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Vehicle Donation in Carson, California

For people interested in vehicle donation in Carson, California, below is a list of Carson, California organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

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100 Black Women of Carson Carson, CA
A. I. G. A. Foundation (Until December 2007) Carson, CA
Academic Basketball Association (Until August 2006) Carson, CA
Academics and Basketball Connection Carson, CA
African Medical Foundation (Until December 2005) Carson, CA
Africans Uniting for Africa Carson, CA
Akila Concepts Inc. Carson, CA
All Christians Practical Praying Ba Nd Los Angeles (Until December 2007) Carson, CA
All Nations Friendship Church of Deliverance Inc. Carson, CA
Angelica Institutional Baptist Church Carson, CA
Anointed Hands Outreach Service (Until December 2005) Carson, CA
Apollo West Theater and Drama Workshop Carson Players Inc. Carson, CA
Aquatic Foundation of Metropolitan Los Angeles Carson, CA
Associated Students California State University Dominguez Hills Carson, CA
Athletes for Academic Success Carson, CA
Avalon Church of Christ Carson, CA
Beavers Youth Development Foundation (Until December 2006) Carson, CA
Bill Smith Memorial Endowment (Until December 2005) Carson, CA
Blessed Family Covenant Church Carson, CA
Boys & Girls Club of Carson Carson, CA
Bridges Community Economic Development Corp (Until December 2005) Carson, CA
Broken Vessel Healing Ministries Carson, CA
California Animal Defense & Anti-Vivisection League Inc. Carson, CA
California Christian Center Church Carson, CA
California State University Dominguez Hills Foundation Carson, CA
Calvary Chapel of South Bay Carson, CA
Camelot Alternative Education Center Inc. Carson, CA
Carson Art Association Carson, CA
Carson Athletic Association Carson, CA
Carson Christian Center Carson, CA
Carson Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Carson, CA
Carson Christian Schools Inc. Carson, CA
Carson Community Adventist Ministries Inc. A. Delaware Corp Carson, CA
Carson Community Deliverence Center Carson, CA
Carson Community Symphoney Association Carson, CA
Carson Community Symphony Association Carson, CA
Carson Coordinating Council Carson, CA
Carson High Boosters Club Inc. Carson, CA
Challenging Minds (Until December 2006) Carson, CA
Chamorro Community Council of California Carson, CA
Changed Ministries International (Until December 2007) Carson, CA
Charitable Center for Housing Inc. (Until December 2005) Carson, CA
Christ Christian Center Carson, CA
Christs Household of Faith Missionary Baptist Church N. Incorp Carson, CA
Church of Christ at Beach Street Carson, CA
Church of Eternal Salvation Inc. Carson, CA
Church of the Covenant Carson, CA
City of Carson Pirates Traveling Baseball Team (Until December 2005) Carson, CA
Cleota Youth and Women Service Center (Until May 2005) Carson, CA
Cold Tofu Carson, CA
Community Assisted Retired Seniors Optimum Needs (Until December 2006) Carson, CA
Community Development Center Inc. Carson, CA
Compton Courts Scholarship Fund 4 Carson, CA
Compton Family Day Care Association the Great of Los Angeles Carson, CA
Computer Assisted Instructional Resources Carson, CA
Concerned Filipino Americans of California Carson, CA
Crossroad Family Provider Network (Until December 2007) Carson, CA
Crusade for Christ Fellowship of Carson Carson, CA
Del Rio Foundation Carson, CA
Delta Associates Foundation Inc. (Until December 2006) Carson, CA
Dimondale Homes Carson, CA
Diversified Community Programs Inc. (Until December 2005) Carson, CA
Donald P. and Katherine B. Loker University Student Union Inc. Carson, CA
Dragon Kenpo Organization (Until December 2005) Carson, CA
Easter Academic Youth Foundation (Until December 2006) Carson, CA
Easters Nest Carson, CA
Ekalesia Faapotopotoga Kerisiano Samoa I. America Carson, CA
Elizabeth A. Ray Youth Foundation (Until December 2007) Carson, CA
Eternal Word Christian Center Inc. Carson, CA
Ethiopian Youth Soccer Development & Aids Drugs Awareness Inc. (Until December 2005) Carson, CA
Executive Partnership for Environmental Resources Trng Inc. Carson, CA
Faith Cathedral Apostolic Community Church Carson, CA
Faith in Christ Church South Bay and Worldwide Ministries Carson, CA
Fasae Socal Education Foundation (Until December 2008) Carson, CA
Fatima Apostolate of Los Angeles Inc. Carson, CA
Federation of Preschool & Community Education Centers Inc. Carson, CA
Filipinas Chorale and the Cherubs Carson, CA
Filipino International Bible Church Carson, CA
Filipino Southern Baptist Church of Carson Carson, CA
First Christian Faith United Carson, CA
First Samoan Congregational Church of Carson Lms Carson, CA
Five Star Youth Foundation (Until October 2007) Carson, CA
Fleming & Barnes Carson, CA
Freeman High School Alumni Association Carson, CA
Friends of Rancho San Pedro Carson, CA
Friendship Advent Mission Carson, CA
Gang Prevention and Intervention Foundation Carson, CA
Glory Christian Fellowship Church Carson, CA
Golden Wings Academy Carson, CA
Good Hope Christian Center Inc. Carson, CA
Grace Care Foundation (Until December 2006) Carson, CA
Graceland Home Carson, CA
Greene Home for Boys Carson, CA
Greenwood Community Agencies (Until December 2006) Carson, CA
Grupo Folklorico Saisan City of Carson (Until December 2008) Carson, CA
Gw Prep Baseball Inc. Carson, CA
Habini Carson, CA
Help Somebody Ministries Inc. 3 Carson, CA
Helping Hand Foundation Center Inc. Carson, CA
Holy Temple Missionary Baptist Church Carson, CA
Home Depot Center Charitable Foundation (Until December 2007) Carson, CA
Homeland Community Center Carson, CA
Immanuel Baptist Church of Carson Carson, CA
In Green Pastures Ministry Inc. Carson, CA
Innovest Resources Carson, CA
Institute for Black Parenting Carson, CA
Institute of Scholar Training & Academic Tutorial Carson, CA
Jaeil Korean Presbyterian Church Carson, CA
Jd4Gzus Legal Services Inc. Carson, CA
Jesus First Church Carson, CA
Jigu Chon Presbyterian Church Carson, CA
John & Linda Muckel Foundation 4 Carson, CA
Joy of Harvest Fellowship Carson, CA
K. V Mart Education Foundation Carson, CA
Kings Way Community Church Carson, CA
Korean American Community Evangelical Church Carson, CA
Lamplighter Christian Fellowship Inc. Carson, CA
Langston High School Alumni Association Carson, CA
League of African-American Women Carson, CA
Leapwood Avenue Parent Teacher Organization Carson, CA
Lighthouse Voice of Christ Incorporation Carson, CA
Los Angeles County Family-Children- Community Advisory Council 4 Carson, CA
Los Angeles Galaxy Foundation Carson, CA
Mawus Mothers and Childrens Home (Until December 2005) Carson, CA
Max & Syl Foundation (Until December 2007) Carson, CA
McKinney Jenkins Supported Employment Program Inc. Carson, CA
Mercy Community Devleopment Center Inc. (Until December 2005) Carson, CA
Mid-Cities Foster Parents Assoc Carson, CA
Mision Eben-Ezer Family Church Inc. Carson, CA
Mission Appeal for Seminary Support Inc. Carson, CA
Museum of Cultural Diversity Carson, CA
National Association for the Advancement of Pacific Islanders (Until December 2007) Carson, CA
National Disabled Foundation Carson, CA
National Minorities Charities Inc. Carson, CA
Nehemiah West Housing Corporation Carson, CA
New Creation Development Corporation Carson, CA
New Greater Hope Church of God in Christ Carson, CA
New Heart Presbyterian Church Carson, CA
New Los Angeles Presbyterian Church Carson, CA
New Philadelphia African Methodist Episcopal Church Carson, CA
Nissan Foundation 4 Carson, CA
Nix Check Cashing Community Outreach Foundation Carson, CA
Nu Power Community Outreach Services Inc. Carson, CA
Office of Samoan Affairs of California Inc. Carson, CA
Ola Fou Samoan Church of America Carson, CA
Olympias Girls Development League Carson, CA
Oneader Hicks Ministries Carson, CA
Pacific American Student Services (Until December 2007) Carson, CA
Pacific Islander Council of Leaders (Until December 2007) Carson, CA
Palos Verdes Peninsula Girls Softball League Incorporated Carson, CA
Pave the Way Enterprises Carson, CA
Peace & Joy Christian Church Carson, CA
Peace Apostolic Church Inc. Carson, CA
Peace Samoan Christian Congregational Church Carson, CA
Peace and Joy Care Center Carson, CA
Peninsula Christian School Carson, CA
Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ 4th Watch Philippines Corp Carson, CA
People for Habini (Until December 2007) Carson, CA
Performing Arts for Life and Education Foundation Carson, CA
Philippine Independence Day Foundation (Until December 2006) Carson, CA
Positive Images of Self-Expression Carson, CA
Positive Path Youth Development Center Carson, CA
Power Search Unlimited Ministries Inc. Carson, CA
Precision Dance Company Carson, CA
Promise of Life Ministries Carson, CA
Proud Heritage for A. Better Life (Until December 2006) Carson, CA
Purity Enterprises Carson, CA
Reaching Higher Plateaus (Until December 2006) Carson, CA
Respect Yosp Yourself Other School and Parents Program (Until September 2008) Carson, CA
S. G. P. Organization Carson, CA
Samoan Congregational Christian Church of South Los Angeles Carson, CA
Samoan Congregational Church of Jesus Carson California Inc. Carson, CA
Samoan Congregational Community Church Carson, CA
Samoan Federation of American Inc. Carson, CA
Samoan National Nurses Association Carson, CA
Samoan Senior and Youth Service Center Corporation Carson, CA
Samoan-American Senior Citizens Involvement Inc. (Until December 2006) Carson, CA
Second Chance Group Home Carson, CA
Seventy Plus Women of Valor Carson, CA
Shah Foundation Inc. (Until September 2007) Carson, CA
Shreb Ramkabir Temple Inc. Carson, CA
Sionsung Presbyterian Church Carson, CA
South Bay Astros Inc. (Until August 2006) Carson, CA
South Bay Christ Center Carson, CA
South Bay New Life Christian Center Carson, CA
South Central Los Angeles Athletic Club Carson, CA
Southbay C. A. E. R. Inc. Carson, CA
Southern California Aftermath Fastpitch Inc. (Until December 2008) Carson, CA
Southland Baptist Church Carson, CA
St. Peter Baptist Church of L. A. Carson, CA
Stevenson Village Homeowners Association Carson, CA
Sword of Alpha & Omega Deliverance Church Inc. Carson, CA
T. & T. Home for Boys Carson, CA
Tathata Buddhist Society Buddha S. Hill Carson, CA
Temple of Faith Pentecostal Church Inc. Carson, CA
Temple of Love Church of Religious Science Carson, CA
The Happy Time Educare Foundation Carson, CA
Theresa Youth Centre (Until December 2005) Carson, CA
Theta Alpha Omega Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Carson, CA
Transformed Ministries Carson, CA

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Above is a list of organizations in Carson, California that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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