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Vehicle Donation in Michigan

For people interested in vehicle donation in Michigan, below is a list of Michigan organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Grand Traverse Community Hospital Acme, MI
Mothers in Christ (Until December 2008) Acme, MI
Music House Acme, MI
Abundant Life Health and Counseling Center (Until March 2007) Ada, MI
Ada Christian School Society Ada, MI
Adopt an Orca Inc. 4 Ada, MI
Advanced Therapeutics Corporation Ada, MI
Bernice Hansen Charitable Foundation 4 Ada, MI
Bill and Wanda Shurlow Family Foundation 4 Ada, MI
Charles Anthony Foundation 4 Ada, MI
Cole Family Foundation 4 Ada, MI
Doktor Ko Outreach Foundation Inc. (Until December 2008) Ada, MI
Duck Creek Apartments 4 Ada, MI
Ducktales Sanctuary Inc. (Until December 2007) Ada, MI
Egypt Valley Country Club Scholarship Foundation Ada, MI
Entre Mujeres Ministry Inc. (Until December 2008) Ada, MI
Forest Hills Youth Football League Ada, MI
Foundation for Advanced Cancer Studies Inc. Ada, MI
Gary and Mary Vos Foundation 4 Ada, MI
Grand Rapids Amateur Hockey Association Inc. Ada, MI
Healing Rooms of Grand Rapids Inc. (Until December 2006) Ada, MI
Hearts and Hands Foundation 4 Ada, MI
International Medical Assistance 4 Ada, MI
Lawrence D. Bos Sr and E. Dolores Bos Foundation 4 Ada, MI
Leslie Tassell Foundation 4 Ada, MI
Little Heroes Foundation Ada, MI
Manos De Ayuda Ada, MI
Mission Block Ministries Ada, MI
Most High Barn Inc. Ada, MI
Queen of Peace Ministries Inc. (Until December 2005) Ada, MI
Reading to Live Ada, MI
The Light Center Focus Ada, MI
Training Centers for Christ (Until December 2007) Ada, MI
Trillium Foundation 4 Ada, MI
Vickys Pet Connection Ada, MI
West Michigan Chapter of the Air & Waste Management Association Ada, MI
West Michigan Communities for Equity Wmce Ada, MI
Western Mich Critical Care Symposia Incorp Suite 370 Ada, MI
Whitneyville Church of Jesus Christ Ada, MI
Addison Community Hospital Bankruptcy Addison, MI
Addison Fire Fighters Association Addison, MI
Addison Mid-Level Parents and Students Addison, MI
Addison Schools Foundation Addison, MI
Kiwanis of Addison Foundation (Until September 2005) Addison, MI
Knight Family Charitable and Educational Foundation 4 Addison, MI
Adrian College Adrian, MI
Adrian Community Nursery Corporation Adrian, MI
Adrian Diamond Club Adrian, MI
Adrian Jr Majorettes Adrian, MI
Adrian Kiwanis Foundation Inc. Adrian, MI
Adrian Rotary Foundation Adrian, MI
Adrian School Educational Foundation Adrian, MI
Agricultural Society of Lenawee County Adrian, MI
Alaris Foundation (Until December 2007) Adrian, MI
Alexander Pto Adrian, MI
Associated Charaties of Lenawee Cou Nty Adrian, MI
Behavior Educators Inc. (Until December 2008) Adrian, MI
Berean Baptist Church of Adrian Adrian, MI
Bixby Community Health Foundation Adrian, MI
Boys & Girls Club of Lenawee Adrian, MI
C. O. F. B. (Until June 2006) Adrian, MI
Calvary Chapel of Adrian Adrian, MI
Cambios Inc. Adrian, MI
Camp Sequoia Adrian, MI
Child Abuse and Neglect Council of Lenawee County Adrian, MI
Christ Temple Toddlers Adrian, MI
Christian Family Centre Adrian, MI
Christian Mission Inc. Adrian, MI
Christian Spiritualist Church Adrian, MI
Civitan Center Incorporated Adrian, MI
Communities in Schools of Lenawee County Inc. Adrian, MI
Cornerstone Ministries Inc. Adrian, MI
Croswell Opera House & Fine Arts Association Adrian, MI
Daily Bread of Lenawee Inc. Adrian, MI
Donald and Ethel Baughey Foundation 4 Adrian, MI
Emma L. Bixby Medical Center Adrian, MI
Emma L. Bixby Medical Center Auxiliary Adrian, MI
Faith Baptist Church Adrian, MI
Faith Temple Inc. Adrian, MI
Farmers Antique Tractor & Engine Association Adrian, MI
Garfield Parent Teachers Organization Adrian, MI
Gleaner Life Insurance Society Scholarship Foundation 4 Adrian, MI
Good News Ministries Inc. Adrian, MI
Goodwill Association of Michigan (Until December 2005) Adrian, MI
Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Michigan Inc. Adrian, MI
Grace Covenant Church Adrian, MI
Hope Community Center Inc. Adrian, MI
Hospice of Lenawee Inc. Adrian, MI
Inter-Connections Drop-In Center Inc. Adrian, MI
Jeremiah Youth Ministries (Until December 2008) Adrian, MI
Jesus is Lord Ministries Gods Power Unlimited Inc. Adrian, MI
Leh-Nah-Weh Native American Organization (Until December 2005) Adrian, MI
Lenawee Amateur Baseball Association (Until December 2005) Adrian, MI
Lenawee Chamber Foundation Adrian, MI
Lenawee Christian Ministries Adrian, MI
Lenawee Christian School Adrian, MI
Lenawee Community Chorus Adrian, MI
Lenawee Council for the Visual Arts Adrian, MI
Lenawee County Educational Foundation Adrian, MI
Lenawee County Firemens Association Incorporated Adrian, MI
Lenawee County Historical Society Inc. Adrian, MI
Lenawee County Humane Society Adrian, MI
Lenawee Dental Clinic Inc. Adrian, MI
Lenawee Emergency and Affordable Housing Corp Adrian, MI
Lenawee Health Alliance Adrian, MI
Lenawee Housing Development Coalition (Until December 2005) Adrian, MI
Lenawee Long Term Care Adrian, MI
Lenawee Symphony Orchestra Society Inc. Adrian, MI
Lenawee Transportation Corp Adrian, MI
Lenawee United Way Adrian, MI
Lenawee Widowed Persons Service Inc. Adrian, MI
Lenawee Youth Center Incorporated Adrian, MI
Lighthouse Inn Program Inc. Adrian, MI
Lincoln Elementary School Pto Adrian, MI
Living Waterworks Inc. Adrian, MI
Love Inc. of Lenawee Adrian, MI
Lynn Stubberfield Foundation 4 Adrian, MI
Maple Avenue Bible Church Adrian, MI
Maple City Gymnastics Parents Association (Until December 2007) Adrian, MI
Maple Fans Club Adrian, MI
Maurice & Dorothy Stubnitz Foundation 4 Adrian, MI
Maya Indian Missions Inc. Adrian, MI
Michener Parent Teacher Oganization Adrian, MI
Michigan District of Civitan Foundation Adrian, MI
Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association Inc. Adrian, MI
Michigan Student Financial Aid Association Inc. Adrian, MI
Millios Youth Outreach & Motivational Services (Until December 2007) Adrian, MI
Miracle Temple Pentecostal Church of God Inc. Adrian, MI
New Hope Tabernacle of Adrian Adrian, MI
Off to A. Good Start Inc. Adrian, MI
Orthodox Church of the West Adrian, MI
Orville D. & Ruth A. Merillat Foundation 4 Adrian, MI
Overlanders Inc. Adrian, MI
Parent Communication Network Inc. Adrian, MI
Peak Pe Institute Inc. (Until December 2006) Adrian, MI
Peerless Gear Employees Charitable Group Inc. Adrian, MI
Recovery Lifestyles Inc. Adrian, MI
River Raisin Watershed Council Adrian, MI
Robert B. Westfall Foundation 4 Adrian, MI
Robert E. Price Foundation Inc. 4 Adrian, MI
Robideau Foundation Inc. 4 Adrian, MI
Rockwood Farm Adrian, MI
Roto Plastics Corporation Fund 4 Adrian, MI
Running in Solidarity With El Salvadorans (Until December 2007) Adrian, MI
S. & B. Residential Care Inc. Adrian, MI
Sand Creek Summer Recreation Adrian, MI
Serenity House of Lenawee County Adrian, MI
Shierson Family Foundation 4 Adrian, MI
Skala Family Scholarship Trust Adrian, MI
Southern Michigan Parents of the Visually Impaired Inc. Adrian, MI
St. Matthews Evangelical Lutheran Church Adrian, MI
Stephen L. Hickman Family Foundation 4 Adrian, MI
Tau Delta Sorority Adrian, MI
Triad of Lenawee (Until December 2006) Adrian, MI
Wacker Service Organization Adrian, MI
William G. Thompson Foundation 4 Adrian, MI
Young Mens Christian Association of Lenawee County Adrian, MI
A. Christian Fellowship Akemos, MI
Forest Hill Church of Christ Alam, MI
Faith Community Chapel Alansn, MI
Alanson Beautification Center Alanson, MI
Liberty Baptist Church of Alanson Alanson, MI
Shining Light Ministries Incorporated Alba, MI
Albion Affordable Housing Corporation Albion, MI
Albion Business Education Partnership Albion, MI
Albion College Albion, MI
Albion Community Band Albion, MI
Albion Community Foundation Albion, MI
Albion Health Care Alliance (Until December 2006) Albion, MI
Albion Historical Society Albion, MI
Albion Interfaith Ministeries Albion, MI
Albion Volunteer Service Organization Albion, MI
Albion-Homer United Way Albion, MI
Bion Fund Albion, MI
Briton Business Consultants Albion, MI
Citizens to Beautify Albion Albion, MI
Eaton St. Baptist Church Albion, MI
Friends of Mary Sheldon Ismon House Albion, MI
Friends of the Albion Public Library Albion, MI
Johnson Child Care & Development Center of Albion Inc. Albion, MI
Kids-N-Stuff Interactive Experience for Kids (Until December 2005) Albion, MI
Michigan Safety Conference Inc. Albion, MI
Missionary Outreach Church for Christ Albion, MI
Mount Calvary Community Development Corporation Albion, MI
National Resource Center for the Healing of Racism Albion, MI
No Disposable Kids Inc. (Until September 2006) Albion, MI
Proactis Development Strategies Albion, MI
Rice Creek Cemetery Association 6 Albion, MI
Singerd of United Lands (Until June 2007) Albion, MI
South Central Michigan Substance Abuse Commission Minority Program Albion, MI
St. John Parish Educational Trust Fund Albion, MI
Starr Commonwealth Albion, MI
True Light Bible Baptist Church Albion, MI
Vision of Life Action Team (Until December 2006) Albion, MI
Wildflower Association of Michigan Inc. Albion, MI
World Eye Mission Albion, MI
Alden Volunteers Alden, MI
Helena Township Historical Society Alden, MI
Northwest Michigan Affordable Housing (Until August 2008) Alden, MI
Torch Lake Protection Alliance Alden, MI

Above is a list of organizations in Michigan that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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