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Vehicle Donation in Modesto, California

For people interested in vehicle donation in Modesto, California, below is a list of Modesto, California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

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ABC Reign Accelerated Learning Private School Modesto, CA
Acacia Memorial Park Assoc of Modesto 6 Modesto, CA
Advancing Vibrant Communities Inc. (Until December 2006) Modesto, CA
African Cradle Inc. Modesto, CA
All May Be One Inc. Modesto, CA
Allen Correia Memorial Culonary Scholarship Foundation Modesto, CA
American Grand Jury Foundation Modesto, CA
American Legion 6 Modesto, CA
American Spiritualist Assembly Modesto, CA
Animals at Risk Care Sanctuary Inc. Modesto, CA
Assyrian American Association of Modesto Modesto, CA
Assyrian Club of Urhai Inc. Modesto, CA
Barnabas Ministries International Inc. Modesto, CA
Beard School Parent Club Modesto, CA
Bel Passi Baseball Inc. Modesto, CA
Berberian and Gazarian Family Foundation 4 Modesto, CA
Berry Family Foundation 4 Modesto, CA
Bet-Nahrain Inc. Modesto, CA
Bethel Church of the Assemblies of God Modesto, CA
Beyer Band Boosters Modesto, CA
Bible Fellowship Ministries Modesto, CA
Bob Jorgensen Memorial Foundation 4 Modesto, CA
Bob and Marie Gallo Foundation 4 Modesto, CA
Brethren Community Fellowship of Modesto Modesto, CA
Brethren Heritage School Modesto, CA
Brethren Outreach Modesto, CA
Bright Family Foundation 4 Modesto, CA
Builders Foundation of Central California Modesto, CA
Buoyancy Charitable Community Inc. Modesto, CA
C. E. B. Foundation 4 Modesto, CA
C. O. P. A. L. (Until June 2006) Modesto, CA
Caire Center Foundation (Until June 2008) Modesto, CA
California Aeromedicl Rescue & Evacuation Inc. Modesto, CA
California Association of Compensatory Education 5 Modesto, CA
California Critters (Until December 2005) Modesto, CA
California Gold Soccer Club Incorporated (Until December 2008) Modesto, CA
California Military Academy Alumni Association Inc. Modesto, CA
California Society of Thoracic Surgeons Modesto, CA
Calvary Chapel of Modesto Inc. Modesto, CA
Calvary Panthers Christian Youth Football and Cheer Organization (Until December 2006) Modesto, CA
Camellia Society of Modesto (Until June 2005) Modesto, CA
Camp Sylvester Modesto, CA
Camp Taylor Inc. (Until July 2007) Modesto, CA
Cardoza Foundation 4 Modesto, CA
Care-Ousel Therapeutic Riding Modesto, CA
Carole Sund-Carrington Memorial Reward Foundation Modesto, CA
Center Stage-Community Arts Conservatory Modesto, CA
Center for Biblical Studies 1235 M. St. Modesto, CA
Center for Human Services Modesto, CA
Center for Senior Employment Modesto, CA
Center of Hope Modesto Dream Center Modesto, CA
Central California Art League Inc. Modesto, CA
Central California Youth Services Inc. Modesto, CA
Central Catholic High School Foundation Modesto, CA
Central Saints Youth Football Inc. Modesto, CA
Central Valley Breast Cancer Golf Benefit (Until December 2005) Modesto, CA
Central Valley Center for Vision and Hearing Impaired (Until December 2006) Modesto, CA
Central Valley Center for the Arts Inc. Modesto, CA
Central Valley Childrens Foundation (Until December 2006) Modesto, CA
Central Valley Electrical Industry Training and Education Trust Modesto, CA
Central Valley Evangelical Reformed Church Modesto, CA
Central Valley Evangelistic Outreach Modesto, CA
Central Valley Feat Modesto, CA
Central Valley Sons of Italy Foundation Inc. Modesto, CA
Central Valley Village Corporation Modesto, CA
Central West Ballet Modesto, CA
Centro Cristiano Vino Nuevo Modesto, CA
Ceres Rotary Club Foundation Modesto, CA
Chaldoatour Students Scholarship Foundation Modesto, CA
Childrens Crisis Center of Stanislaus County Modesto, CA
Childrens World Embassy Modesto, CA
Christ Unity Baptist Church Modesto, CA
Christian Berets Modesto, CA
Christian Center of Modesto Modesto, CA
Christian Foundation Inc. Modesto, CA
Christian Temple Nondenominational Church of Modesto Modesto, CA
Christopher P. Walker Foundation 4 Modesto, CA
Chrysler Youth Baseball Organization Modesto, CA
Church of Christ Carver Road Modesto California Modesto, CA
Church of God Faithful Flock Modesto, CA
Church of God-Modesto Modesto, CA
Church of Modesto Modesto, CA
Citizens Committee for Intrnal Students at Modesto Jr College Modesto, CA
Citrus for Charity Inc. Modesto, CA
City Ministry Network (Until December 2008) Modesto, CA
Clinton Chapel Ame Zion Church African Methodist Episcopal Zion C. Modesto, CA
Community Bridge Builders Inc. (Until December 2007) Modesto, CA
Community Diabetes Education Services Inc. (Until December 2008) Modesto, CA
Community Housing and Shelter of Stanislaus County Modesto, CA
Community Transitional Resources Modesto, CA
Computers for Developing Minds Inc. (Until December 2008) Modesto, CA
Congregation Beth Shalom of Modesto Modesto, CA
Congregations Building Community Modesto (Until December 2006) Modesto, CA
Consumers for Medical Quality Inc. Modesto, CA
Court Appointed Special Advocates of Stanislaus County (Until June 2006) Modesto, CA
Creative Life Ctr Church No 27 of the Nat Fed of Sptual Sci Church Modesto, CA
Credit Bureau of Stanislaus Community Foundation 4 Modesto, CA
Cristo Sin Fronteras Modesto, CA
David E. Gallo Foundation 4 Modesto, CA
David O. and Natalie J. Hannah Foundation 4 Modesto, CA
Davis Hi Band Boosters Modesto, CA
Davis Park Church of Christ Modesto, CA
Davis Spartans Boosters Club Modesto, CA
Dayspring Ministries Inc. Modesto, CA
Del Rio Cc Foundation (Until April 2006) Modesto, CA
Desarrollo Latino-Americano Inc. Modesto, CA
Designs for Successful Christian Living Inc. Modesto, CA
Diamond Dusters Softball Association Modesto, CA
Disability Resources Agency for Independent Living Modesto, CA
Doctors Medical Center Foundation Modesto, CA
Down-The-Line Ministries Modesto, CA
Downey High Athletic Boosters Club Modesto, CA
Downtown Arts Project Modesto, CA
E. Ross Clark Home for Children Inc. Modesto, CA
East Grasslands Waterfowl Habitat Association Modesto, CA
East Valley Education Center Inc. Modesto, CA
Eating Disorders Center of the Central Valley (Until December 2006) Modesto, CA
Education Foundation of Stanislaus County Modesto, CA
El Nuevo Pactor Inc. Modesto, CA
Enslen Parent Teacher Club (Until June 2007) Modesto, CA
Ernest Gallo 1977 Educational Trust Modesto, CA
Ernest Gallo Foundation 4 Modesto, CA
Eternal Praise 4 Modesto, CA
Evergreen Foundation Modesto, CA
Families Victimized by Cancer (Until October 2009) Modesto, CA
Families for Academic Excellence Modesto, CA
Family Connections Adoptions Modesto, CA
Family Resource Council of Stanislaus County Modesto, CA
Family Service Agency of Stanislaus Modesto, CA
Fellowship Home Inc. Modesto, CA
Fever Drum and Bugle Corps (Until November 2007) Modesto, CA
Firefighters Save A. Life Fund Inc. (Until December 2006) Modesto, CA
First Baptist Church of Modesto Inc. Modesto, CA
First Church of International Association of Christian Clinical Modesto, CA
Foundations Academy Preschool (Until December 2007) Modesto, CA
Fourth Street Church of Christ of Modesto Modesto, CA
Framax Inc. Modesto, CA
Free Spirit Community Services Program Inc. 4 Modesto, CA
Fremont Open Plan Advisory Group Modesto, CA
Friends Outside in Stanislaus County Modesto, CA
Friends of Modesto Youth Modesto, CA
Friends of the Central Valley (Until December 2008) Modesto, CA
Friends of the Children Incorporated Modesto, CA
Friends of the Modesto Stanislaus Free Library Modesto, CA
Friends of the Sunshine Place Modesto, CA
Friends of the Turlock Unified School District Music Program (Until December 2008) Modesto, CA
Full Literacy Through Activities Verified by Reasearch Modesto, CA
Genealogical Society of Stanislaus County California Inc. Modesto, CA
Genesis World Faith Center Modesto, CA
Girl Scouts Muir Trail Council Modesto, CA
Gods Door Keepers Modesto, CA
Gods Grace Adoption Ministry Inc. Modesto, CA
Golden Hills Association for the Education of Young Children Modesto, CA
Grace Worship Center Modesto, CA
Great Valley Center Inc. Modesto, CA
Great Valley Center Partners Modesto, CA
Great Valley Housing Development Corporation Modesto, CA
Great Valley Museum Foundation A. California Nonprofit Corporation Modesto, CA
Greater Modesto Area Churches Modesto, CA
Greater Modesto Area Supporting Parents of Troubled Teens Modesto, CA
Greater Modesto Interfaith Hospitality Network Inc. (Until December 2007) Modesto, CA
Greater Modesto Ministerial Association Modesto, CA
Greater San Joaquin Metro Girls Softball Association Modesto, CA
Greater True Light Baptist Church of Modesto Modesto, CA
Greater Works Crusade Modesto, CA
Green Oak Foundation Modesto, CA
Growing Through Gods Word Ministries Inc. (Until December 2005) Modesto, CA
H. & H. Van Klaveren Family Foundation 4 Modesto, CA
Harmony Primative Baptist Church Modesto, CA
Hart Charities Inc. (Until December 2005) Modesto, CA
Hart-Ransom Baseball Club Modesto, CA
Hart-Ransom Parent Teacher Club Modesto, CA
Harvest of Hope Modesto, CA
Haven Womens Center of Stanislaus Modesto, CA
Healing Nations (Until December 2008) Modesto, CA
Healthrap Modesto, CA
Healthy Aging Association Modesto, CA
Heart of the Valley Christian Church Modesto, CA
Heralds Inc. Modesto, CA
Hispanic Leadership Council of Stanislaus County Modesto, CA
Hmong Association of Stanislaus County Modesto, CA
Horizon Christian Church of Modesto Modesto, CA
House of Prayer Apostolic Faith Christian Center of Modesto Ca Modesto, CA
House of the Lord of Modesto Modesto, CA
Iglesia Evangelica Profetica Peniel Modesto, CA
Imperial Stanislaus Owl Empire Inc. Modesto, CA
In the Paint Promotions Modesto, CA
Interfaith Ministries of Greater Modesto Inc. Modesto, CA
International Center for Reconciling Gods Way Inc. Modesto, CA
International Church of Victory Faith Center California Inc. Modesto, CA
International Festival Committee Modesto, CA
Ishtar Organization Modesto, CA
Islamic Center of Modesto Modesto, CA
Johansen High School Band Booster Modesto, CA
Johansen Sports Boosters Modesto, CA
Jubilant Praise Ministries Inc. (Until July 2006) Modesto, CA
Juline Foundation for Children (Until December 2006) Modesto, CA
Julio & Aileen Gallo Youth Endowment Modesto, CA
Julio R. Gallo Foundation 4 Modesto, CA
Kairos Child Development Center Modesto, CA

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Above is a list of organizations in Modesto, California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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