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Vehicle Donation in York, Pennsylvania

For people interested in vehicle donation in York, Pennsylvania, below is a list of York, Pennsylvania organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

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19th District Internship Association Inc. York, PA
4-H. Clubs of York County Inc. York, PA
Access-York Inc. York, PA
Acme Cornet Band of Emigsville Pa York, PA
Adam Kohler Family Scholarship-Trust York, PA
Advanced Skills Learning Center York, PA
Airie Knipel Harry V and J. Williams Warehime Foundation 4 York, PA
Alan R. Warehime Charitable Trust 4 York, PA
Alexander & Cassia Rau Trust the York Bank & Trust Company Trustee 4 York, PA
Alexander & Jane Boyd Ta Fdn 4 York, PA
Alexander Stewart Tr Ua FBO Shippensburg Presbyterian Church 4 York, PA
Alliance for Tolerance and Freedom York, PA
Ambassadors of Hope Ministries Incorporated York, PA
American Friends of the York Minster York, PA
Ampersand Foundation 4 York, PA
Anna F. Doell Tr UW Memorial Tr Fund 4 York, PA
Anna M. Rohrer Trust UW 4 York, PA
Anna Verna Howe Tr UW 4 York, PA
Apple Hill Surgical Center Inc. York, PA
Arthur B. & Marion V Myers Scta Cancer Research Fund 4 York, PA
Arthur B. & Marion V Myers Scta FBO Dr Ajanis Research Fund 4 York, PA
Arthur B. & Marion V Myers Scta Religious Trust 4 York, PA
Association of Food and Drug Officials York, PA
Astronomical Foundation of America York, PA
Atkins House York, PA
Auxiliary of Friendship Fire Co of Hellam Pa Inc. York, PA
Beatrice V Bowman Trust UW FBO Parkville Fire Co 4 York, PA
Bel Canto Singers of York York, PA
Bell Housing Inc. York, PA
Bell Socialization Services Inc. York, PA
Benevolent Association-York York, PA
Berks Products Foundation 4 York, PA
Bethel Commandment Church of the Living God of York Pennsylvania York, PA
Bethlehem Baptist Church York, PA
Bible Baptist Church of York Inc. York, PA
Bible Tract Fellowship York, PA
Biblical Counseling Training (Until December 2007) York, PA
Big Brothers - Big Sisters of York County Inc. York, PA
Bird Refuge of York County (Until December 2007) York, PA
Bob Hoffman Foundation 4 York, PA
Bon Ton Foundation 4 York, PA
Boys Club of York Inc. York, PA
Bridgeway Community Church York, PA
Build York, PA
Building Solid Foundations Inc. (Until June 2007) York, PA
Caring Action for Children Inc. York, PA
Carl and Nellie Naugle Foundation Inc. 4 York, PA
Cbi Inc. Childrens Best Interest York, PA
Central York School District Parent Teacher Organization Council York, PA
Central York Wrestling Booster Association York, PA
Charles G. Glazer Scholarship Fund 4 York, PA
Charles H. Emig Trust York, PA
Charles M. McGee Scholarship Fund 4 York, PA
Charlotte L. Rohrbach Tr Ua 4 York, PA
Child Care Consultants Inc. York, PA
Childrens Home of York York, PA
Chreston K. Briggs Tr Ua 4 York, PA
Christian School Association of York Inc. York, PA
Christopher Columbus Scholarship Fund Inc. York, PA
Christs Ambassadors Church Limited York, PA
Church Women United in York County York, PA
Church of the Open Door of Shiloh York, PA
Citizens for Independence and Access Inc. York, PA
Cityview Community Church of York Inc. York, PA
Claribel E. Dutcher Tr Ua FBO Dean Dutcher Memorial Music Scholarship 4 York, PA
Cleft Palate Clinic of York County York, PA
Clint Reichert Memorial Charitable Trust 4 York, PA
Codorus Creek Improvement Partnership (Until December 2006) York, PA
College Club of York County Pennsylvania York, PA
Colonial House Inc. York, PA
Commonwealth Fire Co No 1 of Pleasureville York, PA
Community Fire Company No 1 of Yorkana Pa 6 York, PA
Community Health Trust of the Mid-Atlantic York, PA
Community Progress Council Inc. York, PA
Conewago Canoe Club York, PA
Conewago Elementary Parent Teacher Association York, PA
Constance H. Smith Tr 4 York, PA
Cornerstone Maternity Home York, PA
Creating Opportunities in Neighborhood Environments Inc. (Until December 2005) York, PA
Crispus Attucks Association of York Pennsylvania York, PA
Crispus Attucks Youthbuild Charter School York, PA
Crossroads Youth Center (Until December 2008) York, PA
Cultural Alliance of York County York, PA
Dallastown Area Communities That Care (Until December 2005) York, PA
Daniel M. and Wilma T. Horner Foundation 4 York, PA
Deliverance and Love Church Inc. York, PA
Dentsply International Foundation 4 York, PA
Displaced Homemakers of York Inc. York, PA
Dorothy H. Dressler Trust FBO Trinity Lutheran Church 4 York, PA
Dorothy M. Leaman Trust 4 York, PA
Dreamwrights Youth & Family Theatre York, PA
Eagle Christian Ministries York, PA
Earl Shaffer Foundation York, PA
East Coast Volleyball Inc. York, PA
Easter Seal Society of South Central Pennsylvania York, PA
Edgar P. Kable Foundation Fund Engineering Society of York Pa York, PA
Edith Demain Tuw 4 York, PA
Edith M. Jones Tr UW FBO St. Andrew Episcopal 77052 4 York, PA
Edna & Frank Walker Residuary Tr 4 York, PA
Edward & Alice McLaughlin Sch Fd Tr 324724301 4 York, PA
Edwill B. Miller Trust UW 4 York, PA
Edwillb & Rachel H. Miller Trust 4 York, PA
Eleanor G. Cornmesser Scholarship Fund 4 York, PA
Elijah Outreach Ministry Thrift Shop and Soup Kitchen (Until December 2006) York, PA
Elizabeth H. Freeman Tr UW 77930 4 York, PA
Elizabeth S. Bonham Trust 5276 York, PA
Elizabeth W. Swartz Trust UW FBO First Presbyterian Church of York 4 York, PA
Ellen R. Schlecht Ta 4 York, PA
Elmer E. Naugle Foundation 4 York, PA
Elsie M. & Stanley C. Scheetz Memorial Fund FBO 4 York, PA
Emory E. Grove Tr Under Will 4 York, PA
Encounter Bible Church c/o Rev Ronald D. Rush York, PA
Eril E. Wilson Tw FBO Homeland 4 York, PA
Ernest O. Horn Sr & Ethel M. Horn Family Endow Fund of Faith Ucc York, PA
Ervin D. Feigler T. A. 4 York, PA
Ervin M. Spangler Trust UW FBO York Hospital York, PA
Esther B. Herman Tuw 122393 FBO Charities 4 York, PA
Esther R. Mentzer Tr Ua FBO 4 York, PA
Esther T. Yeagley T. W. Spca 78198 4 York, PA
Ethiopian Outreach Ministry York, PA
Eugene Shelley Trust U/A. FBO Trinity Methodist Church York, PA
Evelyn Keen Livingood Tr 03-31-76 4 York, PA
Evelyn W. Bushwick Fam Charitable Tr 122799 4 York, PA
Evelyn W. Clark Tr UW 4A20752 040293 4 York, PA
F-Cr Associates Inc. York, PA
Faith in God Ministries Community Developement Corporation Inc. (Until December 2008) York, PA
Family Life Ministries International York, PA
Family Service of York and York County York, PA
Family-Child Resources Inc. York, PA
Farm & Natural Land Trust of York County York, PA
Florence & Julian Rappaport Scholarship Tr 4 York, PA
Florence & Julian Rappaport York Catholic High School Grant York, PA
Florence H. Fluke Tw FBO Bethany Village Care Assurance Fund Tr 4 York, PA
Florence H. Fluke Tw FBO Grace United Methodist Church Trust 4 York, PA
Florence M. Stout Tr UW 4 York, PA
Floyd & Mary June Meisenhelter Ta Trust 4 York, PA
Foundation for Megs Sisters York, PA
Foundation of York Area Chamber of Commerce York, PA
Frances E. Taylor Scholarship Trust 4 York, PA
Francis A. Hoodner Trust 6400 4 York, PA
Frank & Edna Walker Tr 4 York, PA
Friends [email protected] Training Inc. York, PA
Friends of the Martin Memorial Library York, PA
George & Dianne Thornton Foundation 4 York, PA
George B. Rudy Jr Trust B08567 the York Bank & Trust Co Trustee 4 York, PA
George D. and Dorothy S. Bowers Tw FBO Bethany U. M. Church 4 York, PA
George L. Laverty Foundation 4 York, PA
George M. & Pauline M. Wildasin Charitable Foundation 4 York, PA
Gertrude English Tr UW 4 York, PA
Gettysburg Hospital York, PA
Gettysburg National Battlefield Museum Foundation York, PA
Glad Tidings India (Until December 2008) York, PA
Glory House Ministries York, PA
Golden Scholarship Trust Dtd 4 York, PA
Golden Vision Foundation York, PA
Good Companion Broadcasting Co York, PA
Good Life Ministries Inc. York, PA
Goodwill Fire Co No 1 of York Twp York, PA
Governor Mifflin Continuing Ed Fund 4 York, PA
Grace A. Bream Tr UW FBO Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church 4 York, PA
Grace Brethren Church York, PA
Grantley Fire Co York, PA
Greater York Center for Dance Education York, PA
Gretchen Wolf Swartz Scholarship Fund Inc. York, PA
Guy K. & Virginia K. Ludwig Trust Ua B08566 4 York, PA
Gymnast Funds York, PA
H. Clark Witman Trust UW 4 York, PA
Habitat for Humanity York Inc. York, PA
Hahn Home 3 York, PA
Haiti Outreach Ministries Inc. York, PA
Harold & Evelyn W. Matthews Trust U-A. Charitable Bo8900 4 York, PA
Harry Miller Tr 6945 York, PA
Heavenly Paws Animal Shelter Inc. (Until December 2008) York, PA
Helen Glatfelter Trust 0206060326 4 York, PA
Helen Guldin Co-Tr UW FBO Immanuel United Church of Christ 4 York, PA
Helen M. Schiffner Scholarship Fund 4 York, PA
Helen R. Ahl Scholarship Fund 4 York, PA
Hellam Area Recreation Commission York, PA
Herman A. & Carrie S. Ebert Tr UW 4 York, PA
Highbourne Foundation 4 York, PA
Hilliard A. Hasenkamp Tw 481-74411 4 York, PA
Historic York Inc. York, PA
Holiness Brethren Church York, PA
Home Health Agency of York & York County York, PA
Hood College Club of York York, PA
House of Worship York, PA
Housing Council of York Inc. York, PA
Housing Initiatives Community Development Corporation York, PA
Housing Initiatives Corporation York, PA
Human Life Services Inc. York, PA
Humane Society of Southern Maryland Inc. York, PA
Hunter Meyers Redus Foundation 4 York, PA
International Clarinet Association York, PA
International Council for Commonality in Blood Banking Auto York, PA
International Student Athletic Society (Until December 2006) York, PA
Irvin E. Herr Foundation 4 York, PA
J. George Schmid Jr Memorial Fund 4 York, PA
J. L. Williams Memorial Church of the Living God York, PA
Jacob C. & Hazel B. Platts the York Bank & Trust Co 4 York, PA
James & Mary Frankhouser Charitable Trust 4 York, PA

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Above is a list of organizations in York, Pennsylvania that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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