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Vehicle Donation in Kansas

For people interested in vehicle donation in Kansas, below is a list of Kansas organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Arise the Nations International (Until December 2007) Newton, KS
Bible Baptist Church Newton, KS
Caring Hands Humane Society Newton, KS
Caring Place Inc. Newton, KS
Casa A. Voice for Children Inc. Newton, KS
Central Homecare & Hospice Newton, KS
Central Kansas Community Foundation Newton, KS
Church Extension Services Inc. Newton, KS
Communities in Schools of Kansas Inc. Newton, KS
Cottonwood Scout Camp Inc. (Until December 2007) Newton, KS
Fellowship Chapel Newton, KS
First United Presbyterian Church Permanent Endowment Fd of Newton Newton, KS
Florence Bessmer Foundation Newton, KS
Friendly Acres A. Home of the United Methodist Church Newton, KS
Friendly Acres Foundation Inc. Newton, KS
Friendly Acres Health Ministries Inc. Newton, KS
General Conference of the Church of God of the First Born Newton, KS
General Conference of the Mennonite Church Newton, KS
Harvey County Cisd Team Newton, KS
Harvey County Cpr Newton, KS
Harvey County Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Task Force Inc. Newton, KS
Harvey County Emergency Services Academy Newton, KS
Harvey County Historical Society Inc. Newton, KS
Harvey County United Way Inc. Newton, KS
Health Ministries Clinic Inc. Newton, KS
Heartland Pregnancy Care Center Inc. Newton, KS
Hesston Football Club Inc. Newton, KS
Highland Church of Christ Newton, KS
Historic Fox Theatre of Newton Inc. (Until December 2006) Newton, KS
Hope Home Repair Inc. (Until December 2007) Newton, KS
Hopi Mission School Foundation Inc. Newton, KS
International House of Prayer Newton (Until September 2008) Newton, KS
Kansas C. I. S. M. Network (Until December 2006) Newton, KS
Kansas Folklife Association Inc. Newton, KS
Kansas Lions Band Foundation Inc. Newton, KS
Lift High the Cross Incorporated Newton, KS
Meadowlark Housing Inc. Newton, KS
Mennonite Weekly Review Inc. Newton, KS
Mid Kansas McC. Relief Sale Inc. Newton, KS
Mirror Inc. Newton, KS
Nds Homes Corporation Newton, KS
Nellie McAuliffe Student Loan Trust 4 Newton, KS
Newton Area Senior Center Inc. Newton, KS
Newton Bible Church Newton, KS
Newton Community Childrens Choir Inc. (Until June 2006) Newton, KS
Newton Et Cetera Shop Inc. Newton, KS
Newton Fine Arts Association Inc. Newton, KS
Newton Healthcare Corporation Newton, KS
Newton Healthcare Foundation Inc. Newton, KS
Newton Meals-On-Wheels Inc. Newton, KS
Newton Ministerial Alliance Inc. Newton, KS
Newton Weekday Bible School Inc. Newton, KS
Northview Development Services Endowment Foundation Inc. Newton, KS
Northview Developmental Services Inc. Newton, KS
Northview Housing Inc. Newton, KS
Northview Residences Inc. Newton, KS
Offender Victim Ministries Inc. Newton, KS
Partnership for Harvey County Families Communities in School Inc. Newton, KS
Prairie View Inc. Newton, KS
R. Michael Rhoades Foundation Newton, KS
Race the Wind Greyhound Adoption Inc. Newton, KS
Reformed Faith Foundation (Until December 2005) Newton, KS
Schowalter Foundation Inc. 4 Newton, KS
Second Century Endowment Foundation Newton, KS
Source of Light-Kansas Inc. Newton, KS
South Central Kansas Football Club Inc. Newton, KS
St. Matthews Operational Endowment Fund Inc. Newton, KS
St. Matthews Permanent Endowment Fund of Newton Kansas Inc. Newton, KS
Swim Newton Inc. Newton, KS
The Sedgwick Senior Center Inc. (Until December 2006) Newton, KS
Trinity Heights United Methodist Church Foundation of Newton Ks Newton, KS
United Methodist Youthville Inc. Newton, KS
Warkentin House Association Inc. Newton, KS
Nickerson Alumni Assn Nickerson, KS
Nicodemus Historical Society Nicodemus, KS
Bethel College North Newton, KS
Book Reviews Inc. (Until December 2006) North Newton, KS
Mennonite Central Committee Central States Inc. North Newton, KS
Andbe Home Inc. Norton, KS
Colip Family Foundation A. Colorado Nonprofit Corporation Norton, KS
D. C. Duer Foundation 4 Norton, KS
Esther Davis Foundation 4 Norton, KS
J. Byrum Memorial Scholarship Trust Fund Norton, KS
Jack A. & Wanda Mae Mechsner Foundation Tr 4 Norton, KS
Kansas State Rifle Association Foundation Norton, KS
Keith G. Sebelius Foundation 4 Norton, KS
Kelling Family Foundation 4 Norton, KS
Memorial Award of Norton Community H. S. Gradating Class of 1935 Tr Fd Norton, KS
Nort Cares for the Elderly and Disabled Inc. Norton, KS
Norton County Arts Council Inc. Norton, KS
Norton County Community Service Association Norton, KS
Norton County Historical Society Norton, KS
Norton County Horse Council Association Norton, KS
Norton County Hospital Norton, KS
Norton County Senior Citizens Inc. Norton, KS
Norton Development Corporation Norton, KS
Norton Lions Charities Inc. Norton, KS
Norton Public Library Foundation Norton, KS
Norton Theater Association Inc. Norton, KS
Second Chance Homeless Pet Society Norton, KS
Sunflower Pioneer Power Association Inc. Norton, KS
Thomas D. Morgan Irrevocable Intervivos Trust No 1 4 Norton, KS
Valley Hope Association Norton, KS
Valley Hope Association Foundation Norton, KS
Norwich Care Center Inc. Norwich, KS
Rose Meron Cemetery Assn Dist 3 6 Oakhill, KS
Hospice of the Western Plains Association Oakley, KS
Logan County Healthcare Foundation Inc. Oakley, KS
Logan County Senior Citzens Inc. Oakley, KS
Med-Op Inc. Oakley, KS
New Frontiers Health Services Inc. Oakley, KS
Oakley Veterans Memorial Association Inc. 6 Oakley, KS
Wild West Historical Foundation Inc. Oakley, KS
County of Decatur Oberlin, KS
Decatur Area Development Fund Inc. Oberlin, KS
Decatur Area Theatre Association Oberlin, KS
Decatur County Fair Foundation Inc. Oberlin, KS
Decatur County Museum Inc. Oberlin, KS
Decatur County Retirement Housing Inc. 4 Oberlin, KS
Decatur Health Care Foundation Inc. Oberlin, KS
Decatur Health Systems Inc. Oberlin, KS
Smick Memorial Loan Fund 4 Oberlin, KS
The Kansas State Fire Fighters Association Auxiliary Inc. Oberlin, KS
Holy Family Cemetery Fund Odin, KS
Evergreen Cemetery Association 6 Offerle, KS
Korean Presbyterian Church of Ogden Inc. Ogden, KS
Ogden Youth Center Inc. Ogden, KS
Oketo Community Historical Society Charitable Trust Oketo, KS
Medical Outreach Foundation (Until December 2006) Olate, KS
Olathe Historical Society Olath, KS
317 Th Veterans Group 6 Olathe, KS
Abba House Foundation (Until December 2006) Olathe, KS
Abiding Life Bible Church Olathe, KS
Abundant Life Church of God Olathe, KS
Acts Alive Incorporated Olathe, KS
Aging Forum Inc. Olathe, KS
Aging Information & Action of Johnson County Inc. (Until December 2005) Olathe, KS
All India Mission Olathe, KS
American Association of School Personnel Administrators (Until September 2005) Olathe, KS
American Flight Museum Inc. Olathe, KS
Angel Babies Olathe, KS
Association of Christian Foundations Inc. (Until December 2005) Olathe, KS
Bayit Le Bayit Ministry Inc. Olathe, KS
Beacon Behavioral Healthcare (Until December 2007) Olathe, KS
Bethel Music Ministry Inc. Olathe, KS
Bill Cobb Ministries Inc. Olathe, KS
Boosters of Acappella Choir in Harmony B. A. C. H. Olathe, KS
Bryan Lynch Family Foundation 4 Olathe, KS
Calvary Baptist Church of Olathe Incorporated Olathe, KS
Calvary Chapel of Johnson County Inc. Olathe, KS
Camp Quality USA Incorporated Olathe, KS
Cedar House Inc. Olathe, KS
Character Council Olathe Inc. Olathe, KS
Charles R. Millhuff Evangelistic Association Inc. Olathe, KS
Chestnut Fine Arts Center Inc. (Until December 2006) Olathe, KS
Christ Community Fellowship Inc. Olathe, KS
Christian Community Foundation in Kansas City Olathe, KS
Christian Resource Development Olathe, KS
Christian Youth Theater Kansas City Inc. (Until May 2005) Olathe, KS
Church of the Harvest Olathe, KS
Church of the Holy Rule Inc. Olathe, KS
Church of the Nazarene Foundation Olathe, KS
Community Outreach Services Inc. Olathe, KS
Community of Olathe Swim Club Olathe, KS
Cornerstone Ministries of Kansas Inc. Olathe, KS
Cracked Pot Records Inc. (Until December 2006) Olathe, KS
Crossroads Community Church Olathe, KS
Cypress Recovery Incorporated Olathe, KS
Dan Smith Ministries Olathe, KS
Day Star Productions Olathe, KS
Dennis Avenue Church of Christ of Olathe Kansas Olathe, KS
Ensor Park and Museum Trust 4 Olathe, KS
Eric Holmes Ministries Inc. (Until December 2008) Olathe, KS
Faith Apostolic Temple Inc. Olathe, KS
Financial Advocates of the Marching Eagles Olathe, KS
Fitt Family Foundation Tr 4 Olathe, KS
Foundation on Aging Olathe, KS
Friends of Johnson County Nursing Center Inc. Olathe, KS
Friends of the Mahaffie House & Farmstead Incorporated Olathe, KS
Friends of the Olathe Public Library Inc. Olathe, KS
Friendship Inn KC Inc. Olathe, KS
Genesis Center (Until December 2008) Olathe, KS
Gerson Family Foundation 4 Olathe, KS
Global Apostolic Ministries Inc. Olathe, KS
Guardian Angel Day Care Center Inc. 5 Olathe, KS
Heart to Heart International Inc. Olathe, KS
Heartconnexion Ministries Inc. Olathe, KS
Hidden Glen Arts Festival Inc. Olathe, KS
Hope Harbour Behavioral Health Care Inc. (Until December 2005) Olathe, KS
Ii X II Acapella Ministries Inc. Olathe, KS
Integrity Resource Center Inc. (Until December 2005) Olathe, KS
Ires Foundation Olathe, KS
Jared Coones Memorial Foundation (Until December 2005) Olathe, KS
Jean Wilkinson Foundation (Until December 2008) Olathe, KS
Jeffrey Lindgren Memorial Fund Olathe, KS
John M. Hewitt Family Foundation 4 Olathe, KS
Johnson County Court Appointed Special Advocate Inc. Olathe, KS
Johnson County Extension Education Foundation Olathe, KS
Johnson County Extension Master Gardeners Association Olathe, KS
Johnson County Fair Association Olathe, KS

Above is a list of organizations in Kansas that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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