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Vehicle Donation in Illinois

For people interested in vehicle donation in Illinois, below is a list of Illinois organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Arthur J. Schmitt Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
Artistic Circles Wilmette, IL
Aspen Institute for A. Theological Wilmette, IL
Augmentative Communication Technology Supports (Until December 2006) Wilmette, IL
Avoca Foundation for Preservation of Education Excellence Inc. Wilmette, IL
Axley Family Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
Barbara and Jerry Pearlman Foundation Inc. 4 Wilmette, IL
Bill Dailey Scholarship Fund Wilmette, IL
Boyd Family Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
Campbell Family Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
Cancerhelp Institute 3 Wilmette, IL
Caretakers of the Environment International USA Inc. Wilmette, IL
Carl & Marilynn Thoma Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
Center for the Gifted Wilmette, IL
Child & Adolescent Bipolar Fdn Wilmette, IL
Chinese Christian Fellowship Church Wilmette, IL
Christ Child Society of Chicago Wilmette, IL
Clinton School Alumni Association Inc. (Until December 2005) Wilmette, IL
Community Living of Illinois Wilmette, IL
Community Mikvah of Conservative Movement Wilmette, IL
Congergation Sukkat Shalom Wilmette, IL
Creative Dance Theater of North Shore Scholarship Fund (Until December 2008) Wilmette, IL
Creator Arts Center (Until July 2005) Wilmette, IL
Dance Foundation Wilmette, IL
Dartmouth Club of Chicago Wilmette, IL
Devers Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
Dickes Family Charitable Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
District 39 Educational Foundation Wilmette, IL
Dolores Kohl Educational Foundation 3 Wilmette, IL
Doris and Jerome Hirschmann Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
Edith-Marie Appleton Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
Employment Research & Development Institute Wilmette, IL
Enelow Fund 4 Wilmette, IL
Family Helping Hands Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
Family Service Center of Wilmette Glenview Northbrook Kenilworth Wilmette, IL
Federation of Sterea Hellas Wilmette, IL
Foundation for Biomedical Sciences Integrity (Until December 2005) Wilmette, IL
Foundation for the International Research in the Earth Sciences Inc. Wilmette, IL
Franklin Square Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
Friends of the Depot Wilmette, IL
Friends of the Wilmette Public Library Wilmette, IL
Hamill Family Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
Harper Parent Teacher Organization Wilmette, IL
Hartman Family Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
Hbscc Charitable Fund (Until June 2008) Wilmette, IL
Health for Humanity Wilmette, IL
Helaine & Edgar Strauss Opportunity Trust 4 Wilmette, IL
Herbert A. & Lottie C. Petersen Charitable Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
Herman and Lillian Director Foundation Inc. 4 Wilmette, IL
Highcrest Middle School Pto Wilmette, IL
Highland Park Symphonic Winds Wilmette, IL
Housing Opportunity Development Corporation Wilmette, IL
Images for Nonprofit Inc. Wilmette, IL
Infants Aid Wilmette, IL
Iwan Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
John L. & Helen Kellogg Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
John and Mary Raitt Family Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
Jubilate Childrens Choir Wilmette, IL
Kairos Foundation 3 Wilmette, IL
Kenneth-Douglas Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
Kite Family Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
Kohl Childrens Museum of Greater Chicago Inc. Wilmette, IL
La Casa Norte Wilmette, IL
Loaves and Fishes Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
Louis J. Glunz III Familyregis Technologies Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
Loyola Academy Girls Lacrosse Wilmette, IL
Mary & Joseph Education Corp No 1 Wilmette, IL
McNeill Memorial Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
McNess Foundation 3 Wilmette, IL
Meals at Home Wilmette, IL
Medical Interventions for Autism Wilmette, IL
Midwest Ards Foundation Wilmette, IL
Miracle Leaque of Illinois (Until December 2006) Wilmette, IL
Nasa Wildcat Booster Club Inc. (Until August 2007) Wilmette, IL
Nathan Goldblatt Society for Cancer Research Wilmette, IL
New Trier Universal Religious Society Wilmette, IL
Nitzanim Israeli Folk Dance Troupe Wilmette, IL
North American Hair Research Society (Until December 2005) Wilmette, IL
North End Mothers Club Inc. Wilmette, IL
Omer G. and Annabelle K. Voss Charitable Trust 4 Wilmette, IL
Orpheus Hellenic Folklore Society Wilmette, IL
Ouilmette Foundation Wilmette, IL
Pact Inc. Wilmette, IL
Pais Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
Parent Alliance for Drug & Alcohol Awareness Wilmette, IL
R. F. K. Fund 3 Wilmette, IL
Regina Dominican High School Charitable Trust Wilmette, IL
Rita & Henry Winkler Tr 4 Wilmette, IL
Ronald Knox Montessori School Wilmette, IL
Rotary Charitable Projects Foundation of Wilmette Illinois Wilmette, IL
Rubin Katz Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
Sanborn Family Foundtion 4 Wilmette, IL
Schield Family Foundation Inc. 4 Wilmette, IL
Serbian American Medical and Dental Society Wilmette, IL
Serve Wilmette, IL
Shelton Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
Sheridan Shore Sailing School Wilmette, IL
Sirazi Foundation Wilmette, IL
Smart Women Smart Money Educational Foundation (Until December 2008) Wilmette, IL
Solti Foundation Wilmette, IL
Specialized Support Services of Illinois Inc. Wilmette, IL
The Wagner Society of America Wilmette, IL
The Wellspring Institute Wilmette, IL
Theodore and Gertrude Horwich Group 4 Wilmette, IL
Theraplay Institute Wilmette, IL
Tizmoret Nfp (Until December 2007) Wilmette, IL
Tony Derosa Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
Trevian Girls Softball Association Wilmette, IL
Trotter Family Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
Turkey Club Wilmette, IL
Twentieth Century Railroad Club Wilmette, IL
USA Toy Library Association Wilmette, IL
United State Air Force Academy Northern Ill Parents Club Wilmette, IL
Warming House Youth Center Wilmette, IL
Warsaw International Church Wilmette, IL
Wd Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
Wedgwood Society of New York Wilmette, IL
Westmoreland Country Club Scholarship Foundation Wilmette, IL
Wilmette Arts Guild Wilmette, IL
Wilmette Community Nursery School Inc. Wilmette, IL
Wilmette Historical Society Wilmette, IL
Wilmette Hockey Association Inc. Wilmette, IL
Wilmette Junior High School Parent Teacher Organization Wilmette, IL
Wilmette Public Library District Endowment Fund Wilmette, IL
Wilmette Village Wide Pto Wilmette, IL
Wilmette Wings Soccer Club Wilmette, IL
Winslow Family Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
Yale & Marilyn Kaplan Family Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
Youth Connection Wilmette, IL
Abundant Life Fellowship of Wilmington Illinois Wilmington, IL
Marine Air Group 25 Scat 6 Wilmington, IL
Will Grundy Counties Il Genealogical Society Wilmington, IL
Wilmington Area Historical Society Wilmington, IL
Wilmington Elementary Parent Teacher Organization Wilmington, IL
Wilmington Little League Inc. Wilmington, IL
Wilmington School District 209-U. Foundation for Excellence Wilmington, IL
Bloomfield Cemetery Association 6 Winchester, IL
Davenport Arabian Horse Conservancy Winchester, IL
Gillham Cemetery Association 6 Winchester, IL
Illinois Rural Electric Cooperative Members Community Fund Winchester, IL
Scott County 4-H. & Junior Agricultural Show Association Winchester, IL
Scott County Community School District No 1 Education Foundation Winchester, IL
Scott County Dog Rescue (Until December 2007) Winchester, IL
Scott County Historical Society Winchester, IL
Christian Outreach to Southern Africa Windsor, IL
Cochran Grove Cemetery Association 6 Windsor, IL
Heart Song Ministry Windsor, IL
Centra Corporation Winfield, IL
Central Du Page Health System Foundation Winfield, IL
Central Dupage Health Foundation Winfield, IL
Central Dupage Health System Winfield, IL
Central Dupage Hospital Association Winfield, IL
Central Dupage Special Health Association Winfield, IL
Community Alliance Home Health (Until June 2006) Winfield, IL
Dreams Indeed International (Until June 2005) Winfield, IL
Dupage County Senior Police Management Association Winfield, IL
Friends for Therapeutic Equine Activities Winfield, IL
Illinois Physique Asssociation Inc. Winfield, IL
International Friends for the Developmentally Disabled (Until December 2007) Winfield, IL
Jayanthi Charitable Foundation Winfield, IL
Main Street Winfield Inc. Winfield, IL
Micah Lee Foundation Nfp 4 Winfield, IL
Moob Federation of America Inc. Winfield, IL
Pahcs II Winfield, IL
Questscope Ltd. Winfield, IL
Rejoice Ministries Inc. Winfield, IL
Seoul National University Alumni Assoc Inc. in Chicago Area Winfield, IL
The McNamara Purcell Foundation 4 Winfield, IL
United States Police Canine Association (Until December 2007) Winfield, IL
Vladislav Tretiak North American Hokey Academy Inc. Winfield, IL
Winfield Athletic Association (Until September 2006) Winfield, IL
Winfield Education Foundation Winfield, IL
Winfield Historical Society Winfield, IL
Winfield Library Friends (Until April 2007) Winfield, IL
Winfield Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Winfield, IL
Wyndemere Retirement Community Winfield, IL
Wynscape Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Winfield, IL
Alan Spratt Ballpark Association Inc. Winnebago, IL
Foundation for Educational Excellence Winnebago, IL
New Life Bible Church Winnebago, IL
Winnebago Church of Christ Winnebago, IL
Winnebago Preschool Inc. Winnebago, IL
Ross Family Foundation 4 Winnetha, IL
Black Rhino Foundation Inc. Winnetica, IL
American Friends of the Anatolia Center for Psychoanalysis 4 Winnetka, IL
Anne and Mead Montgomery Family Fdn 4 Winnetka, IL
Armenian Relief Mission Winnetka, IL
Armund and Rita Schoen Foundation 4 Winnetka, IL
Barber Family Foundation Tr Ua 052197 4 Winnetka, IL
Buddin Praed Foundation Winnetka, IL
Bundy Family Foundation Dtd 041697 4 Winnetka, IL
Burt Family Foundation Dtd 050997 4 Winnetka, IL
Callahan Charitable Foundation 4 Winnetka, IL
Care for Children (Until March 2007) Winnetka, IL
Carnot and Luceile Allen Foundation 3 Winnetka, IL
Carolyn Beug Educational Foundation 4 Winnetka, IL
Center Street Foundation 4 Winnetka, IL
Citizens for Scouting in Winnetka Inc. Winnetka, IL
Clarence L. Coleman Jr and Lillian S. Coleman Foundation 4 Winnetka, IL
Congregations for Family Emergencies in New Trier Township Winnetka, IL

Above is a list of organizations in Illinois that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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