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Vehicle Donation in Connecticut

For people interested in vehicle donation in Connecticut, below is a list of Connecticut organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Aapl Institute for Education and Research Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Afghanistan Rescue Effort Inc. Bloomfield, CT
American Academy of Psychiatry & the Law Bloomfield, CT
American Academy of Psychoanalysis and Dynamic Psychiatry Bloomfield, CT
American Assoc for Emergency Psyc Bloomfield, CT
American Clinical Neurophysiology Society Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Anne E. Wall Educational Trust Fund 4 Bloomfield, CT
Apostolic Fellowship Church of Christ Jesus Bloomfield, CT
Berthold Gaster Memorial Fund Bloomfield, CT
Beth Hillel Synagogue Bloomfield, CT
Bethel Center for Humane Services Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Bloomfield Access Television Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Bloomfield Farm Implement Museum Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Bloomfield Little League Incorporated Bloomfield, CT
Bloomfield Rotary Foundation Inc. (Until December 2006) Bloomfield, CT
Bloomfield Volunteer Ambulance Fund Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Bloomfield Working Parents Bloomfield, CT
Bloomfield Youth Basketball League Bloomfield, CT
Blue Hills Volunteer Fire Department Incorporated Bloomfield, CT
Capital Area Substance Abuse Bloomfield, CT
Charity Fund of Kaman Employees Bloomfield, CT
Charles H. Kaman Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Bloomfield, CT
Chenrezig Tibetan Buddhist Center of Ct Bloomfield, CT
Christ Temple Church of God in Christ Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Church Home of Hartford Bloomfield, CT
Connecticut Pre-Engineering Program Bloomfield, CT
Connecticut Section of the American Nuclear Society Bloomfield, CT
Connecticut Valley Waldorf School Association Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Converse Communications Center Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Corporal Robert Bagnall Usmc Memorial Scholarship Fund 4 Bloomfield, CT
Covenant to Care Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Daniell Family Foundation Inc. 4 Bloomfield, CT
Duncaster Foundation Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Duncaster Incorporated Bloomfield, CT
Duncaster Residents Association Bloomfield, CT
Each One-Teach One Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Connecticut Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Ethiopian Community Center in Connecticut Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Faith Foundation of Christ Ministries Bloomfield, CT
Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation Inc. Bloomfield, CT
First Academy Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Friends of the Bloomfield Public Library Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Full Gospel Foundation Building Ministries Bloomfield, CT
Grapevine Center for Communication Arts Inc. (Until June 2006) Bloomfield, CT
Greater Faith Ministries Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Hartford Jazz Society Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Headache Cooperative of New England Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Hebrew Academy of Greater Hartford Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Higher Learning Resource Center Inc. (Until December 2006) Bloomfield, CT
Immanuel Christian Ministries Church Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Interfaith Homes Incorporated Bloomfield, CT
Interfaith Special Needs Fund Inc. Bloomfield, CT
J. P. Vincent Pto Inc. (Until July 2007) Bloomfield, CT
Lasher Court Bloomfield, CT
Manhattan-Hall Associates Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Margery P. Weed Family Charitable Foundation Tr 4 Bloomfield, CT
Messiah Baptist Missionary Church Bloomfield, CT
Morton and Dinah Danseyar Family Foundation Inc. 4 Bloomfield, CT
National Association of Precollege Directors Napd Inc. Bloomfield, CT
National Center for Boundless Playgrounds Inc. Bloomfield, CT
New Canaan Baptist Church Bloomfield, CT
New England Jazz Ensemble Inc. (Until June 2005) Bloomfield, CT
New Innovation Inc. Bloomfield, CT
New Life Personal Development Center Inc. (Until June 2005) Bloomfield, CT
New Testament Tabernacle Bloomfield, CT
Operation Fuel Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Our Companions Domestic Animal Sanctuary Inc. (Until December 2006) Bloomfield, CT
Pastoral Resource Ministries Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Patrick P. Felice Memorial Cancer Research Institute Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Paul Jepson Scholarship Foundation 4 Bloomfield, CT
Peter R. Marsele Athletic Tr Bloomfield, CT
Primer-Connecticut Bloomfield, CT
Progressive Attitudes Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Rogow Greenberg Foundation Inc. 4 Bloomfield, CT
Sage Rehab Inc. (Until December 2008) Bloomfield, CT
Sarkisian Family Foundation Inc. 4 Bloomfield, CT
Schwedel Foundation 4 Bloomfield, CT
Seabury Charitable Foundation Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Seabury Memory Care Center Inc. (Until September 2007) Bloomfield, CT
Shulansky Foundation Incorporated 4 Bloomfield, CT
Spiritual Life Center Inc. Bloomfield, CT
The Fechtor Family Foundation Inc. 4 Bloomfield, CT
The Lyman B. Brainerd Family Foundation Inc. 4 Bloomfield, CT
Thursdays Child Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Todd S. Greenberg Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Bloomfield, CT
Vsa Arts of Connecticut Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Weep Tent Crusade Ministries Inc. (Until December 2006) Bloomfield, CT
Wintonbury Historical Society Inc. Bloomfield, CT
Word Christian Center Bloomfield, CT
Bolton Cemetery Association Inc. 6 Bolton, CT
Bolton Inter Faith Housing Corp Bolton, CT
Bolton Land Trust Inc. (Until June 2005) Bolton, CT
Bolton Scholarship Fund Inc. Bolton, CT
Bolton Senior Citizens Organization Inc. Bolton, CT
Childrens Cooperative Nursery School Inc. Bolton, CT
Community Voice Channel 4 Bolton, CT
Friends of Bolton-Coventry Hockey Club Inc. (Until March 2007) Bolton, CT
Hans Christian Andersen Montessori School Inc. Bolton, CT
Kings School Inc. Bolton, CT
Prevention Think Tank (Until December 2007) Bolton, CT
Bridgeport Engineering Institute Alumni Association Botsford, CT
North American Association of Christians in Social Work Botsford, CT
Bozrah Rural Cemetery Association 6 Bozrah, CT
Connecticut Waterfowl Association Inc. Bozrah, CT
Mexican Environmental and Cultural Research Institute Inc. (Until December 2006) Bozrah, CT
Norwich Historical Society Inc. Bozrah, CT
Whole Life Inc. Bozrah, CT
Balso Foundation 4 Branford, CT
Branford Bible Chapel Inc. Branford, CT
Branford Community Foundation Branford, CT
Branford Community Television Inc. Branford, CT
Branford Compassion Club Branford, CT
Branford Day Care Center Inc. Branford, CT
Branford Festival Corporation Branford, CT
Branford Food Council Inc. Branford, CT
Branford Hills Health Care Center Memorial Trust 4 Branford, CT
Branford Historical Society Inc. Branford, CT
Branford Interfaith Housing Corporation Branford, CT
Branford Land Trust Inc. Branford, CT
Branford Medical Transportation Branford, CT
Branford Public Schools Scholarship Fund Branford, CT
Branford River Raptor Center Inc. Branford, CT
Branford Womans Club Inc. Branford, CT
Branford Youth Football League Inc. Branford, CT
Calvary Bible Fellowship Branford, CT
Carrie P. Chandler Housing Development Corporation Branford, CT
Child Development Center of the First Cong Church of Branford Inc. Branford, CT
Citizens for Bransford Environment Inc. Branford, CT
Community Baptist Church Branford, CT
Community Dining Room Inc. Branford, CT
Connecticut Critical Incident Stress Defriefing Network Inc. Branford, CT
Connecticut Hospice Inc. Branford, CT
Connecticut School Age Child Care Alliance Branford, CT
Connecticut Shoreline Respect for Life Council (Until December 2007) Branford, CT
David Hwang Memorial Fund Branford, CT
East Shore Regional Adult Daycare Center Inc. Branford, CT
Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut Inc. Branford, CT
First Congregational Church Branford, CT
Flying Fish Project Inc. (Until December 2005) Branford, CT
Foundations of Life Inc. Branford, CT
Friends of the James Blackstone Memorial Library Branford, CT
Giunta Family Foundation Inc. 4 Branford, CT
Gnostic Christian Church Branford, CT
Greater New Haven Performing Arts Center Inc. Branford, CT
Harbor Health Services Inc. Branford, CT
Herman Abbott Family Foundation Inc. 4 Branford, CT
Homemaker Thrift Shop Inc. Branford, CT
Horizons Housing Developers Incorporated Branford, CT
In Good Company Inc. Branford, CT
James Blackstone Memorial Library Association Branford, CT
Joeys Children Fund of Branford Inc. Branford, CT
Lutherans in Mission Inc. Branford, CT
Maguire Foundation Inc. 4 Branford, CT
Musical Art Society of Branford Branford, CT
National Community Development Corporation of New York Branford, CT
New Haven Scholarship Fund Inc. Branford, CT
New Haven Vassar Club Branford, CT
New Life Apostolic Church Inc. Branford, CT
Nutmeg Housing Development Corporation Branford, CT
Outreach International Inc. (Until December 2006) Branford, CT
Patchwork Productions Inc. Branford, CT
Philip G. Picard Memorial Foundation Inc. 4 Branford, CT
Pine Orchard Nursery School Inc. Branford, CT
Read to Grow Inc. Branford, CT
Safe Space of New Haven Inc. Branford, CT
Salem Turnpike Housing Corporation Branford, CT
Sarah Seneca Residential Serives Inc. Branford, CT
Save Our Structures Branford, CT
Schaefer Family Foundation 4 Branford, CT
Shear-Jashub Christian Tabernacle Branford, CT
Shoreline Housing Alliance Inc. (Until December 2006) Branford, CT
Shoreline Quilters Guild Inc. Branford, CT
Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Connecticut Branford, CT
Stewart B. McKinney Friends Association (Until December 2006) Branford, CT
Stony Creek Fife & Drum Corps Inc. (Until December 2007) Branford, CT
Tabor Community Arts Center Inc. Branford, CT
The Connecticut Traditional Jazz Festival Inc. Branford, CT
The John D. Thompson Hospice Institute for Education Training & Branford, CT
The Michael Bolton Charities Inc. Branford, CT
United Way of Branford,Inc. Branford, CT
Volunteer Services Center Inc. Branford, CT
Wightwood School Inc. Branford, CT
Zane Foundation Inc. 4 Branford, CT
Bridgewater Fire Department Inc. Bridgewater, CT
Bridgewater Historical Society Inc. Bridgewater, CT
Bridgewater Land Trust Inc. Bridgewater, CT
Bridgewater Library Association Bridgewater, CT
Bridgewater Scholarship Committee Bridgewater, CT
Bridgewood Fieldwater Foundation 4 Bridgewater, CT
Burnham School Parent Teacher Organization (Until June 2006) Bridgewater, CT
Burnham School Parent Teacher Organization Inc. (Until June 2006) Bridgewater, CT
Friends in Service Here of Bridgewater Inc. Bridgewater, CT
Friends of the Lake Inc. (Until December 2007) Bridgewater, CT
Funeral Consumer Alliance of Connecticut Inc. Bridgewater, CT
Promisek Incorporated 4 Bridgewater, CT
Shepaug Youth Association Inc. (Until December 2006) Bridgewater, CT
The J. L. Foundation Inc. 3 Bridgewater, CT
Spanish American Development Agency Incorporated Bridseport, CT
Alcansa Relief International (Until December 2009) Bristol, CT
American Clock & Watch Museum Inc. Bristol, CT

Above is a list of organizations in Connecticut that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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