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Vehicle Donation in Kentucky

For people interested in vehicle donation in Kentucky, below is a list of Kentucky organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Schochoh Community Development Corporation Inc. Adairville, KY
Bethel House of God of Rich Creek Adams, KY
South Allen Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Adolphus, KY
Harlan Mennonite Fellowship Inc. Ages Brookside, KY
Beaver Creek Native American Indian Council Inc. (Until June 2005) Albany, KY
Clinton County Arts Council (Until December 2006) Albany, KY
Clinton County Elem Parent Teacher Association Albany, KY
Clinton County Ez Community Inc. Albany, KY
Clinton County Hospital Albany, KY
Clinton Wayne Scholarship Foundation Albany, KY
Foothills Academy Inc. Albany, KY
Stetler Cross Ministries Inc. Albany, KY
Things to Come Ministries Inc. Albany, KY
Alexandria Cemetery Company 6 Alexandria, KY
Alexandria and Community Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Alexandria, KY
Campbell County Historical and Genealogical Society Alexandria, KY
Campbell County Rural Knothole League Inc. Alexandria, KY
Campbell County Water Rescue Inc. Alexandria, KY
Campbell County Youth Soccer Inc. (Until December 2006) Alexandria, KY
First Baptist Church Alexandria, KY
Grant Janszen Wish Foundation (Until December 2008) Alexandria, KY
Kentucky Wildlife Federation Foundation Inc. Alexandria, KY
Knowledge in Christ Ministry Alexandria, KY
Main Street Baptist Church Alexandria, KY
Main Street Care Ministry Inc. (Until December 2007) Alexandria, KY
Milestones Inc. Alexandria, KY
Northern Kentucky Officials Association Alexandria, KY
Oakland Cemetery Company Inc. 6 Alexandria, KY
Peace Homes Inc. Alexandria, KY
Sol & Jenny Goldberg Public Service Award Inc. Alexandria, KY
Southern Campbell Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Alexandria, KY
St. Marys Boosters Inc. Alexandria, KY
Tom Gross Cemetery Inc. 6 Alexandria, KY
Calloway County Youth Recreation (Until December 2009) Almo, KY
Walking Wounded Inc. Almo, KY
Donny Reagan Revivals Alpha, KY
Alvaton P. T. 0 Inc. Alvaton, KY
Biblical Insights Incorporated Alvaton, KY
Anchor Theatre Inc. Anchorage, KY
Audio Studio for the Reading Impaired Inc. Anchorage, KY
Bellewood Childrens Foundation Inc. Anchorage, KY
Bellewood Presbyterian Home for Children Inc. Anchorage, KY
Community of Anchorage Rallies for Education Inc. Anchorage, KY
Mummers & Minstrels Inc. Anchorage, KY
Rock Creek Research and Development Laboratories Inc. Anchorage, KY
Shepherd Foundation Inc. 4 Anchorage, KY
Teen Tyme Productions Inc. Anchorage, KY
The David C. and Wendy L. Novak Foundation Inc. 4 Anchorage, KY
Jackson Co Christian Schools Inc. Annville, KY
Jackson County Rehailition Ind Inc. Annville, KY
Perpetual Care Inc. 6 Annville, KY
I. Believe Foundation Inc. (Until December 2008) Argillite, KY
Jeffrey Logan Memorial Scholarship Inc. Argillite, KY
Little Sandy Fire District Argillite, KY
Milburn Community Center Inc. Arlington, KY
Artemus Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Artemus, KY
Troublesome Creek Volunteer Fire Dept Ary, KY
Sycamore React Volunteer Fire Department Incorporated Ashcamp Pike, KY
A. I. Ch E. Tri-State Section Scholarship Fund Inc. Ashland, KY
Abundant Life Fellowship Ministeries of Ashland Incorp Ashland, KY
Ahp Inc. Ashland, KY
Alliance to the Boyd County Medical Society Ashland, KY
Angliican Parish of Saint Mary Incorporated Ashland Kentucky Ashland, KY
Area Charity Propeties Inc. (Until December 2007) Ashland, KY
Artists in Concert Inc. Ashland, KY
Arts Council of Northeastern Kentucky Inc. Ashland, KY
Ashland Alliance Foundation Inc. Ashland, KY
Ashland Area Art Gallery Inc. Ashland, KY
Ashland Area Committee on Emp of People With Disabilities Inc. Ashland, KY
Ashland Area Ministerial Assoc (Until December 2005) Ashland, KY
Ashland Area Young Mens Christian Association Ashland, KY
Ashland Association of Life Underwriters Commuty Char Fund Inc. Ashland, KY
Ashland Boyd County Catlettsburg Medical Reserve Corps Inc. (Until September 2008) Ashland, KY
Ashland Cemetery Company 6 Ashland, KY
Ashland Cemetery Company Tr Fund 6 Ashland, KY
Ashland Child Development Center Inc. Ashland, KY
Ashland Community Kitchen Inc. Ashland, KY
Ashland Diagnostic Inc. Ashland, KY
Ashland Hospital Corporation Ashland, KY
Ashland Nursing Home Corporation Ashland, KY
Ashland Poage Landing Days Festival Inc. Ashland, KY
Ashland School Safety Patrol Inc. Ashland, KY
Ashland Tomcat Booster Club Inc. Ashland, KY
Ashland Two Four Repeater Group Inc. Ashland, KY
Ashland-Ironton Area Habitat for Humanity Inc. Ashland, KY
Bible Baptist Church of Ashland Kentucky Ashland, KY
Billy Ray Cyrus Charities Foundation Inc. Ashland, KY
Blanchard & Verna Amstutz Ministries Inc. (Until December 2006) Ashland, KY
Blazer Band Parents Inc. Ashland, KY
Blue-Gold Youth Sports Inc. Ashland, KY
Boyd Co Fair Inc. Ashland, KY
Boyd County Aabc Inc. Ashland, KY
Boyd County Council on Aging Inc. Ashland, KY
Boyd County Public School Foundation for Children Inc. Ashland, KY
Brass Band of the Tri-State Inc. Ashland, KY
Cam Adkins Cemetery Survivorship Acc 6 Ashland, KY
Catholic Education for Youth Foundation Inc. Ashland, KY
Catlettsburg Main Street Program Inc. (Until December 2008) Ashland, KY
Child Development Center Corporation Ashland, KY
Childwatch Casa of Boyd County Inc. Ashland, KY
Collis P. Huntington Railroad Historical Society Inc. Ashland, KY
Community & Technical College Foundation of Ashland Inc. Ashland, KY
Community Assistance Referral Services Inc. Ashland, KY
Community Hospice Inc. Ashland, KY
Community Recreation & Sports Inc. 4 Ashland, KY
Cornerstone Society Inc. Ashland, KY
Dr Kirti Jain Family Foundation Inc. 4 Ashland, KY
Eastern Kentucky Genealogicialsociety Inc. Ashland, KY
Equi-Visions Inc. Ashland, KY
Federated Charities Ashland, KY
Federated Jewish Charities of Ashland Ky Ashland, KY
Flannelgraph Ministries Inc. (Until December 2007) Ashland, KY
Foundation for the Tri-State Community Inc. Ashland, KY
Friends of the Children Inc. Ashland, KY
Gerald and Annie Mabnsbach Foundation Inc. 4 Ashland, KY
Gertrude Ramey Home Foundation Inc. Ashland, KY
Gospel Assembly Church Ashland, KY
Greater Ashland Tennis Association (Until December 2007) Ashland, KY
Heritage Arts and Science Center Inc. Ashland, KY
Highlands Museum & Discovery Inc. Ashland, KY
Hillcrest Bruce United Methodist Ministries Inc. Ashland, KY
Holy Family Alumni Association Inc. of Ashland Kentucky Ashland, KY
Hopes Place Inc. Ashland, KY
Imperial Clan of the Grand and Glorious Order of the Hillbilly De Ashland, KY
Janice Brown Ledford Scholarship Fund 3 Ashland, KY
Jesse Stuart Foundation Inc. Ashland, KY
John Bell Hood Society Inc. (Until December 2007) Ashland, KY
Karen W. Frailie Christian Education Fund Inc. (Until December 2007) Ashland, KY
Kentucky Advocates for Higher Education Inc. Ashland, KY
Kentucky Educational Development Corporation Ashland, KY
Kentucky Motorcycle Safety Institute Incorporated Ashland, KY
Kings Daughters & Sons Inc. Home for Aged Ashland, KY
Kings Daughters Health Foundation Inc. Ashland, KY
Kings Daughters Hospital Auxiliary Ashland, KY
Lifenotes Inc. (Until December 2008) Ashland, KY
Mansbach Foundation Inc. 4 Ashland, KY
Marv Meredith Youth Basketball League Inc. Ashland, KY
Mayo Fund for Building Maintenance of Calvary Eposcopal Church Ashl Ashland, KY
Noahs Ark Preschool Inc. Ashland, KY
North Central District Bible Missionary Church Inc. Ashland, KY
Old Orchard Church of Christ Ashland, KY
One Hundred Club of Eastern Kentucky Inc. Ashland, KY
Paramount Arts Center Inc. Ashland, KY
Pathways Inc. Ashland, KY
Pathways Properities of Ashland Inc. Ashland, KY
Pathways Properties Inc. Ashland, KY
Pentecostal Holiness Church Inc. Ashland, KY
People Helping People Incorporated Ashland, KY
Pollard Neighborhood Association Inc. Ashland, KY
Pros for Americas Youth Inc. Ashland, KY
Rhp Inc. Ashland, KY
River Cities Harvest Inc. Ashland, KY
River Student Ministries (Until December 2005) Ashland, KY
Rockdale Full Gospel Assembly Inc. Ashland, KY
Russell Flatwoods Babe Ruth League Inc. Ashland, KY
Safe Harbor of Northeast Kentucky Inc. Ashland, KY
Saul and Harriet Kaplan Foundation Inc. 4 Ashland, KY
Sharon & Robert Simons Family Fnd for Cancer & Palliative Care Inc. 4 Ashland, KY
Shelter of Hope Inc. Ashland, KY
Shepherd-Gate Retreat Center Inc. Ashland, KY
Southland Bible Institute Ashland, KY
Southwestern University Medical Alumni Association of America Ashland, KY
Spriggs Family Foundation Inc. Ashland, KY
The Ashland Main Street Program Inc. Ashland, KY
Two Hearts-Ashland Area Pregnancy Care Center Ashland, KY
United Ashland Ministries Inc. Ashland, KY
United Way of Northeast Kentucky Ashland, KY
Vanhoose Stewart Foundation Inc. 4 Ashland, KY
Vegetation Management Association of Kentucky Ashland, KY
Westwood Boys Club Incorporated Ashland, KY
William Guy Spriggs Charitable Trust 4 Ashland, KY
Word of God Alive Inc. Ashland, KY
Wtsf Christian Broadcasting Inc. Ashland, KY
Young Womens Christian Association of Ashland Ashland, KY
Auburn Cemetery Association Inc. 6 Auburn, KY
Auburn Historical Society Inc. Auburn, KY
Auburn Rural Firefighters Inc. Auburn, KY
Kentucky Rea Telephone Borrowers Engineers Association Inc. Auburn, KY
Living Rock Mennonite Chruch Auburn, KY
Augusta Ferry Authority Inc. Augusta, KY
Augusta Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Augusta, KY
Mains Foundation Charitable Trust 3 Augusta, KY
The Wehling Family Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Augusta, KY
Winfield House Augusta, KY
Auxier Volunteer Fire Dept Inc. Auxier, KY
Bagdad Cemetery Company 6 Bagdad, KY
Appalachian Childrens Home Barbourville, KY
Appalachian Citizens for Life Incov Barbourville, KY
Appalachian Foothills Fire Historical Society Inc. (Until December 2006) Barbourville, KY
Barbourville Cemetery Company 6 Barbourville, KY
Barbourville City Park Inc. Barbourville, KY
Barbourville City School PTA Barbourville, KY
Barbourville Housing & Development Corporation Barbourville, KY
Barbourville Knox Co Domestic Violence Council Inc. (Until December 2005) Barbourville, KY
Calvary Christian School Inc. Barbourville, KY
Christians in Action Inc. Barbourville, KY
Emergency Fund and Service Inc. Barbourville, KY
Emmanuel Bible Fellowship Inc. Emmanuel Bible Camp Barbourville, KY
Good News Healthcare Ministries Inc. (Until May 2007) Barbourville, KY
Heidrick Holiness Church Inc. Barbourville, KY

Above is a list of organizations in Kentucky that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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