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Vehicle Donation in Tucson, Arizona

For people interested in vehicle donation in Tucson, Arizona, below is a list of Tucson, Arizona organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

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39th Fighter Squadron Association 6 Tucson, AZ
88-Crime Inc. Tucson, AZ
98th Ars Veterans Association 6 Tucson, AZ
A. B. C. Gospel Center Inc. Tucson, AZ
A. Mountain Community Incorporated Tucson, AZ
A. Mountain Neighborhood Center Operations Committee Tucson, AZ
A. Place Apart Tucson, AZ
A. Touch of Class Tucson, AZ
AA Keith Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Abbey J. Grunewald Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Abundant Heart Ministries Inc. Tucson, AZ
Academy Services Corporation Tucson, AZ
Academy for Cancer Wellness Tucson, AZ
Academy of Math & Science Inc. Tucson, AZ
Academy of Tucson Tucson, AZ
Actor Inc. A. Nonprofit Corporation Tucson, AZ
Acts 2-38 Inc. Tucson, AZ
Admininstration of Resources & Choices Tucson, AZ
Administrative Advocates Tucson, AZ
Adoption Journeys of Arizona Inc. (Until December 2006) Tucson, AZ
Adult Loss of Hearing Association Inc. Tucson, AZ
Agua Caliente Elementary School - Ptg Tucson, AZ
Agua Prieta Family Shelters Inc. (Until December 2005) Tucson, AZ
Ahura Mazd S. R. C. Tucson, AZ
Air and Waste Management Association Grand Canyon Section Tucson, AZ
Alano Club Tucson, AZ
Albert H. Cohn Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Alex and Helen Alice Marshall Memorial Trust Fund 4 Tucson, AZ
Alice R. Barbaris Charitable Trust Tucson, AZ
Alliance Francaise of Tucson 4 Tucson, AZ
Alliance for Children Everywhere Tucson, AZ
Alma Foundation Inc. (Until December 2006) Tucson, AZ
Alpha Air Inc. Tucson, AZ
Alpha Delta Delta 5 Tucson, AZ
Alternative Schools Scholarship Fund Inc. (Until December 2007) Tucson, AZ
Alternatives in Housing Inc. Tucson, AZ
Altrusa Club of Tucson-Special Funds Committee Tucson, AZ
Alzheimers Prevention Foundation International Tucson, AZ
Amanecer Tucson, AZ
Amazon Mission Inc. (Until December 2006) Tucson, AZ
Ambassador Baptist Church Tucson, AZ
American Airlines Southwestern Reservation Office Loving (Until December 2005) Tucson, AZ
American Baseball Foundation Inc. (Until December 2005) Tucson, AZ
American Catholic Faith Association Inc. Tucson, AZ
American Fibromyalgia Syndrome Association Inc. Tucson, AZ
American Goodwill Mission to China Inc. Tucson, AZ
American Indian Assoc of Tucson Inc. Tucson, AZ
American Kenaf Society Tucson, AZ
American Literacy Foundation Tucson, AZ
American Rock Art Research Association Tucson, AZ
American Society for Apheresis Tucson, AZ
American Veteran Pride Tucson, AZ
Americans Support Their Troops (Until December 2007) Tucson, AZ
Ameritribes Inc. (Until December 2006) Tucson, AZ
Amigos Del Mar De Cortez Inc. Tucson, AZ
Amistad Y. Salud (Until June 2006) Tucson, AZ
Amity Foundation Inc. Tucson, AZ
Amphitheater High School Band Parents Association Tucson, AZ
Amphitheater Public Schools Foundation Inc. Tucson, AZ
Amputee Mentors of Arizona (Until December 2006) Tucson, AZ
Andrews Family Inc. Tucson, AZ
Angel Charity for Children Inc. Tucson, AZ
Anglican Saint Thomas More Guild Tucson, AZ
Animal Rescue Foundation (Until December 2005) Tucson, AZ
Animals Crusaders of Arizona Inc. Tucson, AZ
Anna Holmes Balancing Program Inc. Tucson, AZ
Anthony and Joan Vuturo Family Private Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Anza Trail Coalition of Arizona Tucson, AZ
Apostolic Truth Church Tucson, AZ
Approaches to Education Inc. (Until December 2005) Tucson, AZ
Aprender Tucson Tucson, AZ
Ara Parseghian Medical Research Foundation Tucson, AZ
Arcadian Arts Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arimborgo Ministries Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona 4-H. Youth Foundation Tucson, AZ
Arizona Aerospace Foundation Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona Aid for the Elderly Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society Tucson, AZ
Arizona Association for Family and Community Education Azfce Tucson, AZ
Arizona Association of Athletes Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired (Until July 2007) Tucson, AZ
Arizona Association of Consumer and Family Science Tucson, AZ
Arizona Association of the Deaf- Blind of Tucson Inc. (Until March 2006) Tucson, AZ
Arizona Border Rights Foundation (Until August 2006) Tucson, AZ
Arizona Capital Representation Project Tucson, AZ
Arizona Christian Theatre Studio Tucson, AZ
Arizona Church of Christ Bible Camp Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona Citizens for Traffic Safety Acts Tucson, AZ
Arizona Community Development Corporation Tucson, AZ
Arizona Conference of Police & Sheriffs Local 7077 Foundation Inc. (Until December 2005) Tucson, AZ
Arizona Consortium for Education and Training 5 Tucson, AZ
Arizona Cycling Racing Team Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona Cytology Association-Aca Tucson, AZ
Arizona Daily Star Sportsmens Fund Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona Desert Dolphins Tucson, AZ
Arizona Designer Craftsmen Inc. (Until June 2008) Tucson, AZ
Arizona Early Music Society Tucson, AZ
Arizona Educational Office Personnel Association Tucson, AZ
Arizona Elks Major Projects Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona Federation of Weavers and Spinners Guilds Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona Friends of Chamber Music Tucson, AZ
Arizona Friends of Tibet Tucson, AZ
Arizona Fun in Filmmaking Education & Community Training (Until December 2006) Tucson, AZ
Arizona Geological Society Tucson, AZ
Arizona Gold Swim Team (Until December 2005) Tucson, AZ
Arizona Greyhound & Animal Rescue Fund Tucson, AZ
Arizona Health Information Network Incorporated Tucson, AZ
Arizona Hispanic School Adminstrators Association (Until June 2007) Tucson, AZ
Arizona Historical Society Tucson, AZ
Arizona Housing and Prevention Services Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona Integrated Residential and Educational Services Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona Jazz Boosters (Until July 2007) Tucson, AZ
Arizona Law Review Association Tucson, AZ
Arizona Law Review Association 02-01-97 Tucson, AZ
Arizona Medical Association Alliance Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona Medieval Society Tucson, AZ
Arizona Mexico Border Health Foundation Tucson, AZ
Arizona Music Educators Association Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona Narcotic Officers Association Tucson, AZ
Arizona Native Plant Society Tucson, AZ
Arizona Nevada Academy of Science Math Tucson, AZ
Arizona Odd Fellow-Rebekah Visual Research Foundation Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona One Disaster Medical Assistance Team (Until December 2007) Tucson, AZ
Arizona Open Land Trust Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona Opera Company Tucson, AZ
Arizona Oriental Rug & Textile Association Tucson, AZ
Arizona Pathfinders Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona Payee and Support Services (Until December 2006) Tucson, AZ
Arizona Pharmacy Historical Foundation Tucson, AZ
Arizona Police Athletic Federation Tucson, AZ
Arizona Rainbow Girls Foundation Tucson, AZ
Arizona Recital Choir-Arizona Repertory Singers Tucson, AZ
Arizona Section Society for Range Management Tucson, AZ
Arizona Sonora Desert Museum Tucson, AZ
Arizona Spiritual Growth Foundation Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona Symphonic Winds Association Tucson, AZ
Arizona Teachings Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arizona Territory Gourd Society Inc. 6 Tucson, AZ
Arizona Theatre Company Tucson, AZ
Arizona Velodrome Association 4 Tucson, AZ
Arizona Vietnam Veterans Inc. 6 Tucson, AZ
Arizona Waldorf Scholarship Foundation Tucson, AZ
Arizona Womens Cancer Network Inc. (Until June 2005) Tucson, AZ
Arizona Youth Handball Association Tucson, AZ
Arizona-Kazakhstan Partnership Foundation Tucson, AZ
Arizonans for A. Drug-Free Workplace Tucson, AZ
Arizonas Children Association Tucson, AZ
Arizonas Children Foundation Tucson, AZ
Arizonia Independent Schools Scholarship Foundation Tucson, AZ
Armory Park Neighborhood Association Tucson, AZ
Armstrong Academy Foundation Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arnold W. Thompson Charitable Trust 4 Tucson, AZ
Art Room Inc. (Until December 2007) Tucson, AZ
Art for Animals Foundation Tucson, AZ
Artesia Corporation Tucson, AZ
Arts Az (Until July 2005) Tucson, AZ
Arts Education Collarborative Tucson, AZ
Arts Express Tucson, AZ
Arts Genesis Inc. Tucson, AZ
Arts for All Inc. Tucson, AZ
Artsreach Inc. Tucson, AZ
Asarco Conservation Foundation Inc. 3 Tucson, AZ
Asarco Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Ascended Masters Healing Center for the Mind Body and Soul (Until December 2007) Tucson, AZ
Asdb Foundation Inc. (Until December 2006) Tucson, AZ
Ashton Family Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Asia Injury Prevention Foundation Inc. Tucson, AZ
Asian Pows Memorial Fund Tucson, AZ
Aslan Foundation Inc. 4 Tucson, AZ
Asociacion Mutua De Orientacion Y. Rehabilitacion Aka Amor Tucson, AZ
Assembly-Jehovah-Jireh Tucson, AZ
Assistance League of Tucson Inc. Tucson, AZ
Association for the Education of Young Children Inc. Tucson, AZ
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Educational Fdn Tucson, AZ
Association of Multiethnic Americans Inc. Tucson, AZ
Asthma Foundation of Southern Arizona 3 Tucson, AZ
Avian Companions Inc. c/o Roxie D. Meck Tucson, AZ
Avicultural Society of Tucson Tucson, AZ
Aviva Inc. Tucson, AZ
Awasa Tucson, AZ
Az Diamond Zen Center Tucson, AZ
Azoda Tucson, AZ
Azrha Inc. Tucson, AZ
Aztec Wrestling Club Tucson, AZ
Aztlan Academy Inc. Tucson, AZ
Aztlan Youth Program Inc. Tucson, AZ
B-26 Marauder Historical Society Tucson, AZ
B. Nai B. Rith Covenant House II of Tucson Inc. Tucson, AZ
BPOE No 385 Scholarship Foundation 4 Tucson, AZ
Back 2 Basic It Training Inc. Tucson, AZ
Back to Basics Foundation (Until December 2005) Tucson, AZ
Badger Baseball Booster Club Tucson, AZ
Baird Foundation Inc. Tucson, AZ
Baja Arizona Baseball Academy (Until June 2007) Tucson, AZ
Ballet Arts Foundation Tucson, AZ
Ballet Folklorico Tapatio Non-Profit Corporation (Until May 2005) Tucson, AZ
Baptist Church of the Redeemer Tucson, AZ
Baptist Missionary Association of Arizona Tucson, AZ
Barrio Viejo Elderly Housing Inc. Tucson, AZ
Barrios Unidos Land Trust Tucson, AZ
Basis School Inc. Tucson, AZ

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Above is a list of organizations in Tucson, Arizona that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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