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Vehicle Donation in Illinois

For people interested in vehicle donation in Illinois, below is a list of Illinois organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Lawrence Community Unit School District No 20 Academic Foundation Lawrenceville, IL
Lawrence County Arts Council (Until December 2006) Lawrenceville, IL
Lawrence County Assoc for Mentally Retarded & Physically Handicapped Lawrenceville, IL
Lawrence County Farm Bureau Foundation Lawrenceville, IL
Lawrence County Humane Society Lawrenceville, IL
Lawrence County Illinois Historical Society Lawrenceville, IL
Lawrence County Industrial Development Council Lawrenceville, IL
Lawrence County Medical Services Foundation Inc. Lawrenceville, IL
Lawrence County Memorial Hospital Endowment and Development Foundati Lawrenceville, IL
Lawrenceville Softball Association (Until December 2005) Lawrenceville, IL
Lawrenceville-Vincennes Airport Development Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Lawrenceville, IL
Pats Kids & Families Lawrenceville, IL
Sign of the Kingdom-East Lawrenceville, IL
Sports Facilities Organization (Until December 2008) Lawrenceville, IL
United Fund of Lawrence County Il Lawrenceville, IL
United Methodist Village Inc. Lawrenceville, IL
Wabash Valley Resource Conservation & Development Lawrenceville, IL
Leroy Christian Church Le Roy, IL
McLean County Crime Detection Network Le Roy, IL
Charles D. Bertolet Memorial Foundation Inc. 4 Leaf River, IL
Christian Homecare Services Inc. Lebanon, IL
Church of Jesus Christ the Divine Lebanon, IL
Global Outreach Inc. A. New Corp Lebanon, IL
H. E. L. P. for Mom Lebanon, IL
Illinois State Grange Lebanon, IL
Lebanon Community Fine Arts Council Lebanon, IL
Lebanon Historical Society Lebanon, IL
Leon & Helen Church Family Foundation 4 Lebanon, IL
Lighthouse Early Learning Center Inc. (Until December 2007) Lebanon, IL
Looking Glass Playhouse Lebanon, IL
McKendree College Lebanon, IL
National Pentecostal Power Church Inc. Lebanon, IL
Old Enterprise Foundation 4 Lebanon, IL
Neighbors in Christ Ecumenical Lee, IL
Bethany Preschool Center Inc. Leland, IL
Community Bible Church Leland, IL
Lazy Maple Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation (Until December 2005) Leland, IL
Leland Foundation for Excellence in Education Inc. Leland, IL
Leland Panther Sports Boosters (Until June 2007) Leland, IL
Alfred and Donna Bianucci Foundation 4 Lemont, IL
American Lithuanian Montessori Society Lemont, IL
Ateitis Foundation Lemont, IL
Ateitis Relief Fund Inc. Lemont, IL
Bolingbrook Community Bible Church Lemont, IL
Brown Britches Inc. Lemont, IL
Care & Share Inc. Lemont, IL
Chicago Baseball Cancer Charities Lemont, IL
Community Chest of Lemont Inc. Lemont, IL
Corvair Preservation Foundation Lemont, IL
Downtown Lemont Inc. Lemont, IL
Franciscan Community Services Inc. Lemont, IL
Global Grid Forum (Until December 2005) Lemont, IL
Illinois Junior Golf Association Lemont, IL
Illinois Turfgrass Endowment Lemont, IL
Lemont Area Historical Society Lemont, IL
Lemont Citizens Awareness Network Lemont, IL
Lemont Football League Inc. (Until December 2006) Lemont, IL
Lemont High School Band Parents Association Lemont, IL
Lemont Hornets Youth Football Association Inc. Lemont, IL
Lemont Junior Womans Club Inc. Lemont, IL
Lemont Park Foundation Inc. (Until April 2005) Lemont, IL
Lithuanian Education Council of the USA Lemont, IL
Lithuanian Foundation Lemont, IL
Lithuanian Maironis Community School of Lemont Lemont, IL
Lithuanian Museum of Art Inc. Lemont, IL
Lithuanian World Center Lemont, IL
Lithuanian World Community Lemont, IL
Liver Foundation for Kids Lemont, IL
Mexi-Mayan Academic Travel Inc. Lemont, IL
Midwest School of Irish Harps (Until December 2005) Lemont, IL
Montessori Elementary School Lemont, IL
Never Quit Organization (Until December 2006) Lemont, IL
Rock Creek Center Foundation Lemont, IL
Slovenian Cultural Center Lemont, IL
Sunshine Through Golf Foundation Lemont, IL
The Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago Lemont, IL
Tri County Special Recreation Association Lemont, IL
Upper Mississippi Valley Archaeological Research Foundation Lemont, IL
Youth Camp Association Dist 12 & 13 P. N. A. Lemont, IL
Agc Animal Sanctuary (Until December 2006) Lena, IL
Lena Area Historical Society Lena, IL
Lena Community Trust Fund Inc. Lena, IL
Lena Winslow Music Boosters (Until August 2006) Lena, IL
Stephenson County Fire Chiefs Inc. Lena, IL
Lincoln Sargent Farm Foundation Lerna, IL
Volunteer Pioneers Lerna, IL
Grand Village of the Kickapoo Park Foundation Leroy, IL
J. T. & E. J. Crumbaugh Trust Leroy, IL
Leroy Education Advancement Foundation Leroy, IL
Leroy Emergency Ambulance Service Inc. Leroy, IL
Leroy Promotion Association Chamber of Commerce Inc. Leroy, IL
P. A. R. K. S-Play and Recreation for Our Kids Safety Leroy, IL
Rike House Guild Inc. Leroy, IL
Faith Center Ministries International Church Inc. Lewiston, IL
First Baptist Church of Lewistown Illinois Lewistown, IL
Fulton County Farm Bureau Foundation Lewistown, IL
Fulton County Homemakers Extension Association Lewistown, IL
George & Wilma F. Miller Trust Thomas B. Ewing Ttee 4 Lewistown, IL
Grant Keime Memorial Trust Lewistown, IL
Lewistown Cemetery Association 6 Lewistown, IL
Lewistown Society for Historical Preservation Inc. Lewistown, IL
Fellowship of Christian Farmers International Lexington, IL
Kemp Foundation 4 Lexington, IL
Lexington Ambulance Association Lexington, IL
Lexington Community Center Inc. Lexington, IL
Lexington Education Advancement Foundation Lexington, IL
Lexington Festivals and Special Events Council (Until December 2005) Lexington, IL
Lexington Genelogical and Historical Society Inc. Lexington, IL
Lexington Volunteer Firemens Association Lexington, IL
Parker Kemp Foundation 4 Lexington, IL
Pioneer Lawndale Cemetery 6 Lexington, IL
Smith Library Lexington, IL
Xanadu Horse Ranch and Youth Camp (Until December 2005) Lexington, IL
Adams County Equestrian Services Inc. Nfp (Until December 2005) Liberty, IL
Liberty Community Association Liberty, IL
Liberty Firefighters Auxiliary (Until December 2008) Liberty, IL
Liberty Food Pantry Liberty, IL
A. Village Green Montessori Inc. Libertyville, IL
Advocates for Fibromyalgia Funding Treatments Education and Research Libertyville, IL
Aldridge Family Foundation 4 Libertyville, IL
All Are Welcome Social Services Inc. (Until December 2007) Libertyville, IL
Ars Viva Libertyville, IL
Bethel Pentecostal Church of God Libertyville, IL
Bill Anest Family Foundation 4 Libertyville, IL
Bishop Dionisijie Scholarship Fund Inc. 4 Libertyville, IL
Center for the Scientific Study of Religion Libertyville, IL
Condell Acute Care Centers Libertyville, IL
Condell Health Care Foundation Libertyville, IL
Condell Health Network Libertyville, IL
Condell Medical Center Libertyville, IL
D. A. S. Charitable Fund 4 Libertyville, IL
Dan & Pat Jorndt Amundsen High School Learning Foundation Inc. 4 Libertyville, IL
David Adler Cultural Center Libertyville, IL
Douglas R. & Margaret S. Brown Charitable Tr 4 Libertyville, IL
Eclipse Select Soccer Association Inc. Libertyville, IL
Education Assistance of Round Lake Foundation for Learning (Until June 2006) Libertyville, IL
Equestrian Connection Nfp (Until December 2005) Libertyville, IL
Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy Libertyville, IL
Footprints Tap Ensemble of Talent Forum (Until December 2006) Libertyville, IL
Forum Jazz Dance Theatre Libertyville, IL
Foundation for Hellenic Studies- Illinois (Until December 2005) Libertyville, IL
Francis J. & Patricia A. Houlihan Foundation 4 Libertyville, IL
Friends of Wildcat Baseball (Until May 2009) Libertyville, IL
Fritsch Charitable Foundation 4 Libertyville, IL
Grace Fellowship Community Church Libertyville, IL
Greater Libertyville Soccer Association Inc. Libertyville, IL
Hellenic Professional Society of Illinois Charitable Foundation Libertyville, IL
Hundred Club of Lake County Libertyville, IL
Illinois Drug Enforcement Officers Association Libertyville, IL
Institute for Educational Excellence 4 Libertyville, IL
International Society for Hemodialysis Libertyville, IL
Irish Bible Institute USA Libertyville, IL
Kevin Gorter Memorial Fund Inc. (Until December 2006) Libertyville, IL
Kurtis Conservation Foundation 4 Libertyville, IL
Lake County Community Service Corporation Libertyville, IL
Lake County Jatc Libertyville, IL
Lambs Care Trust Inc. Libertyville, IL
Lambs Inc. Libertyville, IL
Lambs Residence III Inc. Libertyville, IL
Lambs Residence No 2 Inc. Libertyville, IL
Libertyville Boys Club Inc. 4 Libertyville, IL
Libertyville Civic Center Foundation Libertyville, IL
Libertyville Cooperative Nursery School Libertyville, IL
Libertyville Firemans Association Libertyville, IL
Libertyville Gymnastics Academy Booster Club (Until May 2008) Libertyville, IL
Libertyville Hockey Club Organization Incorporated Libertyville, IL
Libertyville Junior Womans Foundation (Until December 2007) Libertyville, IL
Libertyville Lightning All Star Cheer Team Libertyville, IL
Libertyville Mundelein Historical Society Inc. Libertyville, IL
Libertyville Township Soccer Complex Ltd. Libertyville, IL
Lithuanians Holiday Folk Fair of Milwaukee 1987 Libertyville, IL
Liv for A. Cure Foundation (Until December 2007) Libertyville, IL
Live Brave Coalition Inc. Libertyville, IL
Mainstreet Libertyville Inc. Libertyville, IL
Maristella Libertyville, IL
Mary Catherine Brooks Foundation 4 Libertyville, IL
Metropolitanate of the Mid West St. Sava Monastery Libertyville, IL
Midwest Montessori Teacher Training Center Libertyville, IL
Mt. St. Joseph Association Libertyville, IL
Nagoya International School Foundation Incorporated 5 Libertyville, IL
Nami of Lake County Libertyville, IL
North America Taiwanese Medical Association Foundation Libertyville, IL
Northern Illinois Girls Feeder Basketball Association (Until September 2005) Libertyville, IL
Red Rose Childrens Choir of Lake County Libertyville, IL
Rotary Club of Mundelein & Vern Hills Charit Found Libertyville, IL
Safari Club International Chicago Conservation Fund Libertyville, IL
Senior Council of Libertyville Inc. Libertyville, IL
Senior Issues Etc Nfp (Until June 2005) Libertyville, IL
Serbian Orthodox Church of the United States and Canada Libertyville, IL
Serbian University Council Inc. Libertyville, IL
Shepherds Wives Ministries (Until December 2007) Libertyville, IL
Snow Foundation 4 Libertyville, IL
Sol A. Rosen Foundation 4 Libertyville, IL
Sunrise Rotary Club Charitable Projects Foundation of Libertyville, IL
The Lake County Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service Libertyville, IL
The Lakeside Cemetery Association of Libertyville Lake County 6 Libertyville, IL
Womens Western Golf Foundation Libertyville, IL
Word of Faith Community Libertyville, IL
Youth & Family Counseling Libertyville, IL
Federated Church of Lima Lima, IL

Above is a list of organizations in Illinois that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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