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Vehicle Donation in Kansas

For people interested in vehicle donation in Kansas, below is a list of Kansas organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

First Christian Church Church of Christ of Abbyville Kansas Inc. Abbyville, KS
Abilene Area Ministerial Association Inc. Abilene, KS
Abilene Area Unitedway Inc. Abilene, KS
Abilene Childcare Learning Center Inc. Abilene, KS
Abilene Community Foundation Inc. Abilene, KS
Abilene Community Preschool Inc. Abilene, KS
Abilene Coummunity Fund Inc. Abilene, KS
Abilene Housing Inc. Abilene, KS
Abilene Public Schools Endowment Association Abilene, KS
Abilene Smokey Valley Rr Association Abilene, KS
Arts Council of Dickinson County Incorporated Abilene, KS
Athelstane Cemetery Co 6 Abilene, KS
Brown Memorial Foundation 3 Abilene, KS
Children and Families Coalition Inc. Abilene, KS
Crime Stoppers of Dickinson County Incorporated Abilene, KS
Dickinson County 4-H. Foundation Inc. Abilene, KS
Dickinson County Council on Alcohol & Other Drugs Inc. Abilene, KS
Dickinson County Historical Society Abilene, KS
Dickinson County Task Force on Aging Inc. Abilene, KS
Duckwall Family Foundation 4 Abilene, KS
Eisenhower Foundation Abilene, KS
Great Plains Theatre Festival Abilene, KS
Greyhound Hall of Fame Inc. Abilene, KS
H. O. P. E. Center Inc. 4 Abilene, KS
Heritage Homes Association Abilene, KS
Historic Abilene Inc. (Until December 2007) Abilene, KS
Hospital District No 1 of Dickinson County Kansas Abilene, KS
Industry Community Center Senior Citizens Club Inc. Abilene, KS
J. M. and Louise Frey Family Foundation 3 Abilene, KS
Jeffcoat Memorial Foundation 4 Abilene, KS
Kansas Farm Management Association N. C. Abilene, KS
Kansas Foundation for Partnerships in Education Inc. Abilene, KS
Kansas Sports Hall of Fame Inc. Abilene, KS
Kansas Technology Coordinators Network Inc. Abilene, KS
Moyer Brothers Educational Trust 4 Abilene, KS
Mutual Aid Share Fund Inc. Abilene, KS
Quality of Life Coalition Inc. Abilene, KS
Scupin Mohler Foundation 4 Abilene, KS
Son Shine House Christian Pre-School Abilene, KS
Tietjens Memorial Foundation 4 Abilene, KS
North Lyons County Senior Citizens Inc. Admire, KS
Ride Into History Cultural & Educational Project Inc. Admire, KS
Willoughby Cemetery Dist No 9 6 Agenda, KS
West Cedar Cemetery 6 Agra, KS
Alexander Golden Keys Inc. Alexander, KS
N. L. C. Youth Association Allen, KS
Alma Area Foundation Alma, KS
Wabaunsee County Historical Society Alma, KS
Prairie Dog Press Inc. Almena, KS
Ag Heritage Park Incorporated Alta Vista, KS
Alta Vista Chamber of Commerce Inc. Alta Vista, KS
Alta Vista Senior Citizens Center Inc. Alta Vista, KS
Morris County 4 H. Foundation Inc. 4 Alta Vista, KS
Welcome Cemetery Dis-1 6 Alta Vista, KS
21st Century Homestead Incorporated Altamont, KS
506 Foundation Inc. (Until June 2007) Altamont, KS
Altamont Housing Inc. Altamont, KS
Bull City Community Foundation Inc. Alton, KS
Cedar Township Cemetery District No 10 6 Altoona, KS
Greater New Life Church Altoona, KS
Americus Senior Center Inc. Americus, KS
Spirit III Inc. Americus, KS
Abundant Life Tabernacle Inc. Andover, KS
Andover Advantage Foundation Inc. Andover, KS
Andover Area Caring & Sharing Inc. (Until December 2007) Andover, KS
Andover Historical Society Inc. Andover, KS
Andover Public Library Friends (Until December 2005) Andover, KS
Andover Senior Citizens Club Inc. Andover, KS
Campus Ministry Network Inc. Andover, KS
Community Animal Support Inc. (Until December 2007) Andover, KS
Country Cats Andover, KS
Faith and Life Ministries of Kansas Inc. Andover, KS
J. L. Weigand Jr Notre Dame Legal Education Tr 3 Andover, KS
Kansas Emergency Management Association Andover, KS
Leon Price Minitries Inc. Andover, KS
Malachi Inc. (Until December 2006) Andover, KS
Master Arts Inc. Andover, KS
Miriam Ministries Inc. Andover, KS
Morgan Foundation Inc. 4 Andover, KS
One Heart Ministries Inc. Andover, KS
Respite Outreach Care for Kids Organization Inc. (Until December 2006) Andover, KS
The Board of Directors of the Andover Public Library Andover, KS
Wichita State Phis Educational Foundation Andover, KS
Anthony Community Care Center Inc. Anthony, KS
Anthony Community Foundation Anthony, KS
Anthony United Fund Anthony, KS
Brazil Christian Mission Anthony, KS
Country Living Inc. Anthony, KS
Forest Park Cemetery Inc. 6 Anthony, KS
Harper County Economic Development Council (Until December 2005) Anthony, KS
Harper County Partnership Inc. Anthony, KS
Historical Museum of Anthony Inc. Anthony, KS
Hospital District No 6 of Harper County Kansas Anthony, KS
Lightdancers (Until July 2005) Anthony, KS
Mid-Kansas Transit District Inc. Anthony, KS
The Anthony Hospital and Clinic Association Anthony, KS
The Christian Church of Anthony Kansas Inc. Anthony, KS
Zoie Foundation (Until December 2007) Anthony, KS
Coffee House for God Inc. (Until December 2006) Arcadia, KS
Pleasant Valley -Sheffield- Cemetery 6 Arcadia, KS
Argonia Volunteer Fire Dept Argonia, KS
General Federation of Womens Clubs Argonia Library Association Inc. Argonia, KS
The Argonia and Western Sumner County Historical Society Argonia, KS
Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of Kansas 133 Crescent Arkansas City, KS
Ark City Christian Academy Inc. Arkansas City, KS
Arkansas City Academy of Medicine Arkansas City, KS
Arkansas City Area Arts Council Inc. Arkansas City, KS
Arkansas City Baptist Temple Arkansas City, KS
Arkansas City Beautification Foundation Inc. Arkansas City, KS
Arkansas City Community Health Foundation Arkansas City, KS
Arkansas City Firemans Relief Assn 6 Arkansas City, KS
Calvery Chapel of Arkansas City Inc. Arkansas City, KS
Cherokee Strip Land Rush Museum Inc. Arkansas City, KS
Cowley Co Community Junior College Endowment Assn Arkansas City, KS
Cowley County Developmental Services Inc. Arkansas City, KS
Family Life Services of Southern Kansas Inc. Arkansas City, KS
Fifth Avenue Foundation Inc. Arkansas City, KS
Foundation of Life Ministries Inc. Arkansas City, KS
Literacy Council of Arkansas City Kansas Inc. Arkansas City, KS
Mary & Guy Hutchinson Charitable Trust 4 Arkansas City, KS
New Life Christian Center of Arkansas City Inc. Arkansas City, KS
Northside Baptist Church Incorporated Arkansas City, KS
Prairie View Christian Camp Arkansas City, KS
Ten County Aging Board Inc. Arkansas City, KS
Twin Rivers Developmental Supports Inc. Arkansas City, KS
United Way of Arkansas City Kansas Inc. Arkansas City, KS
Vinelife Family Church Inc. Arkansas City, KS
Arnold Cemetery Association 6 Arnold, KS
Ashland Community Foundation Ashland, KS
Ashland Library Endowment Assoc Ashland, KS
Ashland Volunteer Firemens Relief Assn Ashland, KS
Faith Alive Days Inc. Ashland, KS
J. E. Humphreys Scholarship Fund 4 Ashland, KS
Jennie G. & Pearl Abell Foundation Trust 4 Ashland, KS
Mound Valley Housing Inc. Atamont, KS
Atchison Hospital Association Atchinson, KS
Covenant Inc. Atchinson, KS
Riverbend Regional Healthcare System Inc. Atchinson, KS
Academy of Mount St. Scholastica Endowment Association Inc. Atchison, KS
Achievement Services for Northeast Kansas Inc. Atchison, KS
Adair-Exchange Bank Foundation 4 Atchison, KS
All Faith Counseling Center of Atchison Inc. Atchison, KS
Atchicin Inc. Atchison, KS
Atchinson Library Foundation Inc. Atchison, KS
Atchison Area Chamber of Commerce Educational Foundation Inc. Atchison, KS
Atchison Area Outdoor Soccer Association Atchison, KS
Atchison Arer Economic Development Corporation Inc. Atchison, KS
Atchison Art Association Atchison, KS
Atchison Catholic Elementary School Endowment Association Atchison, KS
Atchison Child Care Assn Atchison, KS
Atchison Community Concerts Association Atchison, KS
Atchison Community Foundation Atchison, KS
Atchison County Historical Society Atchison, KS
Atchison County Sheriffs Office Reserve Unit (Until December 2005) Atchison, KS
Atchison Hospital Auxiliary Atchison, KS
Atchison Musical Arts Society Atchison, KS
Atchison United Way Board Atchison, KS
Benedictine College Foundation Atchison, KS
Citizens for Community Action Atchison, KS
Cloud L. Cray and Sara Jane Cray Family Foundation 4 Atchison, KS
Cornerstone Baptist Church of Atchison Inc. Atchison, KS
Cray Medical Research Foundation Atchison, KS
Domestic Violence Emergency Services Inc. Dove Inc. Atchison, KS
Dream Team Inc. Atchison, KS
Evah C. Cray Historical Home Musuem Inc. 3 Atchison, KS
Evah C. Cray Residuary Charitable Tr 4 Atchison, KS
Faith Bible Fellowship Church of Atchison Kansas Atchison, KS
Foundation of the Atchison Family YMCA Atchison, KS
Happy Hearts Inc. Atchison, KS
Hunger Task Force of Atchison Inc. Atchison, KS
Independent Living Center of Northeast Kansas Inc. Atchison, KS
Kansas Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission Inc. (Until December 2006) Atchison, KS
Mount Vernon Endowment Corporation 6 Atchison, KS
Mt. Vernon Cemetery Association 6 Atchison, KS
Muchnic Foundation 4 Atchison, KS
Multi-County Domestic Violence Program Inc. Atchison, KS
New Freedom Inc. Atchison, KS
New Testament Christian Church of Atchison Kansas Inc. Atchison, KS
Northeast Kansas Technical College Foundation Inc. (Until December 2005) Atchison, KS
Producers Value-Added Agriculture Foundation (Until December 2005) Atchison, KS
Project Concern of Atchison Atchison, KS
Red Ravens Inc. (Until July 2007) Atchison, KS
Richard J. & Florence J. Tenholder Memorial Trust 4 Atchison, KS
Riverbend Regional Healthcare Foundation Atchison, KS
Save Jackson Park Foundation A. Kansas Non Profit Corporation Atchison, KS
The Church of Jesus Christ Holiness Inc. Atchison, KS
The Humane Society of Atchison Inc. Atchison, KS
Theatre Atchison Inc. Atchison, KS
Unified School District 409 Atchison County Kansas Atchison, KS
Young Mens Christian Association of Atchison Kans Atchison, KS
Family Bible Church Athol, KS
Atlanta Cemetery Association 6 Atlanta, KS
Atlanta Christian Church Atlanta, KS
Area Communities Enrichment Foundation (Until December 2005) Atwood, KS
Atwood Second Century Development Fund Inc. Atwood, KS
Atwood Senior Citizens Inc. Atwood, KS
Rawlins County Historical Society Atwood, KS
Rawlins County University Associates (Until July 2006) Atwood, KS
Auburn Community Center Association Auburn, KS
Auburn Senior Center Inc. Auburn, KS

Above is a list of organizations in Kansas that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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