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Vehicle Donation in Mesa, Arizona

For people interested in vehicle donation in Mesa, Arizona, below is a list of Mesa, Arizona organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

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21st Century Ministries Mesa, AZ
A. & A. Cottages Inc. Mesa, AZ
A. Place for Serenity Mesa, AZ
A. R. M. of Save the Family Foundation of Arizona Mesa, AZ
Academy With Community Partners Inc. Mesa, AZ
Accessible Housing Specialists (Until December 2007) Mesa, AZ
Adventist Deaf Ministries Mesa, AZ
Advisory Council Developmental Disabilities Serving Maricopa Co Mesa, AZ
Agape Services (Until December 2008) Mesa, AZ
Agency for Holistic Evangelism and Development Inc. Mesa, AZ
Al-Mahdi Benevolent Foundation of Arizona Mesa, AZ
Alano Club of Mesa Inc. Mesa, AZ
All Sports Foundation Inc. Mesa, AZ
Alma Elementary School Mesa, AZ
Alpha & Omega Missions Inc. (Until December 2007) Mesa, AZ
American Dream Catcher Ranch Children Foundation (Until December 2006) Mesa, AZ
American Homeless and Relief Foundation (Until December 2007) Mesa, AZ
American Ring of Wisdom Temple Ulc Mesa, AZ
American Wilderness Expedition Inc. Mesa, AZ
Amerifirst Foundation Inc. Mesa, AZ
Anasazi Foundation Inc. Mesa, AZ
Anchor Broadcasting of Channahon (Until December 2004) Mesa, AZ
Anderson Family Charitable Foundation 4 Mesa, AZ
Anthology (Until December 2005) Mesa, AZ
Apache Wells Community Church Mesa, AZ
Area V Community Asset and Resource Enterprise Mesa, AZ
Arizona Addiction Treatment Programs Inc. Mesa, AZ
Arizona Aqua Stars Parents Assoc Inc. Mesa, AZ
Arizona Association of School Psychologists Mesa, AZ
Arizona Council for Casa Inc. Mesa, AZ
Arizona DAR E. Officers Association Mesa, AZ
Arizona Dragon Boat Association (Until May 2007) Mesa, AZ
Arizona Flairs Boosters Inc. Mesa, AZ
Arizona Funeral Directors Association Foundation for Mesa, AZ
Arizona Genealogical Advisory Board Mesa, AZ
Arizona Gymnastics Foundation Inc. Mesa, AZ
Arizona Independent Christian Schools Mesa, AZ
Arizona Interfaith Counseling Mesa, AZ
Arizona Mentoring Partnership Inc. Mesa, AZ
Arizona Museum for Youth Friends Inc. Mesa, AZ
Arizona Palliative Care Management (Until December 2005) Mesa, AZ
Arizona Pug Adoption and Rescue Network Mesa, AZ
Arizona Scholarship Fund Inc. Mesa, AZ
Arizona Seed Crackers Society Inc. Mesa, AZ
Arizona Strut Students Recycling Used Technology Mesa, AZ
Arizona Suzuki Association Mesa, AZ
Arizona Thunderhawks Girls Fastpitch Softball 10U. 12U. 14U. 16U. (Until December 2007) Mesa, AZ
Arizona Wildlife Federation Mesa, AZ
Arizona Womens Business Enterprise Council (Until June 2005) Mesa, AZ
Arizona Womens Retreat Mesa, AZ
Arizona Youth Roughriders Assn Inc. Mesa, AZ
Arizonans Concerned About Smoking Inc. Mesa, AZ
Associated Firefighters of Arizona Auxiliary Mesa, AZ
Atrium of the Good Shepherd Inc. Mesa, AZ
Aviation Education Council of Arizona Mesa, AZ
Az Jack Russell Rescue (Until May 2006) Mesa, AZ
Az Max Charitable Foundation Inc. Mesa, AZ
Ballet Etudes Mesa, AZ
Barbara Bush Elementary Parent Teacher Organization 4 Mesa, AZ
Bethlehem Shepherd Foundation Mesa, AZ
Bible Study Fellowship Church Mesa, AZ
Black Family Genealogy and History Society Mesa, AZ
Boren Family Foundation 4 Mesa, AZ
Boulder Mountain Christian Church Inc. Mesa, AZ
Broadway Chapel Mesa, AZ
Broadway Christian Church of Mesa Arizona Mesa, AZ
Buy United States Inc. Mesa, AZ
C. H. Martineau Family Association 4 Mesa, AZ
Calvary Chapel of East Mesa Mesa, AZ
Calvary Revival Center Mesa, AZ
Cambridge Academy-East Inc. Mesa, AZ
Camp David of Arizona Inc. Mesa, AZ
Canaan Missionary Baptist Chruch Inc. Mesa, AZ
Cancer Resource Network Incorporated Mesa, AZ
Canyon State Naturists Inc. A. Non- Profit Corporation Mesa, AZ
Car Angel New Millennium Scholarship Fund Mesa, AZ
Cardon Foundation Mesa, AZ
Care Institute Inc-Mesa Mesa, AZ
Carries Kids Inc. (Until December 2007) Mesa, AZ
Celebration of Life United Presbyterian Church Inc. Mesa, AZ
Centennial Village Corporation Mesa, AZ
Center for Excellence in Basic Education (Until June 2006) Mesa, AZ
Central Arizona Foundation (Until June 2008) Mesa, AZ
Central Christian Church of Mesa Mesa, AZ
Challenger Basic School Inc. Mesa, AZ
Changepoint Inc. Mesa, AZ
Child Crisis Center-East Valley Foundation Inc. Mesa, AZ
Child Crisis Center-East Valley Inc. Mesa, AZ
Childlight Foundation for Afghan Children (Until December 2006) Mesa, AZ
Children Benefit Foundation Inc. Mesa, AZ
Childrens Believe in Yourself Foundation (Until December 2006) Mesa, AZ
Childrens Cancer Fund of America (Until December 2008) Mesa, AZ
Childrens Concern International Mesa, AZ
Childrens Disaster Relief Inc. Mesa, AZ
Christian Family Help Center Mesa, AZ
Christian Services Fellowship International Mesa, AZ
Christians United to Serve Inc. Mesa, AZ
Christians for Positive Action Inc. Mesa, AZ
Church of Acts Mesa, AZ
Church of the Redeemer Mesa, AZ
Church of the Saviour Mesa, AZ
Church on the Rock Mesa, AZ
Citrus Valley Entertainment Inc. (Until August 2008) Mesa, AZ
City of Mesa Municipal Development Corp 6 Mesa, AZ
College View Baptist Church of Mesa Inc. Mesa, AZ
Community Bridges Development Foundation Mesa, AZ
Community Bridges Inc. Mesa, AZ
Community Christian Church of Mesa Arizona Mesa, AZ
Concilio Latino Incorporated of Arizona Mesa, AZ
Confirmed Word Christian Fellowship Mesa, AZ
Congregational Association of Religious Expression Mesa, AZ
Cornerstone Bible Fellowship Inc. Mesa, AZ
Cornerstone Enterprises Mesa, AZ
Council on Chiropractic Practice Mesa, AZ
Covenant Life Temple Inc. Mesa, AZ
Covenant Missionary Trust Mesa, AZ
Crosswalk Christian Church Mesa, AZ
Cullen-Lucero Family Foundation 4 Mesa, AZ
Damhsa Irish Dance Company Inc. Mesa, AZ
Dayspring Community Church Mesa, AZ
Desert Bible Chapel Mesa, AZ
Desert Club of Mesa Mesa, AZ
Desert Heritage Church Mesa, AZ
Desert Valley Music Teachers Association Mesa, AZ
Desert Wells Baptist Church of Mesa Arizona Mesa, AZ
Dobson Dolphins Inc. (Until December 2007) Mesa, AZ
Dr Lloyd and Kay Chapman Charitable Fund 4 Mesa, AZ
Dreamland Villa Sheriffs Posse (Until December 2007) Mesa, AZ
Dreammakers Ministry Inc. Mesa, AZ
E-Ron Enterprises Inc. Mesa, AZ
East Mesa Recreation Assoc Inc. Mesa, AZ
East Valley Athletes for Christ Inc. (Until June 2007) Mesa, AZ
East Valley Bulldogs Baseball Club Inc. (Until December 2007) Mesa, AZ
East Valley Bunny Rescu (Until December 2005) Mesa, AZ
East Valley Cathedral Corporation Mesa, AZ
East Valley Childrens Theatre Mesa, AZ
East Valley Gymnastics Booster Mesa, AZ
East Valley Hispanic Bomberos Association Inc. (Until December 2005) Mesa, AZ
East Valley Institute of Technology Education Foundation Inc. Mesa, AZ
East Valley Intergroup Mesa, AZ
East Valley Music Scholarship Guild Mesa, AZ
East Valley Vipers (Until July 2008) Mesa, AZ
Eben Inc. (Until April 2005) Mesa, AZ
Ecclesia Church of God Mesa, AZ
Edison Elementary School Parent-Teacher Organization Mesa, AZ
Eldon Wiersig Ministries Mesa, AZ
Eloisa Diaz Educational Foundation 4 Mesa, AZ
Employees Community Fund of Boeing Mesa Mesa, AZ
Entz Elementary Parent Teacher Organization Mesa, AZ
Environmental Fund for Arizona Inc. Mesa, AZ
Episcopal Habitat Coalition (Until December 2006) Mesa, AZ
Epoch Foundation Mesa, AZ
Esperanza Charitable Fund Mesa, AZ
Eternal Crown of Glory Music Ministry Mesa, AZ
Faith Christian School Mesa, AZ
Faith Harvest Christian Church Mesa, AZ
Falcon Flying Club Inc. (Until December 2006) Mesa, AZ
Families Helping Families Inc. Mesa, AZ
Fisher-Price Collectors Club Mesa, AZ
Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research Inc. Mesa, AZ
Foundation for Ethical Organizations Mesa, AZ
Foundation for Mesa Parks and Recreation Mesa, AZ
Foundation for People With Disabilities Mesa, AZ
Foundation for Wheelchair Awareness and Activities Mesa, AZ
Free Christian Church of All Faiths Mesa, AZ
Friends of Kartchner Caverns State Park Mesa, AZ
Friends of Mesa Arts Center Association Mesa, AZ
Friends of the Mesa Public Library Mesa, AZ
Full Gospel Word and Worship Center Mesa, AZ
Full Life Ministry Inc. Mesa, AZ
Gaelic Thunder Irish Dance Trupe (Until December 2006) Mesa, AZ
Gateway Bible Church Inc. Mesa, AZ
Gem Charter School Inc. Mesa, AZ
Gene Lewis Boxing Club Mesa, AZ
Genesis-A. New Creation Enterprise Inc. Mesa, AZ
Genetic Information and Patient Services Inc. Mesa, AZ
Gerontology Research Foundation Inc. Mesa, AZ
Giving Hope International (Until December 2007) Mesa, AZ
God Loves Equally Animals and Man G. L. E. A. M. 4 Mesa, AZ
Golden State Human Development Coalition (Until June 2007) Mesa, AZ
Good Deeds Mesa, AZ
Good Life Chapel Association Mesa, AZ
Gospel Light Ministries Inc. Mesa, AZ
Grace Covenant Church Mesa, AZ
Great Northern Railway Historical Society Mesa, AZ
Handicappers Outreach for Christ Inc. Mesa, AZ
Hands Across the Ocean Inc. (Until December 2005) Mesa, AZ
Happy Valley School Inc. Mesa, AZ
Harris Elementary School Parent Teacher Student Organization Ptso Mesa, AZ
Helaman Foundation Inc. Mesa, AZ
Helen Foundation (Until December 2005) Mesa, AZ
Help Services Inc. Mesa, AZ
Helping Others Ministry Inc. (Until December 2005) Mesa, AZ
Hepatitis Education and Patient Coalition (Until November 2005) Mesa, AZ
Heritage Academy Inc. Mesa, AZ
Hernandez-Suarez Family Organization 4 Mesa, AZ
Holy Trinity Community African Methodist Episcopal Church Mesa, AZ
Hospice Family Care Foundation Inc. Mesa, AZ
House for Acceptance Inc. Mesa, AZ
House of Refuge Inc. Mesa, AZ

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Above is a list of organizations in Mesa, Arizona that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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