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Vehicle Donation in Orange, California

For people interested in vehicle donation in Orange, California, below is a list of Orange, California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

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Academia Foundation (Until December 2007) Orange, CA
African International Missions Orange, CA
American Azarbaijani Friendship Society Orange, CA
American Family Living Orange, CA
American Federation of Pueri Cantores Orange, CA
American Pediatric Aids Project Inc. Orange, CA
Americas Helping Hands Orange, CA
Anaheim District Advisory Board Orange, CA
Angels of Love Orange, CA
Answering for the Children Ministries Inc. (Until December 2008) Orange, CA
Apologetics Information Ministry Inc. Orange, CA
Applied Biblical Counseling Inc. Orange, CA
Asian Transplantation Awareness in Southern California Orange, CA
Assistance League of Orange Calif Inc. Orange, CA
Associated Koi Clubs of America Orange, CA
Association of Professional Ball Players of America Orange, CA
Athletes in Fellowship Orange, CA
Backhaus Dance (Until December 2007) Orange, CA
Barr Family Foundation 4 Orange, CA
Barry Felis Ministries Inc. (Until December 2007) Orange, CA
Beacon of Hope Community Development Corporation Orange, CA
Biblical Botanical Garden Foundation Inc. Orange, CA
Bill Thomas Evangelistic Association Orange, CA
Brand New Life Christian Center Orange, CA
Breath of the Spirit Ministries International Inc. Orange, CA
Calif State Unv Fullerton School of Bus Adm & Economics Exec Council Orange, CA
California Health Decisions Orange, CA
California Lacrosse Association Fund Orange, CA
California Rockies Orange, CA
California State Poetry Society Orange, CA
Caloptima Health Partnership 4 Orange, CA
Calvary Chapel East Hills Orange, CA
Calvary Chapel of Orange Orange, CA
Calvary of Tustin Orange, CA
Cancer Institute of Orange County Orange, CA
Canyon High School Bingo Organization Orange, CA
Caring Communities for Christ Inc. (Until December 2007) Orange, CA
Casa Teresa Inc. Orange, CA
Casas Del Rio Orange, CA
Catch Thanksgiving Day Project Orange, CA
Catholic Engaged Encounter of California Inc. Orange, CA
Cats in Need of Human Care Orange, CA
Central Orange Girls Softball Orange, CA
Cesarean Birth Association of Southern California Orange, CA
Chafer Theological Seminary Orange, CA
Chapman General Hospital Auxiliary Orange, CA
Chapman University Orange, CA
Chapman-Orange Community Health Foundation Orange, CA
Chatwithgod Org Inc. (Until December 2008) Orange, CA
Childrens Healthcare of California Orange, CA
Childrens Hospital at Mission Orange, CA
Childrens Hospital of Orange County Orange, CA
Childrens Hospital of Orange County Thrift Stores Incorporated Orange, CA
Chinese Association of Orange County Inc. Orange, CA
Chinese General Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Assoc Southern Cal Orange, CA
Choc Foundation of Children Orange, CA
Choc-Psf Research and Education Foundation Orange, CA
Choco Realty Corporation Orange, CA
Christ or Chaos Inc. (Until December 2006) Orange, CA
Christian Association of Senior Adult Ministries Casa Orange, CA
Christian Evangelism and Discipleship for America Inc. (Until December 2007) Orange, CA
Christian Family Center Orange, CA
Christian Life Fellowship of Orange Orange, CA
Christian Resort Ministries Orange, CA
Christian Resource Associates Orange, CA
Church Development Partners Orange, CA
Church Growth Development International Inc. Orange, CA
Church of Independent Spiritual Fellowship Orange, CA
Church of Spiritual Awareness Orange, CA
Church of St. Mary Magdalene Orange, CA
City of Orange Community Foundation Inc. Orange, CA
City of Orange Public Library Foundation 4 Orange, CA
Claude & Ada Low Foundation Inc. 4 Orange, CA
Coast Soccer League Inc. Orange, CA
Coda Information Service Orange County Inc. Orange, CA
College and Career Ministries Orange, CA
Colombian National Mission Inc. Orange, CA
Community Bible Chapel of Orange County Orange, CA
Community Housing Assistance Program Inc. Orange, CA
Community Psychological Wellness Center Orange, CA
Community of Faith Development Corporation (Until December 2005) Orange, CA
Cordelia Knott Wellness Foundation Orange, CA
Cornerstone Bible Church Orange, CA
Covenant Community Church of Southern California Inc. Orange, CA
Covenant Presbyterian Church of Anaheim Inc. Orange, CA
Crc Real Estate Corporation Orange, CA
Crippled Childrens Society of Orange County Orange, CA
Daljit S. & Elaine Sarkaria Charitable Foundation 4 Orange, CA
Dance Kaleidoscope of Orange County Orange, CA
Danyal Chaudhary Foundation 4 Orange, CA
Delta Chi Educational Foundation (Until December 2005) Orange, CA
Destination Science Education for Every Child Orange, CA
Dhont Family Foundation 4 Orange, CA
Diane M. Horwitz Memorial Foundation 4 Orange, CA
Dicarlo-Christian Family Foundation (Until December 2006) Orange, CA
Disabled Firefighters Fund (Until December 2006) Orange, CA
Dove Career Development Inc. (Until December 2007) Orange, CA
Dualreach Orange, CA
East Hills Heritage Christian Ministries Orange, CA
Education Basics and Beyond Orange, CA
El Dorado School for the Gifted Child Orange, CA
El Modena Education Foundation Orange, CA
El Modena High School Grad Nite Committee Orange, CA
El Modena Wrestling Booster Club Inc. Orange, CA
Elpis Korean Presbyterian Church Orange, CA
Emmanuel Christian Fellowship Orange, CA
Employment Training Assoc Cal Orange, CA
Epipodo Christian Culture Mission Orange, CA
Evangel Church of Southern California Inc. Orange, CA
Evangelicals Fo Social Action Orange County Orange, CA
Evangelistic Association Orange, CA
Ex-Mormons for Jesus California Orange, CA
Fathers Touch Ministries (Until December 2005) Orange, CA
Ferragamo Foundation Orange, CA
First Singles Church USA Orange, CA
Fleur De Lis Foundation (Until December 2006) Orange, CA
Fostoria Glass Collectors Orange, CA
Foundation of Oak Ridge Inc. Orange, CA
Fraternidad Guatemalteca De Ayuda Social Orange, CA
French American Baptist Mission Orange, CA
French Gospel Mission Orange, CA
Friendly Center Inc. Orange, CA
Friends of the Orange County Youth Symphony Orchestra Orange, CA
Friends of the Orange Public Library Orange, CA
Fullvalue Ministries (Until December 2006) Orange, CA
Future Kingdom Ministries Inc. Orange, CA
Gale W. Pattison Youth Leadership Trust Orange, CA
General Conference of the Romanian Pentecostal Churches of No Amer Orange, CA
Gilbert Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship Fund 4 Orange, CA
Global Ethics and Religion Forum (Until December 2005) Orange, CA
Good News Society Inc. (Until December 2008) Orange, CA
Good Stewardship Foundation (Until December 2008) Orange, CA
Gospel Relief Missions Inc. Orange, CA
Grace Brethern Church of Orange County Orange, CA
Grace Church of Fountain Valley Orange, CA
Grace Immanuel Ministries Orange, CA
Grace International Mission Inc. (Until December 2006) Orange, CA
Grace and Truth Association Orange, CA
Great Light Logos Mission Orange, CA
Great Light Mission Church Orange, CA
Guru Nanak International Orphans Fund Inc. 4 Orange, CA
Hamilton Foundation Orange, CA
Hannahs Childrens Homes Inc. A. Delaware Corporation Orange, CA
Hannas House Orange, CA
Harbor Wood Services Inc. Orange, CA
Healthy Smiles for Kids of Orange County (Until December 2007) Orange, CA
Holiday Artistic Skating Club of Orange Orange, CA
Home on the Green Pastures Orange, CA
Homework House Inc. Orange, CA
Hosanna Mission Church Orange, CA
House of Prayer Christian Ministries Inc. Orange, CA
House of Prayer Ministries Orange, CA
Household of Faith Family Church of Southern California Orange, CA
Hugs From Shaun Inc. (Until December 2007) Orange, CA
Huntington Park Chdo Inc. Orange, CA
Hutton Foundation A. Delaware Corp 4 Orange, CA
Iglesia Obra De Orange Orange, CA
Inlex User Group Orange, CA
Innermission Orange, CA
Institute for Church Growth in Africa Orange, CA
Institute of Advanced Studies Orange, CA
Interfaith Peace Ministry of Orange County Orange, CA
International Cornerstone Inc. Orange, CA
International Leadership Advancement Ministries Inc. (Until December 2007) Orange, CA
International Teacher Placement Service (Until December 2006) Orange, CA
Investments in Humanity Inc. (Until December 2007) Orange, CA
Irvine Head and Neck Research Foundation 4 Orange, CA
Jacqueline and Willis Hamilton Foundation 4 Orange, CA
Jemaat Kristen Indonesia-Bethel Orange, CA
Jeremiah Society Orange, CA
Jerome Foundation 4 Orange, CA
Jess L. Miller Family Foundation 4 Orange, CA
Kalabari Community Development Association-Kcda (Until December 2008) Orange, CA
Keeping Pace Inc. Orange, CA
Kiwanis Land Orange, CA
Korean Westminster Presbyterian Church Orange, CA
Korean-American Christian Reformed Church of Orange County Orange, CA
Ks and Qs Inc. Orange, CA
Lamp Lighters Inc. Orange, CA
Las Campanas Orange, CA
Latin American Evangelical Projects Orange, CA
Latin American Indian Ministries Orange, CA
Life Skills Training and Educational Programs Inc. Orange, CA
Life by Design Inc. (Until December 2007) Orange, CA
Lighthouse Learning Centers (Until December 2008) Orange, CA
Lillian Hagopian Corey Charitable T. Rust Orange, CA
Lorser Feitelson & Helen Lunderberg Feitelson Arts Foundation 4 Orange, CA
Lutheran High School Association of Orange County Orange, CA
Lutheran High School of Orange County Foundation Orange, CA
M. W. El-Nachef Foundation 4 Orange, CA
Mariposa Womens Center Inc. Orange, CA
Mary Christina Mercado Foundation Orange, CA
McPherson Education Foundation Orange, CA
Meistersingers Inc. (Until December 2006) Orange, CA
Men on the Cutting Edge Inc. Orange, CA
Merit Housing Incorporated Orange, CA
Mike & Shirley Smith Ministries Orange, CA
Multicultural Family Counseling Services (Until December 2008) Orange, CA
Music Room Inc. Orange, CA
Music and Faith Orange, CA

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Above is a list of organizations in Orange, California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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