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Vehicle Donation in Illinois

For people interested in vehicle donation in Illinois, below is a list of Illinois organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

American Sleep Medicine Foundation Westchester, IL
Aspire of Illinois Westchester, IL
C. Louis Meyer Family Foundation 4 Westchester, IL
Christs Oasis Ministries Westchester, IL
Corn Products Educational Foundation 4 Westchester, IL
Danbury Shelton Group Inc. (Until December 2008) Westchester, IL
Darknight Theatrical Productions (Until June 2007) Westchester, IL
Divinie Providence Athletic Assoc Westchester, IL
Franzosenbusch Heritage Society Westchester, IL
Golden Pearl Foundation 4 Westchester, IL
Greater Chicago Ferret Association Westchester, IL
Growing Place Empowerment Organization (Until December 2006) Westchester, IL
Healthcare Financial Management Educational Foundation Westchester, IL
House Rabbit Society of Chicago Westchester, IL
Illinois Child Care Bureau Westchester, IL
Irwin Family Foundation 4 Westchester, IL
King of Hearts Fund Westchester, IL
Life Harvest Westchester, IL
Living Bread Church of Holiness Westchester, IL
Loyola University Physician Foundation Westchester, IL
Midwest Save Our Ancestors Remains & Resources Indig Network Grp Fdn Westchester, IL
Miracles in Progress Nfp Westchester, IL
Monroe Street Church of Christ Westchester, IL
New Greater St. Luke C. O. G. I. C. Westchester, IL
Russell C. Page Charitable Tr Westchester, IL
Salt Creek Greenway Assn Westchester, IL
Save the Prairie Society Westchester, IL
Sleep Research Society Westchester, IL
Suburban Primary Health Care Council Westchester, IL
The Midwest Ministry Development Network Westchester, IL
The Owasippe Staff Association Inc. Westchester, IL
The Vosicky Family Foundation 4 Westchester, IL
Village of Westchester Westchester, IL
West Central Municipal Conference Westchester, IL
Westchester Baseball Inc. Westchester, IL
Westchester Parents and Teachers for Children Inc. Westchester, IL
Westminster Orthodox Presbyterian Church of Westchester Westchester, IL
Africa Initiative Inc. Western Sprgs, IL
American Porphyria Foundation Western Sprgs, IL
Anderson Family Foundation 4 Western Sprgs, IL
Circle of Friends (Until December 2007) Western Sprgs, IL
Dorothy and William Naegel Foundation 4 Western Sprgs, IL
Friends of Fiber Art International Western Sprgs, IL
Global Medical Foundation Inc. Western Sprgs, IL
Grover Hermann Foundation 4 Western Sprgs, IL
Irish Fellowship Educational & Cultural Foundation Western Sprgs, IL
Kruse Family Foundation 4 Western Sprgs, IL
Lions Volleyball Club Inc. Western Sprgs, IL
Lyons Swim Club Western Sprgs, IL
Marlene E. & William F. Omeara Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Western Sprgs, IL
Parent & Community Network Western Sprgs, IL
Perfection & Grace Inc. 4 Western Sprgs, IL
Presbyterian Church of Western Springs Western Sprgs, IL
Salt Creek Quilt Guild Western Sprgs, IL
St. Petersburg Chamber Philharmonic (Until December 2007) Western Sprgs, IL
Sunflower Montessori School Western Sprgs, IL
The Childrens Medical Research Foundation Inc. 4 Western Sprgs, IL
The Donald J. McAuliffe Family Foundation 4 Western Sprgs, IL
Tower Chorale Western Sprgs, IL
Western Springs Foundation for Education Excellence Western Sprgs, IL
Western Springs Friends of the Parks Foundation Western Sprgs, IL
Western Springs Historical Society Western Sprgs, IL
Western Springs Library Friends Ltd. Western Sprgs, IL
Wilderness Classroom Organization (Until December 2006) Western Sprgs, IL
Thomas Ford Library Foundation Western Spring, IL
Vicki Hess Foundation 4 Western Spring, IL
David F. and Margaret T. Grohne Family Foundation 4 Western Springs, IL
Jeanine M. Jasica Foundation 4 Western Springs, IL
Lutheran Unity Village Western Springs, IL
Lyons Township Hockey Club Boosters Inc. Western Springs, IL
Peter G. and Elizabeth Torosian Foundation 4 Western Springs, IL
Polish Resistance Ak Foundation Inc. Western Springs, IL
St. John of the Cross School Endowment Trust Fund Western Springs, IL
Western Springs Community Center Association Western Springs, IL
Companions Journeying Together Inc. Western Srings, IL
Maple Hill Incorporated 6 Westfield, IL
Amicus Foundation 4 Westmont, IL
Association of Pakistani Physicians Westmont, IL
Association of Women Surgeons Foundation Westmont, IL
Beller Museum Westmont, IL
Carenet Pregnancy Services of Dupage County Inc. Westmont, IL
Cfsh Westmont, IL
Corliss Johnson Memorial Foundation (Until December 2008) Westmont, IL
Enthousiasmos Ministries International Westmont, IL
Farnham Foundation 4 Westmont, IL
Gabriel Foundation 4 Westmont, IL
Hamilton Foundation 4 Westmont, IL
Health Motivation Institute International Incorporated Westmont, IL
Hornet Age Group Swim Club Westmont, IL
Illinois Gymnastics Institute Parents Booster Club Westmont, IL
In Christ We Trust Fellowship International Inc. Westmont, IL
J. T. Manning Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization Westmont, IL
Kids Forum Westmont, IL
King Edward Medical College Alumni Association of North America Westmont, IL
Language Quest Westmont, IL
Mu Mu Lambda Educational Foundation Westmont, IL
Narsihji Temple-USA (Until December 2006) Westmont, IL
National Dairy Leaders Conference Westmont, IL
Salt Creek Ballet Company Westmont, IL
Shiloh Foundation 4 Westmont, IL
Student Foundation of the Illinois State Music Teachers Asso Westmont, IL
Trumper Family Foundation 4 Westmont, IL
Vibern Foundation 4 Westmont, IL
Westmont Fire Department Westmont, IL
Westmont High School Sentinels Athletic Booster Club (Until May 2007) Westmont, IL
Westmont Main Street Corporation Westmont, IL
World Humanity and Faith Enrichment Inc. (Until December 2006) Westmont, IL
St. Marys Foundation of Westville Illinois Westville, IL
Westville Cannon Preservation Committee Westville, IL
Theatre of Western Springs Wetern Springs, IL
Faith and Learning International Nfp (Until December 2008) Wheation, IL
Wheaton Cemetery Association 6 Wheaton Il, IL
Clarence Lehmann Scholarship Fund Wheeline, IL
Addolorata Villa Foundation Inc. Wheeling, IL
Antioch Bible Church Wheeling, IL
Association for Manufacturing Excellence Ame Wheeling, IL
Belli Charitable Foundation 4 Wheeling, IL
Bruno B. Bak Memorail Scholarship (Until December 2005) Wheeling, IL
Charlie Parrilli Memorial Foundation for Kids Wheeling, IL
Daniel and Pauline Welch Foundation 4 Wheeling, IL
Foundation for the Indian Trails Public Library District Wheeling, IL
Friends of Illinois Libraries Wheeling, IL
Greek American Nursing Home Committee Wheeling, IL
Gymnastic Booster Association Wheeling, IL
Historical Miniature Gaming Society - Midwest Inc. Wheeling, IL
Illinois Association of Teacher Educators Wheeling, IL
Illinois Tactical Officers Association Wheeling, IL
International Council on Education for Teaching Wheeling, IL
International Swaminarayan Satsang Organization I. S. S. O. of Chicago Wheeling, IL
Janeil Educational Services Wheeling, IL
Louise Catherine Schlichenmaier and Othon Henry Ochsner I. Fam Fndn 4 Wheeling, IL
Michael G. Nicholas Foundation 4 Wheeling, IL
Myrna Pine Memorial Fund Inc. (Until December 2006) Wheeling, IL
National Citizens Police Academy Association Wheeling, IL
National Rotc Cadets Parents Association Wheeling Naval Junior (Until April 2006) Wheeling, IL
Neighborhood Bible Fellowship Wheeling, IL
Papa Scholarship and Safety Foundation Wheeling, IL
Peniel Pentecostal Assembly Wheeling, IL
Restoration Community Church Wheeling, IL
Robert G. and Rebecca A. McLennan Foundation 4 Wheeling, IL
Rohlen Foundation 4 Wheeling, IL
Rotary Club of Wheeling Illinois- Grant Fund Wheeling, IL
Schilmanhan Presbyterian Church Wheeling, IL
Selway Foundation 4 Wheeling, IL
The Learning House Foundation Inc. Wheeling, IL
Wheeling Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association Inc. Wheeling, IL
Wheeling High School Community Scholarship Foundation Wheeling, IL
Wheeling Instrumental League of Wheeling High School Wheeling, IL
White Horse Theatre Company (Until July 2007) Wheeling, IL
Carrollton Community Chorus White Hall, IL
Gentle Shepherd Fellowship White Hall, IL
Harvest Media Nfp (Until December 2008) White Hall, IL
Shiloh Christian Fellowship Church Inc. White Heath, IL
White Heath Recreation League White Heath, IL
Shiloh Cemetery Association of Ewing Township 6 Whittington, IL
Extracare Wildwood, IL
Graceland Baptist Church Wildwood, IL
Great Expectations Inc. Wildwood, IL
Williamsville Christian Church Williamsville, IL
Williamsville Community Foundation Williamsville, IL
Rose Hall Willmette, IL
Chinmaya Mission Chicago Willow Brook, IL
Mound Community Church Willow Hill, IL
New Way of Life Church Willow Spgs, IL
Oconnor Foundation 4 Willow Spgs, IL
Roger and Paula Leyden Foundation 4 Willow Spgs, IL
Pope Leo XIII Literary Fund Willow Springs, IL
90th Division Association 6 Willowbrook, IL
Am & M. Publications Willowbrook, IL
Ati Foundation (Until December 2007) Willowbrook, IL
Beard Family Foundation 4 Willowbrook, IL
Children for the Keyboard Performing Arts Inc. (Until December 2005) Willowbrook, IL
Chinese Christian Mandarin Church Willowbrook, IL
Community Outreach Inc. Willowbrook, IL
Dance Dreams Inc. Nfp (Until December 2008) Willowbrook, IL
Fairy Tales for Kids Nfp (Until December 2007) Willowbrook, IL
Hinsdale Choral Club Willowbrook, IL
International Childrens Health Foundation Willowbrook, IL
Journey Home Ministries Inc. (Until December 2007) Willowbrook, IL
Mary J. Demmon Private Foundation 4 Willowbrook, IL
Mulliganeers Inc. Willowbrook, IL
Orland Park Sparks Willowbrook, IL
Polish American Cultural Club Willowbrook, IL
Rediehs Family Foundation 4 Willowbrook, IL
Sauerberg Family Foundation 4 Willowbrook, IL
Swaraj Foundation Willowbrook, IL
Urology Education and Research Foundation Inc. 4 Willowbrook, IL
Vibration Institute Willowbrook, IL
Wb-Br Kiwanis Foundation (Until December 2006) Willowbrook, IL
Wilmette Baseball Association Wilmete, IL
Aaahc Institute for Quality Improvement Wilmette, IL
Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care Inc. Wilmette, IL
Allyn Foundation Incorporated A. Delaware Corp 4 Wilmette, IL
Altman Family Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL
American Committee for Keep Inc. Wilmette, IL
American Music Festivals Wilmette, IL
Archimedia Workshop Nfp (Until December 2006) Wilmette, IL
Arlyn Day School Inc. Wilmette, IL
Art Odyssey (Until March 2007) Wilmette, IL
Arthur I. Appleton Foundation 4 Wilmette, IL

Above is a list of organizations in Illinois that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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