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Vehicle Donation in Flint, Michigan

For people interested in vehicle donation in Flint, Michigan, below is a list of Flint, Michigan organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

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A. Circle of Friends Inc. Flint, MI
A. G. A. Booster Club Flint, MI
A. L. Efficacy Movement Inc. (Until January 2008) Flint, MI
A. Temporary Home Inc. Flint, MI
Adult Foster Care Providers of Genesee County Flint, MI
Affordable Living Services Flint, MI
Afojabe Afrikan Village (Until April 2006) Flint, MI
African Drum & Dance Parents Association Flint, MI
Afterschool Alliance Flint, MI
Agape Community Outreach Inc. (Until December 2005) Flint, MI
Alano House of Flint Inc. Flint, MI
All Saint Ministry Flint, MI
Alternatives for Children & Families Inc. Flint, MI
Amateur Radio and Youth Flint, MI
American Academy of Forensic Psychology Inc. Flint, MI
American Druze Foundation Flint, MI
American International Forum Flint, MI
Anna Paulina Foundation 4 Flint, MI
Anne Family Foundation 4 Flint, MI
Answer Center for Women Inc. Flint, MI
Anthony Stephen and Elizabeth E. Brenske Student Loan Fund 4 Flint, MI
Anup and Parul Sud Family Foundation 4 Flint, MI
Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Foundation Flint, MI
Arnold & Gertrude Boutell Memorial Fund Ta 1908-00 4 Flint, MI
Aspire Inc. Flint, MI
Assemblies of Apostolic Faith of Flint Flint, MI
Baker College Flint, MI
Baker College Center for Graduate Studies Flint, MI
Baker College Professional Services Inc. Flint, MI
Baker College of Flint Flint, MI
Barbara A. Morgan Memorial Charitable Tr 4 Flint, MI
Beehivefund Corportaion (Until December 2005) Flint, MI
Bethlehem Church of God in Christ of Flint Flint, MI
Bethlehem Temple Church Extended Community Services Inc. Flint, MI
Bharatiya Temple of Flint Flint, MI
Bicycle Coordination Council Flint, MI
Big Brothers-Big Sisters of Greater Flint Flint, MI
Bodyguard Boxing Academy Inc. (Until December 2005) Flint, MI
Boys and Girls Club of Greater Flint Flint, MI
Brackett S. Theraputic Counseling Services (Until September 2008) Flint, MI
Brandon Seniors (Until December 2005) Flint, MI
Bride Ministries (Until December 2008) Flint, MI
Bristol Road Church of Christ Flint, MI
Bruin Club of Genesee County Flint, MI
Buckham Alley Theater Inc. Flint, MI
Buckham Fine Arts Project Flint, MI
Buddhist Relief Mission Flint, MI
Buell Playground-Development Fund Flint, MI
Burmese Relief Center-USA Flint, MI
Burroughs Memorial Trust 4 Flint, MI
Burtons Apostolie Church of Jesus Christ Flint, MI
C. & A. Reid Charitable Trust Art VII 4 Flint, MI
C. C. T. T. (Until December 2005) Flint, MI
C. William Brenske Scholarship Fund 4 Flint, MI
Calvin and Deborah A. Jones Family Foundation 4 Flint, MI
Canaan Baptist Church Inc. Flint, MI
Candlelight Foundation Tr 40 5570100 4 Flint, MI
Career Alliance Inc. Flint, MI
Carman-Ainsworth Senior Citizen Organization Flint, MI
Carriage Town Historic Neighborhood Assoc Flint, MI
Carriage Town Ministries Flint, MI
Cavalier Band Boosters (Until December 2007) Flint, MI
Center for Gerontology Flint, MI
Center for Juvenile Justice Flint, MI
Central Christian Church Flint, MI
Charles J. & Alda L. Horgan Charitable Tr 4 Flint, MI
Charles Stewart Harding Foundation 4 Flint, MI
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation 4 Flint, MI
Child Advocacy Center of Genesee County (Until December 2008) Flint, MI
Child Welfare Society of Flint Inc. Flint, MI
Children Dream Center (Until July 2005) Flint, MI
Christ Church Flint, MI
Christ Enrichment Center (Until December 2007) Flint, MI
Christ Episcopal Church of Flint Mich Flint, MI
Christian Church International Flint, MI
Christian Life Child Development Flint, MI
Church of Christ Lennon Road Flint, MI
Church of God Flint, MI
Citizens Banking Corporation Charitable Foundation 4 Flint, MI
Citizens for Animal Rescue and Emergencies Flint, MI
Citizens of Crossroads Village Flint, MI
Clc Inc. Flint, MI
Cm and AA Reid Charitable Trust and Student Loan Fund 4 Flint, MI
Cofy - Community Outreach for Family and Youth (Until September 2007) Flint, MI
Collins Memorial Community Service Inc. (Until December 2008) Flint, MI
Colonial Village Church Flint, MI
Communication Access Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Inc. Flint, MI
Community Capital Development Corporation Flint, MI
Community Christian Church Disciples of Christ Flint, MI
Community Foundation of Greater Flint Flint, MI
Community Home Health and Hospice 4 Flint, MI
Community Recovery Services Flint, MI
Concerned Pastors for Social Action of Michigan (Until September 2007) Flint, MI
Congregation Beth Israel Flint, MI
Congregation Chabad House Lubavitch of Eastern Michigan Flint, MI
Connexion Inc. Flint, MI
Conservative Forum for Unitarian Universalists Flint, MI
Consortium on Child Abuse and Neglect Flint, MI
Court Street Village Non-Profit Housing Corporation Flint, MI
Crim Festival of Races Inc. Flint, MI
Crim Foundation Flint, MI
Dallas Dort Family Charitable Trust Flint, MI
Dayspring Ministries Inc. Flint, MI
Dejard P. Foundation Inc. 4 Flint, MI
Detroit Street Church of God Sanctified Flint, MI
Disability Outreach Organization (Until June 2008) Flint, MI
Diversion-Adolescent Foster Care of Ohio Inc. Flint, MI
Divine Truth Ministries Flint, MI
Don H. & Iva M. Bellinger Scholarship Fund 4 Flint, MI
Don Haley Memorial Scholarship Fund Flint, MI
Downtown Outreach Ministries Flint, MI
Dukette Learning Center Inc. Flint, MI
Earl & Irene Wiese Foundation 4 Flint, MI
Eastern Michigan Hockey Association Inc. Flint, MI
Eastside Compassionate Mission Center Inc. Flint, MI
Eastside Senior Citizens Association Flint, MI
Echoes of Faith Holiness Church Flint, MI
Economic Empowerment Inc. (Until December 2006) Flint, MI
El Ballet Folklorico Estudiantil Flint, MI
Eliezer Church of the Apostolic Faith Flint, MI
Elohims Ministries Flint, MI
Elsona Foster Care Inc. 4 Flint, MI
Elton W. and Elsie W. West Trust FBO Court Street United Methodist (Until December 2006) Flint, MI
Encore Productions International Inc. Flint, MI
End-Time Messenger of Deliverance Church Flint, MI
Ennis Center for Children Inc. Flint, MI
Eva R. Earle Tr Nect 4 Flint, MI
Extreme Sports Philanthropy Organization (Until December 2006) Flint, MI
Faith Access to Community Economic Development Flint, MI
Family Foundation of Mid-Michigan Inc. Flint, MI
Family Service Agency of Mid Michigan Flint, MI
Family Support Services for Mental Recovery Flint, MI
Family Worship Center Church of Flint Flint, MI
Father Son & Holy Spirit Ministry Flint, MI
Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church Flint, MI
First Missionary Church of Flint Michigan Flint, MI
Flint Area Crimestoppers Inc. Flint, MI
Flint Area Educational Foundation Flint, MI
Flint Area Enterprise Community Incorporated Flint, MI
Flint Area Investment Fund Inc. Flint, MI
Flint Area Specialized Employment Services Inc. (Until September 2005) Flint, MI
Flint Baptist Temple Flint, MI
Flint Bible Institute Flint, MI
Flint Brown Sugar Stitchers Quilting Guild (Until October 2008) Flint, MI
Flint Childrens Museum Flint, MI
Flint City Theatre (Until December 2007) Flint, MI
Flint Coalition for Innovative Housing & Jobs Flint, MI
Flint Coalition for Youth Baseball-Softball League Flint, MI
Flint Community Education Fund Flint, MI
Flint Community Players Inc. Flint, MI
Flint Convention and Visitors Bureau Educational Foundation Inc. Flint, MI
Flint Crisis Pregnancy Center Flint, MI
Flint Cultural Center Corporation Inc. Flint, MI
Flint Cultural Center Foundation Flint, MI
Flint Family Road (Until December 2005) Flint, MI
Flint Firefighters Historical Society (Until December 2008) Flint, MI
Flint Genealogical Society Flint, MI
Flint Health Systems Imaging Ctr Flint, MI
Flint Icons Basketball Association (Until December 2007) Flint, MI
Flint Institute of Arts Flint, MI
Flint Institute of Music Flint, MI
Flint Jewish Federation Flint, MI
Flint Mastersingers Flint, MI
Flint Monument Committee Flint, MI
Flint Neighborhood Impvr & Pres Project Inc. Flint, MI
Flint Northern High School Alumni Association Flint, MI
Flint Odyssey House Inc. Flint, MI
Flint River Watershed Coalition Flint, MI
Flint Science Fair Inc. Flint, MI
Flint Spiritualist Church Flint, MI
Flint Symphonic Wind Ensemble Flint, MI
Flint Township Youth Football- Cheerleading League (Until December 2007) Flint, MI
Flint Urban Gardening and Land Use Corporation Flint, MI
Flint West Village Community Development Corporation Flint, MI
Flint YMCA Foundation Flint, MI
Floyd J. McCree Theatre & Fine Arts Centre 4 Flint, MI
Food Bank of Eastern Michigan Inc. Flint, MI
Foss Avenue Endowment Fund Flint, MI
Foundation for Mott Community College Flint, MI
Foundation for the Flint Cultural Center Flint, MI
Foundation for the YWCA of Greater Flint Flint, MI
Founders Society Flint, MI
Frances Goll Mills Fund Second National Bank Trustee 4 Flint, MI
Frederica Neva & Abraham Jaffe Scholarship Fund FBO Colon H. S. 4 Flint, MI
Friends of Crossroads Village Carousel Flint, MI
Friends of for Mar Foundation Inc. Flint, MI
Friends of the Alfred P. Sloan Museum Flint, MI
Friends of the Flint Police Flint, MI
Friends of the Robert T. Longway Planetarium Flint, MI
Fritchof T. Sallness & Marian M. Sallness Memorial Scholarship Fund 4 Flint, MI
Ganga Kaveri Bhagirathi Trust Incorporated 4 Flint, MI
Genesee Area Focus Council Inc. Flint, MI
Genesee Area Focus Fund Inc. Flint, MI
Genesee Audubon Inc. Flint, MI
Genesee Chamber Foundation Flint, MI
Genesee Christian Day Care Service Flint, MI
Genesee Coalition on Adolescent Pregnancy Parenting & Prevention Flint, MI
Genesee Council for the Blind Inc. Flint, MI
Genesee County Assn for Retarded Citizens Flint, MI
Genesee County Bar Foundation Flint, MI

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Above is a list of organizations in Flint, Michigan that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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