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Vehicle Donation in Compton, California

For people interested in vehicle donation in Compton, California, below is a list of Compton, California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

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Abundant Grace Ministries Church of Christ Holiness Compton, CA
Academic Achievement Academy Compton, CA
African Cultural Association of American Inc. Compton, CA
African World Center for Arts and Culture (Until December 2007) Compton, CA
All Nations New Bethl Intrdnominatl Pntecostal Ch of God in Christ Inc. Compton, CA
Alondra Boulevard Church of Christ Compton, CA
Alternatives Steps Inc. (Until June 2006) Compton, CA
Angel Tree Youth Service Center Inc. Compton, CA
Angels of Hope Foundation (Until March 2008) Compton, CA
Another Chance Outreach Ministry Incorporated (Until December 2007) Compton, CA
Apprentice & Journeyman Trg Tr Fund of So Ca Plmg & Piping Indu Compton, CA
Asambleas Alfa Y. Omega Inc. Compton, CA
Ashley International Family Association (Until December 2006) Compton, CA
Basic Life Institute Compton, CA
Beginning to End (Until December 2005) Compton, CA
Bing Enterprises (Until December 2007) Compton, CA
Bread of Life Christian Outreach Ministry Compton, CA
Bundle of Joy Daycare Inc. Compton, CA
Caldwell Adjustment Center Inc. Compton, CA
California Womens Commission on Alcoholism Compton, CA
Calvary Baptist Church of Compton Compton, CA
Calvary Resurrectional Baptist Church Compton, CA
Calvarys Community Development Organization Compton, CA
Caring Hands Outreach Center Inc. (Until December 2006) Compton, CA
Carrie V Caldwell Interprises Compton, CA
Centro Cristiano Victoria En Jesus Compton, CA
Challenge of Faith Church Compton, CA
Christ First Baptist Missionary Baptist Church 701 N. Long Beach Bl Compton, CA
Christ Spiritual Truth Ministries Inc. Compton, CA
Christ St. John Baptist Church Compton, CA
Christian Agape Center Ministries Compton, CA
Christian Deliverance Center Compton, CA
Christian Force Missionary Baptist Church Corporation Compton, CA
Christian Foundation Nursery School Compton, CA
Church Human Services USA Compton, CA
Church of Greater Love Compton, CA
Church of the Living God Pillar & Ground of the Truth Gospel Assembl Compton, CA
Church of the Second Coming of Christ Compton, CA
Club Acatlan De Juarez (Until December 2007) Compton, CA
Communities in Schools of South Bay Inc. Compton, CA
Community Care Compton, CA
Community National Block Club Inc. (Until December 2006) Compton, CA
Community Services Unlimited Compton, CA
Community in Action Fathers and Sons Club Compton, CA
Compton Central Health Clinic Inc. Compton, CA
Compton Community College Development Foundation Compton, CA
Compton Community Development Coalition Inc. (Until December 2006) Compton, CA
Compton Construction Incorporated Compton, CA
Compton Crusade Outreach Compton, CA
Compton Mission Church Compton, CA
Compton Salt of the Earth Church Compton, CA
Compton Unified School District Education Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Compton, CA
Compton Welfare Rights Organization Compton, CA
Compton and Lynwood Evangelistic Brotherhood Inc. Compton, CA
Compton in Motion Inc. Compton, CA
Creative Learning Institute Inc. Compton, CA
Crusaders for Christ Evangelistic Ministries Inc. Compton, CA
Daisy Child Development Center Compton, CA
Dameron Fam Foundation 4 Compton, CA
Dickison Community Lighted Schools Compton, CA
Dominguez Seminary Compton, CA
Dominquez Samoan Congregational Christian Church Compton, CA
Double Rock Community Services Center of Compton California Inc. Compton, CA
Eaa South Bay Chapter 96 Inc. Compton, CA
Eko Multi Purpose Center Inc. Compton, CA
Eleos-Azusia Ministries Compton, CA
Enterprise Church of Christ Compton, CA
Eternal Life Church of God in Christ Compton, CA
Evangelistic Crusade Foundation (Until March 2009) Compton, CA
Evangelistic Outreach Ministries Inc. Compton, CA
Everlasting Life Senior Care Ministries Compton, CA
Exalted Word Tabernacle of Praise Church Compton, CA
Faith Inc. Compton, CA
Faith Tabernacle Church Compton, CA
Families Doing Time (Until December 2005) Compton, CA
First Christian Church of Compton California Compton, CA
Focus in Motion Compton, CA
Footsteps Sports Club Inc. Compton, CA
Fort Jerusalem Compton, CA
Fragment House Mission International Compton, CA
Fred Jefferson Memorial Home for Boys Compton, CA
Friends of Compton Creek (Until December 2006) Compton, CA
Fruits of Labor (Until August 2006) Compton, CA
Future Scholars Foundation (Until October 2007) Compton, CA
Garden of Eden Missionary Baptitst Church Corporation Compton, CA
Gibson Street Church of Christ Compton, CA
Giochey Inc. (Until December 2007) Compton, CA
Gladiators & Champions for Christ Ministries Compton, CA
Glory Bound Missionary Baptist Church Corporation Compton, CA
Glory of God Prayer Assembly Compton, CA
Gods Leading Women Ministries (Until December 2006) Compton, CA
Good Brothers of America (Until December 2005) Compton, CA
Great Wall of Bradfield Block Club Compton, CA
Greater Holy Faith Missionary Baptist Church Incorporated Compton, CA
Harambee Economic and Cdc Fka Curry Temple Cdc Compton, CA
Heaven Bound Christian Fellowship Church Compton, CA
Heavenly Rest Missionary Baptist Church Activity Center Compton, CA
Help Holy Mission Compton, CA
Heritage Educational Group Compton, CA
Hidden Manna Church Compton, CA
Holy First Missionary Baptist Church Corporation Compton, CA
Holy Scripture Missionary Church Compton, CA
Hope Cries Out Ministry Compton, CA
Household of God Bible-Way Church Inc. Compton, CA
Hurting Women Healing Foundation (Until October 2006) Compton, CA
Iglesia Bautista Unida Compton, CA
Iglesia Cristiana Monte Santo Spanish American Christian Church Compton, CA
Independent Retailers National Community Coalition (Until December 2006) Compton, CA
Inner City Child Development & Youth Foundation Inc. (Until December 2005) Compton, CA
Institute for Training Education & Learning Compton, CA
James Academics & Development Corp Compton, CA
Jean D. Burks Foundation (Until December 2004) Compton, CA
Jesus is the Answer Apostolic Church Inc. Compton, CA
Jr Posse Youth Equestrian Program Compton, CA
Just Ever Day Sisters Used Supernaturally (Until December 2005) Compton, CA
Kids World Family Day Care 4 Compton, CA
L. E. A. P. Inc. 4 Compton, CA
Lemon Tree Community Services Inc. Compton, CA
Lifeline Education Charter School I. Inc. Compton, CA
Lift Community (Until December 2005) Compton, CA
Light of the World Church of God in Christ Compton, CA
Little Lambs Child Care Center Incorporated Compton, CA
Living Rock Community Baptist Church Compton, CA
Living Water Christian Fellowship Compton, CA
Love and Deliverance Community Church Compton, CA
Luella Young Foundation Inc. Compton, CA
Maes Place on Wheels (Until December 2007) Compton, CA
Mb Comprehensive Social Services (Until December 2006) Compton, CA
Mona Blvd Community Services Compton, CA
Moore Love Ministries Compton, CA
Mount Gaza Missionary Baptist Church Compton, CA
Myra B. Cotton Social Development Foundation Inc. Compton, CA
National Association for Equal Justice in America Compton, CA
National Center for the Performing Arts 4 Compton, CA
National Coalition of Professionals Against Crime Inc. Compton, CA
National Institute of Community Enlightenment Compton, CA
Nehemiah Missionary Baptist Church Compton, CA
New Beginnings Christian Academy Compton, CA
New Images Youth Foundation (Until December 2005) Compton, CA
New Jerusalem Church of God in Christ Compton, CA
New Jerusalem Faith Outreach Ministries Blvd Compton, CA
New Life Care Foundation (Until December 2007) Compton, CA
New Samoan Independence Born Again Church Inc. Compton, CA
New Testimonial Temple Church of God in Christ Inc. Compton, CA
Nli Small Wonders 24 Hour Learning Day Care Center (Until December 2006) Compton, CA
Noahs Ark Full Gospel Church Compton, CA
Non Denominational Jesus Church Compton, CA
O. Bless Me Foundation (Until December 2008) Compton, CA
Omni Ministries Inc. Compton, CA
Optimal Child Development Center Compton, CA
Original Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church Incorporated Compton, CA
Our Community Works Compton, CA
Overcoming Word of Faith Assemblies Compton, CA
Pacific Charter School Development Inc. (Until December 2008) Compton, CA
Palm Evergreen Baptist Church of Los Angeles Compton, CA
Parents Fight Against Autism Together P-Fat (Until December 2008) Compton, CA
Park Village Resident Council Inc. (Until June 2005) Compton, CA
Paul Robeson Players Incorporated Compton, CA
Pennington Boys Center Compton, CA
Penny Collecting Kids Club (Until December 2007) Compton, CA
Peoples United Church of Christ Compton, CA
Pioneer High School Alumni Association (Until December 2008) Compton, CA
Place of Worship Christian Center Compton, CA
Playpen Child Care Center Compton, CA
Pleasant Haven (Until December 2005) Compton, CA
Point of Return Ministries (Until December 2007) Compton, CA
Power of Praise Ministries Compton, CA
Praise Center Compton, CA
Progress Baptist Church Compton, CA
Progressive Youth Center Compton, CA
Raymond Fletcher Community Outreach (Until December 2006) Compton, CA
Regional Job Training Center at Compton Compton, CA
Revival Time Church of Compton Compton, CA
Rosecrans Manor Compton, CA
Sataro Ole Alofa Congregational Church Compton, CA
Save Our Youth Today and Tomorrow Compton, CA
Second Benevolent Baptist Church Compton, CA
Showers of Blessings Church of God in Christ Compton, CA
Single Parents Association (Until December 2005) Compton, CA
Social Concerns of Southern California Compton, CA
Sonrise Community Christian Church Compton, CA
Sonrise Community Outreach Compton, CA
South Bay Retirement Residence Compton, CA
South Central Food Distributors Compton, CA
South Compton Church of Christ Compton, CA
South Los Angeles Economic Development (Until December 2005) Compton, CA
St. Paul Calvary Church of God in Christ Compton, CA
Subject 2 Change (Until December 2007) Compton, CA
Sunago Christian Fellowship Church Compton, CA
The Compton Track Club Inc. Compton, CA
The International Full Gospel Church of God in Christ Jesus Compton, CA
The New Hope in Christ Apostolic Church Compton, CA
The Ralphs Food 4 Less Foundation 4 Compton, CA
The Spruell Community Learning Center 4 Compton, CA
Toddlers Village 24Hr Child Care Inc. Compton, CA
Tomorrows Aeronautical Museum Compton, CA
Total Care for Life (Until December 2007) Compton, CA
Trinity Community Outreach (Until December 2006) Compton, CA
True Faith Missionary Baptist Church of Compton Compton, CA
True Faith Temple of Deliverance Corporation Compton, CA

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Above is a list of organizations in Compton, California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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