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Vehicle Donation in North Dakota

For people interested in vehicle donation in North Dakota, below is a list of North Dakota organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

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Alamo Senior Citizens Club Alamo, ND
Dorothy M. Cross Scholarship Foundation 4 Alexander, ND
Free Baptist Assembly Alice, ND
Prairie Senior Citizens Amidon, ND
Anamoose Senior Citizens Anamoosa, ND
McHenry County Commission on Aging Anamoose, ND
Aneta Business Center (Until December 2006) Aneta, ND
Aneta Community Church Aneta, ND
Aneta Parkview Health Center Aneta, ND
McKenzie County Educational Trust 4 Aneta, ND
Argusville Community Development Corporation Angusville, ND
Walsh County Fire Chiefs Association Apark River, ND
Fargo Fellowship of Orthodox Beleivers (Until March 2007) Argusville, ND
The Arnegard Booster Club Inc. Arnegard, ND
Hunter Friendship Club Arthur, ND
Ashley Medical Center Dba Amc Clinic Ashley, ND
Ashley Senior Citizens Ashley, ND
Ashley Womens Club Public Library Ashley, ND
Coldwater Park Association Ashley, ND
Lake Hoskins Improvement Association Ashley, ND
North Dakota Conference of Churches Ashley, ND
Senior Citizens of McIntosh County Inc. Ashley, ND
Zion Cemetery Association of Lein Township 6 Baldwin, ND
North Dakota Eastern Star Home Corp 4 Bathgate, ND
Pembina County Historical Society Bathgate, ND
Burke County Council on Aging Battle View, ND
Community Ambulance Service Inc. Beach Ambulance Service Beach, ND
Golden Valley County Council on Aging Beach, ND
Golden Valley County Historical Society Inc. Beach, ND
Golden Valley County Hospital Association Beach, ND
Golden Valley Manor Inc. Beach, ND
Belcourt Youth Activities 4 Belcourt, ND
Benedictine Circle of Life Foundation Belcourt, ND
Keya Radio Incorporated Belcourt, ND
Ojibwa Indian School Inc. Belcourt, ND
St. Pauls Indian Ministries Foundation Belcourt, ND
Thunder Mountain Counseling Services (Until June 2005) Belcourt, ND
Turtle Mountain Community College Inc. Belcourt, ND
Turtle Mountain Community Development Foundation Inc. Belcourt, ND
Turtle Mountain Indian Historical Society Belcourt, ND
Belfield Ambulance Service 6 Belfield, ND
Heavenly Quilts (Until December 2008) Bentley, ND
Berthold Ambulance Service Inc. Berthold, ND
Berthold Senior Citizens Association Berthold, ND
Beulah Gymnastics Club Inc. Beulah, ND
Beulah Little People Preschool Beulah, ND
Beulah Municipal Golf Club Beulah, ND
Beulah Senior Citizen Club Inc. Beulah, ND
Coal Country Community Health Center (Until June 2008) Beulah, ND
Cornerstone Baptist Church Beulah, ND
Dakota Lutheran Churches Foundation Beulah, ND
Knife River Alano Society Inc. Beulah, ND
Knife River Care Center Beulah, ND
Knife River Care Center Foundation Beulah, ND
Mercer County Womens Action and Resource Center Beulah, ND
North Dakota Association of Extension Youth Workers Ndae4-Hyw Beulah, ND
Bisbee Senior Citizens Inc. Bisbee, ND
American College of Physicians Bismark, ND
Community Action Program Region VII Inc. Bismark, ND
North Dakota Association of Community Facilities Bismark, ND
North Dakota Association of Nonprofit Organizations Inc. Bismark, ND
North Dakota Council on Abused Women Services Coalition Against Bismark, ND
North Dakota Native American Foster Parent Assoc Bismark, ND
Northern Plains Public Interest Law Firm (Until December 2007) Bismark, ND
Sponsoring Committee Inc. (Until December 2006) Bismark, ND
North Dakota University System Foundation Bismmarch, ND
Dakota Junior Golf Association Inc. Bixmarck, ND
Bottineau Alano Friendly House Inc. Bottineau, ND
Bottineau County Coalition Against Domestic Violence Bottineau, ND
Bottineau Food Pantry Bottineau, ND
Bottineau Senior Citizens Bottineau, ND
Internationl Ambassadors of Music Inc. Bottineau, ND
Minot State University-Bottineau Foundation Bottineau, ND
Seeds for Our Future Memorial Foundation of Bcpl (Until December 2008) Bottineau, ND
Shepherds Hill Retreats Inc. Bottineau, ND
Bowbells Area Development Corporation (Until December 2007) Bowbells, ND
Bowbells Senior Citizens Club Inc. Bowbells, ND
Little Butte Cemetery Association 6 Bowbells, ND
Bowman County Historical & Geneological Society Bowman, ND
Bowman County Job Development Inc. Bowman, ND
Bowman Fire Department Bowman, ND
Bowman Slope Community Cupboard Bowman, ND
Bowman Slope County Council on Aging Bowman, ND
Gary Lee Gerth Memorial Scholarship Fund Bowman, ND
Hafele Cemetery Association 6 Bowman, ND
Meadowlarks Inc. Bowman, ND
P. A. W. S. Bowman, ND
School of Promise A. Non Profit Corp Bowman, ND
Sod Busters Club of Bowman North Dakota Incorporated Bowman, ND
Southwest Transportation Services Bowman, ND
St. Lukes Tri-State Hospital- Southwest Medical Clinic Bowman, ND
Sunrise Foundation Inc. Bowman, ND
Sunset Care Corporation Bowman, ND
Tot-Lot Child Care Inc. (Until December 2005) Bowman, ND
West River Conference of Social Welfare Bowman, ND
Enterprise Finnish Cemetery Inc. 6 Brocket, ND
Finnish-American Historical Society of North Dakota Inc. Brocket, ND
Buchanan Cemetery Association 6 Buchanan, ND
Light of the World Fellowship Buchanan, ND
Pioneer Ministries Buchanan, ND
Buffalo Historical Society Buffalo, ND
Buffalo Volunteer Fire Department Buffalo, ND
Payee Services Buffalo, ND
Preservation North Dakota (Until December 2005) Buffalo, ND
Senior Citizens of Buffalo Buffalo, ND
Burlington Recreation Commission (Until December 2005) Burlington, ND
Desour Valley Edc Inc. Burlington, ND
Friendly Seniors Club Burlington, ND
Partners for Progress in Rural America Inc. 4 Burlington, ND
Buxton Childrens Center Incorporated Buxton, ND
Highland Cemetery Association 6 Buxton, ND
Can-Do Senior Citizens Inc. Cando, ND
Cando Arts Council Inc. Cando, ND
Cando Pioneer Foundation Inc. Cando, ND
Cando Youth Center (Until December 2006) Cando, ND
Southern School District Foundation Cando, ND
Towner County Ambulance Service Inc. Cando, ND
Towner County Community Foundation Cando, ND
Towner County Hospital Authority Cando, ND
Towner County Medcenter Cando, ND
Towner County Medical Center Inc. Cando, ND
Carpio Senior Citizens Inc. Carpio, ND
Bethel Chapel Carrington, ND
Bible Speaks Inc. Carrington, ND
Caring-Ton Child Care Center Inc. 774 North 2nd Carrington, ND
Carrington Cemetery Association 6 Carrington, ND
Carrington Senior Citizens Club Carrington, ND
Carrington Youth Center Carrington, ND
Central Dakota Sportsmens Club Carrington, ND
Foster County Concil on Aging Carrington, ND
Hawksnest Repeater Association Carrington, ND
Northern Plains Electric Cooperative Trust Inc. Carrington, ND
Tri-County Recreation Project Carrington, ND
Carson Commercial Club Carson, ND
Grant County Fair Association Carson, ND
Cass County Council on Aging Casselton, ND
Casselton Ambulance Service Inc. Casselton, ND
Casselton Catholic Development Foundation Casselton, ND
Casselton Community Medical Center Inc. Casselton, ND
Casselton Heritage Center Inc. (Until December 2008) Casselton, ND
Real Presence Radio Casselton, ND
Silver Threads Casselton, ND
The Religious Institute of Middle Asia Casselton, ND
Cathay Cemetery Association 6 Cathay, ND
Cathay Senior Citizens Club Cathay, ND
Camerata Cavalier, ND
Cavalier Arts and Crafts Society Cavalier, ND
Cavalier Hook and Ladder Society Cavalier, ND
Cavalier Meals on Wheels Cavalier, ND
Concrete Volunteer Fire Department Incorporated Cavalier, ND
Kids Town House Inc. Cavalier, ND
Northeastern North Dakota Heritage Association Cavalier, ND
Northern Valley Home Cavalier, ND
Pembina County Ambulance Assn Cavalier, ND
Pembina County Annual Fair and Exhibition Association Cavalier, ND
Pembina County Memorial Hospital Association Cavalier, ND
Pembina County Memorial Hospital Foundation Cavalier, ND
Ruth Hollis Health Care Scholarship Foundation Cavalier, ND
Senior Citizens of Cavalier and Surrounding Community Cavalier, ND
Cayuga Senior Citizens Club Cayuga, ND
Mercer-Oliver Health Services Inc. Center, ND
Oliver County Health Services Inc. Center, ND
Village Gallery Center, ND
Christine Community Center (Until December 2008) Christine, ND
Churchs Ferry Cemetery Association 6 Churchs Ferry, ND
Cogswell Community Association Cogswell, ND
Cogswell Gun Club Cogswell, ND
Burke-Divide Memorial Foundation 4 Columbus, ND
Northwest Chorus and Orchestra Association Inc. Columbus, ND
Cooperstown Community Actiivity Authority Cooperstown, ND
Cooperstown Medical Center Cooperstown, ND
Gk Art Gallery Cooperstown, ND
Griggs County Community Youth Project Cooperstown, ND
Griggs County Council of Aging Cooperstown Senior Citzens Cooperstown, ND
Griggs County Council on the Arts Cooperstown, ND
North Dakota Lutherans for Life Cooperstown, ND
Bethlehem Cemetary-Plumer Township Association 6 Crosby, ND
Divide County Museum and Historical Society Incorporated Crosby, ND
Divide County Senior Citizens Club Crosby, ND
Meadowlark Arts Council Inc. Crosby, ND
Prairie Tumbleweeds Association Crosby, ND
St. Lukes Community Foundation Crosby, ND
St. Lukes Hospital Crosby, ND
Troy Lutheran Cemetery Association 6 Crosby, ND
Crystal Memorial Cemetery Inc. 6 Crystal, ND
North East North Dakota Pioneer Machinery Association Crystal, ND
Community Senior Citizens Ofdavenport Davenport, ND
Deering Senior Citizens Deering, ND
Nancy McCormack Memorial Scholarship Fund Des Lacs, ND
Devils Lake Blue Line Club Inc. Devila Lake, ND
Academy Village Inc. Devils Lake, ND
After School Child Care of Devils Lake Devils Lake, ND
Arts & Humanities Council of the Lake Region Inc. Devils Lake, ND
College Care for Kids Devils Lake, ND
Community College Corporation of Devils Lake Devils Lake, ND
Dakota Prairie Community Action Agency Inc. Devils Lake, ND
Devils Lake Area Foundation Devils Lake, ND
Devils Lake Community Orchestra Association Devils Lake, ND
Devils Lake Rural Fire Department Inc. Devils Lake, ND
Devils Lake Volunteer Fire Dept Devils Lake, ND

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Above is a list of organizations in North Dakota that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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