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Vehicle Donation in Dallas, Texas

For people interested in vehicle donation in Dallas, Texas, below is a list of Dallas, Texas organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

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100 Black Men of America Inc. Greater Dallas Chapter Dallas, TX
100 of Dallas Inc. Dallas, TX
100th Infantry Division Association 6 Dallas, TX
142 Inc. 6 Dallas, TX
1st Century Way of the Cross Inc. Dallas, TX
2000 Roses Foundation Incorporated Dallas, TX
3 E. Ministries Dallas, TX
310 Sunset Club Inc. Dallas, TX
3927 Foundation Inc. Dallas, TX
4 Freedom Inc. (Until December 2006) Dallas, TX
5 000 Charter and Courier Agency (Until December 2007) Dallas, TX
50 Hoops (Until December 2005) Dallas, TX
500 Inc. Dallas, TX
A-Mayesing Yesua Habitat (Until December 2008) Dallas, TX
A. & B. Parenting Institute (Until December 2007) Dallas, TX
A. Better Neighborhood Foundation 4 Dallas, TX
A. C. Craig Resource Center Dallas, TX
A. C. T. Life Foundation-A. Non-Profit Corporation (Until December 2005) Dallas, TX
A. Call to Arms Puppet Co Inc. Dallas, TX
A. Center for Texas Music (Until December 2009) Dallas, TX
A. Church Home for All Outcast Dallas, TX
A. Cup of Water Dallas, TX
A. Different Breed Animal Rescue (Until December 2008) Dallas, TX
A. Divine Call (Until December 2005) Dallas, TX
A. Earl & Frances E. Ziegler Foundation 4 Dallas, TX
A. Friend Indeed Foundation (Until December 2007) Dallas, TX
A. H. E. P. A. Dallas Chapter 20 Educational Foundation Inc. Dallas, TX
A. Harry Bennett and Little Anne Bennett Charitable Trust 4 Dallas, TX
A. M. Pate Jr Charitable Trust UW No 0089359 4 Dallas, TX
A. Place of Refuge Inc. Dallas, TX
A. Texas Turn or Two Inc. Dallas, TX
A. V Voice Development & Improvement Center Dallas, TX
A. Voice in the Wilderness Dallas, TX
A. W. Brown Fellowship Charter School Dallas, TX
A. Woman of God Ministries Dallas, TX
A. and M. Title Services Inc. of Dallas Texas Dallas, TX
AA Torrance Memorial Fund 4 Dallas, TX
Aamen Minitries of Texas Inc. (Until December 2007) Dallas, TX
Abagail Robertson Trust 4 Dallas, TX
Abe Zale Foundation 4 Dallas, TX
About His Business Inc. Dallas, TX
Abracadabra Kids Inc. Dallas, TX
Abrams Manger Charitable Tr (Until December 2006) Dallas, TX
Abundant Love Nutritional Program Dallas, TX
Academic Language Therapy Association Foundation Dallas, TX
Academic Realities Inc. (Until December 2005) Dallas, TX
Academy Foundation Dallas, TX
Academy of Architecture for Health Foundation Dallas, TX
Academy of Religion and Philosophy Dallas, TX
Accountancy Museum of the Texas Society of the Cpas Inc. Dallas, TX
Accounting Education Foundation of the Texas Society of Cpas Inc. Dallas, TX
Ackels Foundation 4 Dallas, TX
Act of Change (Until December 2005) Dallas, TX
Adam and Rebecca Beshara Foundation Inc. 4 Dallas, TX
Adams Foundation 4 Dallas, TX
Adoptahusky of Dallas Inc. (Until December 2005) Dallas, TX
Adoptions International Inc. Dallas, TX
Advanced Living Technologies Inc. Dallas, TX
Advanced Placement Strategies Inc. Dallas, TX
Advancement of Transplant Services Charitable Trust Dallas, TX
Adventure & Victory Youth Inc. Dallas, TX
Advisory Board Booker T. Washington H. S. for Performing and Visual Arts (Until December 2006) Dallas, TX
Africa for Jesus Ministries International Inc. (Until December 2006) Dallas, TX
African American Human Rights Coalition Aahrc (Until December 2007) Dallas, TX
African American Leaders of Tomor Row Outreach (Until December 2007) Dallas, TX
African American Men of Peace Development Corporation Dallas, TX
African American Museum Dallas, TX
African American Pastors Corporation Community Development Dallas, TX
African Charities Dallas, TX
African Conservation Fund Dallas, TX
African History Association Dallas, TX
African-American Pasters Coalition Inc. Dallas, TX
Afro American Artists Alliance Inc. Dallas, TX
Afro-American Players Inc. Dallas, TX
Agape Christian Center Dallas, TX
Agape Life Cathedral Dallas, TX
Aging Oak Cliff Well Inc. Dallas, TX
Ahead Inc. Dallas, TX
Ahp Mutual Housing Association Inc. Dallas, TX
Aia Dallas Foundation Dallas, TX
Aidmatrix Foundation (Until December 2007) Dallas, TX
Aids Arms Inc. Dallas, TX
Aids Interfaith Network Inc. Dallas, TX
Aikido Institute of Dallas Dallas, TX
Aileen and Jack Pratt Foundation 4 Dallas, TX
Aishas Learning Center Dallas, TX
Akiba Academy of Dallas Dallas, TX
Al Gonzalez Foundation Inc. 4 Dallas, TX
Al and Helen Free Foundation 4 Dallas, TX
Alameda Heights Outreach Foundation Dallas, TX
Albert & Lena Hirschfeld Charitable Trust B. 4 Dallas, TX
Albert J. and Jennie L. Mehl Charitable Trust 94672-00 4 Dallas, TX
Albuquerque Cemetery Association Trust 6 Dallas, TX
Alcorn Alumni Club of Dallas Fort Worth Inc. Dallas, TX
Alexis Care Home Inc. (Until December 2007) Dallas, TX
Alianza Cultural De Artes Y. Letras De Mexico Dallas, TX
Alice E. and Joseph C. Blewett Foundation Tr 4 Dallas, TX
Alinda Hill Wikert Foundation 4 Dallas, TX
Alive and Free Foundation Inc. Dallas, TX
All Amhara Peoples Relief Organization Dallas, TX
All Saints Health Foundation Dallas, TX
All Seasons Health Care & Rehabilitation Center Dallas, TX
Allahs House of Islam Dallas, TX
Allan Neustadt Charitable Trust 032497 4 Dallas, TX
Alleys House Dallas, TX
Alliance Aft Education Center Inc. Dallas, TX
Alliance Youth Hockey Association (Until April 2006) Dallas, TX
Alliance for North Texas Healthy and Effective Marriages (Until December 2008) Dallas, TX
Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children Dallas, TX
Alliance for Urban Schooling Initiatives Inc. Dallas, TX
Alliance of Christian Churches Dallas, TX
Alliance of and for Visually Impaired Texans Dallas, TX
Allied Professionals Educational Consulting Services Dallas, TX
Alma Morelock Charitable Trust 4 Dallas, TX
Aloa Scholarship Foundation Dallas, TX
Alpha Epsilon Boule Education Foundation 4 Dallas, TX
Alpha XI Delta Foundation of Texas Inc. 4 Dallas, TX
Alphabiotic New Life Center Dallas, TX
Alphr XI Omega Human Resources Akademy Inc. Dallas, TX
Alternative Community Development Services Inc. Dallas, TX
Alternative Medicine Research Center Inc. Dallas, TX
Altman Family Foundation 4 Dallas, TX
Altrusa Club of Dallas Foundation Inc. Dallas, TX
Amani International Ministries Inc. Dallas, TX
Amazon Mission Ministries Dallas, TX
Amazon Outreach Inc. Dallas, TX
Ambassador International Ministries Dallas, TX
America Can Dallas, TX
America for God Inc. Dallas, TX
American Aids Foundation Dallas, TX
American Board of Obgyn Educational Foundation Inc. Dallas, TX
American Childrens Safety Source Dallas, TX
American Community Trust Dallas, TX
American Corporation for Charity & Research Dallas, TX
American Environmental Health Foundation Dallas, TX
American Eskimo Volunteers Inc. Dallas, TX
American Heart Association Inc. Dallas, TX
American Homes Foundation (Until March 2007) Dallas, TX
American Indian Arts Council Inc. Dallas, TX
American Institute of Musical Studies Dallas, TX
American Middle Eastern League for Palestine Dallas, TX
American Model United Nations Dallas, TX
American Museum of the Miniature Arts Dallas, TX
American Orthodontic Society Foundation Inc. Dallas, TX
American Orthodontic Society Inc. Dallas, TX
American Red Cross Dallas, TX
American Religious Town Hall Meeting Incorporated Dallas, TX
American Viola Society Inc. Dallas, TX
Amigos Library Services Dallas, TX
Amistad Internacional Inc. Dallas, TX
Amos Mission Outreach Services Dallas, TX
Amrita Foundation Inc. Dallas, TX
Amuzi Development Fund Inc. (Until December 2005) Dallas, TX
Amuzi Development Union USA (Until December 2006) Dallas, TX
Amys Friends Dallas, TX
An Act of God Ministry (Until December 2005) Dallas, TX
Anchor Full Gospel Evangelistic Ministry Inc. Dallas, TX
Anchor Line Ministries Inc. Dallas, TX
Anderson-Cohn Corporation Dallas, TX
Andrea Rudd Skibell Family Foundation 4 Dallas, TX
Andrew Maxine & Carrie E. Tribble Trust 4 Dallas, TX
Anesthesiologists for Children Dallas, TX
Angel Works Foundation Inc. 4 Dallas, TX
Angelic Choices Family Transformation Center Inc. Dallas, TX
Angels Playland Inc. Dallas, TX
Angels Rescue of North Texas (Until December 2006) Dallas, TX
Anglican School of Theology Inc. Dallas, TX
Animal Advocates Inc. Dallas, TX
Animal Haven 4 Dallas, TX
Animal Protection Advisory Network of Texas Dallas, TX
Animals Deserve A. Chance Inc. Dallas, TX
Anita K. Laurent Testamentary Trust 4 Dallas, TX
Anita N. Martinez Ballet Folkloric Inc. Dallas, TX
Anna Elno Irving FBO Mercy Hospital 100386800 Dallas, TX
Anne C. and Joseph A. Slicker Foundation 4 Dallas, TX
Annuity Board of the Southern Baptist Convention Dallas, TX
Another Solution Inc. Dallas, TX
Answers of Hope (Until December 2005) Dallas, TX
Anthony Family Foundation 4 Dallas, TX
Antioch Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church Dallas, TX
Anwar Family Foundation 4 Dallas, TX
Anyas Club (Until December 2006) Dallas, TX
Aoca Scholarship Fund Inc. Dallas, TX
Apartment Association of Greater Dallas Education Foundation Inc. Dallas, TX
Appellate Judges Education Institute (Until December 2006) Dallas, TX
Aptitude Inventory Measurement Service Dallas, TX
Aquarius Group of Alcoholics Anonymous Dallas, TX
Arab Vision Incorporated (Until December 2006) Dallas, TX
Arasini Foundation Dallas, TX
Arbor Acre Preparatory School Dallas, TX
Arcadia Park Church of Christ Dallas, TX
Area Research and Tutorials (Until December 2008) Dallas, TX
Arga Nova Dance Dallas, TX
Ark House Foundation Dallas, TX
Arkay Foundation Inc. 4 Dallas, TX
Arlene & Jerome Leibs Fund 4 Dallas, TX
Arlington Grand Prairie Agp Guide Foundation Inc. (Until December 2005) Dallas, TX
Armstrong Family Charitable Foundation 4 Dallas, TX
Art Happens 4 Dallas, TX
Art of Family Living Inc. Dallas, TX

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Above is a list of organizations in Dallas, Texas that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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