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Vehicle Donation in Illinois

For people interested in vehicle donation in Illinois, below is a list of Illinois organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Patrick & Doreen Maloney Memorial Scholarship Fund Ridgeway, IL
Greater Gallatin County Senior Citizens Organization Inc. Ridgway, IL
Hogan Cemetery Association 6 Ridgway, IL
Saline-Gallatin Farm Bureau Foundation (Until June 2007) Ridgway, IL
Boxer Rebound Inc. Ringwood, IL
Brossard Family Foundation Ltd. 4 Ringwood, IL
Pets in Need Ringwood, IL
Timber Cemetery Association 6 Rio, IL
American Friends of the Ecole Biblique River Forest, IL
American Konkani Association River Forest, IL
Association for Economic & Social Analysis Aesa River Forest, IL
Association of Business Administrators of Christian Coll River Forest, IL
Chicago Regional Emergency Services Training Foundation 3 River Forest, IL
Chicago Tax Law Assistance Project River Forest, IL
Childrens Memorial Hospital-West Suburban Guild River Forest, IL
Chinese Christian Church at River Forest River Forest, IL
Dominican Institute for the Arts River Forest, IL
Dominican Volunteers USA Church (Until June 2005) River Forest, IL
E. V A. (Until February 2006) River Forest, IL
Education & Intervention Inc. River Forest, IL
Full Gospel Church of the Living God Inc. River Forest, IL
Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church of River Forest River Forest, IL
Gutgsell Family Foundation Inc. 4 River Forest, IL
Howard & Catherine Siegel Charitable Foundation 4 River Forest, IL
Howard and Carol Bernick Family Foundation 4 River Forest, IL
Ignatius Wolfpack Lacrosse Club (Until November 2008) River Forest, IL
Illinois Association of Community Care Program Home Care Providers I. River Forest, IL
Illinois-Peruvian American Medical Society River Forest, IL
Keystone Montessori School River Forest, IL
Lincoln Parent-Teacher Organization of River Forest River Forest, IL
Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois Foundation River Forest, IL
Lutheran Education Association River Forest, IL
Lutheran Historical Conference River Forest, IL
Lynne Cooper Harvey Foundation Inc. 4 River Forest, IL
Nilrc River Forest, IL
Oak Park River Forest Concert Tour Association River Forest, IL
Oak Park Windmills River Forest, IL
Pbg Foundation 4 River Forest, IL
Pick-A-Pet Welfare Foundation River Forest, IL
River Forest Community Center River Forest, IL
River Forest Rapids Soccer Club River Forest, IL
River Forest Youth Soccer Ltd. (Until December 2005) River Forest, IL
Silent Word Media Resources River Forest, IL
Solomon Family Foundation 4 River Forest, IL
St. John Ministries (Until December 2008) River Forest, IL
The Daniels Hamant Patient Assistance Foundation 4 River Forest, IL
Trinity High School River Forest, IL
William D. Nickels Foundation 4 River Forest, IL
Northern Ireland Youth Program-USA River Gorge, IL
Diabetic and Epileptic Family Charity Organization (Until June 2008) River Grove, IL
Follett Educational Foundation 4 River Grove, IL
Leyden Retarded Center for Adults River Grove, IL
Providence Alumnae Association River Grove, IL
Singing Winds School River Grove, IL
Triton College Foundation River Grove, IL
World Fellowship of Slavic Evangelical Christians Inc. River Grove, IL
Anointed With Fresh Oil Ministry Riverdale, IL
Body of Christ Outreach Ministries Riverdale, IL
Childrens Day Care Riverdale, IL
Church of Gods House of Worship Riverdale, IL
City of Refuge (Until December 2004) Riverdale, IL
Complete Word of God Teaching Center Riverdale, IL
Daddys Club Ltd. (Until December 2004) Riverdale, IL
Enlighted Word Church Ministry Riverdale, IL
Gaskew Foundation (Until December 2008) Riverdale, IL
God Will Deliver Ministries (Until December 2008) Riverdale, IL
Greater Riverdale Industrial Partnership Nfp (Until December 2006) Riverdale, IL
Hagars Center for Women Inc. (Until December 2006) Riverdale, IL
House of Israel Riverdale, IL
International Faith Worldwide Ministries Inc. Riverdale, IL
Lamp of Life Church of Jesus Christ Riverdale, IL
Let God Be True Ministries Riverdale, IL
Lupees Day Care Center Riverdale, IL
My Brothers Keeper (Until December 2008) Riverdale, IL
National Football Players Fathers Association (Until December 2005) Riverdale, IL
Nu-Way Better Living Ministry (Until December 2008) Riverdale, IL
Puppeteers United in Christ (Until July 2007) Riverdale, IL
Restoration Outreach International Ministries Riverdale, IL
Under Carreys Care - Parent Teacher Organization (Until June 2006) Riverdale, IL
Upon This Rock Christian Center Riverdale, IL
Way of Life Outreach Ministries Inc. Riverdale, IL
Chicago 16 Inch Softball Hall of Fame Riverside, IL
Community Church of Riverside Riverside, IL
Eaaa International Riverside, IL
Fra Angelico Art Foundation Riverside, IL
Homeless & Abused Children of Chicago Riverside, IL
Housing Helpers Inc. Riverside, IL
Institute for the Study of Imagination Inc. Riverside, IL
Lithuanian Catholic Federation Atetis Incorporated Riverside, IL
People Care Inc. Riverside, IL
Riverside Arts Center Riverside, IL
Riverside Elementary Educational Foundation Riverside, IL
Riverside Junior Womans Charity (Until December 2005) Riverside, IL
Riverside Little League Baseball Riverside, IL
Riverside-Brookfield High School Educational Foundation Riverside, IL
Seraphim Riverside, IL
St. Pauls Church of Riverside Illinois Foundation Riverside, IL
St. Pauls Foundation of Il Nfp Riverside, IL
The Riverside Association Riverside, IL
Tpc Foundation 4 Riverside, IL
Conservation Legacy Landtrust (Until December 2007) Riverton, IL
Riverton Area Library Riverton, IL
Riverton Foundation of Education Riverton, IL
Rivertor Volunteer Fire Department Riverton, IL
Service Fellowship Inc. Riverton, IL
Center for Enriched Living Riverwoods, IL
Cobbett Association Riverwoods, IL
David & Ruth Barnow Foundation 4 Riverwoods, IL
Demetrios & Marianna Logothetis Family Foundation 4 Riverwoods, IL
H. I. M. Riverwoods, IL
Hugs From Sammy (Until December 2005) Riverwoods, IL
Navy League of the United States Glenview Council Riverwoods, IL
Riverwoods Library Corporation Riverwoods, IL
Robert Norris Charitable Foundation 4 Riverwoods, IL
The Arial Group Foundation 4 Riverwoods, IL
The Melvin and Susan Newman Foundation 4 Riverwoods, IL
Waukegan Water Safety Association (Until December 2005) Riverwoods, IL
We See the Light (Until December 2008) Riverwoods, IL
William N. and Jane C. Pontikes Foundation 4 Riverwoods, IL
David E. Prosser Ministries Roadhouse, IL
Apostolic Christian Home of Roanoke Illinois Inc. Roanoke, IL
Gerald Hodel Foundation 4 Roanoke, IL
Prairie Christian Foundation 4 Roanoke, IL
Roanoke Illinois Food Pantry Roanoke, IL
Roanoke-Benson Educational Foundation Roanoke, IL
Catch the Vision Faith Ministries Robbins, IL
Christ Crusader Robbins, IL
Christ Temple Church Inc. Robbins, IL
Glenn Hudson Muay Thai Self Defense Academy (Until December 2007) Robbins, IL
Gods House of Love Prayer and Deliverance Holiness Church Robbins, IL
Hosea Foundation Inc. Robbins, IL
House of Prayer Community Workers Church Robbins, IL
Mount Calvary M. B. Church of Robbins A. Religious Cooperate Robbins, IL
Nehemiah Christian Center Ministries Robbins, IL
Residents of Lydia Healthcare Foundation Robbins, IL
Robbins Alumni Association Robbins, IL
Robbins Church of Christ Robbins, IL
Robbins Historial Society and Museum Robbins, IL
Seed of Faith Ministries Inc. Robbins, IL
Southeast Ceda Inc. (Until September 2005) Robbins, IL
C. W. Hicks Foundation 4 Roberts, IL
Living Word Church Inc. Roberts, IL
Trimble Foundation 4 Roberts, IL
Alpha Upsilon Chapter Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Tr 4 Robinson, IL
Clothing Center Workshop Robinson, IL
Crawford County 4 H. and Extension Foundation Robinson, IL
Crawford County Benevolence Fund Robinson, IL
Crawford County Bow Hunters 6 Robinson, IL
Crawford County Christian Center Robinson, IL
Crawford County Council for the Arts Robinson, IL
Crawford County Crime Stoppers Inc. Robinson, IL
Crawford County Development Assoc Robinson, IL
Crawford County Genealogical Society Inc. Robinson, IL
Crawford County Heritage Foundation Robinson, IL
Crawford County Historical Society Inc. Robinson, IL
Crawford County Humane Society Robinson, IL
Crawford County Ministerial Association Robinson Food Pantry Robinson, IL
Crawford County Senior Citizens Council (Until December 2005) Robinson, IL
Crawford County Youth Alliance (Until December 2007) Robinson, IL
Crawford Cradle Program Robinson, IL
Crawford Hospital District Robinson, IL
Crawford Memorial Hospital Foundation Robinson, IL
Faith Christian Fellowship Center Robinson, IL
First United Methodist Church of Robinson Illinois Foundation Inc. Robinson, IL
Hebron Road Church of Christ Robinson, IL
James Jones Literary Society Robinson, IL
John Nuttall Memorial Education Scholarship Trust 4 Robinson, IL
Lawrence-Crawford Association for Exceptional Citizens Robinson, IL
Lincoln Trail College E-Commerce Enterprises Nfp Inc. (Until June 2006) Robinson, IL
Lincoln Trail College Foundation Robinson, IL
Maroon Pride Junior Football League Robinson, IL
Mary Heath Foundation 4 Robinson, IL
Maud Nuttall Memorial Green Lake Scholarship Trust 4 Robinson, IL
Mexican Missionary Organization Inc. Robinson, IL
New Hebron Christian School Robinson, IL
Richard J. Roth Scholarship for Excellence (Until December 2005) Robinson, IL
Robinson High School Alumni Association and Academic Foundatio Robinson, IL
Robinson Il Elks Crippled Children Charitable Commission 4 Robinson, IL
Robinson Library Endowment Robinson, IL
Robinson Nursery School Inc. Mother Goose Nursery School Robinson, IL
Silas and Ruth Claypool Foundation 4 Robinson, IL
Walter F. Schmidt Trust UW 520 4 Robinson, IL
Michael Robert Missions Inc. Rocehlle, IL
Charles Martel Society Rochelle, IL
Community Christian Church of Rochelle Illinois Rochelle, IL
David Crawford Foundation for the Rochelle Elem School Dist No 231 Rochelle, IL
Faith Baptist Church Rochelle, IL
Flagg-Rochelle Park Foundation Inc. Rochelle, IL
Foundation for Focus House (Until December 2008) Rochelle, IL
H. O. P. E. of Rochelle Rochelle, IL
Hand in Hand Community Services (Until December 2006) Rochelle, IL
Hope for Peace Foundation (Until December 2006) Rochelle, IL
Hub City Senior Citizens Inc. Rochelle, IL
Kings School Foundation Rochelle, IL
Lincoln Highway Heritage Festival Inc. Rochelle, IL
Northern Illinois Tres Dias Rochelle, IL
Rochelle Can Rochelle, IL
Rochelle Christian Food Pantry Rochelle, IL
Rochelle Community Chest Association Rochelle, IL
Rochelle Community Hospital Association Rochelle, IL

Above is a list of organizations in Illinois that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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