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Vehicle Donation Directory > Durham, North Carolina car donation

Vehicle Donation in Durham, North Carolina

For people interested in vehicle donation in Durham, North Carolina, below is a list of Durham, North Carolina organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

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Accored Inc. Durham, NC
African American Dance Ensemble Inc. Durham, NC
Agape International Ministries Durham, NC
Agriculture Heritage Foundation Durham, NC
Aids Community Residence Association Inc. Durham, NC
Alcohol-Drug Council of North Carolina Durham, NC
All American Athletic Association Inc. Durham, NC
Alpha Iota Omega Christian Fraternity Inc. (Until June 2007) Durham, NC
Alpha Management Community Services Inc. (Until December 2006) Durham, NC
Alphamed Cancer Foundation 4 Durham, NC
Altruistic Hands Durham, NC
American Association for Gifted Children Durham, NC
American Dance Festival Inc. Durham, NC
American Institute of Afghanistan Studies (Until June 2007) Durham, NC
American Social Health Association Durham, NC
American Wine Society Durham, NC
Animal Protection Society of Durham Durham, NC
Anne Basden Ministries Inc. Durham, NC
Anointed Word Ministries Durham, NC
Another Way Ministries Durham, NC
Ar-Razzaq Community Development Corporation (Until December 2007) Durham, NC
Arc of Durham County Inc. Durham, NC
Art for Indigenous Survival Durham, NC
Associated Health Services Inc. Durham, NC
Association for the Preservation of the Eno River Valley Inc. Durham, NC
Atlantic Coast Sikh Association Inc. Durham, NC
Autograph Basketballs for Community Service Inc. (Until December 2007) Durham, NC
Baseball America Foundation Inc. Durham, NC
Bassett Society Inc. Durham, NC
Bay Area Buddhist Exchange Durham, NC
Be Active North Carolina Inc. Durham, NC
Beacon Light Missionary Baptist Church Durham, NC
Bell-Yeager Community Enrichment Center (Until December 2008) Durham, NC
Bennett Place Support Fund Inc. Durham, NC
Bethel Outreach Church Inc. Durham, NC
Bethlehem Temple Apostolic Faith Church Inc. Durham, NC
Bible Baptist Church Durham, NC
Big Brothers-Big Sisters of Durham and Orange Counties Durham, NC
Bin Charitable Foundation 4 Durham, NC
Black Family Land Trust Inc. (Until December 2008) Durham, NC
Blevins Too Inc. (Until December 2008) Durham, NC
Blotter Magazine Incorporated (Until December 2008) Durham, NC
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation 4 Durham, NC
Bouncing Bulldogs Inc. Durham, NC
Breastfeeding Support Network of Durham Durham, NC
Bright Hope Missions Inc. Durham, NC
Bull City Baseball Association Inc. Durham, NC
Busy Street Childrens Museum (Until December 2004) Durham, NC
Calvary Ministries of the Westend Community Inc. Durham, NC
Cameron Grove Baptist Church Durham, NC
Canterbury Foundation Durham, NC
Care Clinic Group Inc. Durham, NC
Caring House Inc. Durham, NC
Carolina Arts Festival Inc. (Until June 2006) Durham, NC
Carolina Counseling Center Inc. Durham, NC
Carolina Friends School Durham, NC
Carolina Health and Humor Association Durham, NC
Carolina Justice Policy Center Durham, NC
Carolina Sailing Club Foundation (Until December 2006) Durham, NC
Carolina Siberian Rescue (Until December 2005) Durham, NC
Carolina Spirit Quest Inc. Durham, NC
Carolina Support Alliance Inc. (Until November 2005) Durham, NC
Carolina Theatre of Durham Inc. Durham, NC
Carolina Wren Press Inc. Durham, NC
Carolinakinder (Until December 2008) Durham, NC
Carpenter Ruritan Club Scholarship Fund Durham, NC
Carrington Middle School Booster Club Durham, NC
Caudill Family Foundation Inc. 4 Durham, NC
Cedar Grove Church Durham, NC
Cell Foundation Durham, NC
Center for Academic Integrity Inc. Durham, NC
Center for Community Self-Help Durham, NC
Center for Death Penalty Litigation Durham, NC
Center for Health & Healing Inc. Durham, NC
Center for Quantitative Cytometry Durham, NC
Center for Responsible Lending Durham, NC
Center for the Advancement of Community Based Public Health Durham, NC
Center for the Public Domain 4 Durham, NC
Center for the Well Being of Health Professionals Durham, NC
Central Park School for Children Durham, NC
Ceo Roundtable on Cancer Inc. (Until December 2008) Durham, NC
Chabad of Durham Inc. Durham, NC
Change With Re-Direction Mobile Resource Unit Inc. (Until December 2008) Durham, NC
Changing A. Generation Outreach Ministry (Until December 2006) Durham, NC
Changing A. Generation With Face Durham, NC
Chapel Hill Philharmonia Inc. Durham, NC
Charles E. Harris Memorial Scholarship Fund Durham, NC
Charles Johnson and the Revivers Inc. Durham, NC
Charles Russell Wellons Foundation 4 Durham, NC
Child Advocacy Commission of Durham Inc. Durham, NC
Child and Parent Support Services Durham, NC
Children First Inc. Durham, NC
Chinese Christian Mission Church Durham, NC
Choral Society of Durham Inc. Durham, NC
Christ Centered Ministry Inc. Durham, NC
Christian Living & Learning Center Inc. (Until December 2006) Durham, NC
Christian Television Advisory Council Inc. Durham, NC
Christs Hands Ministries (Until December 2008) Durham, NC
Church of God in Christ Jesus New Deal Inc. Durham, NC
Church of Philadelphia Durham, NC
Churches for Action Incorporated Durham, NC
Citizens Safety Committee Inc. Durham, NC
Citizens for Healthcare Freedom Durham, NC
Coalition for Crime Prevention Inc. (Until April 2005) Durham, NC
Committed Excellence Services Inc. Durham, NC
Communimedia Inc. Durham, NC
Communities in Schools of Durham Inc. Durham, NC
Community Allies for Children Durham, NC
Community Baptist Church Foundation Inc. (Until December 2008) Durham, NC
Community Child Care Center Inc. Durham, NC
Community Concepts Inc. Durham, NC
Community Health Concepts Chc Incorporated Durham, NC
Community Impact Inc. Durham, NC
Community Midrasha Inc. Durham, NC
Community Reinvestment Assoc of North Carolina Durham, NC
Community Wholeness Venture (Until December 2006) Durham, NC
Compassion Med International Inc. Durham, NC
Concern of Durham Inc. Durham, NC
Congregation at Duke University Chapel Inc. Durham, NC
Coordinating Council for Senior Citizens Durham N. C. Durham, NC
Council for Study of the Shroud of Turin Durham, NC
Council of Churches North Carolina Durham, NC
Cra Clinical Services (Until December 2005) Durham, NC
Cresset Academy Educational Foundation Durham, NC
Crestview Housing Corporation Durham, NC
Croasdaile Village Residents Association Durham, NC
Cup Family Cdc Durham, NC
Cypress Glen Retirement Community Durham, NC
Daryl Howerton Justice Fund Durham, NC
Day Care Homes Sponsor Inc. Durham, NC
Deerstream Learning Center Inc. Durham, NC
Development Ventures Incorporated Durham, NC
Disciples of Christ Ministries Inc. Durham, NC
Divers Alert Network Inc. Durham, NC
Divine Touch 3 Durham, NC
Doc Arts Inc. (Until June 2006) Durham, NC
Dominion Ministries Inc. Durham, NC
Dream Corps for Harmonious Development International (Until December 2008) Durham, NC
Duke Alumni Association Inc. Durham, NC
Duke Gift Properties Inc. Durham, NC
Duke Health Community Care Inc. Durham, NC
Duke Hospital Auxiliary Inc. Durham, NC
Duke Law School Student Funded Fellowship Inc. Durham, NC
Duke Management Company Durham, NC
Duke Memorial Week Day School Inc. Durham, NC
Duke Park Preservation Initiative Inc. Durham, NC
Duke Presbyterian Campus Ministry Durham, NC
Duke Scholarly Exhibits Inc. Durham, NC
Duke School for Children Durham, NC
Duke Student Publishing Company Inc. Durham, NC
Duke University Durham, NC
Duke University Affiliated Physicans Inc. Durham, NC
Duke University Health System Inc. Durham, NC
Duke University Philanthropies Inc. Durham, NC
Duke University School of Medicine Research Foundation Durham, NC
Duke University Special Ventures Fund Inc. Durham, NC
Dukes Chapel United Methodist Church Durham, NC
Durham Academy Inc. Durham, NC
Durham Affordable Housing Coalition Durham, NC
Durham Alumnae Delta House Inc. Durham, NC
Durham Area Designers Durham, NC
Durham Areacorp Inc. Durham, NC
Durham Art Guild Inc. Durham, NC
Durham Arts Council Inc. Durham, NC
Durham Asset Management Company Incorporated Durham, NC
Durham Bar Foundation Inc. (Until June 2007) Durham, NC
Durham Business & Professional Chain Durham, NC
Durham Businesses Against Crime Inc. (Until December 2007) Durham, NC
Durham Central Park Durham, NC
Durham Chamber Foundation Inc. 5 Durham, NC
Durham Chapter Self Help for Hard of Hearing People Durham, NC
Durham Chinese School Durham, NC
Durham City County Crimestoppers Program Inc. Durham, NC
Durham Civitan Club Scholarships Durham, NC
Durham Coalition on Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention-Dcapp Durham, NC
Durham Colored Library Incorporated 5 Durham, NC
Durham Community Concert Band Durham, NC
Durham Community Home of Recovery Incorporated Durham, NC
Durham Community Land Trustees Inc. Durham, NC
Durham Community Penalties Program Inc. Durham, NC
Durham Companions Inc. Durham, NC
Durham Congregations in Action Durham, NC
Durham Council for Children With Special Needs Durham, NC
Durham Council for Youth Enrichment Inc. Durham, NC
Durham Council of the Blind Durham, NC
Durham Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence-Ncadd Inc. Durham, NC
Durham County Advocates for the Mentally Ill Durham, NC
Durham County Community Living Programs Inc. Durham, NC
Durham County General Hospital Auxilliary Durham, NC
Durham County Hospital Corporation Durham, NC
Durham County Literacy Council Inc. Durham, NC
Durham County Mission Society of the United Methodist Church Inc. Durham, NC
Durham County Schools Scholarship Foundation Inc. Durham, NC
Durham County Teen Court & Restitution Program (Until June 2005) Durham, NC
Durham Crisis Response Center Durham, NC
Durham Drug Court Foundation Durham, NC
Durham Exchange Club Industries Inc. Durham, NC
Durham Exchange Clubs Foundation for the Prevention of Child Abuse Durham, NC
Durham Firemens Supplemental Retirement System Durham, NC
Durham Fm Association Incorporated Durham, NC

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Above is a list of organizations in Durham, North Carolina that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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