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Vehicle Donation in Tucson, Arizona

For people interested in vehicle donation in Tucson, Arizona, below is a list of Tucson, Arizona organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Global Campuses Foundation (Until June 2005) Tucson, AZ
Global Education Foundation Inc. Tucson, AZ
Global Impact Ministries Inc. Tucson, AZ
Gloria F. Ross Center for Tapestry Studies Inc. 3 Tucson, AZ
God is Love Dios Es Amor International Tucson, AZ
Gods Healing Temple Tucson, AZ
Gods Stewards (Until November 2007) Tucson, AZ
Gods Way Ministry Tucson, AZ
Good News Radio Broadcasting Inc. Tucson, AZ
Goodwill Industries of Tucson Inc. Tucson, AZ
Gospel Rescue Mission Inc. Tucson, AZ
Grace Christian School Endowment Fund Tucson, AZ
Grace Full Gospel Church Inc. Tucson, AZ
Grace Temple Baptist Church of Tucson Arizona Tucson, AZ
Grace Worship Center of Catalina Arizona Tucson, AZ
Graesser Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Graffiti Abatement Program in Tucson Tucson, AZ
Grandparents Who Care Inc. Tucson, AZ
Greater Catalina Golder Ranch Village Council Inc. Tucson, AZ
Greater Littletown Area Human Resources Group Inc. Tucson, AZ
Greater Oro Valley Arts Council Tucson, AZ
Greek Active Tucson, AZ
Green Fields Country Day School Tucson, AZ
Greens Peak Hideaway Homeowners Association Inc. Tucson, AZ
Greyhound Adoption League Tucson, AZ
Ground Launched Cruise Missle Historical Foundation Tucson, AZ
Group Avatar Tucson, AZ
Groves Lincoln-Park Neighborhood Association Tucson, AZ
Guardiaships Southern Arizona Inc. Tucson, AZ
Guatemala Acupuncture & Medical Aid Project Proyecto De Acupunture Y. Tucson, AZ
Gurukripa Educational Fund Tucson, AZ
Gylanic Educational Trust Tucson, AZ
Gymnastics Support Organization Inc. Tucson, AZ
Habitat for Humanity Tucson Inc. Tucson, AZ
Handi - Dogs Inc. Tucson, AZ
Handlers of Tucson Inc. Tucson, AZ
Handmaker Jewish Services for the Aging Tucson, AZ
Hands Across the Border Foundation Inc. Tucson, AZ
Hands of Christ Ministry Tucson, AZ
Hannahs House Tucson, AZ
Harelson Parent-Teacher Organization Tucson, AZ
Hasan Educational Services Inc. Tucson, AZ
Haugh Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Haven Inc. Tucson, AZ
Hawaiian Silversword Foundation Tucson, AZ
He is Able Ministries Tucson, AZ
Healing Hearts Tucson, AZ
Healthy Boundaries 4 Tucson, AZ
Heart Science Foundation Tucson, AZ
Hearth Foundation Inc. Tucson, AZ
Heaven Bound Church A. M. E. Tucson, AZ
Heaven Can Wait Wild Care Tucson, AZ
Heavens Miraculous Angelic Giving Inspirational Child Inc. Tucson, AZ
Heavy Metal Brass Quintet Inc. Tucson, AZ
Hebrew Free Loan Assn of Tucson Tucson, AZ
Hedrick House Tucson, AZ
Helping Ourselves Pursue Enrichment Inc. Tucson, AZ
Hepatitis C. Project of Southern Arizona (Until December 2006) Tucson, AZ
Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter Tucson, AZ
Hermosa Montessori Charter School Tucson, AZ
Hermundslie Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
High Achievement Corporation Tucson, AZ
Higher Praise Assembly (Until December 2007) Tucson, AZ
Highland Free School Fund Inc. Tucson, AZ
Hispanic Cultural Showcase Inc. Tucson, AZ
Holy Cross House Tucson, AZ
Homicide Survivors Inc. Tucson, AZ
Hope of Glory Center Inc. Tucson, AZ
House of Neighborly Services of the United Presbyterian Church Tucson, AZ
House of Prayer Church of the Living God International of Arizon Tucson, AZ
House of Prayer Missions Incorporated Tucson, AZ
House of the Lord in Tucson Tucson, AZ
Howard Glasgow Charity Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Hsu Yun Buddist Association (Until December 2005) Tucson, AZ
Hudson Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Hugeo Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Humane Society of Southern Arizona Tucson, AZ
I. Have A. Dream Foundation of Tucson Tucson, AZ
Ideals Associated Tucson, AZ
Iglesia Apostolica Del Nombre De Jesucristo Tucson, AZ
Iglesia De Cristo De Tucson Tucson, AZ
Iglesia De Cristo Peniel-Ministerios Elim Tucson, AZ
Iglesia Del Dios Vivo Columna Y. Apoyo De La Verdad Tucson, AZ
Ignorance Foundation Inc. Tucson, AZ
In the Desert Childrens Project Tucson, AZ
In-Tow Corporation Tucson, AZ
Ina Road Church of Christ Tucson, AZ
Indian Management Association Tucson, AZ
Information & Referral Service Inc. Tucson, AZ
Instep Ministries Inc. (Until December 2007) Tucson, AZ
Institute for Better Education Tucson, AZ
Institute for Judaic Services & Studies at Saddlebrooke Tucson, AZ
Institute for Post-Modern Entrepreneurial Studies & Tucson, AZ
Institute for Scientific & Space Research Inc. 3 Tucson, AZ
Institute for the Study of the Liberal Arts Tucson, AZ
Instituto Cultural Mexicano De Tucson Tucson, AZ
Inter-Tribal Health Care Center Tucson, AZ
Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans Inc. Tucson, AZ
Interfaith Coalition for the Homeless Inc. Tucson, AZ
Intermountain Centers for Human Development Tucson, AZ
International Arid Lands Institute and Consortium Tucson, AZ
International Assoc for Computer Methods & Advances in Geomechanics Tucson, AZ
International Association of Fly Fishing Veterinarians Inc. Tucson, AZ
International Association of Lions Clubs Tucson, AZ
International Bioresearch Solutions Tucson, AZ
International Center for Higher Education & Philanthropy Inc. Tucson, AZ
International Childrens Relief Fund Inc. (Until December 2008) Tucson, AZ
International Church of Gospel Ministries and Christian Evangelis Tucson, AZ
International Community of Submitters Tucson, AZ
International Evangelistic Mission Mision Evangelistica Internacional Tucson, AZ
International Foundation for Pharmacy Education Inc. Tucson, AZ
International Foundation of Bio- Magnetics Tucson, AZ
International Institute for Disability Advocacy (Until December 2006) Tucson, AZ
International Institute for Microcirculation Tucson, AZ
International Medical and Education Foundation Tucson, AZ
International Ms Support Foundation Tucson, AZ
International Partnership Network Tucson, AZ
International Rock Ministries Tucson, AZ
International Society of Cryptozoology Tucson, AZ
International Studies Association Tucson, AZ
International Trade Development Center (Until December 2007) Tucson, AZ
International Training and Consulting Inc. Tucson, AZ
International Yoga College Tucson, AZ
Internet Ministries Fish Net Tucson, AZ
Interpeace Inc. Tucson, AZ
Into His Harvest Ministries Inc. Tucson, AZ
Invisible Theatre Tucson, AZ
Iota Sigma Pi Tucson, AZ
Iranian Association of Arizona Tucson, AZ
Ironwood Hills Local Church of Tucson Tucson, AZ
Iskcon of Arizona Inc. Tucson, AZ
Islamic Center at Tucson Tucson, AZ
Itzaboutime Tucson, AZ
J. & C. Davis Family Foundation Inc. 4 Tucson, AZ
J. P. Industries Inc. Tucson, AZ
Jacqueline Anne Morris Memorial Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Jaggi Family Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Jake and Goldie Silverman Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
James C. and Louise A. Wyant Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
James D. Van Horne Elementary Pto Tucson, AZ
Jasam Foundation Fund B. 4 Tucson, AZ
Jes & Co Inc. Tucson, AZ
Jesus Mary and Joseph Ministries Tucson, AZ
Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona Tucson, AZ
Jewish Family and Childrens Service of Southern Arizona Inc. Tucson, AZ
Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona Tucson, AZ
Jewish Historical Society of Southern Arizona Inc. Tucson, AZ
Jill Schafer Pima County 4-H. Breeding Sheep Memorial Tucson, AZ
Jim Brunner Ministries Inc. Tucson, AZ
Jimmy Jet Foundation Tucson, AZ
Jobpath Inc. (Until June 2007) Tucson, AZ
John Casteel Ministries Inc. (Until December 2007) Tucson, AZ
John Cojanis Ministry Inc. Tucson, AZ
John Heiserman Ministries Tucson, AZ
John K. and Aline L. Goodman Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
John P. Bell Family Foundation (Until December 2007) Tucson, AZ
John W. Madden and Barbara Joann Darrall Foundation Tucson, AZ
John and Helen Murphey Foundation 09-06-95 4 Tucson, AZ
Joseph and Mary Cacioppo Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Joy Association Inc. Tucson, AZ
Juanita Johnson Goodwin Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Judge William C. Frey Memorials Scholarship Fund 602-326-6224 Tucson, AZ
Junior League of Tucson Inc. Tucson, AZ
Just for Me Inc. Tucson, AZ
Kai Family Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Katherine McLennan Charitable Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Kathryn Anne Governal Perserverance Award Endowment 4 Tucson, AZ
Kenny Lofton Youth Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Khalsa Family Services Tucson, AZ
Kidaz Inc. (Until December 2007) Tucson, AZ
Kids Animals Life and Death (Until December 2006) Tucson, AZ
Kids Eat Here Tucson, AZ
Kids Unlimited Tucson, AZ
Kids Vision Heart Tucson, AZ
Kiin Kids International Information Neighborhood Tucson, AZ
Kimpton Family Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Kin Foundation Tucson, AZ
Kino Community Hospital Auxiliary Inc. Tucson, AZ
Kino Learning Center Inc. Tucson, AZ
Knisely Foundation Tucson, AZ
Korean Presbyterian Church of Tucson Tucson, AZ
La Frontera Housing Incorporated Tucson, AZ
La Frontera Mariachi Conference Inc. Tucson, AZ
La Hacienda Foster Care Resource Center Inc. Tucson, AZ
La Luz Broadcasting Corporation Tucson, AZ
La Paloma Family Services Inc. Tucson, AZ
La Pilita Association Tucson, AZ
La Ruta De Sonora Ecotourism Association Tucson, AZ
Lafrontera Center Inc. Tucson, AZ
Laguna School Parent Teacher Organization Tucson, AZ
Landsburg Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Large Binocular Telescope Corporation Tucson, AZ
Latino Business & Economic Development Council (Until December 2007) Tucson, AZ
Laura Gale School Parent -Teachers Club Tucson, AZ
Laurent Clerc Elementary School Tucson, AZ
Law College Association of the University of Arizona Tucson, AZ
Learning Skills Unlimited Inc. Tucson, AZ
Learning Tree Christian Preschool 5 Tucson, AZ
Legion of Saints Pius X & Padre Pio Lspx Pp (Until September 2007) Tucson, AZ
Leland D. & Josephine A. Case Charitable Tr Ua 08081986 4 Tucson, AZ

Above is a list of organizations in Tucson, Arizona that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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