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Vehicle Donation in Illinois

For people interested in vehicle donation in Illinois, below is a list of Illinois organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Kickers Soccer Club Inc. Aurora, IL
Laymens Team for Christ Aurora, IL
League of Illinois Bicyclists Aurora, IL
Learning Institute for Family Enrichment Inc. Aurora, IL
Lebanon Full Gospel Church Aurora, IL
Lillie Morrow Society Aurora, IL
Lucys Childrens Fund Inc. 4 Aurora, IL
Main Baptist Church Aurora, IL
Make the Way Ministries Aurora, IL
Marie Wilkinson Child Development Center Aurora, IL
Marie Wilkinson Foundation (Until December 2007) Aurora, IL
Martha D. & Herbert F. Schingoethe Endowment Trust 4 Aurora, IL
Mental Health and Mental Retardation Services Inc. of Planni Aurora, IL
Messengers of Christ-Lutheran Bible Translators Inc. Aurora, IL
Messiah Fellowship Church Aurora, IL
Metromural Aurora, IL
Midwest Educational Technology Training Nfp (Until December 2007) Aurora, IL
Mutual Ground Inc. Aurora, IL
Near West Side Neighborhood Association Inc. (Until December 2005) Aurora, IL
New Community Baptist Church Aurora, IL
New Covenant Full Gospel Church Aurora, IL
Non-Denominational Macedonia Temple of God Church for All Nations Aurora, IL
Northern Illinois Tejano Cultural Society Inc. Aurora, IL
O. L. L. Education Services Aurora, IL
Oberweis Foundation 4 Aurora, IL
Paramount Arts Centre Inc. Aurora, IL
Parent Resource Center of Dupage Aurora, IL
People for Child Care Inc. Aurora, IL
Percy R. & Grace M. Council Foundat Ion 4 Aurora, IL
Perinatal Association of Illinois Inc. Aurora, IL
Perinatal Outreach Educators of Illinois Aurora, IL
Powerful and Mighty Warrior Crusade Ministries Aurora, IL
Pregnancy Information Center Inc. Aurora, IL
Project Elf Task Force Aurora, IL
Project Unitys Back-To-Shool Fair Aurora, IL
Public Action to Deliver Shelter Inc. Aurora, IL
Quad County Urban League Inc. Aurora, IL
R. I. T. A. S. Ministry Aurora, IL
Rachels Place Adult Day Care Aurora, IL
Restorative Justice Institute of Illinois Aurora, IL
River Valley Community Church Inc. Aurora, IL
Rush-Copley Health Care System Inc. Aurora, IL
Rush-Copley Medical Center Inc. Aurora, IL
Sai Samsthan USA Aurora, IL
Science and Technology Interactive Center Aurora, IL
Sheba Foundation 4 Aurora, IL
Simple Gifts Foundation (Until December 2007) Aurora, IL
Special Education Services Aurora, IL
Sri Venkateswara Swami Temple of Greater Chicago Aurora, IL
Stewart Foundation 4 Aurora, IL
Sunnymere Inc. Aurora, IL
Taking Back Our Community Aurora, IL
The Herbie House Ltd. Aurora, IL
The Love of God Missionary Baptist Church of Aurora Illinois Aurora, IL
The Mairin Christine Wallner Memorial Scholarship Fund 4 Aurora, IL
The Mighell Fund Inc. Aurora, IL
Tolbert Refugee Assistance Foundation (Until December 2006) Aurora, IL
Top Ladies of Distinction Inc. Aurora, IL
Total Living Foundation Aurora, IL
True Holiness Fellowship Church Aurora, IL
US Naval Sea Cadet Corps Aurora Division Aurora, IL
United Way of the Aurora Area Aurora, IL
University of Illinois Educational Administration Alumni Association Aurora, IL
Upper Room Apostolic Faith Church Aurora, IL
Vernon H. Haase Foundation Old Second National Bank of Aurora Tru 4 Aurora, IL
Victims in Communities (Until December 2007) Aurora, IL
Visiting Nurse Assoc of Fox Valley Aurora, IL
Visiting Nurse Association Health Center Inc. Aurora, IL
Warehouse Christian Church Inc. Aurora, IL
Waubonsi Valley Hockey Club Inc. Aurora, IL
Waubonsie Valley Swim School Aurora, IL
Wayside Cross Rescue Mission Inc. Aurora, IL
Weekend Productions Nfp (Until June 2009) Aurora, IL
Well Rounded Youth Association (Until April 2005) Aurora, IL
Young Womens Christian Association Aurora, IL
Zanis Cross Foundation Inc. Aurora, IL
All for Ava Ava, IL
Ava Evergreen Cemetery Association 6 Ava, IL
Ava Khoury League Ava, IL
Buchanan Cemetary Fund 6 Ava, IL
Glenn Cemetery Association 6 Ava, IL
Kinkaid Christian Fellowship Ava, IL
Shawnee Amish Church Ava, IL
Trico Area Summer Youth League (Until December 2006) Ava, IL
Avon Cemetery Association 6 Avon, IL
Checkrow Community Church Fellowship Avon, IL
Saunders Hospital Avon, IL
Baldwin Community Development Assn Inc. Baldwin, IL
Brandon Dann Rotstein Memorial Foundation (Until December 2007) Bannockburn, IL
Clark Family Foundation 4 Bannockburn, IL
Dolan Family Foundation 4 Bannockburn, IL
Enable International Inc. Bannockburn, IL
Gail G. Ellis Foundation Inc. 4 Bannockburn, IL
Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation Bannockburn, IL
Holden Foundation 4 Bannockburn, IL
Jim McMahon Charitable Foundation Bannockburn, IL
John R. Halligan Charitable Fund 4 Bannockburn, IL
Kevin Walpert Memorial Scholarship Fund 4 Bannockburn, IL
Legacy Foundation 4 Bannockburn, IL
McS. Health & Environment Bannockburn, IL
Mpg Foundation Inc. 4 Bannockburn, IL
Otis Wilson Charitable Association Bannockburn, IL
Sheldon L. and Pearl R. Leibowitz Foundation 4 Bannockburn, IL
Thomas & Marilyn Heath Foundation 4 Bannockburn, IL
Versa Voce Association (Until December 2005) Bannockburn, IL
Wallace Business Forms Foundation 4 Bannockburn, IL
Yates-Feldman Foundation 4 Bannockburn, IL
James B. Tafel Foundation 4 Barringotn, IL
Lancaster Family Foundation 4 Barrington Hills, IL
Pegasus-The Childrens Airlift Barrington Hills, IL
Abra Prentice Foundation Inc. 4 Barrington, IL
Ackmann Family Foundation 4 Barrington, IL
Adoptive Families Today Barrington, IL
Aid to Animals of Northern Illinois Barrington, IL
Al-Azhar Islamic Foundation Barrington, IL
Alpine Childrens Charity (Until December 2008) Barrington, IL
Andrew Hartwig Memorial Music Scholarship Fund Barrington, IL
Arjco Foundation Ltd. 4 Barrington, IL
Arthur Andersen Foundation 4 Barrington, IL
Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine Inc. Barrington, IL
Atlas Research Foundation (Until December 2007) Barrington, IL
Auxiliary of Countryside Center for the Handicapped Inc. Barrington, IL
Barrington Area Arts Council Barrington, IL
Barrington Area Community Foundation Barrington, IL
Barrington Area Council on Aging Inc. Barrington, IL
Barrington Area Historical Society Inc. Barrington, IL
Barrington Area Hockey League Inc. Barrington, IL
Barrington Area Soccer Association Ltd. Barrington, IL
Barrington Area United Way Barrington, IL
Barrington Childrens Choir Inc. Barrington, IL
Barrington Fire Department Inc. Barrington, IL
Barrington High School Band Spirit Club Barrington, IL
Barrington High School Horseshoe Club Barrington, IL
Barrington High School Mat Club (Until June 2007) Barrington, IL
Barrington Hills Conservation Trust Inc. (Until December 2005) Barrington, IL
Barrington Junior Womens Club Inc. Barrington, IL
Barrington Lacrosse Club Barrington, IL
Barrington Redwings Hockey Organization Inc. Barrington, IL
Barrington Rotary Charities Inc. Barrington, IL
Barrington Susuk Strings Barrington, IL
Barrington Township Reporter Inc. Barrington, IL
Barrington Womens Club Barrington, IL
Barrington Youth Dance Ensemble Inc. Barrington, IL
Barrington Youth Service Barrington, IL
Bellebyron Foundation 4 Barrington, IL
Breakfast Rotary Char Fdn Barrington, IL
Charles H. and Beverly E. Shaw Foundation 4 Barrington, IL
Chicago Nutrition Association Barrington, IL
Citizens for Conservation Inc. Barrington, IL
Clayton Foundation 4 Barrington, IL
Coalition for the Homeless of Northwest Cook County Inc. 4 Barrington, IL
Community Enhancement Foundation of South Barrington Barrington, IL
Creative Care Childrens Center Inc. Barrington, IL
Cuba Cares Fund (Until March 2007) Barrington, IL
Dash to Cure Diabetes Barrington, IL
David and Susan Schoenholz Foundation 4 Barrington, IL
District 220 Educational Foundation Inc. Barrington, IL
Educate the Children Barrington, IL
Edwin F. Schild Charitable Foundation 4 Barrington, IL
Elyse Meredith and Raymond John Roberts Charitable Foundation 4 Barrington, IL
Evergreen Cemetery Association of the Village of Barrington 6 Barrington, IL
Fine Arts Boosters of Barrington High School Barrington, IL
Flat-Coated Retriever Argus Foundation Barrington, IL
Fred & Jean Allegretti Foundation Inc. 4 Barrington, IL
Free the Children Trust Barrington, IL
Friends of the Barrington Area Library Incorporated Barrington, IL
Garden Club of Barrington Barrington, IL
George C. Dodge Foundation 4 Barrington, IL
George Zoltan Lefton Family Foundation 4 Barrington, IL
Great Plains Zen Center Barrington, IL
Green Mansions Foundation Barrington, IL
Grove Avenue School Parent Teacher Organization Barrington, IL
Hands of Hope Barrington, IL
Harold C. & Teresa Cunningham Foundation 4 Barrington, IL
Health World Foundation Inc. Barrington, IL
Health World of Barrington Ltd. Barrington, IL
Hooved Animal Rescue & Protection Society (Until December 2005) Barrington, IL
Hospice Foundation of Northeastern Illinois Inc. Barrington, IL
Hospice of Northeastern Illinois Inc. Barrington, IL
Illinois Choose Life Nfp (Until December 2006) Barrington, IL
Illinois Fire Inspectors Association Barrington, IL
Inverness Soccer Club Inc. Barrington, IL
James D. and Mary J. Miller Family Foundation 4 Barrington, IL
Jeffrey Pride Foundation Inc. (Until October 2005) Barrington, IL
Jubilee Ministries Jubilee America Trust Barrington, IL
Leo Foundation 4 Barrington, IL
Lines American French Exchange Program Barrington, IL
Little Garden Club of Barrington Barrington, IL
Loeffel Epilepsy Foundation Barrington, IL
Makray Family Foundation 4 Barrington, IL
Marc & Kathy Gordon Family Foundation 4 Barrington, IL
Mason Foundation Inc. 4 Barrington, IL
Max Marti Foundation 4 Barrington, IL
Mellon Family Foundation 4 Barrington, IL
Morton Family Foundation 4 Barrington, IL
National Rosacea Society Barrington, IL
New Generations Barrington Inc. Barrington, IL
Northwest Cultural Council Inc. Barrington, IL
Oberweiler Foundation 4 Barrington, IL
On the House Foundation 4 Barrington, IL

Above is a list of organizations in Illinois that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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