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Vehicle Donation in Indiana

For people interested in vehicle donation in Indiana, below is a list of Indiana organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Revival Temple Christian Church Outreach Ministries Indiannapolis, IN
Motivational Messages Inc. (Until December 2006) Indianopolis, IN
Southport Adult Athletic Booster Club Indianopolis, IN
Volunteers Gift Shop Inc. Indianopolis, IN
Booth Manor Inc. Indianpolis, IN
Christ Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church Incorporated Indianpolis, IN
Christos Center for Spiritual Direction (Until December 2007) Indianpolis, IN
Eagledale Neighborhood Association Inc. (Until December 2007) Indianpolis, IN
Haviland Collectors International Educational Foundation Indianpolis, IN
Indy Voices Inc. Indianpolis, IN
Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation Indianpolis, IN
Church of the Living God Pillar & Ground of the Trust Indpls, IN
Danville Swim Team Parents Assn Inc. Indpls, IN
Eastside Trinity Gospel Tabernacle Inc. Indpls, IN
Indian Creek Parent Faculty Org Inc. Indpls, IN
Indiana University Psychiatric Associates Inc. Indpls, IN
Indianapolis Brass Choir Inc. Indpls, IN
International Center for Entrepreneurs Inc. Indpls, IN
Kingman Housing Inc. Indpls, IN
Perry Meridian Dads Club Indpls, IN
Victor A. Derose Foundation 4 Indpls, IN
Williams and McCullough Inc. Indpls, IN
Geist Orchard Cooperative Preschool Inc. Indy, IN
Church of Jesus Christ Ingalls, IN
Lutheran Day Care Center Inc. Inglefield, IN
Respect Adademy (Until December 2008) Inidianapolis, IN
Builder of the Spirit Ministries Inc. (Until December 2006) Jamestown, IN
Jackson Township Historical Society Inc. (Until December 2005) Jamestown, IN
Tabitha USA Inc. (Until December 2007) Jamestown, IN
Tri-Area Library Inc. Jamestown, IN
Greene County C. P. Jasonville, IN
Greene County Friends of Animals Inc. (Until December 2007) Jasonville, IN
Jasonville Friends of Public Library Jasonville, IN
Metropolitan School District of Shakamak Education Foundation Inc. Jasonville, IN
Shakamak Community Church Incorporated Jasonville, IN
Shakamak Elementary Pto Jasonville, IN
Shakamak Girls Softball League Inc. Jasonville, IN
Shakamak Jr-Sr High Choir Boosters Inc. Jasonville, IN
Shakamak Youth Football Inc. Jasonville, IN
Spirit Builders Inc. Jasonville, IN
A. Wayne Place Charitable Trust Jasper, IN
Alvin C. Ruxer Foundation Inc. 4 Jasper, IN
American Legion Post 147 Charitable Annuity Lead Trust 4 Jasper, IN
Arnold F. Habig Living Charitable Trust 1990 4 Jasper, IN
Barbara Cukierski Habig Foundation 4 Jasper, IN
Benjamin Rush House Inc. Jasper, IN
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dubois County Inc. Jasper, IN
C. B. Stout Foundation 4 Jasper, IN
C. M. & Rose Renneisen Scholarship Foundation Inc. 4 Jasper, IN
Celestine Sesqui-Centennial Inc. Jasper, IN
Community Cemetary Association of Haysville Ind 6 Jasper, IN
Community Food Bank Inc. Jasper, IN
Crisis Connection Inc. Jasper, IN
David G. Buehler Charitable Tr 4 Jasper, IN
Dcb Foundation Inc. 4 Jasper, IN
Door of Faith Inc. Jasper, IN
Dorothea Dix House Inc. Jasper, IN
Dubois County 4-H. Council Inc. Jasper, IN
Dubois County Alliance to Promote Education Inc. (Until December 2005) Jasper, IN
Dubois County Area Development Corporation (Until December 2008) Jasper, IN
Dubois County Children Inc. Jasper, IN
Dubois County Community Foundation Inc. Jasper, IN
Dubois County High School Scholarship Trust Inc. 4 Jasper, IN
Dubois County Historical Society Jasper, IN
Dubois County Humane Society Inc. Jasper, IN
Dubois County Museum Inc. Jasper, IN
Dubois-Pike-Warrick Economic Opportunity Committee Inc. Jasper, IN
Fellowship Baptist Church of Jasper Indiana Jasper, IN
Freedom Reins Therapeutic Riding Center Inc. (Until October 2006) Jasper, IN
Friends of Jasper Baseball Inc. Jasper, IN
Friends of the Arts Inc. Jasper, IN
G. J. & Mary Belle Nichols Scholarship Fund 4 Jasper, IN
German American Foundation Inc. 4 Jasper, IN
Haysville Community Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Jasper, IN
Herb Thyen Family Foundation Inc. 4 Jasper, IN
Hispanic Outreach Services Inc. (Until June 2005) Jasper, IN
Historic Jasper Inc. Jasper, IN
House of the Lord in Jasper Indiana Inc. Jasper, IN
Indiana American Legion Post 76 Walter W. Benson Scholarship Tr 4 Jasper, IN
Indiana Baseball Hall of Fame Inc. Jasper, IN
Inwood Office Furniture Foundation Inc. 4 Jasper, IN
Ireland Historical Society Inc. Jasper, IN
Jarco [email protected] Place Endowed Presidential Scholarship Trust Jasper, IN
Jasper Aquatic Wildcats Inc. Jasper, IN
Jasper Band Parents Inc. Jasper, IN
Jasper Desk Foundation Inc. 4 Jasper, IN
Jasper Office Furniture Foundation Inc. 4 Jasper, IN
Jasper Seating Foundation Inc. 4 Jasper, IN
Jasper Tennis Patrons Organization Inc. Jasper, IN
Jasper Volunteer Firemans Association Inc. 6 Jasper, IN
Jasper Youth Baseball Inc. Jasper, IN
Jjc Charitable Trust 4 Jasper, IN
Kathleen M. Lane Memorial Scholarship Fund 4 Jasper, IN
Ken Krempp Foundation Inc. 4 Jasper, IN
Kids of the Kingdom Incorporated (Until June 2006) Jasper, IN
Kimball International-Habig Foundation Inc. 4 Jasper, IN
Lemmons Church and Cemetery Association Inc. Jasper, IN
Martin J. Fritch Foundation 4 Jasper, IN
Maurice & Evelyn King Education Tr 4 Jasper, IN
N. E. Dubois Girls Youth Softball (Until December 2008) Jasper, IN
Norris Family Foundation Inc. 4 Jasper, IN
Nu-Vision USA Inc. (Until December 2006) Jasper, IN
P. & G. Foundation Inc. 4 Jasper, IN
Queen of Angels Inc. (Until December 2005) Jasper, IN
Redevelop Old Jasper Action Coalition Inc. Jasper, IN
Regional Catholic School Corporation (Until December 2005) Jasper, IN
Ron R. and Mary Jane Schneider Family Foundation Inc. 4 Jasper, IN
Shiloh Cemetery Assn 6 Jasper, IN
Sister Cities of Jasper Inc. Jasper, IN
Sister Maria Pieta Scott Csc Scholarship Tr 4 Jasper, IN
Southern Hills Counseling Center Inc. Jasper, IN
Southern Hills Housing Corporation Jasper, IN
Steven M. Seger Memorial Foundation Inc. 4 Jasper, IN
String Inc. Jasper, IN
Sugarman Trust 4 Jasper, IN
The Friends of Southern Hills Incorporated Jasper, IN
The Patoka Valley Quilters Guild Incorporated Jasper, IN
Thomas L. Habig Fdn Inc. 4 Jasper, IN
United Cabinet Foundation Inc. 4 Jasper, IN
Vincennes University Jasper Center Foundation Inc. Jasper, IN
Board of Christian Education of the Presbyterian Church Jeffersonville, IN
Childplace Inc. Jeffersonville, IN
Christ Gospel Churches International Inc. Jeffersonville, IN
Church at Jeffersonville Indiana Inc. Jeffersonville, IN
Clark County Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Jeffersonville, IN
Clark County Riverfront Development Corporation Jeffersonville, IN
Clark County Youth Shelter Inc. Jeffersonville, IN
Community Action of Southern Indiana Inc. Jeffersonville, IN
Crisis Pregnancy Center of Southern Indiana Inc. Jeffersonville, IN
Faith Evangelistic Tabernacle Inc. Jeffersonville, IN
Faith and Finances Inc. Jeffersonville, IN
Family Health Center of Clark Co Jeffersonville, IN
First Church of Divine Metaphysics Jeffersonville, IN
Gospel Tabernacle Inc. Jeffersonville, IN
Hoosier Hills Aids Coalition Inc. Jeffersonville, IN
Jeffersonville Indiana Congregation of Jehovahs Witnesses Inc. Jeffersonville, IN
Jeffersonville Optimist Youth Foundation Jeffersonville, IN
Jeffersonville Optimists Youth Foundation Incorporated Jeffersonville, IN
Jesus Christ Ministries Jeffersonville, IN
John Kenyon Eye Research Foundation Inc. Jeffersonville, IN
Leadership Clark County Foundation Incorporated Jeffersonville, IN
Lifespring Centerplace II Inc. Jeffersonville, IN
Little Angel Auxiliary of the Bridgepointe Rehabilitation Center Jeffersonville, IN
Nan-Lou Inc. Jeffersonville, IN
Perrin Family Park Foundation Inc. 4 Jeffersonville, IN
Praise Baptist Church Jeffersonville, IN
Presbyterian Church USA Foundation Jeffersonville, IN
Robbie Valentine Sports Club Inc. Jeffersonville, IN
Saint John Divine Pure Gospel Church Incorporated Jeffersonville, IN
Shoe-A-Kid Inc. Jeffersonville, IN
Temple of Life Jeffersonville, IN
Toastmasters International Jeffersonville, IN
Tucker Automobile Club of America Inc. Jeffersonville, IN
Walnut Ridge Cemetery Inc. 6 Jeffersonville, IN
William Branham Evangelistic Association Jeffersonville, IN
Xmas-365 Foundation Inc. Jeffersonville, IN
Animals Protection Association Inc. Jeffersonvlle, IN
Anointed Ladies Ministry (Until December 2006) Jeffersonvlle, IN
Catie Martin Memorial Charity (Until December 2005) Jeffersonvlle, IN
Center for Lay Ministries Inc. Jeffersonvlle, IN
Centerplace III Inc. Jeffersonvlle, IN
Cherry Hill Neighborhood Association Inc. (Until December 2007) Jeffersonvlle, IN
Clark County Casa Inc. Jeffersonvlle, IN
Clark County Detention Bldg Corp 6 Jeffersonvlle, IN
Clark County Historical Society and Howard Steamboat Museum Inc. Jeffersonvlle, IN
Clark County Hospital Foundation Inc. Jeffersonvlle, IN
Clark County Humane Association Inc. Jeffersonvlle, IN
Clark County Leadership in Justice for Youth Inc. (Until June 2009) Jeffersonvlle, IN
Clark County Soccer Association Inc. Jeffersonvlle, IN
Clark County Superior Court II Drug Court Inc. (Until December 2007) Jeffersonvlle, IN
Clark Memorial Hospital Jeffersonvlle, IN
Clarksville Riverfront Development Inc. Jeffersonvlle, IN
Communities in Schools of Clark County Inc. (Until December 2006) Jeffersonvlle, IN
Community Kitchen Inc. Jeffersonvlle, IN
Cordelia P. Hedges Tuw FBO Carroll College Jeffersonvlle, IN
Eastern Cemetery of Jeffersonville Inc. 6 Jeffersonvlle, IN
Ecunet Inc. Jeffersonvlle, IN
Gccs Educational Foundation Inc. Jeffersonvlle, IN
Gilt Edge Baptist Church Community Development Corporation Jeffersonvlle, IN
Haven House Services Inc. Jeffersonvlle, IN
Institute for Director & Trusteeship Inc. 4 Jeffersonvlle, IN
Jeff-Clark Preservation Inc. 3 Jeffersonvlle, IN
Jeffersonville Housing Services Corporation Jeffersonvlle, IN
Jeffersonville Main Street Inc. Jeffersonvlle, IN
Jeffersonville Urban Enterprise Association Inc. Jeffersonvlle, IN
Jeffersonville Youth Basketball League Inc. Jeffersonvlle, IN
Ladies Union Club Inc. Jeffersonvlle, IN
Lifespring Foundation of Indiana Inc. Jeffersonvlle, IN
Lifespring Inc. Jeffersonvlle, IN
Lifespring Manor House II Apartments Inc. Jeffersonvlle, IN
Lifespring Residential Services Inc. Jeffersonvlle, IN
Living Water Church Inc. Jeffersonvlle, IN
New Hope Services Inc. Jeffersonvlle, IN
New Progressive Baptist Church Jeffersonvlle, IN
Noahs Ark Inc. Jeffersonvlle, IN
Northside Church of Christ Jeffersonvlle, IN
Ohio Valley Choral Festival Association Jeffersonvlle, IN
Pacesetter Aquatics Inc. Jeffersonvlle, IN
Paul Ogle Foundation Inc. 4 Jeffersonvlle, IN
Regional Youth Services Inc. Jeffersonvlle, IN

Above is a list of organizations in Indiana that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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