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Vehicle Donation in Reno, Nevada

For people interested in vehicle donation in Reno, Nevada, below is a list of Reno, Nevada organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

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1121 Foundation Inc. 4 Reno, NV
12 Step Club of Reno (Until December 2006) Reno, NV
A. G. and Hattie Odell Kirchner Educational Scholarship Trust 4 Reno, NV
A. I. P. G. Foundation Reno, NV
A. M. First Foundation Inc. 4 Reno, NV
A. Rainbow Place Reno, NV
Aaun Endowment Fund Inc. Reno, NV
Abraham & Sonia Rochlin Foundation 4 Reno, NV
Acts Ministries Inc. Reno, NV
Advocacy Foundation Reno, NV
Affordable Housing Resource Council Reno, NV
Agape Assemblies Reno, NV
Agc Community Service Func Inc. Reno, NV
Aids Community Cultural Education Program & Training Reno, NV
All Faiths Spiritual Center Reno, NV
Alliance With the Washoe County Medical Society Reno, NV
Am Arcs of Nevada Reno, NV
Ambassador Productions Outreach Reno, NV
American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena (Until December 2006) Reno, NV
American Bald Eagle Society Inc. Reno, NV
American Baptist Fellowship Reno, NV
American Catholic Church US Reno, NV
American Commonwealth Film Foundation Reno, NV
American Evergreen Foundation Reno, NV
American Lung Assoc of Idaho-Nevada Inc. Reno, NV
American Society for Old Book Preservation Reno, NV
American Society for the Prevention of Brain Injury Reno, NV
Andean Explorers Foundation and Ocean Sailing Club Reno, NV
Anderson Foundation 4 Reno, NV
Angel Kiss Foundation Reno, NV
Angelbones Inc. (Until December 2007) Reno, NV
Angels for A. Clean Planet (Until December 2007) Reno, NV
Animal Ark Inc. Reno, NV
Animal Friends Forever Reno, NV
Anthony E. Valaika Scholarship Fund (Until December 2007) Reno, NV
Anthony W. and Delores J. Desio Foundation A. Nonprofit Corporation 3 Reno, NV
Area-51 Dance Theatre Reno, NV
Asha Belly Dancers Inc. (Until December 2005) Reno, NV
Aspen Foundation 4 Reno, NV
Assistance League of Reno-Sparks Reno, NV
Astronomical Society of Nevada Reno, NV
Athletic Association University of Nevada Inc. Reno, NV
Ava and Company (Until December 2006) Reno, NV
Basically Bunnies (Until December 2005) Reno, NV
Bernice Mathews Elementary School Foundation Reno, NV
Biggest Little Fellowship Inc. Reno, NV
Biggest Little Tennis Association (Until December 2006) Reno, NV
Bing Fund Corp 4 Reno, NV
Bing Fund Inc. 4 Reno, NV
Bio-Electro-Magnetics-Institute Reno, NV
Blue Devils Baseball Inc. (Until December 2007) Reno, NV
Blues Lovers United Enrichment Society of Reno Reno, NV
Borestone Mountain Poetry Awards Foundation 4 Reno, NV
Boyer Family Reunion Group Inc. (Until December 2008) Reno, NV
Boys and Girls Club of Truckee Meadows Reno, NV
Bree Megan Shaddrick Memorial Trust (Until December 2008) Reno, NV
Brett and Deborah Barker Foundation 4 Reno, NV
Brett and Karen Coleman Foundation 4 Reno, NV
Bretzlaff Foundation Inc. 4 Reno, NV
Bridges in Consciousness 4 Reno, NV
Brown Foundation 4 Reno, NV
Brown School Parent Teacher Organization Reno, NV
Bruka Theater of the Sierra Inc. Reno, NV
Builders Association Charity Reno, NV
Business Training Education and Media (Until December 2007) Reno, NV
C. A. R. E. Chest of Sierra Nevada Reno, NV
Calvary Chapel of Reno-Sparks Reno, NV
Campus Christian Association of the University of Nevada Reno, NV
Cancer Support Center Inc. Reno, NV
Cap Inc. Reno, NV
Casa De Vida Reno, NV
Catamount Fund Ltd. Reno, NV
Celtic Celebration Inc. Reno, NV
Cement Masons Joint Apprenticeship and Training Trust Fund Reno, NV
Center Street Mission Reno, NV
Center for Structural Ecology Reno, NV
Center for the Study and Development of Consciousness Reno, NV
Center of Light and Fellowship Corporation Reno, NV
Central Christian Church of Reno Nevada Reno, NV
Champions of the Truckee River Inc. Reno, NV
Channel 5 Public Broadcasting Inc. Reno, NV
Charity Works Reno, NV
Charles H. Stout Foundation 4 Reno, NV
Charles N. Mathewson Foundation 4 Reno, NV
Chartrand Foundation 4 Reno, NV
Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Task Force Reno, NV
Child Assault Prevention Project of Washoe County Reno, NV
Children in Transition Inc. (Until December 2008) Reno, NV
Childrens Cabinet Foundation Inc. Reno, NV
Childrens Cabinet Inc. A. Child and Family Resource Reno, NV
Childrens Outreach Ministries Reno, NV
Christian Conciliation Service of Nevada Inc. Reno, NV
Church in Reno Chinese Speaking Meeting Reno, NV
Church of Divine Light Reno, NV
Church of Inner Light Reno, NV
Church of the Cosmos Reno, NV
Church of the Covenant Reno, NV
Churchill Grape Growers Inc. (Until December 2005) Reno, NV
Circle of Life Hospice Foundation (Until June 2006) Reno, NV
Citicare Reno, NV
Citizens for A. Scenic Reno Reno, NV
Citizens for Airport Accountability Inc. Reno, NV
Clark J. Guild Foundation 4 Reno, NV
Colby Operating Foundation 3 Reno, NV
Committee to Aid Abused Women Reno, NV
Community Cats (Until December 2007) Reno, NV
Community Chest Inc. Reno, NV
Community Child Care Services Inc. Reno, NV
Community Foundation of Western Nevada Reno, NV
Community Outreach of Reno Sparks Area Inc. Reno, NV
Community Services Agency Reno, NV
Community Services Agency 202 Program Inc. 5 Reno, NV
Community Services Agency Development Corporation Reno, NV
Community Services Agency Orvis Ring II Inc. Reno, NV
Comstock Civil War Reenactors (Until December 2008) Reno, NV
Concerned Businessmens Association of America Inc. Reno, NV
Congregation Temple Emanuel Reno, NV
Conrad N. Hilton Foundation 4 Reno, NV
Conrad N. Hilton Fund Reno, NV
Constance H. Bishop Foundation 4 Reno, NV
Construction Opportunity Trust Reno, NV
Cordelia Corp 4 Reno, NV
Court Appointed Special Advocates Reno, NV
Creative Combustion Educational Awareness Programs (Until December 2007) Reno, NV
Creative Performing Art Center Inc. (Until December 2005) Reno, NV
Crisis Call Center Reno, NV
Crowley Family Foundation 4 Reno, NV
Crystal Family Foundation 4 Reno, NV
Cuba America Jewish Mission Reno, NV
Cummings Foundation for Behavioral Health (Until December 2007) Reno, NV
Cybernauts Inc. (Until December 2008) Reno, NV
DAR Ul Haqq Islamic Institute Reno, NV
Dale W. and Marilyn Horn Bohmont Foundation 4 Reno, NV
Damon Michael Hubbard Foundation 4 Reno, NV
Deltchev Gymnastics Booster Club Inc. (Until December 2008) Reno, NV
Dermody Properties Foundation 4 Reno, NV
Desert Sage Educational Initiative (Until June 2005) Reno, NV
Dirienzo Foundation Inc. 4 Reno, NV
Discipler Training International Reno, NV
Dodson Booster Club Reno, NV
Donner Springs Community Church Sbc Reno, NV
Dorothy Towne Foundation Inc. 4 Reno, NV
Double Diamond Parent Teachers Organization (Until July 2007) Reno, NV
Dri Research Foundation Reno, NV
Dri Research Parks Ltd. Reno, NV
Dubach Foundation 4 Reno, NV
E. L. Cord Foundation 4 Reno, NV
E. L. Wiegand Foundation 4 Reno, NV
E. W. McKenzie Foundation 4 Reno, NV
Earl Wooster Scholarship Foundation Reno, NV
Easter Seals Sierra Nevada Reno, NV
Edna B. and Bruno Benna Foundation 4 Reno, NV
Education Collaborative of Washoe County Inc. Reno, NV
Edwin L. Wiegand Tr Reno, NV
Elder Life Care Foundation Inc. 4 Reno, NV
Environmental Leadership Reno, NV
Erin Foundation 4 Reno, NV
Evergreen Reno, NV
Faith Alive Christian Center Reno, NV
Faith Bible Church Reno, NV
Family Counseling Service of Northern Nevada Inc. Reno, NV
Family Food Ministry (Until December 2005) Reno, NV
Fertility Care Center of Reno Inc. Reno, NV
Fire Services Inc. (Until December 2005) Reno, NV
First Baptist Church of Reno Foundation Reno, NV
Fleet Reserve Association High Sierra Branch 274 6 Reno, NV
Follow Me Ministries and Care (Until April 2006) Reno, NV
For Heaven Sake (Until December 2007) Reno, NV
For Pets Sake Reno, NV
For the Love of Jazz Reno, NV
Forum for A. Common Agenda 3 Reno, NV
Foundation for Environmental Education Development 4 Reno, NV
Foundation to Reduce Chemical Addiction Reno, NV
Frank M. Doyle Foundation Inc. 4 Reno, NV
Fred L. Baybarz and Carolyn C. Baybarz Foundation Reno, NV
Fred Starich Wooster High School Scholarship Fund Reno, NV
Free & Accepted Masons of Nevada Grand Lodge Reno, NV
Freedom Warbirds Inc. A. Nevada Non-Profit Corp 3 Reno, NV
Fresh Wind Christian Fellowship Reno, NV
Friends for Afghan Redevelopment Reno, NV
Friends of Africa Foundation A. Neveda Non-Profit Corporation Reno, NV
Friends of Black Rock High Rock Inc. Reno, NV
Friends of High Desert Montessori (Until May 2008) Reno, NV
Friends of I. Can Do Anything Reno, NV
Friends of National Multiple Sclerosis Society Inc. Reno, NV
Friends of Nevada Wilderness Reno, NV
Friends of Project Walkabout Inc. (Until June 2005) Reno, NV
Friends of Rancho San Rafael Park Reno, NV
Friends of Washoe County Library Reno, NV
Friends of the Center A. Nevada Nonprofit Corp-Pub Bene Reno, NV
Friends of the Stead Neighborhood Council Reno, NV
Frontline of Northern Nevada (Until December 2005) Reno, NV
Fun Camp Inc. Reno, NV
Fund Urban Northern Nevada Development Reno, NV
G. R. A. C. E. Incorporated Reno, NV
Gabelli Foundation Inc. 4 Reno, NV
Galena High School Five Star Boosters Reno, NV
Galilee Episcopal Camp & Confrence Center Inc. Reno, NV
Galilee Foundation Inc. Reno, NV
General Jesse L. Reno Memorial Inc. Reno, NV

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Above is a list of organizations in Reno, Nevada that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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