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Vehicle Donation in Utah

For people interested in vehicle donation in Utah, below is a list of Utah organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

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Alpine Library and Cultural Arts Foundation (Until December 2006) Alpine, UT
Ariel Foundation Alpine, UT
Blaine T. & Barbara H. Hudson Private Foundation 4 Alpine, UT
Cjm Johnson-Muir Family Foundation 4 Alpine, UT
Dwayne and Sandy Nielson Family Foundation 4 Alpine, UT
Dyslexia Tlc Testing and Learning Centers Inc. (Until December 2008) Alpine, UT
Farsight Foundation 4 Alpine, UT
Goodwin Bird Family Association Inc. 3 Alpine, UT
Lawrence Fam Foundation Alpine, UT
Lindsay Family Organization Alpine, UT
Pearce Family Foundation 4 Alpine, UT
Remembrance Foundation Alpine, UT
Rural Water Association of Utah Alpine, UT
Sculpture Park Arts Foundation Alpine, UT
Shadowlight Foundation Alpine, UT
Sterling and Shelli Gardner Foundation 4 Alpine, UT
Stop Trafficking and Oppression Worldwide (Until December 2008) Alpine, UT
The State Family Council Alpine, UT
Valley Mrdd Support Inc. (Until December 2008) Alpine, UT
Willow Canyon Foundation 4 Alpine, UT
Alta Arts Council Alta, UT
Center for Snow Science at Alta Alta, UT
Friends of Alta Inc. Alta, UT
A. F. Childrens Choir American Fork, UT
Alpine School District Foundation American Fork, UT
American Fork Colts Little League Football American Fork, UT
American Fork Community Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) American Fork, UT
American Fork Ninth Grade Football Association (Until November 2007) American Fork, UT
American Heritage Schools Inc. 5 American Fork, UT
Bartholomew Foundation 4 American Fork, UT
Downtown American Fork Inc. American Fork, UT
Ensign Schools Inc. American Fork, UT
Faith Independent Baptist Church American Fork, UT
Family Art Foundation Inc. American Fork, UT
Hans Jorgen Hansen Family Organization American Fork, UT
Harrington School Foundation American Fork, UT
Kirtland Sharing Alliance American Fork, UT
Mental Retardation Assn of Utah American Fork, UT
Mothers Without Borders American Fork, UT
Nicholas Roberts Foundation for Water Safety (Until December 2006) American Fork, UT
Outdoors Unlimited Inc. (Until December 2006) American Fork, UT
Partake Foundation (Until December 2005) American Fork, UT
Piedmont Families Organization Inc. American Fork, UT
Preservation Projects Inc. American Fork, UT
Rising Generation American Fork, UT
Serving Helping and Responding Everywhere With Love Inc. (Until December 2007) American Fork, UT
Summit Employment Inc. American Fork, UT
The Simple Earth Foundation (Until December 2008) American Fork, UT
Timpanogos Arts Foundation American Fork, UT
Utah Childrens Choir Inc. American Fork, UT
Utah Civil War Association American Fork, UT
Utah Regional Ballet A. Non Profit Public Benefit Corporation American Fork, UT
Werner and Elly Otto Family Foundation Inc. 4 American Fork, UT
Beaver Area Health Care Foundtion Inc. Beaver, UT
Dixie Escalante Foundation Inc. Beryl, UT
Dixie Escalante Kite Festival (Until December 2006) Beryl, UT
Wayne Community Health Centers Inc. Bicknell, UT
Wayne Health Care Foundation Inc. Bicknell, UT
Paria River Natural History Association Big Water, UT
St. Paul Community Church Bingham, UT
Blanding Arts Enterprise and Conference Center Inc. Blanding, UT
Blanding Community Legacy Trust (Until June 2006) Blanding, UT
Dinosaur Museum Blanding, UT
Edge of the Seaters Blanding, UT
Gentle Iron Hawk Shelter Blanding, UT
Mountain Speaks Christian Broadcast Inc. Blanding, UT
Rising Star Charitable Foundation Inc. 3 Blanding, UT
San Juan Foundation for Higher Education Blanding, UT
Southeastern Utah-Museum of the American West (Until December 2007) Blanding, UT
Utah Navajo Development Council Inc. Blanding, UT
Bluff City Historical Preservation Association Bluff, UT
Indigenous Educational Institute Inc. Bluff, UT
Nizhoni Bridges Bluff, UT
San Juan Sanctuary (Until December 2005) Bluff, UT
Southwest Heritage Foundation Inc. Bluff, UT
Corp of the Presiding Elder of the Apostolic United Brethren Bluffdale, UT
Utah Contemporary Dance Theatre Bluffdale, UT
Yah Vegh Foundation Bluffdale, UT
Southern Branch of Utah Open Lands Inc. Boulder, UT
Southern Utah Preservation Initiative Inc. (Until December 2008) Boulder, UT
Adventures Academy Inc. Bountiful, UT
Ancient Research & Chronology Institute 4 Bountiful, UT
Archeological Research Institute Bountiful, UT
Baird Genealogical Association Inc. Bountiful, UT
Bertin Family Foundation 4 Bountiful, UT
Bountiful Community Food Pantry (Until December 2007) Bountiful, UT
Bountiful Performing Arts Center Inc. Bountiful, UT
Bountiful Retreat Inc. Bountiful, UT
Bountiful Rotary Service Partners Foundation Bountiful, UT
Bountiful Youth Club Bountiful, UT
Bountiful-Davis Art Foundation Bountiful, UT
Brain Research Institute Bountiful, UT
Care Charity (Until December 2008) Bountiful, UT
Christian Life Ministries Inc. (Until December 2006) Bountiful, UT
Citizens for Families (Until December 2007) Bountiful, UT
Davis County Amateur Radio Club Bountiful, UT
Delonne Anderson Family Foundation 4 Bountiful, UT
Descendants of Peter Lund Families Genealogical Association Bountiful, UT
Discovering Mind Foundation Bountiful, UT
Edelweiss Foundation 4 Bountiful, UT
El Nino Foundation Bountiful, UT
Empowered Wealth Foundation (Until December 2006) Bountiful, UT
Family First Foundation Bountiful, UT
Forever Young Foundation Bountiful, UT
Foundation for Powerful Living Bountiful, UT
Frederick and Maria Bangerter Family Organization Bountiful, UT
Futures Through Choices Inc. Bountiful, UT
Global Health Initiative Inc. (Until December 2005) Bountiful, UT
Help A. Friend Foundation 4 Bountiful, UT
Hugs International Tlc Bountiful, UT
India Missionary Training Board Inc. Bountiful, UT
Israel Barlow Family Association Bountiful, UT
Jabb New Game Foundation (Until December 2006) Bountiful, UT
Jean and Jack Andreasen Animal Home 4 Bountiful, UT
Jed H. and Merlynn Pitcher Foundation 4 Bountiful, UT
Joy Foundation (Until September 2007) Bountiful, UT
K. T. & T. Inc. Bountiful, UT
Lazarus Foundation Inc. Bountiful, UT
Learning Express Inc. Bountiful, UT
Levi C. Parker Genealogical Assoc Inc. 4 Bountiful, UT
Liahona Self-Reliance Foundation Bountiful, UT
Loras Burke Tangren Family Organization Bountiful, UT
Martial Artists Fighting to End Abuse Bountiful, UT
Melchizedek Priesthood Properties Inc. 4 Bountiful, UT
Mesoamerican Research Foundation- Fundacion De Investigaciones Mesoa 3 Bountiful, UT
Mueller Park Jr High Pto Inc. Bountiful, UT
National Federation of the Blind of Utah Bountiful, UT
Paragon Assisted Living Inc. Bountiful, UT
Park City School District Pto (Until June 2007) Bountiful, UT
Pro-Project Reach Out (Until December 2005) Bountiful, UT
Richard Brough Family Organization Bountiful, UT
Richard Warwood Family Corporation Bountiful, UT
Scott and Stana Kjar Foundation Bountiful, UT
Sjinc Foundation 4 Bountiful, UT
South Davis Baseball Association Inc. Bountiful, UT
South Davis Community Hospital Inc. Bountiful, UT
South Davis Recovery Club Inc. Bountiful, UT
South Davis Soccer Association Incorporated Bountiful, UT
Span Foundation 4 Bountiful, UT
Spina Bifida Association of Utah Sbau Bountiful, UT
Steve Young Family Foundation 4 Bountiful, UT
The Elation Foundation 4 Bountiful, UT
The Lighted Candle Society (Until March 2008) Bountiful, UT
Thomas A. and Lucille B. Horne Foundation 4 Bountiful, UT
Thomas Tolman Family Organization Bountiful, UT
Tnt Support Foundation Bountiful, UT
Todd & Jennifer Cusick Foundation 4 Bountiful, UT
Utah Amateur Sports Foundation Inc. 4 Bountiful, UT
Utah Chapter of the Foundation for North American Sheep Bountiful, UT
Utah Education Foundation Incorporated Bountiful, UT
Utah Figure Skating Club Inc. Bountiful, UT
Utah Friends of Tibet Foundation Bountiful, UT
Utah Futbol Club Bountiful, UT
Utah High School Hockey Inc. Bountiful, UT
Utah Tip Off Club Bountiful, UT
Utah Travel Development Amateur Hockey Association Inc. (Until June 2005) Bountiful, UT
Utahans for Better Dental Health - Davis Bountiful, UT
Voices of Friendship Inc. (Until April 2005) Bountiful, UT
Wasatch & District Pipe Band (Until September 2008) Bountiful, UT
Wasatch Mountain Amateur Hockey Association Bountiful, UT
Wasatch Reforestation Foundation (Until December 2007) Bountiful, UT
Water and Man Inc. Bountiful, UT
Acts Six Soup Kitchen Brigham City, UT
American Youth Pathfinders Inc. Brigham City, UT
Animal Oasis Inc. (Until December 2005) Brigham City, UT
Bott-Christensen Family History Foundation 4 Brigham City, UT
Box Elder Community Pantry Brigham City, UT
Box Elder County School District Foundation Brigham City, UT
Box Elder Family Support Center Inc. Brigham City, UT
Box Elder Golden Spike Senior Services Brigham City, UT
Box Elder Interagency Council Brigham City, UT
Box Elder Symphonic Choir Inc. (Until December 2005) Brigham City, UT
Box Elder Wetlands Foundation Brigham City, UT
Box Elder Wildlife Federation Brigham City, UT
Boys & Girls Clubs of Brigham City Brigham City, UT
Brigham City Ambulance Dept 6 Brigham City, UT
Brigham City Community Action Council Inc. Brigham City, UT
Brigham City Community Hospital Volunteer Auxiliary Brigham City, UT
Brigham City Fine Arts Council Brigham City, UT
Buggytowne Brigham City, UT
Davis-Christensen Family History Foundation 4 Brigham City, UT
Faith Community Church Brigham City, UT
Friends of the Bear River Refuge Brigham City, UT
Heritage Community Theatre Inc. Brigham City, UT
Heritage Foundation School Brigham City, UT
Hispanic Employment Program Council of Utah Brigham City, UT
Lee Hopkins Family History Foundation 4 Brigham City, UT
Low-Killpack Fanily History Foundation 4 Brigham City, UT
Mourits Mouritsen Family Organiza Tion Brigham City, UT
Nelson-Gibbs Family History Foundation 4 Brigham City, UT
Northwestern Band of Shoshoni Inc. Brigham City, UT
Pregnancy Care Center of Brigham City Utah Brigham City, UT
Second Chance for Felines Brigham City, UT
Simon Soul-Sun Goe Foundation 4 Brigham City, UT
The Brigham City Volunteer Firemens Association (Until December 2005) Brigham City, UT
Utah Designer Craftsmen Brigham City, UT
Utah Rheumatology Alliance Inc. (Until December 2008) Brigham City, UT
Your Community in Unity Brigham City, UT
Zambias Scholarship Fund Brigham, UT
Bryce Canyon Natural History Association Bryce Canyon, UT

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Above is a list of organizations in Utah that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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