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Vehicle Donation in Chico, California

For people interested in vehicle donation in Chico, California, below is a list of Chico, California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

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1078 Gallery Inc. Chico, CA
A. Star for the Night Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Chico, CA
All One Family International Chico, CA
Alliance of Music and Theatre Arts Inc. (Until June 2005) Chico, CA
Altacal Audubon Society Inc. Chico, CA
American Society of Retina Specialists Inc. Chico, CA
Andy Allen Ministries Inc. Chico, CA
Animals Voice Chico, CA
Annies Star Quilt Guild Chico, CA
Associated Bible Students Inc. Chico, CA
Associated Students of California State University Chico Chico, CA
Association Global View Chico, CA
Avalon Spiritual Church Chico, CA
Balance Point Center for Spiritual Development (Until December 2005) Chico, CA
Banyard Management Chico, CA
Barceloux-Tibessart Foundation 4 Chico, CA
Beta Chapter of Omega Nu Foundation Chico, CA
Bidwell Mansion Cooperating Association Chico, CA
Bidwell Park Junior Golf Association Chico, CA
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Butte County Chico, CA
Big Chico Creek Watershed Alliance (Until December 2008) Chico, CA
Birthright of Butte County Incorporated Chico, CA
Blue Oak Charter School Inc. Chico, CA
Boys & Girls Club of Paradise Ridge Chico, CA
Boys and Girls Clubs of the North Valley Chico, CA
Butte Bible Fellowship Chico, CA
Butte County Affordable Housing Dev Corp A. Cal Nonprf Pub Benefit Corp Chico, CA
Butte County Child Abuse Council Chico, CA
Butte County Hmong Association (Until December 2007) Chico, CA
Butte County Humane Society Chico, CA
Butte County Mounted Sheriff Posse Chico, CA
Butte County Overall Economic Development Inc. Chico, CA
Butte County Sheriffs Search & Rescue Inc. Chico, CA
Butte Creek Canyon Volunteer Fire Company Inc. Chico, CA
Butte Creek Foundation 4 Chico, CA
Butte Creek Housing Corporation Chico, CA
Butte Creek Watershed Conservancy Chico, CA
Butte Environmental Council Inc. Chico, CA
Butte Folk Music Society Inc. Chico, CA
Butte Glenn Family Violence Prevention Council Chico, CA
Butte Glenn Medical Society Auxiliary 501 C3 Fund Chico, CA
Butte Home Health Inc. Chico, CA
Butte Literacy Council Chico, CA
Butte United Soccer Club Chico, CA
Butte Youth Soccer League c/o Don Heffren Chico, CA
Cal Northern School of Law Foundation (Until December 2005) Chico, CA
California State University Chico Accounting Society 5 Chico, CA
California Watershed Network Chico, CA
California-Nevada Snowmobile Foundation (Until April 2005) Chico, CA
Calvary Chapel of Chico Chico, CA
Campaign for Economic Democracy Education Fund Chico, CA
Carolyn Adams and Kerry Moffitt Charitable Foundation 4 Chico, CA
Catalyst Domestic Violence Services Chico, CA
Champion Christian School Chico, CA
Chico Area Council on Aging Inc. Chico, CA
Chico Area Swim Association Inc. Chico, CA
Chico Art Center Chico, CA
Chico Bible Fellowship Inc. Chico, CA
Chico Cemetery Association 6 Chico, CA
Chico Chamber of Commerce Community Corporation (Until June 2005) Chico, CA
Chico Community Childrens Center Chico, CA
Chico Community Environmental Gardens (Until June 2008) Chico, CA
Chico Community Scholarship Associaton Chico, CA
Chico Community Shelter Partnership Chico, CA
Chico Country Day Educational Foundation (Until June 2005) Chico, CA
Chico Creek Dance Centre Chico, CA
Chico Creek Nature Center Inc. Chico, CA
Chico Economic Planning Corporation Chico, CA
Chico Feminist Womens Health Center Chico, CA
Chico Friends of the Butte County Library Chico, CA
Chico Gospel Hall Chico, CA
Chico Heritage Association Chico, CA
Chico Homes Inc. Chico, CA
Chico Kodenkan Chico, CA
Chico Life Chico, CA
Chico Museum Association Chico, CA
Chico Nursery School A. Cooperative Chico, CA
Chico Oaks Adventist Preschool Chico, CA
Chico Peace Endeavor Chico, CA
Chico Police Chaplains Association Chico, CA
Chico Rotary Club Foundation Chico, CA
Chico Science Fair Foundation Chico, CA
Chico State University Foundation Chico, CA
Chico States Associates Inc. Chico, CA
Chico Theater Company Inc. (Until December 2007) Chico, CA
Chico Toy Museum (Until December 2006) Chico, CA
Chico Valley Scorchers Youth Football Association (Until December 2006) Chico, CA
Chico Velo Cycling Club Chico, CA
Chico Womens Club Inc. Chico, CA
Chico Youth Bowlers Foundation Chico, CA
Chico Youth Chorus Chico, CA
Chico Youth Soccer League Chico, CA
Chico-Cal Soccer Club Chico, CA
Chicoans Against Substance Abuse Inc. Chico, CA
Child Abuse Prevention Center Inc. Chico, CA
Children to Cherish Chico, CA
Childrens Campus Ministries (Until September 2007) Chico, CA
Childrens Education Fund Inc. Chico, CA
Childrens Mercy Jet Inc. (Until December 2008) Chico, CA
Christian Persuasion Inc. Chico, CA
Christian Retirement Center of Chico Inc. II Chico, CA
Church of Christ of Butte County California Chico, CA
Church of the Eternal Quest Inc. Chico, CA
Club Chico Juniors USA Volleyball Association Chico, CA
Community Collaborative for Youth Chico, CA
Community Housing Improvement Program Incorporated Chico, CA
Computers for Classrooms Inc. (Until December 2005) Chico, CA
Congregation Beth Israel Chico, CA
Cosmic Press Chico, CA
Counseling Solutions (Until June 2006) Chico, CA
Credit Counseling of Ca Inc. Chico, CA
Csu Chico Research Foundation Chico, CA
David Sen Lin Lee Foundation 4 Chico, CA
Digital Bridge of Butte County (Until December 2005) Chico, CA
Discovery Shoppe League Inc. Chico, CA
Discovery World Child Development Programs Chico, CA
East West Center for Marcobiotics Chico, CA
Eaton Housing Inc. Chico, CA
El Rancho Chico Little League Chico, CA
Ellison I. Housing Corporation Chico, CA
Ellison II Housing Corporation Chico, CA
Enloe Health System Chico, CA
Enloe Hospital Foundation Chico, CA
Enloe Medical Center Chico, CA
Ensemble Theatre of Chico- Shakespeare in the Park Chico, CA
Environmental Education Media Project for China (Until December 2005) Chico, CA
Esplanade House Childrens Fund Inc. Chico, CA
Family Life Foundation Inc. Chico, CA
Fiveco Gleaners Food Bank (Until June 2006) Chico, CA
Focusing on Capabilities and Utilizing Services Chico, CA
Foor Foundation 3 Chico, CA
Four Winds of Indian Education Chico, CA
Friends of Bidwell Park (Until June 2007) Chico, CA
Friends of the Chico Community Ballet Inc. Chico, CA
Geophysical Unified Terran Specialists Chico, CA
Gilbert Yamashiro Lund Foundation 3 Chico, CA
Girl Scouts Sierra-Cascade Council Chico, CA
Give A. Little - Give A. Lot Inc. (Until April 2008) Chico, CA
God Library Chico, CA
Gods Smile (Until December 2005) Chico, CA
Golden Rivers Association for the Education of Young Children Chico, CA
Golden Valley Community Broadcasters Chico, CA
Good Shepherds Studio (Until December 2007) Chico, CA
Handi Riders Chico, CA
Hero Program (Until December 2007) Chico, CA
Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs- Chico Chico, CA
Human Relations Network of Butte County (Until December 2006) Chico, CA
Ident A. Child Foundation Chico, CA
Independent Living Services of Northern California Inc. Chico, CA
Innovative Health Care Services Chico, CA
Innovative Preschool Incorporated Chico, CA
Integrity House Ministry (Until December 2005) Chico, CA
Intercept Ministries Chico, CA
International Home Missions Chico, CA
International Institute for Education Through the Arts Chico, CA
Interpretation Association of the West Chico, CA
Jesus Provides Our Daily Bread Chico, CA
Jonathans Christian Outreach Inc. 4 Chico, CA
Kathy Court Housing Corporation Chico, CA
Kevin Campbell Scholarship Foundation Chico, CA
Kids and Creeks (Until August 2008) Chico, CA
Laotian-American Community of Chico Inc. Chico, CA
Lassen Foundation Chico, CA
Lassen Park Foundation Chico, CA
Lions District 4C-1 Humanitarian Foundation Chico, CA
Lions Health Foundation of District 4-C-1 Chico, CA
Little Red Hen Nursery Inc. Chico, CA
Matthews Cafe A. Church Community of Chico Chico, CA
Mediation Center of the North Valley Inc. Chico, CA
Ministerios Auxilio Divino Divine Rescue Ministries Inc. Chico, CA
Mt. Zion Christian Center of Chico Chico, CA
Museum of Northern California 4 Chico, CA
Namaste House (Until December 2005) Chico, CA
National Charity League Inc. Chico, CA
Naval Sea Cadet Corps Golden Bear Division Chico, CA
North Valley Animal Disaster Group (Until December 2008) Chico, CA
North Valley Children & Family Services Inc. Chico, CA
North Valley Christian Church of Chico California Chico, CA
North Valley Community Foundation Chico, CA
North Valley Health Education Fndn Chico, CA
North Valley Hockey & Sports Complex Corporation (Until December 2006) Chico, CA
North Valley Parent Education Network Chico, CA
North Valley Rehabilitation Foundation Chico, CA
North Valley Schools Inc. Chico, CA
Northern California Adaptive Living Center Inc. Chico, CA
Northern California Regional Land Trust Chico, CA
Northern California Youth and Family Program Chico, CA
Orchard Church A. Conservative Bapist Church Chico, CA
Pacific Asian Missions Incorporated Chico, CA
Parent Faculty Association of Anna Borba Fundamental Elementary Chico, CA
Payee Services Inc. (Until December 2007) Chico, CA
People First of California Inc. Chico, CA
Phoenix Providing Hope for Children (Until June 2005) Chico, CA
Pug Sunday in Chico Inc. Chico, CA
Rape Crisis Intervention of North Central California Chico, CA
Rat Assistant & Teaching Society (Until September 2007) Chico, CA
River Partners Chico, CA
Robert J. and Mertis H. Nolt Foundation 4 Chico, CA
Rock Creek Community Church Chico, CA
Rotary Club of Durham Foundation Chico, CA

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Above is a list of organizations in Chico, California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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