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Vehicle Donation in Illinois

For people interested in vehicle donation in Illinois, below is a list of Illinois organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Church of Christ Mulkeytown, IL
Mulkeytown Area Historical Society Mulkeytown, IL
Mulkeytown Cemetery Association 6 Mulkeytown, IL
Mulkeytown Christian Church Mulkeytown, IL
Reid Kirkpatrick Cemetery Association Mulkeytown, IL
Southern Illinois Charitable Services (Until December 2007) Mulkeytown, IL
West Franklin Historical District and Genealogical Society Inc. Mulkeytown, IL
Alternative Behavior Treatment Centers Mundelein, IL
American Art Therapy Association Inc. Mundelein, IL
American Association for Acred of Ambulatory Surgery Facs Educ Found Mundelein, IL
American Vascular Foundation Mundelein, IL
Aspegren Charitable Foundation 4 Mundelein, IL
Cherished Children Mundelein, IL
Chicago Metropolitan Pipe Band Mundelein, IL
College of International Development (Until December 2006) Mundelein, IL
Cramer Montessori Ltd. Mundelein, IL
District 75 Parents Club of Mundelein Illinois Mundelein, IL
Fremont Music Boosters Mundelein, IL
Fremont School District 79 Education Foundation Mundelein, IL
Fremont School Parent-Teacher Organization Inc. Mundelein, IL
Global Vision Inc. Mundelein, IL
Gorman Family Charitable Tr 4 Mundelein, IL
Historical Society of the Fort Hill Country Mundelein, IL
Hope for All Foundation (Until April 2008) Mundelein, IL
Indian Creek Watershed Project Ltd. (Until May 2005) Mundelein, IL
Ivanhoe Cemetery Association 6 Mundelein, IL
James and Gail Manz Foundation 4 Mundelein, IL
Joshua Bible Missions Inc. (Until December 2006) Mundelein, IL
Keller Fam Foundation 4 Mundelein, IL
Kirk Players Mundelein, IL
Lake County Center for Independent Mundelein, IL
Lake County Home Day Care Network Mundelein, IL
Living New Covenant Church Mundelein, IL
Maclean Foundation 4 Mundelein, IL
Mason Marathon Inc. (Until December 2007) Mundelein, IL
Medline Foundation 4 Mundelein, IL
Ministry of Salvation Outreach Ministries Inc. (Until June 2006) Mundelein, IL
Montessori Country Day School Mundelein, IL
Mundelein Area Self-Help Organization Mundelein, IL
Mundelein Cooperative Preschool Mundelein, IL
Mundelein District 75 Educational Foundation Mundelein, IL
Mundelein High School Junior Mustang Feeder Basketball (Until September 2009) Mundelein, IL
Mundelein Junior Football League Mundelein, IL
Mundelein Mustangs Swim Club Mundelein, IL
Mundelein Pride Mundelein, IL
Northwest Christian Church Mundelein, IL
Regina Coeli Foundation Inc. 4 Mundelein, IL
Rhinoplasty Society Inc. Mundelein, IL
Saint Andrews Lutheran Church Mundelein, IL
Schwaben Athletic Club Mundelein, IL
Sure Foundation Christian Church Mundelein, IL
The Beirc Foundation (Until December 2007) Mundelein, IL
The Mercy Foundation Inc. Mundelein, IL
Amateur Softball Association of Illinois Murphysboro, IL
Berean Christian Church Murphysboro, IL
Christ Community Church Murphysboro, IL
Elizabeth A. Smysor Charitable Trust 4 Murphysboro, IL
General John A. Logan Museum Murphysboro, IL
Jackson County Extension Facilities Inc. Murphysboro, IL
Jackson County Historical Society Murphysboro, IL
Kincaid Area Watershed Project Inc. Murphysboro, IL
Lori M. Boatright Trust 4 Murphysboro, IL
Murphysboro Area Senior Citizens Council Murphysboro, IL
Murphysboro Baseball Inc. Murphysboro, IL
Murphysboro Food Pantry Inc. Murphysboro, IL
Murphysboro Main Street Inc. Murphysboro, IL
Murphysboro Youth & Recreation Center Inc. (Until December 2006) Murphysboro, IL
Patriots Marching Color Guard Bravo Co Inc. Murphysboro, IL
Southern Illinois Foodbank Murphysboro, IL
Southern Illinois K-9 Search and Rescue Association (Until December 2006) Murphysboro, IL
Specialized Training for Adult Rehabilitation Inc. Murphysboro, IL
United Fund of Murphsboro Illinois Inc. Murphysboro, IL
Victory Christian Fellowship Murphysboro, IL
Youth Outdoor Education (Until December 2007) Murphysboro, IL
Koinonia Retreat Center Murrayville, IL
Murrayville-Woodson Emergency Ambulance Service Inc. Murrayville, IL
Our Community Murrphysboro, IL
North Aurora Mothers Club N. Aurira, IL
Evangelical Free Baptist Church Inc. E. F. B. C. N. Aurora, IL
North East Multi-Regional Training Inc. N. Aurora, IL
West Aurora Cemetery Association 6 N. Aurora, IL
Biltmore Country Club Scholarship Foundation N. Barrington, IL
Clark-Bardes Foundation Inc. 4 N. Barrington, IL
Hale Foundation 4 N. Barrington, IL
Parent Teacher Organization of North Barrington School N. Barrington, IL
Tree of the Saddle Nfp (Until December 2006) N. Barrington, IL
Church of the Word of God N. Chicago, IL
First Corinthian M. B. Church N. Chicago, IL
Mayors Office of Special Community Activities N. Chicago, IL
North Chicago Citizens Aganist Drug & Alcohol Abuse N. Chicago, IL
Pads Crisis Services Inc. N. Chicago, IL
Paul K. Kennedy Child Care Center Inc. N. Chicago, IL
Youthbuild Lake County (Until June 2008) N. Chicago, IL
Mt. Vernon Cemetery Association of North Henderson Illinois 6 N. Henderson, IL
Tag Ministries Foundation N. Henderson, IL
North Riverside Youth Program and Educational Scholarship Fund Inc. N. Riverside, IL
The Riverside Golf Club Memorial Scholarship Fund for Caddies Fdn 4 N. Riverside, IL
Woman 2 Woman Community Services (Until December 2008) Napierville, IL
Naples Cemetery Association 6 Naples, IL
Rose of Sharon Educational Foundation Inc. (Until August 2007) Napperville, IL
Greenwood Cemetery Association of Washington County 6 Nashville, IL
Historical Society of Washington County Illinois Nashville, IL
Illinois Workshops Nashville, IL
Missionary Gospel Center Nashville, IL
Nashville Community High School Foundation Inc. Nashville, IL
Washington County Extension Education Foundation Nashville, IL
Washington County Farm Bureau Foundation Nashville, IL
Washington County Vocational Workshop Nashville, IL
Lillian Snyder Icarian Living History Foundation Nauroo, IL
Belliston Family Foundation 4 Nauvoo, IL
Created A. Future for Mongolian Children Inc. (Until November 2008) Nauvoo, IL
Mission to Mormons Incorporated Nauvoo, IL
Nauvoo Christian Visitors Center Nauvoo, IL
Nauvoo Food Pantry Nauvoo, IL
Belleview Community Church Nebo, IL
Heartland Rural America Foundation Nebo, IL
Spirit of Life Nebo, IL
Neoga Community Food Pantry (Until December 2007) Neoga, IL
Neoga Full Gospel Fellowship Church Neoga, IL
New Athens Area Multi Purpose Center Inc. New Athens, IL
New Beginnings Day Care Inc. New Athens, IL
Egyptian Past Commanders Club of the American Legion Inc. 6 New Baden, IL
New Baden Athletic Booster Club Inc. (Until December 2007) New Baden, IL
Red Eagle Alliance New Baden, IL
Community Health Center Inc. New Berlin, IL
Sangamon County Fair and Agriculture Association New Berlin, IL
Union Cemetery 6 New Berlin, IL
Woodwreath Cemetery 6 New Berlin, IL
New Canton Historical Society (Until July 2005) New Canton, IL
Pike County Volunteer Emergency Corps Inc. New Canton, IL
New Douglas Cemetery Association 6 New Douglas, IL
Silver Creek Glider Club Ltd. New Douglas, IL
Sheridan Township Cemetery Fund 6 New Holland, IL
Caroline Bentley Scholarship Fund New Lenox, IL
Chicago Metro-Chapter of the Society of Urologic Nurses & Assoc New Lenox, IL
Community Bible Chapel New Lenox, IL
Family Services Foundation of New Lenox Township New Lenox, IL
Fertilitycare Center of Greater Chicago Not for Profit (Until December 2006) New Lenox, IL
Friends of the Park (Until December 2005) New Lenox, IL
Jaf Orphan Wildlife New Lenox, IL
James E. Hearns Charitable Foundation 4 New Lenox, IL
Kids & Company Preschool Inc. New Lenox, IL
Lincoln Way High School Education Support Personal New Lenox, IL
New Covenant Community Church New Lenox, IL
New Lenox Area Historical Society New Lenox, IL
New Lenox Girls Softball Associaton New Lenox, IL
New Lenox Hawks Traveling Baseball Association New Lenox, IL
New Lenox Mustangs Junior Youth Football New Lenox, IL
New Lenox Parent Teacher Organization New Lenox, IL
R. Joshua Brisky Memorial Foundation (Until June 2005) New Lenox, IL
Recovery Communities United Inc. New Lenox, IL
Sonlife Ministries Inc. New Lenox, IL
The St. Jude Parish School Trust New Lenox, IL
Unlimited Soccer Club Select New Lenox, IL
The New Memphis Community Club New Memphis, IL
Gray Cemetery Association 6 New Salem, IL
Central Illinois One People Organization (Until December 2006) New Windsor, IL
Cozy Haven Homes Inc. New Windsor, IL
Time for Tots Preschool New Windsor, IL
Verl I. Brooks Scholarship Foundation 4 New Windsor, IL
Acorn Yokefellow Center Charitable Trust Newark, IL
Dickson Valley Corporation Newark, IL
Equine Dreams Newark, IL
Millbrook Firemens Association Newark, IL
Newark Senior Center Newark, IL
Longview Foundation 4 Newman, IL
Newman Cemetery Association 6 Newman, IL
Newman Community Redevelopement Inc. Newman, IL
Jasper Co Historical and Genealogical Society Newton, IL
Jasper County Boys Park Inc. Newton, IL
Jasper County Farm Bureau Foundation Newton, IL
Maxine E. Spitler Foundation 4 Newton, IL
Newton Community High School Academic Foundation Newton, IL
Newton Junior Football League Newton, IL
Orell Farley Foundation 4 Newton, IL
Potters House Ministry Newton, IL
Sunrise Youth Center & Community Building Newton, IL
Asthmatic Childrens Aid Niles, IL
Bethany Romanian Independent Pentecostal Church Niles, IL
Block Electric Co Inc. Foundation 4 Niles, IL
Carolyn L. and Bart T. Murphy Foundation 4 Niles, IL
Child Care With Confidence Inc. Niles, IL
Children of the Universe Niles, IL
Clark-Halladay Memorial Foundation 4 Niles, IL
Cuneo Foundation 4 Niles, IL
Dashamevada Vanik Association Niles, IL
Death Penalty Information Center 3 Niles, IL
Destiny Communications Niles, IL
Dianes Designated Helper Niles, IL
Diversey Rehabilitation Center Inc. Niles, IL
Euro Soccer Nfp (Until November 2006) Niles, IL
First Romanian Fundamentalist Baptist Church Niles, IL
Free Serbian Orthodox Diocese for the USA and Canada Inc. Niles, IL
Friends of Meigs Field Niles, IL
Friends of the Niles Public Library Niles, IL
Gemini Junior High Pto (Until June 2006) Niles, IL
Iglewski Family Foundation 4 Niles, IL
Illinois Association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Langu Niles, IL
J. Roderick Mac Arthur Foundation 4 Niles, IL
Joseph Academy Foundation Inc. Niles, IL

Above is a list of organizations in Illinois that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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