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Vehicle Donation in Illinois

For people interested in vehicle donation in Illinois, below is a list of Illinois organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Center for Belgian Culture of Western Illinois Inc. Moline, IL
Chainglink Ministries Inc. (Until December 2007) Moline, IL
Charles Deere Wiman Memorial Trust 4 Moline, IL
Child Abuse Council Moline, IL
Colonel Davenport Historical Fnd Moline, IL
Community Christian Fellowship Moline, IL
Comprehensive Youth Services Netwk of Mercer & Rock Island Counties Moline, IL
Cri Wildlife Refufe Ltd. Moline, IL
Crime Stoppers of the Quad Cities Inc. Moline, IL
Don E. & Charlotte J. Williams Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Moline, IL
Eclectic Theatre Company Moline, IL
Faithful Men Quartet Ministry Inc. Moline, IL
Family and Friends of the Mentally Handicapped Moline, IL
Floreciente Neighborhood Assn Inc. Moline, IL
For the Animals Nfp (Until December 2006) Moline, IL
Franklin Parr Marquis Family Foundation Inc. 4 Moline, IL
Free Enterprise Foundation Inc. Moline, IL
Freedom Ministries of the Quad Cities (Until December 2005) Moline, IL
Friends of India Association of Quad-Cities Inc. Moline, IL
Friends of Rock Island Arsenal R. I. A. National Cemetery Inc. Moline, IL
Friends of the Avenue Foundation (Until December 2004) Moline, IL
Friends of the Moline Public Library Moline, IL
Friends of the Quad Cities Moline, IL
Glory to God Ministries Moline, IL
Goodfellow Fund Moline, IL
Grace Regional Church Moline, IL
Greater Quad Cities Telecommunication Corporation Moline, IL
Hallene Family Foundation Inc. 4 Moline, IL
Handicapp Industry Inc. (Until December 2007) Moline, IL
Hans and Michele Becherer Family Foundation 4 Moline, IL
Hardiek Family Foundation 4 Moline, IL
Harold P. Griffith Moline High School National Honor Society Moline, IL
Hazel F. Van Arsdale Memorial Scholarship Fund Inc. 4 Moline, IL
Herbert A. Gellerman Family Foundation 4 Moline, IL
Holiness Methodist Church of Moline Ill Moline, IL
Hunt and Diane Harris Family Foundation 4 Moline, IL
Illinois Council for Exceptional Children Moline, IL
Illinois Foodbank Association (Until June 2006) Moline, IL
Illinois Quad City Chamber of Commerce Foundation Moline, IL
Illowa Youth Soccer League Inc. Moline, IL
Informedconsent Com Foundation Moline, IL
Instrumental Music Parents Association of Moline High School Moline, IL
International Vasa Previa Foundation Moline, IL
J. B. Cliver Charitable Tr 4 Moline, IL
John Deere Classic Charitable Corporation Moline, IL
John Deere Foundation 4 Moline, IL
John Deere Middle School Music Parents Association (Until May 2005) Moline, IL
John H. Harris III Memorial Foundation 4 Moline, IL
Johnson-Watkins Family Foundation Inc. 4 Moline, IL
Legion of Little Souls Inc. Moline, IL
Lowell N. Johnson Charitable Foundation 4 Moline, IL
Macedonia Education Support Association (Until December 2008) Moline, IL
Martin D. and Barbara H. Rich Family Charitable Foundation 4 Moline, IL
McLaughlin Family Foundation 4 Moline, IL
Mhs-Choral Music Parents Association Moline, IL
Midwest Writing Center Moline, IL
Mississippi Valley Association of Evangelicals Moline, IL
Moline Basketball Association Moline, IL
Moline Blackhawks Baseball Assoc Inc. Moline, IL
Moline Booster Club Moline, IL
Moline Boys Choir Moline, IL
Moline Conservatory Center Inc. Moline, IL
Moline DAR E. Inc. Moline, IL
Moline Drug Abuse Task Force Moline, IL
Moline Foundation Moline, IL
Moline Public Schools Foundation Inc. Moline, IL
Moline Second Alarmers Assn Inc. Moline, IL
Moline Soccer Association Moline, IL
Moline Soccer Club Moline, IL
Moline Wolves Soccer Association Moline, IL
Music Students-Etude Club Moline, IL
National Federation of the Blind of Illinois Moline, IL
Norman I. and Sandra Rich Family Charitable Foundation 4 Moline, IL
Playcrafters Inc. Moline, IL
Prehospital Advisory Board 4 Moline, IL
Promoting Resources and Operating Services (Until March 2008) Moline, IL
Quad Cities Diabetes Association Moline, IL
Quad Cities Kidney Patients Trust Fund Moline, IL
Quad Cities Sports Commission Moline, IL
Quad City Area Labor Management Council Moline, IL
Quad City Emmaus Moline, IL
Quad City Heritage League Moline, IL
Quad City Hindu Temple Moline, IL
Quad City Kids and Company Moline, IL
Quad City Rapids Girls Softball Inc. (Until December 2005) Moline, IL
Quad City Rowing Association Moline, IL
Quad-City Music Guild Moline, IL
Renew Moline Inc. Moline, IL
River Bend Food Reservoir Moline, IL
Robert E. Bartlett Family Foundation Trust Moline, IL
Rock Island County Farm Bureau Foundation (Until May 2006) Moline, IL
Rock Island County Historical Society Moline, IL
Rsa Charitable Foundation 4 Moline, IL
Saint Sebastian Priory Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem Inc. Moline, IL
Sangre De Christo Charitable Trust 4 Moline, IL
Sedona Training Technology Now Assn Moline, IL
Skills Inc. Moline, IL
Skip-Along Day Care Center Moline, IL
Spandan (Until December 2007) Moline, IL
Stephen C. Adler and Anne H. Adler Charitable Foundation 4 Moline, IL
The Robert E. Bartlett Family Foundation 4 Moline, IL
Todays Church Moline, IL
Two Rivers YMCA Inc. Moline, IL
United Alumni Association Moline, IL
Vern and Loma Wegerer Family Charitable Foundation 4 Moline, IL
Victory Life Church Moline, IL
Villa Montessori School Ltd. Moline, IL
Viscioni Youth Organization (Until August 2007) Moline, IL
Viva Quad Cities Inc. Moline, IL
Walsh Fund 4 Moline, IL
Warbird Preservation Foundation 3 Moline, IL
Wee-Care Day Care Center Moline, IL
William Butterworth Memorial Trust 4 Moline, IL
Young Womens Christian Association of Moline 4 Moline, IL
Youth Service Bureau of Rock Island Moline, IL
Christian Community Churches Inc. Momence, IL
Church of the Cross Momence, IL
Garden of Prayer Youth Center Incorporated Momence, IL
Good Shepherd Manor Group Homes Inc. Momence, IL
Good Shepherd Manor Inc. Momence, IL
Grace Migrant Day Care Center Momence, IL
Hoopeston Migrant Head Start Momence, IL
Ian Fleming Foundation Momence, IL
Mini Mansion Inc. Momence, IL
Momence Area Community and Economic Development Corporation Momence, IL
Momence Honor Guard Inc. Momence, IL
Momence Youth Sports Association (Until January 2006) Momence, IL
New Beginnings (Until December 2008) Momence, IL
Twin State Christian Camp Momence, IL
Unity Christian School Society Momence, IL
Basic Life Community Church Monee, IL
Chicago Chi Alpha (Until April 2007) Monee, IL
Christian Life Fellowship Monee, IL
Eastern Will County Senior Services Monee, IL
Havanese Angel League (Until December 2005) Monee, IL
Irish Gospel Outreach Monee, IL
Kiddie Corral Daycare Inc. Monee, IL
Maverick Youth Football (Until December 2007) Monee, IL
Reconciliation Centre Nfp (Until December 2008) Monee, IL
Reformed Believers United Monee, IL
Achievement Center Endowment Fund Inc. Monmouth, IL
Addleman Family Foundation 4 Monmouth, IL
Alice Wilson & William J. Schweitzer Argiculture Education Foundation 4 Monmouth, IL
Buchanan Center for the Arts Monmouth, IL
Burlington Institute of Origin Science Inc. Monmouth, IL
Cline-Lofftus Foundation 4 Monmouth, IL
Community Medical Center of Western Illinois Inc. Monmouth, IL
Countryside Bible Church Monmouth, IL
Crime Stoppers of Warren County Inc. Monmouth, IL
Edward Arthur Mellinger Educational Foundation 4 Monmouth, IL
Endangered Small Animal Conservation Fund 4 Monmouth, IL
Evelyn Titus Trust Under A. Declaration of Trust Dated May 16 4 Monmouth, IL
First Christian Church of Monmouth Monmouth, IL
Grace Bible Church of Monmouth Monmouth, IL
Grace E. Buchanan Memorial Fuund Inc. 4 Monmouth, IL
Hands Foundation Monmouth, IL
Jamieson Community Center Inc. Monmouth, IL
Maple City Field of Dreams Monmouth, IL
Maple Leaf Community Concert Series Monmouth, IL
Monmouth College Monmouth, IL
Monmouth Early Learning Center Monmouth, IL
Monmouth Maroon Softball (Until December 2007) Monmouth, IL
Monmouth Music Boosters Association Monmouth, IL
Monmouth Rotary Council Inc. Monmouth, IL
Monmouth School District Educational Foundation Monmouth, IL
Pattee Foundtion 4 Monmouth, IL
Starting Point Prayer Group Incorporated Monmouth, IL
Strom Center Inc. Monmouth, IL
The AAUW Art Presenter Program Monmouth, IL
The Buchanan Choral Society Monmouth, IL
Warren Achievement Center Inc. Monmouth, IL
Warren County Historical Society Monmouth, IL
Warren County Humane Society Monmouth, IL
Warren County Illinois Genealogical Society Monmouth, IL
Warren County Library & Reading Room Association Monmouth, IL
Warren County United Way Inc. Monmouth, IL
Warren Henderson Farm Bureau Foundation Monmouth, IL
Warren School Foundation Inc. Monmouth, IL
West Central Community Services Inc. Monmouth, IL
West Central Leadership Inc. Monmouth, IL
Western Illinois Animal Rescue Inc. Monmouth, IL
Yorkwood School Foundation Inc. Monmouth, IL
Young Mens Christian Association of Warren County Monmouth, IL
Grace Project Monroe Center, IL
Rett Syndrome Association of Illinois Mont Prospect, IL
Bride Unveiled Ministries (Until December 2006) Montgomery, IL
Exceptional Child Development Center Inc. Montgomery, IL
Generation Christ Inc. Non Profit Organization Montgomery, IL
House of the Good Shepherd of Aurora Montgomery, IL
Living Word Fellowship of Montgomery Inc. Montgomery, IL
New Church of Christ the Savior Montgomery, IL
Teen Nite Inc. Non Profit Organization Montgomery, IL
American Youth Basketball Tour Inc. Monticello, IL
Arthur Chapter 427 Order of Eastern Star of Illinois 4 Monticello, IL
First Baptist Church of Monticello Illinois Monticello, IL
George V & Cora A. Betts Trust 4 Monticello, IL
John & Mary E. Kirby Hospital Monticello, IL
Metamorphosis Elementary School of Monticello Inc. Monticello, IL
Monticello Area Education Foundation Monticello, IL
Monticello Christian Academy Monticello, IL

Above is a list of organizations in Illinois that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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