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Vehicle Donation in Akron, Ohio

For people interested in vehicle donation in Akron, Ohio, below is a list of Akron, Ohio organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

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220 Charitable Tr 4 Akron, OH
Access Inc. Akron, OH
Accident Prevention Association Inc. 6 Akron, OH
Act II Productions Akron, OH
Activity Coordinators Roundtable Akron, OH
Ahavat-Zedek Cemetery Inc. 6 Akron, OH
Akron Aerie Eagles 555 Charities Inc. (Until December 2007) Akron, OH
Akron Aeros Charitablies Akron, OH
Akron African-American Cultural Association Akron, OH
Akron Al-Anon Intergroup Akron, OH
Akron Area Arts Alliance Akron, OH
Akron Area Assn of Churches Akron, OH
Akron Area Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Training Trust Fund Akron, OH
Akron Area Intergroup Council of AA Akron, OH
Akron Area Pride Collective Akron, OH
Akron Area Realtors Foundation Akron, OH
Akron Arid Club Inc. Akron, OH
Akron Art Museum Akron, OH
Akron Automobile Assn Safety Education & School Boy Patrols Out Akron, OH
Akron Bar Association Foundation Akron, OH
Akron Bible Church Akron, OH
Akron Bible Students Ecclesia Association Akron, OH
Akron Blind Center & Workshop Inc. Akron, OH
Akron Chapter of National Junior Tennis League Inc. Akron, OH
Akron Church Fellowship Akron, OH
Akron Church of Gospel Ministry Akron, OH
Akron Civil War Memorial Society Akron, OH
Akron Club of the Deaf Inc. Akron, OH
Akron Committee for Better Housing Inc. Akron, OH
Akron Community Foundation Akron, OH
Akron Community Health Resources Inc. Akron, OH
Akron Community Service Center & Urban League Akron, OH
Akron Council of Engineering and Scientific Societies Akron, OH
Akron Council on World Affairs Inc. (Until December 2006) Akron, OH
Akron Derby Downs Bmx Inc. Akron, OH
Akron East High Alumni Inc. (Until December 2007) Akron, OH
Akron General Development Foundation Akron, OH
Akron General Health System Akron, OH
Akron General Medical Center Akron, OH
Akron General Medical Center Self- Insurance Trust Akron, OH
Akron Internist Research Foundation Akron, OH
Akron Jaycee Foundation 4 Akron, OH
Akron Law Library Association Akron, OH
Akron Lyric Opera Theatre Akron, OH
Akron Masjid Akron, OH
Akron Metro Parks Foundation Akron, OH
Akron Missionary Baptist Church Akron, OH
Akron Museum Endowment Fund 11039-00 Akron, OH
Akron Obstetrical & Gynecological Society Educational & Charitable T. Akron, OH
Akron Optimists Youth Foundation Akron, OH
Akron Pregnancy Services Akron, OH
Akron Press Association Akron, OH
Akron Regional Development Board Educational Fund Akron, OH
Akron Rotary Camp for Special Children Inc. Akron, OH
Akron Rotary Foundation Akron, OH
Akron Roundtable Rka Rubber Akron, OH
Akron Rural Cemetery Association 6 Akron, OH
Akron Service Center Akron, OH
Akron Shobiz Kidz Akron, OH
Akron Summit Community Action Agency Akron, OH
Akron Tomorrow Akron, OH
Akron Unified Inc. Akron, OH
Akron Zoological Foundation 4 Akron, OH
Akron Zoological Park Akron, OH
Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank Akron, OH
Akron-Caton Regional Foodbank Endowment Akron, OH
Akron-Urban Minority Alcoholism Drug Abuse Outreach Program Inc. Akron, OH
Akrons Pops Orchestra (Until December 2008) Akron, OH
Aladdin Foundation of Akron Akron, OH
Albert W. & Edith V Flowers Charitable Foundation Tr No 315 4 Akron, OH
All-Star Training Club Akron, OH
Alpha Building Foundation Corporation Akron, OH
Alpha Library Committee Inc. Akron, OH
Alpha Phi Alpha Foundation of Akron 4 Akron, OH
Altrusa International of Akron Foundation Inc. (Until May 2008) Akron, OH
American Foundation to Aid the Poor Afap Akron, OH
American Indian Services Inc. Akron, OH
American Scholarship Foundation Akron, OH
An Act of Kindness (Until December 2007) Akron, OH
Anna Randle Troug Memorial Foundation 4 Akron, OH
Apostolic Church of Christ Akron, OH
Ardmore Foundation Inc. Akron, OH
Ardmore Inc. Akron, OH
Arlington Church of God Inc. Akron, OH
Arlington Development Corporation 4 Akron, OH
Arlington Housing Options Plus Elderly Services Akron, OH
Artists of Rubber City Inc. Akron, OH
Asian Services in Action Inc. Akron, OH
Babcox Family Foundation Inc. 4 Akron, OH
Bamco 4 Youth (Until December 2007) Akron, OH
Barbara E. Kuhlke Charitable Remainder Unitrust 11379-00 Akron, OH
Barberton Health District Fund (Until December 2007) Akron, OH
Basil J. & Anne L. Scafidi Char Tr 10021978 4 Akron, OH
Bath Church Endowment Fund Inc. Akron, OH
Bath Fire Department Incorporated Akron, OH
Bath in Bloom Akron, OH
Bath-Richfield Kiwanis Club Foundation Inc. Akron, OH
Battered Womens Shelter Akron, OH
Beacon Journal Charity Fund Inc. Akron, OH
Because He Cares Akron, OH
Berlin Family Foundation Inc. 4 Akron, OH
Beta Foundation 4 Akron, OH
Bible Church of God Akron, OH
Big Brothers and Sisters of Summit and Medina Counties Inc. Akron, OH
Bingman Family Foundation Agreement of Trust 4 Akron, OH
Black Law Enforcement Officers Association Incorporated (Until December 2007) Akron, OH
Blackboard of Trades Inc. Akron, OH
Blair Family Foundation 4 Akron, OH
Blick Clinic Inc. Akron, OH
Boys and Girls Clubs of Summit County Akron, OH
Brennan Fam Foundation Ua 05132003 4 Akron, OH
Brennan Family Foundation 4 Akron, OH
Broken Chains Jail & Prison Ministry (Until December 2008) Akron, OH
Brown Street Church of Christ Akron, OH
Buchtel High School Alumni Association Akron, OH
Buddhist Association of Wisdom and Compassion Akron, OH
Burton D. Morgan Foundation Inc. 4 Akron, OH
C. Blake Jr and Beatrice K. McDowell Foundation 4 Akron, OH
C. O. R. E. City of Refuge for Everyone (Until December 2006) Akron, OH
Calvary Crusade Inc. Akron, OH
Calvary Gospel Temple Akron, OH
Camp Invention Inc. Akron, OH
Canal Society of Ohio Inc. Fka Canal Society of Ohio Akron, OH
Caritas Foundation 4 Akron, OH
Carpenters and Joiners Senior Housing Inc. Akron, OH
Casa Board Volunteer Association Inc. Akron, OH
Cascade Locks Park Association Akron, OH
Cedar Development Inc. Akron, OH
Cedar Meadows Inc. Akron, OH
Cedar Oaks Inc. Akron, OH
Center for Nonprofit Excellence (Until December 2005) Akron, OH
Center of New Thought Philosopy Church and Education Society Akron, OH
Central Summit County Choral Society Akron, OH
Chabad Jewish Religious Association Akron, OH
Chamber Music Society of Ohio (Until June 2009) Akron, OH
Champion Wrestling Ministries Inc. (Until December 2007) Akron, OH
Chapel Endowment Foundation Akron, OH
Chapparells Baton & Drum Corps Inc. Akron, OH
Chapparells Inc. Akron, OH
Character Counts Akron Akron, OH
Charisma Community Connection (Until December 2006) Akron, OH
Charity Bible Fellowship Akron, OH
Charles A. Witenhafer Scholarship Fund 4 Akron, OH
Charles E. & Mabel M. Ritchie Memorial Foundation 4 Akron, OH
Cherubims Cultural Center (Until December 2006) Akron, OH
Child Care Foundation Inc. Akron, OH
Child Dimensions Insurance Company Akron, OH
Child First Alternative Care Akron, OH
Child Guidance Center Akron, OH
Child Guidance Centers Foundation Inc. Akron, OH
Child Guidance Centers Inc. Akron, OH
Children at Risk Coalition of Summit County Ohio Akron, OH
Children of the I. Am Akron, OH
Childrens Concert Society of Akron Akron, OH
Childrens Family Care Inc. 4 Akron, OH
Childrens Home Care Group Akron, OH
Childrens Hospital Employees Foundation Akron, OH
Childrens Hospital Foundation Akron, OH
Childrens Hospital Medical Center of Akron Akron, OH
Childrens Hospital Physican Associates Akron, OH
Chippewa Local Excellence for Education Foundation Akron, OH
Choices A. Community Social Center (Until December 2005) Akron, OH
Christ Apostolic Temple Akron, OH
Christ Church of Creative Living Akron, OH
Christ Universal Church of Metaphysics Akron, OH
Christ and Anastasia Eftimoff Scholarship Fund 4 Akron, OH
Christ is the Answer Ministries Akron, OH
Christian Baptist Church Akron, OH
Christian Fellowship Basketball League (Until December 2008) Akron, OH
Church of God Akron, OH
Church of Spiral Oak Akron, OH
Citizens for Humane Animal Practices Inc. (Until December 2007) Akron, OH
Clan Urquhart Foundation Inc. Akron, OH
Cleveland Area African-American Librarians Association (Until December 2007) Akron, OH
Clubs for Kids Akron, OH
Collegescholars Inc. 3 Akron, OH
Come Alive Ministry Akron, OH
Coming Together USA Akron, OH
Community Aids Network Akron, OH
Community Christian Assembly Akron, OH
Community Church of Portage Lakes Akron, OH
Community Drug Board Foundation Akron, OH
Community Drug Board Inc. Akron, OH
Community Habilitation Services Incorporated Akron, OH
Community Hall Foundation Program Endowment Akron, OH
Community Health Research Group Inc. Akron, OH
Community Health Ventures Inc. Akron, OH
Community Legal Aid Services Inc. Akron, OH
Community Support Services Inc. Akron, OH
Community of Christ Church Incorporated Akron, OH
Compass of Ohio (Until December 2007) Akron, OH
Concord Singers Inc. Akron, OH
Cornerstone Fellowship Akron, OH
Cottage Grove Etc Akron, OH
Council of Friends Groups of Akron Summit County Public Library Inc. Akron, OH
Coventry Crossing Church of Christ Akron, OH
Coventry High Alumni Corporation Akron, OH
Coventry Youth Football Inc. Akron, OH
Coventry Youth Soccer Organization (Until December 2008) Akron, OH
Craftsmen Recreation Club Inc. 5 Akron, OH

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Above is a list of organizations in Akron, Ohio that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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