow Foundation Dayton, OH
Buckskin Ministries Inc. Dayton, OH
Building Bridges Inc. Dayton, OH
Bulgarian Orthodox Religious Education Society Dayton, OH
Burkhardt-Springfield Neighborhood Association Dayton, OH
Business Involving Kids Entertainment Dayton, OH
C. J. Francis III Foundation Dayton, OH
C. J. McLin Senior Apartments Dayton, OH
Calvary Cemetery Association of Dayton Ohio 6 Dayton, OH
Calvary Chapel of Dayton Dayton, OH
Calvary Grace Bretheren Church of Dayton Dayton, OH
Cambodian American National Council - Canc Dayton, OH
Cardinal Foundation 4 Dayton, OH
Caresource USA Holding Co Dayton, OH
Carillon Historical Park Inc. Dayton, OH
Carillon Park Rail & Steam Society Dayton, OH
Caring Families Dayton, OH
Carousel House Inc. Dayton, OH
Carriers and Locals Society Dayton, OH
Carroll Boosters Inc. Dayton, OH
Catch the Building Spirit Dayton, OH
Celebrating Families of Children & Adults With Special Needs Dayton, OH
Cement Masons Local No 131 Joint Apprenticeship Fund Dayton, OH
Center for Entrepreneurial Education Dayton, OH
Center for Non Profit Resources of Ohio Inc. Dayton, OH
Centerville Baseball Club Dayton, OH
Centerville Hockey Association Dayton, OH
Central Office of Dayton Inc. Dayton, OH
Chabad of Greater Dayton Inc. Dayton, OH
Chabad of Montgomery County Dayton, OH
Charity Baptist Church Dayton, OH
Charity Baptist Foundation Dayton, OH
Charles F. Kettering Foundation 3 Dayton, OH
Charles Niehaus Tr FBO Emmanuel Church Dayton, OH
Charles R. Niehaus FBO St. Vincent Dayton, OH
Charles R. Niehaus Tr FBO Salvation Army Fund of Dayton Ohio Dayton, OH
Charles R. Niehaus Trust FBO American Lung Association of Ohio Dayton, OH
Charles [email protected] Trust FBO Goodwill Industries of Dayton Inc. 4 Dayton, OH
Chicago Project (Until December 2006) Dayton, OH
Children Are the Future Network Inc. (Until February 2007) Dayton, OH
Children Have Options in Caring Environments Inc. Dayton, OH
Childrens Cooperative Preschool Inc. Dayton, OH
Childrens Home Care of Dayton Dayton, OH
Childrens Laboratory Schools Inc. Dayton, OH
Childrens Medical Center Dayton, OH
Childrens Medical Center Foundation Dayton, OH
Choices in Community Living Inc. Dayton, OH
Christ Life Ministries Inc. Dayton, OH
Christ Worldwide Church Dayton, OH
Christ and Prayer Fellowship Dayton, OH
Christian Disciple Missionary Baptist Church Inc. Dayton, OH
Christian Family Network Dayton, OH
Church Federation of Greater Dayton Dayton, OH
Church of Beavercreek Dayton, OH
Church of Christ Belmont Dayton, OH
Church of Christ of East Dayton Dayton, OH
Church of Deliverance Dayton, OH
Church of God Dayton Assembly Dayton, OH
Church of God of Dayton Ohio Dayton, OH
Church of God of Hope Dayton, OH
Church of Living God Faith Temple Inc. Dayton, OH
Church of Love c/o Milton Moblay III Dayton, OH
Church of the Epiphany Dayton, OH
Church of the Golden Key Dayton, OH
Church of the Good Shepherd Apostolic Faith Dayton, OH
Church of the Holy Peoples of God Dayton, OH
Church on the Rock Ministries Inc. Dayton, OH
Citizens Against Domestic Violence Dayton, OH
Citizens Motorcar Company Dayton, OH
Citizens for Health Improvement of Nigeria 4 Dayton, OH
City Day Community School Dayton, OH
City Folk Dayton, OH
Clarence & Judith Lapedes Family Foundation 4 Dayton, OH
Clothes That Work Dayton, OH
Colin Gardner Foundation 4 Dayton, OH
Communities Helping Each and Everyone Reach Success Incorporate Dayton, OH
Community Action Partnership of the Greater Dayton Area Dayton, OH
Community Blood Center Dayton, OH
Community Develoment Corp Resource Consortium Inc. (Until December 2006) Dayton, OH
Community Education Resources for Handicapped Mr Mi Dayton, OH
Community of the Servant Inc. Dayton, OH
Congregation Shma Yisrael Dayton, OH
Corner Cupboard Charities of Greater Dayton Inc. Dayton, OH
Council for Community Outreach & Development Inc. Dayton, OH
Council on Public Policy Education 4 Dayton, OH
Countryside Foundation 4 Dayton, OH
County Corp Dayton, OH
County Corp Development Dayton, OH
County Line Baptist Church Dayton, OH
Covenant Manor Inc. Dayton, OH
Cox Arboretum Associates Inc. Dayton, OH
Creative Quilters Guild Dayton, OH
Creekside Players Dayton, OH
Crossroads Club Dayton, OH
Culture Works the Arts and Culture Alliance of the Miami Valley Dayton, OH
Cyo of Greater Dayton Dayton, OH
Cystic Fibrosis Family and Friends Dayton, OH
Dakota Center Inc. Dayton, OH
Danis Foundation Inc. 4 Dayton, OH
Darlene & Max Gutmann Family Foundation Inc. Dayton, OH
Dave Herring Memorial Scholarship Fund Dayton, OH
Day-Mont Behavioral Health Care Inc. Dayton, OH
Day-Vest Dayton, OH
Daybreak Inc. Dayton, OH
Dayton Alumni Kappa Alpha Psi Foundation Dayton, OH
Dayton Amateur Radio Association Inc. Dayton, OH
Dayton Area Board of Realtors Foundation Dayton, OH
Dayton Area Candlelighters Inc. Dayton, OH
Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce Education & Public Imp Foundation Dayton, OH
Dayton Area Families for Effective Autism Treatment Dafeat (Until June 2009) Dayton, OH
Dayton Area Health Plan Dayton, OH
Dayton Area Heart and Cancer Association Dayton, OH
Dayton Area Nurse Educators Dayton, OH
Dayton Area Visually Impaired Persons Inc. Dayton, OH

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Above is a list of organizations in Dayton, Ohio that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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