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Vehicle Donation in Illinois

For people interested in vehicle donation in Illinois, below is a list of Illinois organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Centre East Inc. Skokie, IL
Charles and Rene Lipshitz Family Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
Cheder Lubavitch Hebrew Day School Inc. Skokie, IL
Chicago Chapter Iahss Skokie, IL
Chicago Chapter Magen David Adom Inc. Skokie, IL
Chicago Chinese Christian Chorale Cccc Skokie, IL
Chicago Choral Artists Skokie, IL
Chicago Jewish News Front Page Council in Memory of Chaim Zvi Skokie, IL
Chicago School of Violin Making Inc. Skokie, IL
Chicago Wilderness Magazine Inc. Skokie, IL
Chicago Wilderness Trust (Until December 2005) Skokie, IL
Children of Israel Fund (Until December 2007) Skokie, IL
Christian Family Ministry Institute Skokie, IL
Christina and John Anagnos Educational Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Society of Illinois Inc. Skokie, IL
Community Foundation for Jewish Education of Metropolitan Chicago Skokie, IL
Community Health Foundation Skokie, IL
Congregation Bene Shalom-Hebrew Association of the Deaf Skokie, IL
Congregation Bnai Emunah & Sisterhd Bnai Emunah & Mens Cl Bnai Emunah Skokie, IL
David and Ingrid Cohen Family Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
Deafcomm Skokie, IL
Devar Emet Messianic Jewish Outreach Skokie, IL
Donna Hoban Foundation Skokie, IL
Douglas Center (Until December 2007) Skokie, IL
Dr Laurence A. Mack Memorial Fund 4 Skokie, IL
Dr Sun Yat-Sen Institute Skokie, IL
Draiman Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
East Prairie School Educational Foundation Skokie, IL
Edr Inc. 4 Skokie, IL
Elliott and Ronni Robinson Charitable Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
Entrepreneurship Development Foundation (Until June 2005) Skokie, IL
Evangelical Taiwan Church in Metro Chicago Skokie, IL
Filipino Families of Skokie Skokie, IL
First Org Inc. Skokie, IL
Forsythe Family Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
Foundation for Educational Research Inc. 5 Skokie, IL
Foundation for Strength and Courage Skokie, IL
Friends of the Forest Preserves (Until December 2007) Skokie, IL
Fund for Jewish Education Inc. Skokie, IL
Gandhi Memorial Tr Fund Nfp (Until December 2006) Skokie, IL
Gayatri Gyan Mandir Skokie, IL
Gendell Family Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
George and Sarah Ohlhausen Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
German Shepherd Rescue Inc. Skokie, IL
Glassenberg Family Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
Gmach Zecher Chasdei Avos Skokie, IL
Great Oaks School Skokie, IL
Growing Together Creciendo Juntos Inc. Skokie, IL
H. & S. Frankel Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
Han Ma Um Zen Center Skokie, IL
Hasson Family Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
Hebrew Seminary of the Deaf Skokie, IL
Hebrew Theological College Skokie, IL
Herman and Debbie Lazar Charitable Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
Hillel Torah North Suburban Day School Skokie, IL
Hirsch Family Foundation 3 Skokie, IL
Holson Family Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
Illinois Fire Chiefs Assoc Educational and Research Foundatio Skokie, IL
Immanuel Church Skokie, IL
India Gospel Mission Inc. Skokie, IL
International Charitable Foundation of Young Nak Skokie, IL
Israel Legacy Foundation (Until December 2007) Skokie, IL
J. E. D. Fund Ltd. 4 Skokie, IL
Jenkins Family Foundation Inc. 4 Skokie, IL
Jordan & Irene Tark Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
Joseph Levy Family Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
Jr Vikings Baseball (Until December 2006) Skokie, IL
Junior Cancer League Skokie, IL
Kingsword International Worship Center Skokie, IL
Knowledge Systems Institute Skokie, IL
Kogan Family Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
Kollel Toras Chesed Skokie, IL
Korea Presbyterian Church of Chicago Skokie, IL
Korean Mission Association to Russia Inc. Skokie, IL
Leo Gluck Charitable Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
Les Turner Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Foundation Skokie, IL
Living Word International Ministries Skokie, IL
Louis Goldberg Memorial Foundation Skokie, IL
Madinatul-Ilm Academy of United States Inc. Skokie, IL
Maland-Ilg Charitable Trust 4 Skokie, IL
Mapa High School Alumni Association of the United States & Canada Skokie, IL
Max & Yetta Star Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
Melvyn Leichtling Memorial Founda Tion Skokie, IL
Muslim Veterinary Medical Association Skokie, IL
Mustard Seed Mission America (Until December 2007) Skokie, IL
Nagata-Yamauchi Educational Fund Skokie, IL
Nam Sung Presbyterian Church Skokie, IL
Nancy and George Bodeen Family Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
Nathan and Isabel Miller Family Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
National Arts Foundation Skokie, IL
National Heat & Power Corp Fdn 4 Skokie, IL
National Tay Sachs Association Inc. Chicago Chapter Skokie, IL
Niles Concert Choir Skokie, IL
Niles North Hockey Association Inc. 6 Skokie, IL
Niles Township Community Day Care Center Skokie, IL
Niles Township High School Education Foundation for Excellenc Skokie, IL
Normennenes Singing Society Skokie, IL
North Network Coalition Inc. Skokie, IL
North Shore Medical Specialists S. C. Skokie, IL
North Shore Performing Arts Center Foundation in Skokie Skokie, IL
Northlight Theatre Inc. Skokie, IL
Ohel Avraham Skokie, IL
Open Hearts for Retarded Children Skokie, IL
Orchard Village Skokie, IL
Otterbeck Family Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
Parents Resource Network Skokie, IL
Partners Home Care Skokie, IL
Philadelphia Church of Chicago Skokie, IL
Pinchus Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
Portland Cement Association Education Foundation Skokie, IL
Proyecto Lempira-Honduras Project Skokie, IL
Pulmonary Hypertension Research Foundation (Until December 2006) Skokie, IL
Rand McNally Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
Restoration Missionary Church Skokie, IL
Resurrection Home Health Services Skokie, IL
Rev Gyomay M. Kobose Dharma Legacy Skokie, IL
Rice Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
Roberti Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
Rush North Shore Foundation Skokie, IL
Rush North Shore Medical Center Skokie, IL
S. O. C. K. S. Skokie, IL
Saerree K. and Louis P. Fiedler Family Fund 4 Skokie, IL
Scholastic Association of Football Education Skokie, IL
Sct Productions Skokie, IL
Shaking the Tree Nfp Skokie, IL
Shirley H. & Benjamin Z. Gould Family Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
Shore Community Services Inc. Skokie, IL
Shyman Family Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
Sidney & Lisa Glenner Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
Sigma Alpha Mu Gamma Epsilon Educational Foundation Skokie, IL
Skokie Amateur Hockey Association Skokie, IL
Skokie Cable Tv Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
Skokie Community Mikvah Inc. Skokie, IL
Skokie Eruv Committee Inc. Skokie, IL
Skokie Historical Society Skokie, IL
Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park Inc. Skokie, IL
Skokie School District 73-One Half Foundation Skokie, IL
Skokie Skatium Figure Skating Club Skokie, IL
Skokie Valley Health Services Skokie, IL
Skokie Valley Orchestral Association Skokie, IL
Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Illinois Skokie, IL
Spirit of Women Foundation Skokie, IL
Sprawl Reduction Education Project Skokie, IL
St. George Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church Malankara Inc. Skokie, IL
Stein Family Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
Steven and Aviva Pancer Foundation 4 Skokie, IL
Telecine International Inc. Skokie, IL
The Jewish Pocet Skokie, IL
The Messianic School of Hebrew Skokie, IL
Tjm Fund for the Future Skokie, IL
Turning Point Behavioral Health Care Center Skokie, IL
Unique Education Society Inc. Skokie, IL
United Open Bible Missions Skokie, IL
United States Vietnam Foundation Skokie, IL
United Way of Skokie Valley Skokie, IL
Vascular Disease Research Foundation Skokie, IL
Women of Change Menopause Support Group Skokie, IL
Youth Foundation of Skokie Skokie, IL
Zhuravlick Inc. Skokie, IL
Zionist Organization of Chicago Skokie, IL
Midwest Chenstochower Society Skore, IL
Alliance for the Mentally Ill of Kane County Sleepy Hollow, IL
D. G. Brungard Foundation 4 Sleepy Hollow, IL
Life House (Until December 2007) Sleepy Hollow, IL
Sleepy Hollow Elementary School Parent Teacher Council Sleepy Hollow, IL
Griffith Laboratories Foundation Inc. 4 Slsip, IL
Southern Illinois Art Workshop Smithboro, IL
Human Cloning Foundation Inc. Smithshire, IL
Prostatitis Foundation Smithshire, IL
Twomey Foundation 4 Smithshire, IL
Little Knights Football Club Smithton, IL
Lords Helpers Smithton, IL
Smithton Volunteer Fire Co Smithton, IL
United Bowhunters of Illinois Smithton, IL
Willow Creek Community Church Inc. So Barrington, IL
So Elgin Church of Christ So Elgin, IL
Kilts Foundation Alverda and Edward Kilts 4 Somonauk, IL
L. B. Olmstead Trust 4 Somonauk, IL
Somonauk Baptist Temple Somonauk, IL
Somonauk Community Chest Inc. Somonauk, IL
Somonauk Community Improvement & Development Committee Inc. Somonauk, IL
Kirkland Cemetery Association Incorporated 6 Sorento, IL
Sorento Homecoming Association Sorento, IL
Act of Hope Foundation 4 South Barrington, IL
Paine Family Foundation Corp 4 South Barrington, IL
Paradise Christian Youth Camp South Barrington, IL
Apostolic Tabernacle of Christ Jesus South Beloit, IL
International Council for Humanitarian Churches La Hermosa South Beloit, IL
Multiple Moms of the Rockford Expanse Charitable Organization (Until April 2008) South Beloit, IL
Prairie Hill School Parent Staff Association South Beloit, IL
Prairie Hill Securing Tomorrows Educational Priorities Foundation South Beloit, IL
Higher Ground Christian Association (Until December 2005) South Chicago Hts, IL
Anderson Animal Shelter South Elgin, IL
Concert Band of Elgin South Elgin, IL
Corron Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization Inc. (Until July 2007) South Elgin, IL
Fox River Trolley Association Inc. South Elgin, IL
Opportunity Corps Nepal South Elgin, IL
Shirdi Sai Baba Sanstha South Elgin, IL
South Elgin Parks & Recreationfundation (Until December 2007) South Elgin, IL
South Elgin Youth Football Inc. (Until January 2007) South Elgin, IL

Above is a list of organizations in Illinois that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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