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Vehicle Donation in Wisconsin

For people interested in vehicle donation in Wisconsin, below is a list of Wisconsin organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Abbotsford Ambulance Service Inc. Abbotsford, WI
Abbotsford Education Foundation Inc. Abbotsford, WI
Abbotsford Story Inc. 4 Abbotsford, WI
Stanley M. Thomson-Schiferl Family Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Abbotsford, WI
Abrams Spotlight Productions Inc. (Until January 2008) Abrams, WI
James D. & Jane P. Watermolen Foundation Inc. 4 Abrams, WI
Wisconsin Choral Directors Association Inc. Abrams, WI
Wisconsin Locally Owned Telephone Co Abrams, WI
Adams County Association for Exceptional Citizens Adams, WI
Adams County Child Development Center Inc. Adams, WI
Adams County Community Center Inc. Adams, WI
Adams County Crime Stoppers Adams, WI
Adams Volunteer Fire Department Incorporated Adams, WI
Feline & Canine Friends Inc. Adams, WI
Paws (Until December 2005) Adams, WI
Batavia Volunteer Fire Dept Adell, WI
Grace Bible Church Inc. of Adell Adell, WI
Pilgrim Institute Inc. Adell, WI
Zion Housing Development Corp Adell, WI
Rock Summer Baseball Inc. Afton, WI
Albany Community Planning Council Inc. (Until July 2008) Albany, WI
Albany Community Scholarship Foundation Inc. Albany, WI
Albany Historical Society Inc. Albany, WI
Albany Thrift Store Inc. Albany, WI
Albany Youth Futures Inc. Albany, WI
Friends of the Albany Public Library Inc. Albany, WI
Hilltop Community Church Inc. Albany, WI
Norwegian Settlement Church Museum Inc. Albany, WI
Algoma Area Education Foundation Inc. (Until December 2006) Algoma, WI
Algoma Community Band Algoma, WI
Algoma Library Friends c/o Jane W. McLaren Algoma, WI
Community Improvement of Algoma Ltd. Algoma, WI
East Shore Industries Inc. Algoma, WI
Friends of the Ahnapee State Trail Inc. Algoma, WI
Gerald J. Haegele Family Foundation Inc. 4 Algoma, WI
Living Lakes Expo Limited an Enviromental Educational Center (Until June 2008) Algoma, WI
Multiple Sclerosis Fund Inc. (Until December 2007) Algoma, WI
St. Marys School Memorial Foundation Algoma, WI
Victorious Faith Ministries Inc. Algoma, WI
Violence Intervention Project Inc. Algoma, WI
A. Childrens Garden Inc. Allenton, WI
Cedar Springs Church Inc. Allenton, WI
In His Presence Ministries Inc. Allenton, WI
Alma Area Community Development Corporation Alma, WI
Alma High School Alumni Scholarship Fund (Until December 2005) Alma, WI
Alma Historical Society Inc. Alma, WI
Buffalo City - Cochrane Area Historical Society (Until February 2006) Alma, WI
Buffalo County 4-H. Trust Fund Alma, WI
Buffalo County Historical Society Inc. Alma, WI
Buffalo County Housing Inc. Alma, WI
Castlerock Foundation Inc. 4 Alma, WI
Castlerock Museum Inc. 3 Alma, WI
Mill Creek Cemetery Association 6 Alma, WI
Baybarry Corporation Almena, WI
Central Wisconsin Housing Ltd. Almena, WI
Coulee Homes Ltd. Almena, WI
Deer Park Housing Ltd. Almena, WI
Hearthstone Housing Ltd. Almena, WI
Home Conversions Inc. Almena, WI
Impact Acceptance Corporation Almena, WI
Impact Housing Development Ltd. Almena, WI
Impact Seven Incorporated Almena, WI
Impact Shelter Ltd. Almena, WI
Parkwood Properties Ltd. Almena, WI
Riverway Homes Ltd. Almena, WI
Rural Impact Housing Ltd. Almena, WI
Sacred Heart Cemetery Association 6 Almena, WI
Sid & Grace Horman Foundation Inc. 4 Almena, WI
West Property Ltd. Almena, WI
Western Wisconsin Development Corporation Almena, WI
Wisconsin Housing Ministry Partner- Ship Inc. Almenda, WI
Almond Historical Society Almond, WI
Almond Rod & Gun Club Inc. Almond, WI
Eagle Booster Club Inc. Almond, WI
Kids Tennis of Wisconsin Inc. Almond, WI
The Alliance for Clean Energy Systems Inc. Almond, WI
Altoona Education Foundation Inc. Altoona, WI
Altoona Firefighter Association Inc. (Until December 2006) Altoona, WI
Altoona Housing Corporation Altoona, WI
Altoona Music Boosters Inc. Altoona, WI
Altoona Youth Hockey Association Altoona, WI
Crestview Academy Inc. Altoona, WI
Eau Claire County Friends of the Fair Inc. (Until December 2008) Altoona, WI
Jacobs Well Church Altoona, WI
River Country Resource Conservation and Development Rc & D. Council Inc. Altoona, WI
Seebothsides Org Inc. (Until December 2007) Altoona, WI
West Wisconsin Railway Preservation Ltd. Altoona, WI
Sterling Education Services Inc. (Until December 2008) Altooona, WI
Alvin Cornerstone Community Church Inc. Alvin, WI
Interfaith Bible Fellowship Inc. Amberg, WI
Victory Homes for Boys Amberg, WI
Amery Area Senior Citizens Inc. Amery, WI
Amery Band Boosters Inc. Amery, WI
Amery Community Foundation Inc. Amery, WI
Amery Regional Medical Center Inc. Amery, WI
Amery Youth Hockey Association Amery, WI
Apple River Hospital Foundation Inc. Amery, WI
Arnell Memorial Humane Society Inc. Amery, WI
Balsam Branch Partnership Inc. Amery, WI
Bear Trap Tr 4 Amery, WI
Cottonwood Group Home Ltd. Amery, WI
Foundation for the Advancement of Chiropractic Research Inc. Amery, WI
Free Mission Cemetery Association 6 Amery, WI
Friends of D. D. Kennedy Environmental Area Inc. (Until January 2007) Amery, WI
Kinship of Polk County Inc. Amery, WI
Luther Dell Bible Camp Inc. Amery, WI
Midwest Recycling Association Inc. Amery, WI
Mount Carmel Hermitage of Superior Wisconsin Inc. Amery, WI
Municipal Ambulance Service Inc. Amery, WI
New Life Community Church Inc. Amery, WI
Northern Lakes Center for the Arts Inc. Amery, WI
Northwest Homes of Wisconsin Inc. Amery, WI
Worn Again Inc. Amery, WI
Anthony P. Brzezinski Foundation Inc. 4 Amherst Jct, WI
Amherst Area Foundation Inc. Amherst, WI
Amhersts Own Child Care Inc. Amherst, WI
Living Waters Fellowship & Kbm Ministries Inc. Amherst, WI
Riverside Bible Conference Assn Amherst, WI
Tomorrow River Scholarship Foundation Inc. Amherst, WI
Action Alliance Inc. Antigo, WI
Advocates for Victims of Domestic &Sexual Abuse in Langlade Cnty Inc. Antigo, WI
Antigo Area Recreation Foundation Inc. Antigo, WI
Antigo Christ Gospel Church Antigo, WI
Antigo Community Theatre Inc. Antigo, WI
Antigo Music Association Inc. Antigo, WI
Antigo Public Library Foundation Inc. Antigo, WI
Antigo Wisconsin Kiwanis Club Foundation Antigo, WI
Bible Baptist Church Antigo, WI
Boys and Girls Club of Langlade County Antigo, WI
Braun Woodlands Foundation Inc. 4 Antigo, WI
Central Fellowship Antigo, WI
Charles George Resch II Memorial Foundation Inc. 4 Antigo, WI
Citizens of Antigo School District Trust Society Inc. Antigo, WI
Elwyn Remington Foundation Inc. 4 Antigo, WI
Ernest Brucker Foundation 4 Antigo, WI
Foundation of the Unified School District of Antigo Inc. Antigo, WI
Gerald & Dorothy Volm Foundation Inc. 4 Antigo, WI
Langlade County Historical Society Inc. Antigo, WI
Langlade County Ski Club (Until June 2008) Antigo, WI
Langlade County Waterways Association Inc. (Until June 2009) Antigo, WI
Langlade Memorial Hospital-Hotel Dieu of St. Joseph Antigo, WI
Listle Family Private Foundation Inc. 4 Antigo, WI
Living Waters International Inc. Antigo, WI
Maranatha Baptist Church Inc. Antigo, WI
Memorial Hospital and Community Health Foundation Inc. Antigo, WI
Michael Hunter & Jane Hunter Inc. 4 Antigo, WI
Northwoods Deer Hunters & Sportsmens Club Inc. Antigo, WI
Raptor Education Group Inc. (Until June 2006) Antigo, WI
Red Robin Scholarship Foundation in C. Antigo, WI
Robert A. Hilger and Cynthia L. Hilger Foundation Inc. 4 Antigo, WI
Steffen-Antigo Memorial Fund Inc. 4 Antigo, WI
The Triple R. Club Antigo, WI
United Way of Langlade County Incorporated Antigo, WI
Victory Christian Ministries Inc. Antigo, WI
Langlade County Humane Society Inc. Antilo, WI
Fox Valley Technical College Foundation Inc. Appelton, WI
The Mooring Foundation Inc. Appelton, WI
Lakeland Air Safety Foundation Inc. 4 Arbor Vitae, WI
Arcadia Area Historical Society Inc. (Until December 2005) Arcadia, WI
Arcadia Community Chest Inc. Arcadia, WI
Calvary Cemetery Association 6 Arcadia, WI
Franciscan Skemp Foundation of Arcadia in Arcadia, WI
North American Dairy Foundation Inc. Arcadia, WI
Ronald & Joyce Wanek Foundation Ltd. 4 Arcadia, WI
Wanek-Vogel Foundation Ltd. 4 Arcadia, WI
Arcadia Educational Foundation Inc. 358 E. River St. Arcadua, WI
Arena Fire Board Arena, WI
Wisconsin Wastewater Operators Association Arena, WI
Forest County Youth Football Argonne, WI
Argyle Cemetery Association 6 Argyle, WI
Caring House Christian Outreach Argyle, WI
Emerald Heart Center Inc. (Until December 2007) Argyle, WI
Historic Argyle Inc. Argyle, WI
Woodlawn Cemetery Association 6 Argyle, WI
Petenwell-Castle Rock Property Owners Association Inc. Arkdale, WI
The Order of the Carmelites of the Holy Face Arkdale, WI
Arlington Curling Club Inc. Arlington, WI
Arlington Village Charity Fund Arlington, WI
Citizens for Armstrong Creek Inc. Armstrong Creek, WI
Lake Country Victory Christian High School Inc. Ashippun, WI
Adoption Adventure Support Group Inc. Ashland, WI
Ashland County Aging Unit Inc. Ashland, WI
Ashland Development Corp Ashland, WI
Ashland Elks Youth Trust Ashland, WI
Ashland Foundation Ashland, WI
Ashland Historical Society Inc. Ashland, WI
Ashland Mural Walk Project Ashland, WI
Ashland Senior Community Center Inc. Ashland, WI
Ashland Ski Trail Association Inc. Ashland, WI
Ashland Youth Hocke Corp Ashland, WI
Bad River Watershed Association Inc. (Until June 2007) Ashland, WI
Bay Area Civic Center Inc. Ashland, WI
Benoit Area Community Bldg Inc. Ashland, WI
Cant Wait to Read Inc. (Until December 2007) Ashland, WI
Celebration Fellowship Inc. Ashland, WI
Chequamegon Folk Collective Inc. Ashland, WI
Chequamegon Humane Association Inc. Ashland, WI
Chequamegon Theatre Association Inc. Ashland, WI
Christian Fellowship Center Ashland Inc. Ashland, WI
Friends of the Center Alliance Ltd. Ashland, WI

Above is a list of organizations in Wisconsin that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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