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Vehicle Donation in Austin, Texas

For people interested in vehicle donation in Austin, Texas, below is a list of Austin, Texas organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

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100 Black Men of Austin and Central Texas Incorporated Austin, TX
173Rd-165th New York Svi Inv Austin, TX
3 Roots Foundation 4 Austin, TX
31st Fighter Officers Association 6 Austin, TX
31st Street Concerts (Until June 2005) Austin, TX
49th Armored Division Historicalfoundation Austin, TX
4th & 1 Productions Inc. Austin, TX
A. & H. Amatius Foundation 4 Austin, TX
A. Charitable Team 4 Austin, TX
A. Galaxy of Verse Literary Foundation Austin, TX
A. Glimmer of Hope Foundation 4 Austin, TX
A. Morning of Praise Inc. (Until December 2007) Austin, TX
A. Mozart Fest Inc. Austin, TX
A. N. McCallum Hs Creative Learning and Career Advancement Foundation Austin, TX
A. Nurtured World Inc. (Until December 2005) Austin, TX
A. Place of Worship Austin, TX
ARC Of Texas Austin, TX
Aar Center Inc. Austin, TX
Abbey Publications Inc. Austin, TX
Abbott Foundation 4 Austin, TX
Abiding Grace and Peace Ministries (Until December 2007) Austin, TX
Above & Beyond Childrens Learning Center Inc. (Until December 2008) Austin, TX
Abundant Life Covenant Ministries Austin, TX
Abundant Life Worship Center Inc. Austin, TX
Academy Fundraising Through Golf (Until December 2007) Austin, TX
Academy of Producer Insurance Studies Inc. Austin, TX
Accept Inc. (Until December 2007) Austin, TX
Access for Youth Inc. Austin, TX
Access to Learning Inc. (Until August 2007) Austin, TX
Aclu Foundation of Texas Inc. Austin, TX
Act Women (Until December 2007) Austin, TX
Actors Repertory of Texas Inc. Austin, TX
Acts Fellowship Church Austin, TX
Admission Control (Until June 2007) Austin, TX
Adopt for the Love of A. Child Austin, TX
Adoption Advocates Inc. Austin, TX
Adoption Knowledge Affiliates Austin, TX
Adsi Austin, TX
Advaita Yoga Ashrama (Until December 2007) Austin, TX
Adventure Ministries Inc. (Until May 2006) Austin, TX
Advisory Board of Conley-Guerrero Senior Activity Center of Austin Austin, TX
Advisory Board of the Senior Activity Center of Austin Austin, TX
Advocacy Incorporated Austin, TX
Advocateweb Austin, TX
Aerospace Commission Foundation of Texas (Until September 2006) Austin, TX
Affordable Housing Visions for Texas Inc. Austin, TX
African American Art Technical Resource Center (Until September 2008) Austin, TX
African Education Project (Until December 2007) Austin, TX
African Grove Institute for the Arts Central Texas Chapter (Until September 2007) Austin, TX
Agape Christian Ministries Incorporated Austin, TX
Agape Force Austin Austin, TX
Aids Care and Assistance Austin, TX
Aids Services of Austin Inc. Austin, TX
Aienla Project (Until December 2006) Austin, TX
Aisd Charitable Fund Inc. Austin, TX
Albany Foundation 4 Austin, TX
Albert W. & Clemmie Caster Foundation 4 Austin, TX
Alcance De Restauracion Inc. Austin, TX
Alcocer Montero Foundation 4 Austin, TX
Alex & Kim Smith Family Foundation Inc. 4 Austin, TX
Alexander House of Austin Austin, TX
Alexis Science Center (Until December 2006) Austin, TX
Alice Kleberg Reynolds Meyer Fdn Tr 4 Austin, TX
Alice Ward Endowment Trust Austin, TX
All Austin Cooperative Nursery School Austin, TX
All Blind Children of Texas (Until December 2008) Austin, TX
All Saints Episcopal Day School Austin, TX
Alliance for Better Living (Until December 2005) Austin, TX
Allison Orr Dance Inc. (Until December 2007) Austin, TX
Alpha-Omega Energies Corp Austin, TX
Alpha-Omega Unlimited Incorporated Austin, TX
Alqaem Institute (Until December 2007) Austin, TX
Alternative to the Alternatives Austin, TX
Alternatives to Guardianship (Until December 2005) Austin, TX
Amado and J. B. Pena Art Has Heart Foundation Austin, TX
Amati Foundation (Until December 2007) Austin, TX
Amber Horse and Rider Therapeutic Systems Austin, TX
American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Foundation Austin, TX
American Assoc of University Women Endowment Fund Dallas Branch Austin, TX
American Atheists Ghq Inc. Aka the American Atheist Center Austin, TX
American Botanical Council Austin, TX
American Campus Charities Foundation 4 Austin, TX
American College of Musicians Austin, TX
American Lung Association of Texas Austin, TX
American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (Until December 2007) Austin, TX
American Youthworks Austin, TX
American-Polish Foundation for Education Austin, TX
Americans Helping Americans Inc. c/o Bobbie Van Ermel Scherer Austin, TX
Amigos De Las Escuelas (Until December 2006) Austin, TX
Amigos En Azul (Until December 2008) Austin, TX
Amistad Cristiana Cristian Church Austin, TX
An Angel for All Austin, TX
Ancient Free & Accepted Masons Order of the Eastern Star of Texas Austin, TX
Anderson Community Development Corporation Austin, TX
Andorc (Until December 2008) Austin, TX
Andrew Delaney Foundation 4 Austin, TX
Animal Trustees of Austin Austin, TX
Annie Lee Thompson Library Trust Fund Austin, TX
Anthropos Arts (Until October 2005) Austin, TX
Anthroposophical Society in Texas Austin, TX
Antietam Creek Coalition Inc. Austin, TX
Apostolic Church Austin, TX
Apro Charitable Foundation Inc. Austin, TX
Aragona Family Foundation 4 Austin, TX
Arbolito Foundation 4 Austin, TX
Arc of the Capital Area Austin, TX
Arc-Texas Development Fund Inc. Austin, TX
Archaeological Research Inc. Austin, TX
Arcil Inc. Austin, TX
Ariel Dance Theatre Austin, TX
Arnold & Eileen Van Den Berg Foundation 3 Austin, TX
Arnold Foundation 4 Austin, TX
Arnold Garcia Jr Scholarship Fund Austin, TX
Art and Science Matrix (Until December 2006) Austin, TX
Art of Living Spiritual Center Austin, TX
Arthouse at the Jones Center Austin, TX
Artists Coalition of Austin Aca Austin, TX
Arts Exchange Austin, TX
Asbury Methodist Church Austin, TX
Ashera Project (Until December 2006) Austin, TX
Asian American Community Partnership Austin, TX
Asian Chamber of Commerce in Austin Austin, TX
Asociacion Para La Educacion Teologica Hispana Inc. Austin, TX
Aspire (Until December 2006) Austin, TX
Assistance League of Austin Texas Inc. Austin, TX
Associated Plumb-Heat-Cool Contract of Tx Charitable & Educ Foundation 3 Austin, TX
Association Montessori Intl- Elementary Alumni Association Austin, TX
Association for Better Education in Texas Inc. Austin, TX
Association for Neurologically Impaired Children (Until December 2005) Austin, TX
Association for Retarded Citizens Texas Austin, TX
Association for Texas Advocates Inc. Austin, TX
Association for Women in Communications-Austin Austin, TX
Association for Women in Technology -Austin (Until June 2007) Austin, TX
Association of Charter Educators Austin, TX
Association of Civil Litigants Austin, TX
Association of Community Radiation Therapy Centers Austin, TX
Association of Continuing Legal Education Administrators Austin, TX
Association of Nigerian Women Inc. Austin, TX
Association of Texas Colleges and Universities Austin, TX
Association of Welcoming & Affirming Baptists Austin, TX
Atheist Community of Austin Inc. Austin, TX
Athletes Advantage Inc. Austin, TX
Athletes Services Network America Austin, TX
Athletic Achievement & Development Academy Austin, TX
Atpe Foundation Austin, TX
Aubrey Smith Family Foundation Inc. Austin, TX
Audubon Foundation of Texas Austin, TX
Austin Academy Austin, TX
Austin Adelaide Sister City Committee 4 Austin, TX
Austin Affordable Housing Corporation Austin, TX
Austin Agc Chapter Education Research Foundation Austin, TX
Austin Aikido Inc. Austin, TX
Austin Al-Anon Alateen Information Center Inc. Austin, TX
Austin Alpha Foundation 4 Austin, TX
Austin Alumni Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineer Austin, TX
Austin Amateur Radio Club Inc. (Until December 2008) Austin, TX
Austin Animal Rehab (Until December 2008) Austin, TX
Austin Area Branch of the International Dyslexia Association Austin, TX
Austin Area Garden Center Inc. Austin, TX
Austin Area Heritage Council Austin, TX
Austin Area Interreligious Ministri Austin, TX
Austin Area Mental Health Consumers (Until December 2007) Austin, TX
Austin Area Quilt Guild Austin, TX
Austin Area Research Organization Inc. Austin, TX
Austin Area School for Dyslexics Inc. Austin, TX
Austin Area Texas Exes Inc. Austin, TX
Austin Area Urban League Inc. Austin, TX
Austin Art League Group 1 Austin, TX
Austin Artists Harvest Inc. Austin, TX
Austin Association of Sculptors Inc. Austin, TX
Austin Astronomical Society Austin, TX
Austin Athletics Scholarship Foundation (Until December 2007) Austin, TX
Austin Avian Rescue & Rehabilitation Inc. Austin, TX
Austin Bangla School (Until December 2007) Austin, TX
Austin Baptist Association Austin, TX
Austin Baseball Eagles Inc. (Until December 2007) Austin, TX
Austin Bellydance Association Inc. Austin, TX
Austin Bible Church Austin, TX
Austin Black Lawyers Association Foundation Inc. Austin, TX
Austin Board of Realtors Foundation Austin, TX
Austin Botanical Garden Foundation (Until December 2008) Austin, TX
Austin Boys Choir Austin, TX
Austin Butterfly Forum Inc. Austin, TX
Austin Cathedral Incorporated Austin, TX
Austin Celtic Association Austin, TX
Austin Center for Attitudinal Healing Ing Austin, TX
Austin Center for Life Enrichment Inc. Austin, TX
Austin Center for Peace and Justice (Until December 2006) Austin, TX
Austin Chamber Ensemble Austin, TX
Austin Chamber Music Center Austin, TX
Austin Chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Austin, TX
Austin Child Guidance Center Austin, TX
Austin Childrens Choir Austin, TX
Austin Childrens Educational Opportunity Foundation Austin, TX
Austin Childrens Museum Austin, TX
Austin Childrens Shelter Austin, TX
Austin Chinese Choir Inc. (Until December 2005) Austin, TX
Austin Chinese School Inc. Austin, TX
Austin Choral Society for Sacred Music -A. Nfp Texas Corp- (Until December 2008) Austin, TX
Austin Choral Union Austin, TX

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Above is a list of organizations in Austin, Texas that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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