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Vehicle Donation in Illinois

For people interested in vehicle donation in Illinois, below is a list of Illinois organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Walsh Parent Faculty Club Summit, IL
Christs Crusaders Corp Sumner, IL
Forever Faith Foundation Sumner, IL
Red Hill Fireworks Association (Until December 2006) Sumner, IL
Sign of the Kingdom Sumner, IL
Swanwick Bethel Cemetery Association 6 Swanick, IL
Alam Bashir Charitable Inc. 4 Swansea, IL
Althoff Catholic High School Father Friends & Alumni Club Swansea, IL
Belleville Area Rescue K-9 (Until July 2005) Swansea, IL
Catholic Shrine Pilgrimage Inc. Swansea, IL
Family Hospice of Belleville Area Swansea, IL
Laurence E. & Ruth J. Hubbard Scholarship & Charitable Tr 4 Swansea, IL
Laverna K. Evans Teachers Scholarship Trust 4 Swansea, IL
Lucien A. Barnes Masonic Scholarship Fund 4 Swansea, IL
Michael D. Nettleton Memorial Scholarship Foundation 4 Swansea, IL
Parents & Friends Spec Liv Ctr Swansea, IL
Slc Enrichment Center 5 Swansea, IL
Southwestern Illinois Visiting Nurse Association Swansea, IL
Swansea Firemen Civic Association Swansea, IL
Thomas R. Evans & Pauline G. Evans Scholarship Fund 4 Swansea, IL
Thomas R. Evans and Pauline G. Evans Charitable Trust 4 Swansea, IL
Ward Educational Tr 4 Swansea, IL
Anna & Emme Hoehn Charitable Foundation 1220333001 4 Sycamore, IL
Arnold and Mildred Erickson Charitable Foundation Incorporated 4 Sycamore, IL
Art Attack School of Art Ltd. (Until December 2008) Sycamore, IL
Bickner Family Foundation 4 Sycamore, IL
Cadre International (Until December 2007) Sycamore, IL
Casa-Dekalb County Inc. Sycamore, IL
Chris and Katherine Boulos Foundation 4 Sycamore, IL
Christian Senior Ministries Inc. (Until December 2006) Sycamore, IL
City of Sycamore Irrv Tr Edna R. Jacobsen 4 Sycamore, IL
City of Sycamore Irrv Tr FBO Mary E. Wetzel 4 Sycamore, IL
Cornerstone Christian Academy of Dekalb County Sycamore, IL
Dekalb County 4-H. Foundation Inc. Sycamore, IL
Dekalb County Community Foundation Sycamore, IL
Dekalb County Economic Development Corporation Sycamore, IL
Dekalb County Farm Bureau Foundation Sycamore, IL
Dekalb County Historical Society Sycamore, IL
Dekalb County Producers Supply and Farm Bureau Scholarship Trust Fund 4 Sycamore, IL
Dekalb County Safe Kids (Until June 2005) Sycamore, IL
Dekalb Genetics Foundation 4 Sycamore, IL
Elmwood Cemetery Company 6 Sycamore, IL
Farny R. Wurlitzer Foundation 4 Sycamore, IL
Free Indeed Ministries International Sycamore, IL
George E. and Betty B. Dutton Foundation 4 Sycamore, IL
Heart to Heart (Until December 2007) Sycamore, IL
Helen E. Roberts 03-23-92 33-2564-01 4 Sycamore, IL
Hoehnhoover Scholarship Foundation 4 Sycamore, IL
Ideal Industries Foundation 4 Sycamore, IL
Lions of Illinois Endowment Fund Sycamore, IL
Lions of Illinois Foundation Sycamore, IL
Lorene Brown Scholarship Foundation 4 Sycamore, IL
Louis Martin Family Charitable Trust 4 Sycamore, IL
Mary K. Roberts Charitable Tax Exempt Tr 08-24-02 1215256317 4 Sycamore, IL
Mary K. Roberts Scholarship Foundation 4 Sycamore, IL
McQueen Charitable Irrv Tr 4 Sycamore, IL
Midwest Museum of Natural History (Until December 2006) Sycamore, IL
Naga American Foundation Inc. Sycamore, IL
Neighbors House Nfp (Until August 2007) Sycamore, IL
Nesbitt Medical Student Foundation 4 Sycamore, IL
North Grove School Association Sycamore, IL
Northern Illinois Area Ltd. Sycamore, IL
O. H. Corporation Sycamore, IL
O. H. Residences Inc. Sycamore, IL
O. Robert Hoover Charitable Irrv Tr Ua 4 Sycamore, IL
Oaken Acres Wildlife Refuge and Rehabilitation Center Sycamore, IL
Ohio Grove Cemetery Assn 6 Sycamore, IL
Opportunity House Inc. Sycamore, IL
Pay It Forward House Nfp (Until December 2009) Sycamore, IL
Research and Development Institute Sycamore, IL
Rock Christian Church Inc. Sycamore, IL
Student Loan and Scholarship Fund Inc. Sycamore, IL
Sycamore Arts Council Sycamore, IL
Sycamore Charities Inc. 4 Sycamore, IL
Sycamore Child Care Inc. Sycamore, IL
Sycamore Church of Christ Sycamore, IL
Sycamore Depository for Charities Inc. Sycamore, IL
Sycamore Education Foundation Sycamore, IL
Sycamore Historical Society Sycamore, IL
Sycamore Music Boosters Sycamore, IL
Sycamore Pumpkin Festival Inc. Sycamore, IL
Sycamore Soccer United Sycamore, IL
Sycamore Softball for Girls Sycamore, IL
Sycamore Youth Baseball (Until September 2006) Sycamore, IL
The Hindu Worship Society of Northern Illinois Sycamore, IL
The United Leukodystrophy Foundation Inc. Sycamore, IL
Thomas B. Jones & Grace Stevenson Jones Charitable Foundation 4 Sycamore, IL
Voluntary Action Center of Dekalb County Sycamore, IL
Watershed Appreciation Through Education and Research Sycamore, IL
Table Grove Development Group Table Grove, IL
Menard County United Fund Inc. Tallala, IL
Illinois Search Dogs (Until December 2007) Tallula, IL
Tallula Basic Life Support Tallula, IL
Tallula Senior Citizens Tallula, IL
Beulah Holiness Camp Association Tamaroa, IL
Old Du Quoin Cemetery Association 6 Tamaroa, IL
Parent Teacher Organization of Tamaroa Tamaroa, IL
Kishon Brook Nfp (Until June 2007) Tamme, IL
Delta Cemetery 6 Tamms, IL
Happy Helpers Pantry Inc. Tamms, IL
Wham on the Weekend Childrens Museum (Until December 2005) Tamms, IL
Agape Care Team Health Services (Until December 2005) Tampico, IL
Tampico Historical Society Tampico, IL
Rockridge Missiles (Until December 2007) Taylor Ridge, IL
The Quad City Hitmen Baseball Association Taylor Ridge, IL
Golden Hour Retirement Corporation Taylor Spgs, IL
Senior Citizens of Montgomery County Incorporated Taylor Spgs, IL
Bertrand Hopper Memorial Foundation 4 Taylorville, IL
Ccmha Foundation Inc. Taylorville, IL
Christian County Crime Stoppers Inc. Taylorville, IL
Christian County Economic Development Corporation Taylorville, IL
Christian County Historical Society Taylorville, IL
Christian County Mental Health Association Taylorville, IL
Gospel Services Inc. Taylorville, IL
Grace Baptist Church Taylorville, IL
Home and Community Education Association Taylorville, IL
Loving Arms - Crisis Pregancy Center Inc. Taylorville, IL
Senior Citizens of Christian County Taylorville, IL
Shadow Home Association (Until December 2007) Taylorville, IL
Silver Ghost Association Inc. (Until December 2007) Taylorville, IL
Svmh Foundation Inc. Taylorville, IL
Taylorville Area Arts Council (Until August 2008) Taylorville, IL
Taylorville Christian Church Inc. Taylorville, IL
Taylorville Community Pleasure Driveway and Park Distr Fund Taylorville, IL
Taylorville High School Sports Boosters Taylorville, IL
Taylorville Kiwanis Charitable Foundation Inc. Taylorville, IL
Taylorville Main Street Inc. Taylorville, IL
Taylorville Ministerial Association Inc. Taylorville, IL
Taylorville Public Schools Foundation Inc. Taylorville, IL
Taylorville Rifle and Pistol Club Inc. 6 Taylorville, IL
United Way of Christian County Taylorville, IL
Young Mens Christian Association Taylorville, IL
Divine Word Council 7331 Charitable Foundation Inc. Techny, IL
Mission Congregation of the Servants of the Holy Spirit Trust Techny, IL
Mr and Mrs Joel S. Dryer Foundation 4 Techny, IL
The Center for Ethics and Advocacy in Health Care Techny, IL
Vivat International Techny, IL
Wordlife Silver Springs Incorporated Techny, IL
Lamoine Christian Service Camp Tennessee, IL
Arc Community Support Systems Teutopolis, IL
Arc Community Support Systems Foundation Inc. Teutopolis, IL
St. Francis of Assisi Parish Chrtbl Foundation Inc. Teutopolis, IL
Teutopolis Educational Foundation Teutopolis, IL
Thawville Community Nursery School Inc. Thawville, IL
The United Way of Thomson Thomson, IL
Thompson Depot Museum Thomson, IL
Thomson Youth Baseball Thomson, IL
Thomson Youth Center (Until March 2009) Thomson, IL
Thornton School District No 154 Education Foundation Inc. Thornton, IL
Village of Thornton Historical Society Thornton, IL
Volunteer Fire Co No 1 Thornton Thornton, IL
Carney Classic Foundation 4 Thorton, IL
Tilden Scholarship Fund Tilden, IL
Vermilion Cty Nursing Home Foundation (Until December 2007) Tilton, IL
Howes Cemetery Association 6 Timewell, IL
Mound Cemetery Association 6 Timewell, IL
A. H. Kueltzo Cancer Foundation Tinley Park, IL
A. Sure Foundation Inc. Tinley Park, IL
All Star Athletics Parents Association (Until December 2006) Tinley Park, IL
American Bicycle Racing Incorporated 4 Tinley Park, IL
Andrew Lightning Bolts Hockey 6 (Until August 2006) Tinley Park, IL
Area Responders of Chicagoland (Until December 2005) Tinley Park, IL
Barnabas Foundation Tinley Park, IL
Benjamin Benedict Green-Field Foundation 4 Tinley Park, IL
Brementowne Manor Inc. Tinley Park, IL
Brementowne Youth Athletic Club Byac Tinley Park, IL
Center for New Beginnings Tinley Park, IL
Chicago Crushers Futbol Club Inc. (Until December 2005) Tinley Park, IL
Chicago Womens Conference Tinley Park, IL
Chittranjan A. Patel Family Foundation 4 Tinley Park, IL
Christa McAuliffe Parent Teachers Organization Tinley Park, IL
Christian Healthcare Foundation Nfp (Until December 2008) Tinley Park, IL
Christian Living Campus Nfp (Until December 2007) Tinley Park, IL
City Reach Ministries Inc. Tinley Park, IL
Clergy Family Services Inc. Nfp (Until December 2007) Tinley Park, IL
Community Services Foundation Tinley Park, IL
Covenant Wildlife Sanctuary (Until December 2005) Tinley Park, IL
Crisis Center for South Suburbia Tinley Park, IL
Deerfield Senior Housing Corp Tinley Park, IL
District 146 Band Parents Inc. Tinley Park, IL
Dr Robert & Julie Heck Chamer Music Society Foundation (Until December 2005) Tinley Park, IL
Eugene M. Adler Family Fund 4 Tinley Park, IL
Family Harvest Church Inc. Tinley Park, IL
Family Service Auxiliary Tinley Park, IL
Family Service Residential Inc. Tinley Park, IL
Followers of Christ Ministries Tinley Park, IL
Foundation for Children With Special Health Needs Inc. Tinley Park, IL
Friends Lending Assistance Group Inc. Tinley Park, IL
Full Gospel Seed Faith Ministry Tinley Park, IL
Gene Roman Family Foundation 4 Tinley Park, IL
Grand Prairie Services Tinley Park, IL
Grand Prairie Services Foundation Tinley Park, IL
Great Illinois Swimmers Association Inc. Tinley Park, IL
Grissom Junior High Parent Teacher Organization Tinley Park, IL
Haven Park Christian Housing and Nursing Association of Zeeland Tinley Park, IL
Haven Towers Development Corporation Tinley Park, IL
Helen Keller Pto Tinley Park, IL
Helping Our Panic End Tinley Park, IL
Illinois Chinese American Residence for the Elderly Inc. Tinley Park, IL
Illinois High School and College Driver Education Association Tinley Park, IL

Above is a list of organizations in Illinois that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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