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Vehicle Donation in Tempe, Arizona

For people interested in vehicle donation in Tempe, Arizona, below is a list of Tempe, Arizona organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

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A. Ludwig Company Tempe, AZ
A. Mothers Wish Foundation 3 Tempe, AZ
A. Wheel Ahead Inc. (Until December 2006) Tempe, AZ
AMA Holistic Foundation Tempe, AZ
Abundant Christian Bible Fellowship Tempe, AZ
Action Performance Charitable Foundation 4 Tempe, AZ
Actively Building Child Care Inc. Tempe, AZ
Agts Inc. (Until June 2006) Tempe, AZ
Aid to Women Center Tempe, AZ
Aidan Foundation 4 Tempe, AZ
Ajo Foundation A. Nonprofit Corporation Tempe, AZ
Alliance Francaise of Greater Phoenix Tempe, AZ
America West Airlines Foundation Inc. Tempe, AZ
American Associstion of Hispanics in Higher Education (Until June 2007) Tempe, AZ
American Federation of Astrologers Inc. Tempe, AZ
Angel Wings Inc. Tempe, AZ
Arizona Academy of the Performing Arts Inc. (Until December 2005) Tempe, AZ
Arizona Action for Foster Children Tempe, AZ
Arizona Aloha Festivals Inc. Tempe, AZ
Arizona Archaeological Council Tempe, AZ
Arizona Association of Family Day Care Providers Tempe, AZ
Arizona Association of Student Financial and Administrators Inc. Tempe, AZ
Arizona Association of Teachers of Japanese Inc. Tempe, AZ
Arizona Bible Presbyterian Church Tempe, AZ
Arizona Business & Education Coalition (Until June 2006) Tempe, AZ
Arizona Cello Society Ltd. Tempe, AZ
Arizona Coalition on Donation Tempe, AZ
Arizona Cobras 92-93 Baseball Club (Until December 2007) Tempe, AZ
Arizona Community Church Tempe, AZ
Arizona Community College Association Tempe, AZ
Arizona Consortium for Children With Chronic Illness Inc. Tempe, AZ
Arizona Crime Prevention Assn Tempe, AZ
Arizona Educational Media Association Tempe, AZ
Arizona Elite Girls Basketball Club Tempe, AZ
Arizona Entrepreneurs Organization Tempe, AZ
Arizona Fire & Burn Educators Assn Tempe, AZ
Arizona Futbol Club Tempe, AZ
Arizona Hearing Resources Tempe, AZ
Arizona Historical Foundation Tempe, AZ
Arizona Hospice and Palliative Care Organization Inc. Tempe, AZ
Arizona Institute for Peace Education and Research Tempe, AZ
Arizona International Buddhist Meditation Center Incorporation Tempe, AZ
Arizona Justice Educators Association (Until December 2005) Tempe, AZ
Arizona Kokosa Kyoiko Shinkokai Tempe, AZ
Arizona Latin-American Medical Association Tempe, AZ
Arizona Leadership 2000 and Beyond Tempe, AZ
Arizona Leukemia Foundation Tempe, AZ
Arizona Meditation Center Tempe, AZ
Arizona Nursery Association Foundation Tempe, AZ
Arizona Oriental Mission Church Tempe, AZ
Arizona Pharmacy Foundation Tempe, AZ
Arizona Redevelopment Partnership Inc. (Until December 2007) Tempe, AZ
Arizona Region USA Volleyball Tempe, AZ
Arizona Riparian Council Tempe, AZ
Arizona Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates Inc. Tempe, AZ
Arizona Sports Council Tempe, AZ
Arizona Sports Foundation Tempe, AZ
Arizona State Head Start Association Inc. Tempe, AZ
Arizona State University Alumni Association Tempe, AZ
Arizona State University Foundation Tempe, AZ
Arizona State University Law School Alumni Association Tempe, AZ
Arizona Technology Council Foundation (Until July 2008) Tempe, AZ
Arizona Telecommunication Community Computing Tempe, AZ
Arizona Youth Baseball Inc. Tempe, AZ
Arizonans for Children Inc. (Until December 2006) Tempe, AZ
Ascending Roots Scholastic & Athletic Premise Inc. Tempe, AZ
Assistance for Independent Living Inc. Tempe, AZ
Association for Supportive Child Care Inc. Tempe, AZ
Az Blankets 4 Kids Inc. (Until September 2005) Tempe, AZ
Bekas House Inc. Tempe, AZ
Bethany Christian Schools Tempe, AZ
Bethany Community Church Inc. Tempe, AZ
Bhartiya Ekta Mandir of Arizona Inc. (Until December 2006) Tempe, AZ
Boys & Girls Clubs of the East Valley Tempe, AZ
Bridge Community Church Tempe, AZ
Cadwell Family Foundation Tempe, AZ
Caitlin Robb Foundation Inc. Tempe, AZ
Calligraphic Society of Arizona Inc. Tempe, AZ
Campanella Family Foundation 4 Tempe, AZ
Cathedral Rock Centre Tempe, AZ
Cathedral of Praise Inc. Tempe, AZ
Cdr James B. Wiliams Usn Ret Memorial Fund Inc. Tempe, AZ
Center for Educational Excellence Charter School Pto (Until June 2008) Tempe, AZ
Center for Establishing Dialogue in Teaching and Learning Tempe, AZ
Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change Tempe, AZ
Centers for Habilitation Tch Tempe, AZ
Central Church of Christ Mesa Arizona Tempe, AZ
Central Phoenix Bible Church Tempe, AZ
Chances for Children-Arizona Tempe, AZ
Chasqui Revista De Literatura Latinoamericana Tempe, AZ
Children With Aids Project of America Inc. Tempe, AZ
Childsplay Inc. Tempe, AZ
China Mission Foundation Inc. Tempe, AZ
Chinese Linguistic School of Phoenix Tempe, AZ
Christ Life Church Tempe, AZ
Christ Temple Church of God in Christ Tempe, AZ
Christian Aviation Outreach Inc. Tempe, AZ
Christs Family Fellowship Tempe, AZ
City of Refuge Ministry Inc. (Until December 2008) Tempe, AZ
City of the Lord Tempe, AZ
Clan Maclachlan Society Western USA Branch (Until August 2006) Tempe, AZ
Classical Kids Academy Tempe, AZ
Clint Rogers Ministries Tempe, AZ
Club Arizona Boca Juniors (Until July 2007) Tempe, AZ
Coaching 4 Skills Inc. (Until December 2006) Tempe, AZ
Collaborative Research Institute (Until December 2007) Tempe, AZ
Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (Until June 2005) Tempe, AZ
Community Economic Development Alliance Inc. Tempe, AZ
Community L. T. of Tempe Incorporated (Until December 2005) Tempe, AZ
Community Ministries Inc. Tempe, AZ
Compartiendo Con El Projimo (Until December 2005) Tempe, AZ
Concerned Friends Inc. Tempe, AZ
Consortium for Qualitative Research Methods (Until July 2006) Tempe, AZ
Contemporary Chinese School of Ariz Tempe, AZ
Cook College and Theological School Inc. Tempe, AZ
Coordinating Committee for History in Arizona Tempe, AZ
Copper Kings Inc. Tempe, AZ
Corona Del Sol Pto Inc. Tempe, AZ
Corona Del Sol Pump Up the Spirit Booster Club (Until March 2005) Tempe, AZ
Council of Colleges of Arts & Sciences Tempe, AZ
Council of Dance Administrators Tempe, AZ
Council on Sustainable Systems Development Cossd (Until December 2005) Tempe, AZ
Crossroads Community Church Inc. Tempe, AZ
Crown Foundation 4 Tempe, AZ
Cutty Legacy Foundation Tempe, AZ
Cybercil of Arizona Tempe, AZ
D. W. Higgins Institute Tempe, AZ
Daniel Nagrin Theatre Film & Dance Foundation Inc. Tempe, AZ
Dayspring United Methodist Foundation Inc. Tempe, AZ
Delusions of Magic Tempe, AZ
Desert Dove Center Inc. Tempe, AZ
Desert Rock Community Church Tempe, AZ
Desert Youth Hockey Association Inc. Tempe, AZ
Desert Youth Sports Association Tempe, AZ
Divine Institute of Modeling & Etiquette Inc. (Until December 2007) Tempe, AZ
Do It Now Foundation Tempe, AZ
Door Christian Fellowship Ministries Inc. Tempe, AZ
Door of Hope Ministries (Until December 2007) Tempe, AZ
Dvt Awareness Foundation Inc. (Until December 2006) Tempe, AZ
Eagle Ministries Inc. Tempe, AZ
East Valley Charities Inc. (Until December 2005) Tempe, AZ
East Valley Womens League Inc. (Until December 2005) Tempe, AZ
Easter Seals Tempe, AZ
Easter Seals Arizona Inc. Tempe, AZ
Eduardo Valdez Jr Public Foundation Inc. Tempe, AZ
Educational Care Inc. Tempe, AZ
Electroculture Research Group Inc. Tempe, AZ
Elijahs Cave Ministries Inc. Tempe, AZ
Emotional Fitness Center Inc. Tempe, AZ
Environmental Concerns Organization Tempe, AZ
Esperanza Community Collegial Academy Tempe, AZ
Evangelical Fellowship Church Tempe, AZ
Every Kid Counts Incorporated Tempe, AZ
Experience Plus Inc. Tempe, AZ
Family Footsteps Foundation 4 Tempe, AZ
Family Leadership Foundation Tempe, AZ
Father Joesph Patterson Foundation 4 Tempe, AZ
Fellowship Inc. Tempe, AZ
Fiesta Events Inc. Tempe, AZ
Flight 33 Inc. (Until December 2007) Tempe, AZ
Fom Non-Profit Organization Inc. (Until December 2006) Tempe, AZ
Foundation for Junior Achievement of Central Arizona Inc. Tempe, AZ
Four Hundred Fifty Sixth Group Association 6 Tempe, AZ
Franco-Haitian Alliance Church of Christian & Missionary Alliance Tempe, AZ
Friends of Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum Tempe, AZ
Friends of Public Radio Arizona (Until December 2005) Tempe, AZ
Friends of the Orphans Tempe, AZ
Friends of the Tempe Public Library Inc. Tempe, AZ
Friendship Village of Tempe Foundation Inc. Tempe, AZ
Fulton Family Foundation 4 Tempe, AZ
Fund for Central Arizona History Tempe, AZ
Gateway Charities an Arizona Non-Profit Corporation 4 Tempe, AZ
General Federation of Womens Clubs Arizona Inc. Tempe, AZ
Gentle Strength Ministries Inc. Tempe, AZ
Girls on the Run of Maricopa County (Until December 2008) Tempe, AZ
Gods Universal Family Born Again Inc. Tempe, AZ
Gods Way Temple Tempe, AZ
Goldfield Superstition Historical Society Inc. (Until December 2008) Tempe, AZ
Grace Community Church of the Valley Tempe, AZ
Greater Phoenix Certified Property Managers Foundation Tempe, AZ
Growing in Grace Ministries Inc. Tempe, AZ
Grupo De Apoyo Para Latinos Con Autismo (Until December 2007) Tempe, AZ
Haku-Un-Ji Tempe Zen Center Tempe, AZ
Hand of Mercy Fellowship Inc. Tempe, AZ
Hcd Institute for Active Living (Until December 2006) Tempe, AZ
Healing Waters Ministries Tempe, AZ
Help Ministries Inc. Tempe, AZ
Historical Medieval Re-Creations Inc. (Until December 2006) Tempe, AZ
Homa & Irene Wood Foundation 4 Tempe, AZ
Home of the Brave Foundation c/o Patricia L. Kinney Tempe, AZ
Hopi Mission Church Tempe, AZ
Hundred Club of Arizona Tempe, AZ
Hunsinger Charitable Trust Tempe, AZ
Immanuel Charitable Foundation 4 Tempe, AZ
In Touch Mission International Inc. Tempe, AZ
Institute for Drivers Safety Tempe, AZ
Institute for Supply Management Inc. Tempe, AZ
Integrity Education Inc. Tempe, AZ
International Ambassadors of Music Tempe, AZ
International Council of School Accreditation Commissions Inc. Tempe, AZ

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Above is a list of organizations in Tempe, Arizona that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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