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Vehicle Donation in Illinois

For people interested in vehicle donation in Illinois, below is a list of Illinois organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Abraham Lincoln Healthcare Foundation Lincoln, IL
Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital Lincoln, IL
Academic Development Institute Inc. Lincoln, IL
Capitol Ostomy Association Inc. Lincoln, IL
Central Illinois Economic Development Corporation Lincoln, IL
Cha Dai Humane Society Lincoln, IL
Charitable Trust of Lincoln Lodge No 914 BPOE A. Corporation 4 Lincoln, IL
Chicagoland Christian Village Inc. Lincoln, IL
Children of Pokat Educational Fund Inc. Lincoln, IL
Christian Child Care Inc. Lincoln, IL
Christian Homes Inc. Lincoln, IL
Christian Ministry to the Mormons Inc. Lincoln, IL
Christopher Sheller Peacock Foundation 4 Lincoln, IL
Comanche Flyer Foundation Inc. Lincoln, IL
Fair Havens Christian Home Inc. Lincoln, IL
Foundation for the Advancement of Christian Libraries (Until December 2006) Lincoln, IL
Henry Safford Peacock Foundation 4 Lincoln, IL
Heritage in Flight Museum Inc. Lincoln, IL
Hoosier Christian Village Inc. Lincoln, IL
Jefferson Street Christian Church Lincoln, IL
Kingdom Life Ministries Lincoln, IL
Kuki Christian Church Mission Lincoln, IL
Lewis Memorial Christian Village Lincoln, IL
Lincoln Area Young Mens Christian Association Lincoln, IL
Lincoln Chill (Until December 2007) Lincoln, IL
Lincoln Christian College and Seminary Lincoln, IL
Lincoln Christian College and Seminary Foundation Lincoln, IL
Lincoln Community High School Foundation Lincoln, IL
Lincoln Community Theatre Lincoln, IL
Lincoln Gators Swim Club Inc. Lincoln, IL
Lincoln Logan Crime Stoppers Inc. Lincoln, IL
Lincoln Pastoral Counseling Services Inc. Lincoln, IL
Lincoln Sesquicentennial Corp (Until December 2006) Lincoln, IL
Lincoln Southern Baptist Church Lincoln, IL
Lincoln University Lincoln, IL
Lincoln Youth Center Inc. Lincoln, IL
Lincoln and Logan County Development Partnership Nfp (Until July 2005) Lincoln, IL
Lincoln-Logan Food Pantry Lincoln, IL
Log-On Productions Inc. (Until December 2005) Lincoln, IL
Logan Co Genealogical and Historical Society Lincoln, IL
Logan County Arts Association (Until September 2005) Lincoln, IL
Logan County Farm Bureau Foundation Lincoln, IL
Logan County Paramedic Association Inc. Lincoln, IL
Logan County Park and Trails Foundation 4 Lincoln, IL
Main Street Lincoln Inc. Lincoln, IL
Malawi Christian Mission Lincoln, IL
Modern Haiku (Until December 2006) Lincoln, IL
Nurse-In-Training Program Forty & Eight Logan County Voiture 985 Lincoln, IL
Risen Son Christian Village Inc. Lincoln, IL
Senior Citizens of Logan County Inc. Lincoln, IL
Spring River Christian Village Inc. 3600 E. Third Lincoln, IL
St. Claras Manor Inc. Lincoln, IL
Union Cemetery Association of City of Lincoln Ill 6 Lincoln, IL
United Way of Logan County Lincoln, IL
Village Christian Parke Lincoln, IL
Woods Foundation 4 Lincoln, IL
Zambia Christian Mission Churches of Christ Lincoln, IL
Adlai E. Stevenson High School District Foundation Lincolnshire, IL
Chicago Northwest Suburban Chinese School Lincolnshire, IL
Childrens Heart Foundation Lincolnshire, IL
Dave Duerson Foundation Inc. Lincolnshire, IL
Eternal Love Baptist Church Inc. Lincolnshire, IL
Flutes Fantastique Lincolnshire, IL
Foundation of the Association of Legal Administrators Lincolnshire, IL
Friends of the Vernon Library Lincolnshire, IL
Hewitt Associates Foundation Lincolnshire, IL
Holocaust Memorial Foundation of Illinois Inc. Lincolnshire, IL
Housewares Charity Foundation Lincolnshire, IL
Jewish Community Singers Inc. Lincolnshire, IL
Joanne Silverman Memorial Fund Lincolnshire, IL
La Esperanza Inc. 3 Lincolnshire, IL
Lincolnshire Community Nursery School Inc. Lincolnshire, IL
Lincolnshire Rotary Charitable Fund Inc. (Until June 2008) Lincolnshire, IL
Lords Love Community Church Lincolnshire, IL
Parent Teacher Organization of District 103 Lincolnshire, IL
Riverside Foundation Lincolnshire, IL
Samariteanul Milos (Until December 2007) Lincolnshire, IL
Sax Family Foundation 4 Lincolnshire, IL
School District 103 Learning Fund Lincolnshire, IL
Speac Corporation Lincolnshire, IL
Spring Lake Sports League Lincolnshire, IL
St. Margarets College & Schools Foundation Lincolnshire, IL
Stevenson Band Parents Organization Lincolnshire, IL
Stevenson High School Hockey Association Inc. Lincolnshire, IL
Success Financial Group Charitable Foundation Lincolnshire, IL
University Center of Lake County (Until June 2005) Lincolnshire, IL
Voice for Wildlife Lincolnshire, IL
Willow House Lincolnshire, IL
AAA Cook County Consolidation Inc. Lincolnwood, IL
Academy for Interscience Methodology Lincolnwood, IL
Agunah Project Inc. (Until December 2007) Lincolnwood, IL
Airoom Foundation (Until December 2007) Lincolnwood, IL
American Committee for the Beersheva Foundation Inc. Lincolnwood, IL
Bais Medrash of Lincolnwood Lincolnwood, IL
Bressler-Robbins Foundation 4 Lincolnwood, IL
Carl & Frances Korn Foundation 4 Lincolnwood, IL
Charles Kurland Family Foundation 4 Lincolnwood, IL
Cheshtia Foundation for Islamic Education Lincolnwood, IL
Chicago Intercollegiate Council Lincolnwood, IL
Chicago Maot Chitim Inc. Lincolnwood, IL
Chicago Penile Baptist Church Lincolnwood, IL
Childrens Care Development Center Inc. Lincolnwood, IL
Chodae Church Lincolnwood, IL
Community Evangelical Christian Fellowship Lincolnwood, IL
Congregation Yehuda Moshe Lincolnwood, IL
Congress of Russian Americans of Greater Chicago Inc. Lincolnwood, IL
Dennis and Joyce Ruben Foundation 4 Lincolnwood, IL
E. F. Harris Family Foundation 4 Lincolnwood, IL
Edward S. Sprague Foundation 4 Lincolnwood, IL
Friends of the Lincolnwood Library Lincolnwood, IL
Gavlin Family Foundation 4 Lincolnwood, IL
Gemach Zichron Hannoh Miriam Lincolnwood, IL
Gerstein Family Foundation 4 Lincolnwood, IL
Gilbut Church Lincolnwood, IL
Goodman Family Foundation 4 Lincolnwood, IL
Hollander Family Foundation 4 Lincolnwood, IL
House of El-Shadai Inc. Lincolnwood, IL
Issa Foundation Lincolnwood, IL
Kirschenbaum Charitable Foundation 4 Lincolnwood, IL
Korea Campus Crusade for Christ in Chicago Lincolnwood, IL
Lee A. and Rosyln Graff Foundation 4 Lincolnwood, IL
Lester and Rosalie Anixter Center Lincolnwood, IL
Lincolnwood Baseball Association (Until December 2007) Lincolnwood, IL
Lincolnwood Police Foundation (Until December 2005) Lincolnwood, IL
Lincolnwood School Foundation Lincolnwood, IL
Liz Diamond Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Lincolnwood, IL
Manila Central University Fdt Medical Alumni Association Lincolnwood, IL
Maury E. Kaufman Foundation 4 Lincolnwood, IL
Myrna and Kenneth Neiman Foundation 4 Lincolnwood, IL
New Light Cemetery Association 6 Lincolnwood, IL
Osina Charitable Family Foundation Inc. 4 Lincolnwood, IL
Paul Grossinger and Rose Grossinger Gara Foundation 4 Lincolnwood, IL
Rajchenbach Family Foundation 4 Lincolnwood, IL
Reach for Christ Ministries (Until December 2008) Lincolnwood, IL
Sam & Sarah Grossinger Foundation 4 Lincolnwood, IL
Samuel Weinstein Family Foundation 4 Lincolnwood, IL
Sandler Foundation 4 Lincolnwood, IL
Schnell Family Foundation 4 Lincolnwood, IL
Sean Sophier Charitable Foundation (Until December 2005) Lincolnwood, IL
Seymour J. Abrams Family Foundation 4 Lincolnwood, IL
Sheerith Hapleitah Holocaust Survivors of Metropolitan Chicago Lincolnwood, IL
Shellie Harris Memorial Fund 4 Lincolnwood, IL
Stevenson Community Together We Can Lincolnwood, IL
Thai Nurses Association of Illinois Inc. Lincolnwood, IL
The Dr Richard Gershon and Lani Yampol Gershon Foundation 4 Lincolnwood, IL
The Institute of China Studies Lincolnwood, IL
The Robert & Debra F. Hartman Family Foundation 4 Lincolnwood, IL
Youth in Education and Sports 4 Lincolnwood, IL
Zekoron Ledoros Charitable Foundation 4 Lincolnwood, IL
Federation of Mid American Chinese Academic Organization (Until December 2005) Linconwood, IL
Serbian Brothers Help Inc. Lindenburg, IL
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Wisconsin Inc. Lindenhurst, IL
Charles S. & Millicent P. Brown Family Foundation 4 Lindenhurst, IL
Childrens Crossing Inc. (Until December 2005) Lindenhurst, IL
Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood Lindenhurst, IL
Grace Ministry of USA Lindenhurst, IL
Grapplin Devils Wrestling Club Lindenhurst, IL
Heritage Chapel Lindenhurst, IL
Institute for the Study of Human Awareness Lindenhurst, IL
Muskies Inc. Lindenhurst, IL
Open Arms Mission Nfp (Until December 2008) Lindenhurst, IL
Prairie Preservation Society of Ogle County Lindenwood, IL
Lake County Baptist Temple Lion, IL
A. Better Life Lisle, IL
Abundant Living Fellowship Inc. Lisle, IL
Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education Lisle, IL
Amitabha Buddhist Library in Chicago (Until December 2007) Lisle, IL
Amurt USA Nfp (Until December 2008) Lisle, IL
Apt International Inc. Lisle, IL
Bradley Youth Centers Nfp (Until June 2007) Lisle, IL
Call4Acure Nfp (Until December 2008) Lisle, IL
Callipygian Players Nfp (Until February 2007) Lisle, IL
Cchc Lisle, IL
Center for the Study of the Passion of Christ and the Holy Shroud Inc. Lisle, IL
Chicago International Society for Performance Improvement Lisle, IL
Collie Rescue of Greater Illinois Lisle, IL
Community Awareness Coalition (Until January 2008) Lisle, IL
Community and Youth Development of Dupage County (Until December 2007) Lisle, IL
Educational Foundation of Lisle Community School District 202 Lisle, IL
Family Health Foundation of Illinois Inc. Lisle, IL
Girl Scouts of Dupage County Council Lisle, IL
Gkn Foundation 4 Lisle, IL
Hands of Providence Foundation Lisle, IL
Illinois State Crime Commission Lisle, IL
Kazma Family Foundation 4 Lisle, IL
Lisle Band Parents Organization Lisle, IL
Lisle Baseball-Softball League Inc. Lisle, IL
Lisle Choral Parent Organization Lisle, IL
Lisle Community Band Lisle, IL
Lisle Community Service Corporation Lisle, IL
Lisle Heritage Society Lisle, IL
Lisle Library District Foundation Lisle, IL
Lisle Womans Club Lisle, IL
Little Peoples Foundation (Until December 2007) Lisle, IL
Lituanica Athletic Club Nfp (Until December 2007) Lisle, IL
Madeline Sweeney Meeds Foundation 4 Lisle, IL
Maple Society North American Branch (Until February 2008) Lisle, IL
Math Kangaroo in USA Nfp (Until June 2007) Lisle, IL
Molex Foundation 4 Lisle, IL
Morton Arboretum Lisle, IL

Above is a list of organizations in Illinois that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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