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Vehicle Donation in Irving, Texas

For people interested in vehicle donation in Irving, Texas, below is a list of Irving, Texas organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

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6 Acts Irving, TX
A. Community Together Act Inc. Irving, TX
Abundant Grace Christian Center Inc. Irving, TX
Academies of Excellence (Until December 2005) Irving, TX
Alan Kent Evangelistic Association Inc. Irving, TX
Albert L. Ueltschi Foundation 4 Irving, TX
Alcoholic Research Information and Education Inc. Irving, TX
All Nations International Development Agency Irving, TX
All for the Glory of God Ministries Irving, TX
All-American Baseball Camps Inc. Irving, TX
Alliance of Nonprofits Irving, TX
Alsufi Center (Until December 2005) Irving, TX
Amberwood Academy Irving, TX
American Assn of Stratigraphic Palynologists Foundation Irving, TX
American Council of the Asian Christian Academy of India Inc. Irving, TX
American Pregnancy Association (Until December 2007) Irving, TX
American Respiratory Care Foundation Irving, TX
Amerisupport Charities (Until June 2008) Irving, TX
Andhra Foundation Irving, TX
Arcadia Youth Family Multipurpose Association Inc. Irving, TX
Arch Bishop Fulton John Sheen Foundation (Until December 2007) Irving, TX
Art for Children and Adults at Risk Inc. Acar (Until December 2008) Irving, TX
Association for Core Texts and Courses Irving, TX
B. E. L. I. E. F. Foundation 4 Irving, TX
Bajalia Trading Company (Until December 2007) Irving, TX
Baptist Benevolent Ministries of Irving Irving, TX
Barkaat-Ul-Quran Center Irving, TX
Bear Creek Buffalo Soldiers Youth Organization Irving, TX
Bear Creek Cemetary Association 6 Irving, TX
Bear Creek Development Corporation Irving, TX
Bear Creek Historical Society Irving, TX
Belmont Foundation 4 Irving, TX
Beyond Borders Foundation (Until September 2007) Irving, TX
Bible Way Chapel Church of Irving Inc. Irving, TX
Bible Way Community Church Irving, TX
Bill & Norma Jaquess Charitable Foundation 4 Irving, TX
Bobby Connors and Chosen Ministries Inc. (Until December 2007) Irving, TX
Boy Scouts of America Irving, TX
Braniff Womens Auxiliary-Jeanne Braniff Terrell Schol Irving, TX
Brothers Church of Irving Irving, TX
Burcin Bogazici University & Robert College International Alumni (Until December 2005) Irving, TX
Caleb McAfee Ministries 5 Irving, TX
Calvary Korean Baptist Church Irving, TX
Cambodian Buddhist Temple of Dallas Irving, TX
Campion Trails Foundation Inc. Irving, TX
Casa San Dimis-St. Dismas House Irving, TX
Center for Christian Education Irving, TX
Center for Critical Issues Irving, TX
Center for Thomas More Studies (Until May 2005) Irving, TX
Chamathil Charities Incorporated (Until December 2007) Irving, TX
Chasdrew Foundation Trust Agreement 4 Irving, TX
Chodae Church of Dallas Irving, TX
Chrest Foundation Inc. 4 Irving, TX
Christ Apostolic Church International Miracle Center Inc. Irving, TX
Christ Covenant Rulers Church Inc. Irving, TX
Christ International Church Irving, TX
Christ Trumpeters Ministries- Worldwide-Inc. Irving, TX
Church Triumphant Irving, TX
Church in Irving Irving, TX
Church of Wholly Offering Irving, TX
Claudius and Jeanette Mayer Scholarship Foundation Irving, TX
College First Foundation 4 Irving, TX
Community Bible Church of Irving Texas Irving, TX
Community Housing Fund Irving, TX
Conference USA Irving, TX
Construction Education Foundation Inc. Irving, TX
Costner Medical Missions (Until December 2008) Irving, TX
Council of Christians United for the Development of Congo Irving, TX
Country Plaza Chapel & Pavilion at the Creek (Until December 2008) Irving, TX
Crested Butte Mountain Conference Inc. Irving, TX
Custos Fidei (Until December 2004) Irving, TX
D-Fw Humane Society of Irving Inc. Irving, TX
Dallas Church of Jesus Irving, TX
Dallas Cowboys Community Foundation Irving, TX
Dallas Fort Worth Buddhist Association Irving, TX
Dallas Fort Worth Hindu Temple Society Irving, TX
Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council Education and Research Foundation Irving, TX
Dance Et Vous Irving, TX
Dayspring Center of the Metroplex and Development Inc. (Until December 2007) Irving, TX
Debes Creer En Ti Irving, TX
Democrat Cemetery Association 6 Irving, TX
Desert Rose Ministries Irving, TX
Diegeiro Ministries Inc. Irving, TX
Dr Ralph and Marian Falk Foundation 4 Irving, TX
Drug Prevention Resources Inc. Irving, TX
Dwf Cares Inc. (Until December 2006) Irving, TX
E. F. Von Seggern Charitable Foundation 4 Irving, TX
Eastern Africa Outreach Irving, TX
Ecclesia L. V X Occulta Church of the Hidden Light Irving, TX
Economic Nations Development (Until December 2006) Irving, TX
Education and Health USA International Inc. (Until December 2008) Irving, TX
Esperanza Foundation Irving, TX
Estelle Heritage Society (Until December 2007) Irving, TX
Evergreen Missionary Baptist Church Irving, TX
Far Eastern Univ Dr Nicanor Reyes School of Medicine Alumni Fndation Irving, TX
Faustina Academy Irving, TX
Feldman Family Foundation 4 Irving, TX
Feldman Foundation 4 Irving, TX
Finnish Language School of North Texas Inc. Irving, TX
First Covenant Church Irving, TX
First Independent Indian Orthodox Church of Irving Irving, TX
Fisher Institute Irving, TX
Flips Community Development & Outreach of Texas Inc. (Until December 2007) Irving, TX
Flowserve Foundation 4 Irving, TX
Forgotten Saints-A. Ministry to the Elderly Irving, TX
Friends of the Irving Museums (Until December 2008) Irving, TX
Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers International Inc. Irving, TX
Gaman Medical Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Irving, TX
Gatherers of the Harvest Fellowship Irving, TX
Gene and Jerry Jones Family-Dallas Cowboys Charities Irving, TX
Gods Addicts Ministries Irving, TX
Gospel Tabernacle Church Inc. Irving, TX
Grace Baptist Church Irving, TX
Grace Evangelical Society Inc. Irving, TX
Grace Fellowship Church of Irving Irving, TX
Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce Community Development Irving, TX
Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce Foundation Irving, TX
Halbert Walling Family Foundation 4 Irving, TX
Harvard Business School Club of Dallas Fort Worth Irving, TX
Harvard Club of Dallas Inc. Irving, TX
Heal the Hate Irving, TX
Hearts Across Romania Foundation (Until December 2007) Irving, TX
Help Our Students Succeed Foundation 4 Irving, TX
Hersh Foundation 4 Irving, TX
Holiday Helpers Inc. Irving, TX
Home Before Dark Ministries Inc. (Until December 2007) Irving, TX
Hope International Ministry Inc. Irving, TX
Horner-Premier Foundation Irving, TX
House of Prayer Christian Fellowship Inc. Irving, TX
Hugh A. Hawthorne Foundation 4 Irving, TX
Humane Animal Rescue Team Inc. Irving, TX
I. 55 Ministries Inc. Irving, TX
Iglesia Cristiane Evangelica Pentecostes Palmos De Jerico Irving, TX
Iglesia Evangelica Bethel Irving, TX
Iglesia Evangelica El Divino Maestro Inc. Irving, TX
Iglesia Evangelica Monte De Los Olivos Irving, TX
India Christian Ministries Irving, TX
Intefrity Ministries International Inc. (Until December 2005) Irving, TX
Interamerican Scout Foundation Irving, TX
International Bethel Church-Bethany Irving, TX
International Harvest Church Irving, TX
Iola at Risk Youth Foundation (Until July 2006) Irving, TX
Irving All Sports Association Irving, TX
Irving Amateur Radio Club Incorporated Irving, TX
Irving Ambuc Charity Fund Irving, TX
Irving Art Association Irving, TX
Irving Ballet Company Irving, TX
Irving Basketball Association Inc. Irving, TX
Irving Bible Church of Irving Tx Irving, TX
Irving Boys Baseball Association Inc. Irving, TX
Irving Boys Football Association Inc. Irving, TX
Irving C. A. R. E. S. Inc. Irving, TX
Irving Centennial Inc. (Until December 2005) Irving, TX
Irving Christian Counseling Inc. Irving, TX
Irving Church of Christ Irving, TX
Irving Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association Irving, TX
Irving Community Band Irving, TX
Irving Community Concert Association Irving, TX
Irving Community Development Corporation Irving, TX
Irving Community Theater Inc. Irving, TX
Irving Family Advocacy Center Inc. Irving, TX
Irving Fire & Police Museum Foundation Inc. Irving, TX
Irving Friendship Foundation Irving, TX
Irving Hannahs House (Until December 2005) Irving, TX
Irving Healthcare Foundation Irving, TX
Irving Healthcare System Auxiliary Irving, TX
Irving Heritage Society Irving, TX
Irving High School Band Boosters (Until June 2005) Irving, TX
Irving High School Choir Booster Club (Until May 2005) Irving, TX
Irving Ice Hockey Parents Association (Until December 2005) Irving, TX
Irving Macarthur High School Booster Club Irving, TX
Irving Ministerial Association Irving, TX
Irving Police Association Benefits Inc. (Until December 2008) Irving, TX
Irving Police Athletic League Irving, TX
Irving Police Reserve 6 Irving, TX
Irving Prayer Breakfast Association Irving, TX
Irving Quilt Guild Inc. (Until December 2006) Irving, TX
Irving Rotary Foundation (Until December 2006) Irving, TX
Irving Schools Foundation Irving, TX
Irving Silvertone Chorus Irving, TX
Irving Swimmers Inc. Irving, TX
Irving Symphony Association Irving, TX
Irving Symphony League Inc. Irving, TX
Irving Veterans Memorial Park Irving, TX
Isaac Slyvester Tompkins Cemetery 6 Irving, TX
Jesus the Savior Ministry (Until December 2007) Irving, TX
Jon and Linda Halbert Family Foundation 4 Irving, TX
Journey Evangelistic Ministries Inc. Irving, TX
K. Clinic Foundation 4 Irving, TX
Kechejian Foundation 4 Irving, TX
Khimji Family Foundation Inc. 4 Irving, TX
Kimberly-Clark Foundation Inc. 4 Irving, TX
Kims Stepping Stone Learning Center Inc. Irving, TX
Kincaid Foundation Charitable Trust 4 Irving, TX
Korean Presbyterian Family Church Irving, TX
Kwan Charitable Foundation 4 Irving, TX
L. A. B. S. Foundation (Until December 2007) Irving, TX
Laborers for His Harvest Irving, TX
Lamplighter Ministries Inc. Irving, TX
Las Colinas Parks Foundation Irving, TX

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Above is a list of organizations in Irving, Texas that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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