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Vehicle Donation in Encino, California

For people interested in vehicle donation in Encino, California, below is a list of Encino, California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

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A. Milton Miller Memorial Fund Inc. Encino, CA
Actors for Themselves Inc. Encino, CA
Advancement of Research for Myopathies Encino, CA
Advertising Industry Emergency Fund Encino, CA
After-School All-Stars Encino, CA
Aiding the Medically Compromised Inc. Encino, CA
Alfie Inc. Encino, CA
American Academy of Sports Physicians Encino, CA
American Arabic Educational Foundation 4 Encino, CA
American Association of Japanese University Women Encino, CA
American Society of Aesthetic Reconstructive Surgery Encino, CA
Amie Karen Cancer Fund for Children M. Freedman Encino, CA
Andrew J. Kuehn Jr Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Angela D. Collier Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Animal Advocacy and Relief Foundation Encino, CA
Armenian Educational Benevolent Union Inc. Encino, CA
Armenian International Ophthalmic Association Encino, CA
Arnold & Patsy Palmer Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Baruch Family Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Be Free Encino, CA
Beith David Educational Center Sefaradic Encino, CA
Ben Ish Hai Inc. Encino, CA
Billy & Audrey L. Wilder Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Birmingham High School Dads Club Encino, CA
Boxer Rescue Fund Inc. of Los Angeles Encino, CA
Braun Brown Family Foundation Inc. 4 Encino, CA
Bridge Program (Until December 2008) Encino, CA
Bryan Turner Foundation 4 Encino, CA
California Academy of Mediation Professionals Encino, CA
California Golden Bears Encino, CA
California Quest Soccer Club Encino, CA
Calvary Chapel Mid Valley Encino, CA
Cancer Caregivers (Until December 2005) Encino, CA
Cat Connection Encino, CA
Center for Childhood Encino, CA
Center for Conflict Resolution Encino, CA
Center for Ethics & Integrative Therapy Encino, CA
Center for Interpersonal and Family Development Encino, CA
Center for Oriental Medical Research and Education Encino, CA
Central High School Alumni Association Inc. Encino, CA
Chais Family Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Charles H. Cahill Caltech Charitable Tr Encino, CA
Circle West Inc. Encino, CA
Coalition for A. Clean California Inc. (Until December 2006) Encino, CA
Cocker Kids Foundation Inc. Encino, CA
Cohen Synagogue Inc. Encino, CA
Colostomy Association of Los Angeles County Encino, CA
Community Psychological Services Inc. Encino, CA
Community Treatment Services Inc. Encino, CA
Coptic Educational Fund (Until December 2005) Encino, CA
Corrine and Lenny Sands Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Crusade for Animals 3 Encino, CA
Crystal River Inc. Encino, CA
Daniel Pearl Foundation (Until January 2007) Encino, CA
David B. & Edward C. Goodstein Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Digestive Disease Research Foundation Encino, CA
Dominion Homeless Children Deliverance (Until December 2006) Encino, CA
Dorothy and Myer S. Kripke Institute for Jewish Family Literacy (Until December 2008) Encino, CA
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Research Fund (Until December 2007) Encino, CA
Early Entrance Foundation (Until June 2008) Encino, CA
Earth Communications Office Encino, CA
Eisner Research Associates (Until February 2007) Encino, CA
Elaine H. Snyder Cancer Research Trust 4 Encino, CA
Emanuel & Martin Treitel Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Encino Community Church Encino, CA
Encino Elementary School Booster Club Inc. (Until August 2008) Encino, CA
Encino Parents Nursery School Encino, CA
Encino Velodrome Encino, CA
Encino Womans Club Trust Fund Encino, CA
Encino-Tarzana Hospital Charitable Foundation Encino, CA
Englanoff Family Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Ernest Prete Jr Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Esquire Music Foundation Inc. Encino, CA
Estelle Getty Foundation Inc. 4 Encino, CA
Esther Ministries Encino, CA
Ez Speak Foundation Encino, CA
F. O. R. Inc. Encino, CA
Faculty Research & Educational Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Fast Forward Foundation Encino, CA
Felix Ventures Foundation 3 Encino, CA
Focus on Integrative Therapy Inc. Encino, CA
Foos Family Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Forest Family Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Foundation for the Rechanneling of Emotions and Education Encino, CA
French Asian Arts Foundation Guimet Encino, CA
Friends & Helpers Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Friends Assisting Friends 6 Encino, CA
Friends of Animals Foundation Encino, CA
Friends of Armenia Encino, CA
Friends of Eagles Centers-La Inc. Encino, CA
Friends of Lanai Booster (Until June 2006) Encino, CA
Friends of Lankershim Center for the Arts A. Nonprofit Benefit Corp 4 Encino, CA
Friends of Vision Encino, CA
From USA With Love Encino, CA
Gary and Wendy Gannaway Family Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Gate of Hope (Until December 2007) Encino, CA
Gelson Foundation 4 Encino, CA
George and Reva Graziadio Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Gill Family Charitable Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Gloria and Peter Gold Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Gram Parsons Foundation Encino, CA
Grossman Fam Charitable Foundation Irrv Tr 051997 4 Encino, CA
Grupo Das Brasileiras Encino, CA
Guiliguian Benevolent Association (Until December 2007) Encino, CA
Hand and Hand Family and Child Development Center (Until December 2007) Encino, CA
Harry D. Taylor Estate Encino, CA
Hearthstone-Builder Award Foundation (Until December 2005) Encino, CA
Help the World Foundation (Until December 2008) Encino, CA
Henry Friedricks Foundation Inc. 4 Encino, CA
Hibm Research Group Inc. Encino, CA
Hildy and Morrie Glass Family Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Hollywood Knights Foundation Inc. (Until December 2006) Encino, CA
Holy Martyrs Armenian Apostolic Church Inc. Encino, CA
Holy Spirit Retreat Center Inc. Encino, CA
Iit Kgp Aasc Inc. Encino, CA
Innovative Educational Systems Inc. Encino, CA
Institute for the Study & Prevention of Hate Crimes Encino, CA
Inter-Media Charitable Foundation 4 Encino, CA
International Center for Education and Youth Development (Until December 2008) Encino, CA
International Human Rights Consortium Encino, CA
Irene Ryan Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Irv & Zelda White Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Its Time for Kids Encino, CA
J. B. H. S. Instrumental Music Association Booster Club Inc. Encino, CA
Jerome and Adrienne Kay Family Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Jerry Bruckheimer Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Jewish Family History Foundation (Until December 2005) Encino, CA
Jewish Music Commision Encino, CA
Jonathan Art Foundation Encino, CA
Joseph Stanley Leeds Charitable Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Julian Schwinger Foundation for Physics Research 4 Encino, CA
Julien & Vera Welles Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Jump for the Cause Encino, CA
Kamm Teapot Foundation 3 Encino, CA
Karen Brown Scleroderma Foundation Encino, CA
Karno Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Kester Avenue Magnet Parents Association Encino, CA
King Solomon Education Foundation 4 Encino, CA
L. A. Free-Net Encino, CA
Lactation Institute and Breastfeeding Clinic Encino, CA
Lapd Centurions Encino, CA
Learning Center Foundation Encino, CA
Learning With A. Difference Inc. Encino, CA
Leo Freedman Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Levine Family Charitable Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Litz Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Lodzer Organization of California Inc. 4 Encino, CA
Los Encinos Docent Association Encino, CA
Los Encinos School Encino, CA
Lupin Hill Pfc Encino, CA
Lynn and Les Bider Family Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Maarev Temple Encino, CA
Make A. Noise Foundation Encino, CA
Margaret Ginny Green Circle of Angels Foundation Encino, CA
Margie E. Murdy Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Mayflower Foundation Tr Encino, CA
Megaw Theatre Inc. Encino, CA
Melody Memorial Pet Hospital (Until December 2005) Encino, CA
Mid Valley Youth Baseball (Until July 2005) Encino, CA
Milsztein Family Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Miracles & Wonders Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Moshiach Now Inc. Encino, CA
National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality Inc. Encino, CA
National Association of Surrogate Mothers Inc. Encino, CA
National Center for the Development of Education Encino, CA
National Women Business Owners Corporation Encino, CA
New Civilization Encino, CA
Oasis Preserve International Encino, CA
Oc and Spectrum Disorders Association 4 Encino, CA
Ocean Front Walk Association Encino, CA
Ogara Family Foundation Inc. 4 Encino, CA
Opera Unplugged Inc. (Until June 2005) Encino, CA
Operation Gratitude Inc. (Until December 2007) Encino, CA
Organizacion Haz La Diferencia (Until December 2008) Encino, CA
Pac-La Research Group Encino, CA
Persian Scholarship Foundation (Until December 2005) Encino, CA
Phillips Graduate Institute Encino, CA
Prana Foundation (Until December 2006) Encino, CA
Primal Foundation of California 4 Encino, CA
Public Educational Programs Encino, CA
R&M. Schnabel Foundation 4 Encino, CA
R. & B. Foundation Tr 4 Encino, CA
R. O. R. D. Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Raymond Mallel Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Responsive Housing Services Corporation Encino, CA
Ressler Gertz Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Rickey & Robbi Gelb Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Encino, CA
Roshangar Cultural Foundation Inc. (Until December 2008) Encino, CA
Rowell Foster Children Fund Inc. Encino, CA
Sadarang American International Performing Arts Circle Inc. Encino, CA
Salud Foundation 4 Encino, CA
San Fernando Valley C. A. Central Office Encino, CA
Sanford & Phyllis Beim Fam Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Santa Maria Trails & Parks Association 4 Encino, CA
Shine Family Foundation 4 Encino, CA
Shining Soul Institute Inc. (Until December 2006) Encino, CA
Southern California Badminton Association Encino, CA
Southwest L. A. Rotary Club Nickolas N. Shammas Scholarship Fund Inc. (Until July 2007) Encino, CA
Sports Educational and Training Institute Encino, CA
Stanislav Medvedenko Foundation 4 Encino, CA

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Above is a list of organizations in Encino, California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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