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Vehicle Donation in Reston, Virginia

For people interested in vehicle donation in Reston, Virginia, below is a list of Reston, Virginia organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

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100X. Inc. (Until December 2005) Reston, VA
African Sky Art Institute (Until February 2008) Reston, VA
Aiaa Foundation Inc. Reston, VA
Airedale Terrier Club of America Charitable Tr (Until June 2005) Reston, VA
American Academy of Audiology Foundation Reston, VA
American Alliance for Health Physical Education Rec & Dance Reston, VA
American College of Radiology Reston, VA
American College of Radiology Foundation Reston, VA
American Foundation for the Ivory Coast Reston, VA
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Reston, VA
American Medical Student Association Foundation Reston, VA
American Press Institute Inc. Reston, VA
American Shih Tzu Club Charitable Tr Reston, VA
American Society of Civil Engineers Reston, VA
American Society of Civil Engineers Foundation Inc. Reston, VA
American Society of Newspaper Editors Foundation Inc. Reston, VA
Anesthesia Awareness Campaign Inc. (Until December 2005) Reston, VA
Art Directors Club of Metropolitan Washington Reston, VA
Association of School Business Officials International Reston, VA
Association of Teacher Educators Reston, VA
Association of the National Defense Executive Reserve Reston, VA
Avian Health Network Inc. (Until September 2006) Reston, VA
Berger Foundation 4 Reston, VA
Boxer Rescue and Adoption Inc. Reston, VA
Brickell Family Foundation 4 Reston, VA
Bruce and Giovanna Ames Foundation 4 Reston, VA
Building Hope-A. Charter School Facilities Fund 4 Reston, VA
Cartography Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographer Reston, VA
Celebrating Special Children Inc. (Until June 2007) Reston, VA
Charter Theatre Company Inc. Reston, VA
Chelonia Institute 3 Reston, VA
Chessminds Inc. Reston, VA
Child Care Center of the Common Ground Foundation Reston, VA
Chori-Ames Supporting Foundation Reston, VA
Chris Nedelcovych Soccer Fondation (Until December 2005) Reston, VA
Christian Science Scholarship Fund Inc. (Until December 2008) Reston, VA
Christine and Roger Silk Foundation 4 Reston, VA
Civil Engineering Foundation Inc. Reston, VA
Claws Foundation 4 Reston, VA
Comfort for Americas Uniformed Services Elite (Until December 2007) Reston, VA
Community Bible Study International Incorporated Reston, VA
Companion Animal Rescue & Education (Until December 2005) Reston, VA
Contact Lens Society of America Educational Fund Inc. Reston, VA
Corporation for National Research Initiatives Reston, VA
Council of Science Editors Reston, VA
Creative Living International Inc. Reston, VA
Cristian Center El Shaddai Inc. Reston, VA
Crossroads Dance Project Reston, VA
Davinci S. Attic Reston, VA
Deca Foundation Reston, VA
Distributive Education Clubs of America Reston, VA
Djh Foundation 4 Reston, VA
Douglas Whitlock Memorial Fund Tr Ua 4100340101 4 Reston, VA
Eastern North American Region of the Biometric Society P. O. Box 269 Reston, VA
Edlin School Parent Teacher Organization Reston, VA
Educational and Charitable Foundation of Lko (Until December 2005) Reston, VA
Employers United for A. Stronger America Association (Until June 2007) Reston, VA
Energy Kinesiology Awareness Council (Until December 2008) Reston, VA
Entertainment Industries Council Incorporated Reston, VA
Environmental Mutagen Society Reston, VA
Experimental Chinese School Inc. Reston, VA
Fairfax West Music Fellowship Inc. Reston, VA
Family Career and Community Leaders of America Inc. Reston, VA
Fernandez Foundation Inc. 4 Reston, VA
Finn Spark Inc. Reston, VA
Foundation for Creativity in Dispute Resolution 4 Reston, VA
Foundation for Exceptional Innovations Reston, VA
Friends of Ethiopia Reston, VA
Friends of Fana Inc. (Until December 2005) Reston, VA
Friends of Reston Regional Library Inc. (Until June 2005) Reston, VA
Friends of Reston for Community Projects Inc. Reston, VA
Friends of South Lakes High School Orchestra (Until December 2005) Reston, VA
Friends of the Reston Community Center Reston, VA
Future Business Leaders of America National Headquarters Reston, VA
Future Homemakers of America Foundation Reston, VA
Gabriel Homes Incorporated Reston, VA
Gayatri Pariwar USA Inc. Reston, VA
Gemmer Foundation 4 Reston, VA
Geodata Alliance Inc. Reston, VA
Give Life Foundation (Until December 2008) Reston, VA
Graphic Arts Education and Research Foundation 4 Reston, VA
Greater Reston Arts Center Inc. Reston, VA
Greater Seattle Golf Events Inc. Reston, VA
Habibia Educational Orphanage International Inc. Reston, VA
Hamill Cemetery Association Tr 6 Reston, VA
Hardwood Forestry Fund Reston, VA
Hdma Healthcare Foundation Reston, VA
Head Family Foundation 4 Reston, VA
Heart to Heart Ministries Inc. Reston, VA
High Tech Prayer Breakfast-Dc Metro (Until December 2007) Reston, VA
Hobbs Foundation 4 Reston, VA
Holy Ghost International Revival Ministries Inc. Reston, VA
Hunter Family Foundation 4 Reston, VA
Hunters Woods Pre-School Inc. Reston, VA
In Loving Memory Reston, VA
Institute for Applied Science Reston, VA
Institute for Professional Practice Reston, VA
Institute for Stategic Reconcilitation Inc. Reston, VA
International Tech Education Assoc Reston, VA
International Union of Toxicoology Incorporated Reston, VA
Internet Society Reston, VA
Kass and Berger Family Foundation 4 Reston, VA
Kevin Memorial Foundation (Until December 2008) Reston, VA
Kids Connect Charitable Fund Reston, VA
Knoll-Macdonald Foundation 4 Reston, VA
Korean Concert Society Limited Reston, VA
Labor of Love Homeless Institute Inc. Reston, VA
Lake Anne Nursery Kindergarten Inc. Reston, VA
Langley Hockey Club Inc. (Until December 2005) Reston, VA
League of Reston Artists Reston, VA
Lost & Found Horse Rescue Foundation Inc. 3 Reston, VA
M-V. Conductors Competition Chritable Tr Reston, VA
Manjiro Society for International Exchange Inc. Reston, VA
Max Lindemann Memorial Foundation Inc. 4 Reston, VA
Maximus Foundation 4 Reston, VA
May Liang and James Lintott Foundation 4 Reston, VA
McAdams Foundation 4 Reston, VA
McKenzie Institute Reston, VA
Miracles of God Project Inc. 4 Reston, VA
Modzelewski Charitable Tr Ua 100196 4 Reston, VA
Morino Foundation 4 Reston, VA
Morino Institute 4 Reston, VA
Music Educators National Conference Reston, VA
N. C. I. Foundation 4 Reston, VA
N. Oadn Foundation Inc. Reston, VA
National Art Education Association Reston, VA
National Art Education Foundation Reston, VA
National Assn of Schools of Music Samuel Hope Reston, VA
National Association of Biology Teachers Inc. Reston, VA
National Association of Schools of Art and Design Inc. Reston, VA
National Association of Schools of Dance Inc. Reston, VA
National Association of Schools of Theater Inc. Reston, VA
National Association of Secondary -School Principals Reston, VA
National Business Education Association Reston, VA
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics -Incorporated- Reston, VA
National Foundation for Energy Education Reston, VA
National Intergrative Health Congress Reston, VA
National Learning Laboratory Limited Reston, VA
National Park Guardians (Until December 2007) Reston, VA
National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel Inc. Reston, VA
National Wildlife Federation Reston, VA
National Wildlife Federation Endowment Inc. Reston, VA
National Wildlife Productions Inc. Reston, VA
Native Networking Policy Center (Until September 2007) Reston, VA
Network for Instructional Tv Inc. Reston, VA
North American Skull Base Society Reston, VA
Northern Virginia Diving Foundation Inc. Reston, VA
Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation Reston, VA
Northern Virginia Senior Softball Inc. Reston, VA
Northern Virginia Volleyball Association Reston, VA
Northwest Center for Community Mental Health Advisory Board Reston, VA
Ocean Trust Reston, VA
Okk Foundation (Until October 2006) Reston, VA
Orphan Foundation of America Orph Reston, VA
Our Blessed Mother 4 Reston, VA
Parent Community Connection Reston, VA
Paws & Claws Animal Rescue and Humane Education Society N. Va (Until December 2005) Reston, VA
Planned Community Archives Inc. Reston, VA
Potomac Education Foundation Inc. Reston, VA
Prevent A. Litter Coalition Inc. Reston, VA
Prime Life Foundation Reston, VA
Product Liability Advisory Council Foundation Reston, VA
Public Health Information Services Inc. Reston, VA
Public Interest Registry Reston, VA
Ravel Dance Company Inc. Reston, VA
Redbirds Girls Softball Club Reston, VA
Reston Bible Church Reston, VA
Reston Childrens Center Inc. Reston, VA
Reston Chorale Reston, VA
Reston Community Church Reston, VA
Reston Community Players Inc. Reston, VA
Reston Enviromental Action Reston, VA
Reston Historic Trust Reston, VA
Reston Independent Soccer Club Reston, VA
Reston Institute for the Arts Reston, VA
Reston Interfaith Housing Corporation Reston, VA
Reston Interfaith Inc. Reston, VA
Reston Lions Charities Inc. Reston, VA
Reston Raiders Hockey Club Inc. Reston, VA
Reston Soccer Association Inc. Reston, VA
Reston Study Center Inc. Reston, VA
Reston Youth Association Inc. Reston, VA
Reston Youth Baseball Inc. Reston, VA
Riverdance Reston, VA
Robert E. Simon Jr Childrens Center Inc. Reston, VA
Rolling Productions Inc. (Until December 2005) Reston, VA
Sherman Family Foundation 4 Reston, VA
Shore Shim Inc. Reston, VA
Sigcat Foundation Inc. Reston, VA
Sisters of the Son Ministry (Until December 2008) Reston, VA
Sleeper Vision Mission Supporting Organization Reston, VA
Society of Art Rockers (Until December 2008) Reston, VA
Society of Breast Imaging Inc. Dept of Diagnostic Radiology Reston, VA
Society of Nuclear Medicine Reston, VA
Society of State Directors of Health Physical Education and Reston, VA
Society of Toxicologic Pathology Reston, VA
Society of Toxicology Reston, VA
South Lakes High School Band Boosters Association Reston, VA
Spinal Research Foundation (Until June 2007) Reston, VA
Studies in Latin American Constitutional Histories Reston, VA

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Above is a list of organizations in Reston, Virginia that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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