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Vehicle Donation in Illinois

For people interested in vehicle donation in Illinois, below is a list of Illinois organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Kankakee County Humane Society Inc. Kankakee, IL
Kankakee County Senior Citizens Organization Kankakee, IL
Kankakee County Triad for Seniors (Until December 2008) Kankakee, IL
Kankakee County Victims Assistance Center Inc. Kankakee, IL
Kankakee Drug Free Inc. Kankakee, IL
Kankakee Firemans Insurance Fund Kankakee, IL
Kankakee Model Railroad Club Inc. Kankakee, IL
Kankakee River Valley Foundation Kankakee, IL
Kankakee Symphony Orchestra Association Kankakee, IL
Kankakee Valley Adult Reading & Literacy Program (Until December 2008) Kankakee, IL
Kankakee Valley Family Church Kankakee, IL
Kankakee Valley Park Foundation Kankakee, IL
Kankakee Valley Theatre Assn Kankakee, IL
Kankakee Youth Hockey Club (Until February 2009) Kankakee, IL
Kankakeeans Vis A. Vis Kankakee, IL
Kc-Casa Kankakee, IL
Kiwanis Club of Kankakee Foundation Kankakee, IL
Lasting Impressions Visions Inc. Kankakee, IL
Limestone Football League (Until March 2006) Kankakee, IL
Lisieux Pastoral Consortium Kankakee, IL
Martin De Porres Day Care 5 Kankakee, IL
Mound Grove Gardens of Memory Inc. 6 Kankakee, IL
Neighborhood Partners of Kankakee Inc. Kankakee, IL
Northeastern Illinois Area Agency on Aging Kankakee, IL
Oakside Corporation Kankakee, IL
Our Lady of Victory Foundation Kankakee, IL
Pastoral Support Services Association Inc. Kankakee, IL
Pledge for Life Inc. Kankakee, IL
Provena St. Marys Hospital Foundation Kankakee, IL
Riverside Foundation Trust Kankakee, IL
Riverside Health Systems Kankakee, IL
Riverside Healthcare Foundation Kankakee, IL
Riverside Medical Center 350 N. Wall St. Kankakee, IL
Riverside Senior Living Center Kankakee, IL
Rush-Riverside Cancer Foundation Kankakee, IL
Second Baptist Church of Kankakee Kankakee, IL
Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church Kankakee, IL
Tnt Hitting Youth Baseball Team (Until October 2008) Kankakee, IL
United Developmental Services 6 Kankakee, IL
United Way of Kankakee County Inc. Kankakee, IL
Winning Run Foundation Kankakee, IL
Young Mens Christian Association YMCA Kankakee, IL
Young Womens Christian Association Kankakee, IL
Youth Uplift Ministry (Until December 2005) Kankakee, IL
Harmony Community Cemetery Association 6 Kansas, IL
Kansas Civic Association Kansas, IL
Kansas Community Corporation Kansas, IL
Kansas Community Memorial Library Kansas, IL
Tiemerc Foundation 4 Kappa, IL
M. A. P. Training Center Incorporated Karnak, IL
Shawnee Development Council Inc. Karnak, IL
Turbo Kees Foundation Keeneyville, IL
Keensburg Pentecostal Church Keensburg, IL
Yellowbanks Heritage Association Keithsburg, IL
Chicago Literary Club Ken Ilworth, IL
Bisceglia Family Foundation 4 Kenilworth, IL
Caldwell Family Foundation 4 Kenilworth, IL
Cavalcade of Music Foundation Inc. (Until December 2005) Kenilworth, IL
Chapel of the Good Shepard Foundation 4 Kenilworth, IL
Chicago Regional Organ and Tissue Bank 4 Kenilworth, IL
Committee Dance Kenilworth, IL
Coolidge Family Foundation 4 Kenilworth, IL
Geographic Society of Chicago Kenilworth, IL
Harvard Club of Chicago Kenilworth, IL
Hodson Family Foundation 4 Kenilworth, IL
Jmj Foundation 4 Kenilworth, IL
Joseph Sears Foundation-A. Keniworth School Dist No 38 Supporting Org Kenilworth, IL
Joseph Sears School Parents Volunteer Association Kenilworth, IL
Junewicz Fam Foundation 4 Kenilworth, IL
Kenilworth Dental Research Foundation Kenilworth, IL
Kenilworth Garden Club Kenilworth, IL
Kenilworth United Fund Inc. Kenilworth, IL
Lahey Foundation 4 Kenilworth, IL
McIntosh Foundation Inc. 4 Kenilworth, IL
North Suburban Crew Inc. (Until December 2006) Kenilworth, IL
Princeton Club of Chicago Kenilworth, IL
Rachel B. Williams Foundation 4 Kenilworth, IL
Society for Environmental Understanding and Sustainability (Until February 2007) Kenilworth, IL
Stanton R. Cook Foundation 4 Kenilworth, IL
The Connelly Founndation 4 Kenilworth, IL
Warwick Foundation 4 Kenilworth, IL
Weber Foundation 4 Kenilworth, IL
Winnetka Garden Club Kenilworth, IL
Woodruff & Edwards Foundation 4 Kenilworth, IL
Radcliffe Club of Chicago Kennilworth, IL
Clan Irwin Association Kewane, IL
Abilities Plus Inc. Kewanee, IL
Amercias Educational Heritage Foundation Kewanee, IL
Area Board for Child Development Kewanee, IL
Black Hawk East College Foundation Kewanee, IL
Citizens for Kewanee Ambulance Services Inc. Kewanee, IL
Dan J. Larson Memorial Scholarship Trust Kewanee, IL
First Christian Church Kewanee, IL
Francis Park Foundation Inc. 4 Kewanee, IL
Frank & Fannie Lay Kewanee High School Awards Trust Kewanee, IL
Friends of Johnson Park Foundation Kewanee, IL
Friends of the Pool Inc. Kewanee, IL
Full Gospel Evangelistic Association Kewanee, IL
G. J. Moss Foundation 4 Kewanee, IL
Goods Foundation Inc. 4 Kewanee, IL
Harry J. Anderson Memorial Trust 4 Kewanee, IL
Henry County Humane Society Kewanee Chapter Kewanee, IL
Henry County Safe House Inc. 4 Kewanee, IL
Henry County Senior Citizens Inc. Kewanee, IL
Henry County Youth Services Bureau Inc. Kewanee, IL
Kewanee Area United Way Kewanee, IL
Kewanee Food Pantry Inc. Kewanee, IL
Kewanee Historical Society Kewanee, IL
Kewanee Hospital Kewanee, IL
Kewanee Hospital Foundation Kewanee, IL
Kewanee Kiwanis Foundation Kewanee, IL
Kewanee Masonic Foundation Inc. Kewanee, IL
Kewanee Rotary Foundation Inc. Kewanee, IL
Kewanee School District 229 Foundation Fund Kewanee, IL
Kewanee Social Service Agency Kewanee, IL
Organization for Sport Aviation Competition (Until May 2005) Kewanee, IL
Whiting Home 4 Kewanee, IL
Young Men Christian Association of Kewanee Il Kewanee, IL
McKendree Chapel Cemetery Association 6 Keyesport, IL
Holiness Haven Full Gospel Church Kilbourne, IL
Carson Family Foundation 4 Kildeer, IL
Cheryl A. and John M. Omeara Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Kildeer, IL
Lauren M. Hermany Foundation (Until December 2008) Kildeer, IL
Luthringshausen Charitable Tr 4 Kildeer, IL
Vesalius Trust for Visual Communications in Health Sciences Kildeer, IL
Kincaid Sports Booster Club Kincaid, IL
Kinderhook Cemetery Assn 6 Kinderhook, IL
West Pike Public Schools Foundation Kinderhook, IL
West Pine Community Center Inc. Kinderhook, IL
Kingston Mines Homecoming Corporation 6 Kingston Mines, IL
Hand in Hand Community Project (Until December 2006) Kingston, IL
Walcamp Outdoor Ministry Inc. Kingston, IL
Lovell Grove Church Cemetery Association 6 Kinmundy, IL
Genoa Kingston Education Foundation Inc. Kinsgston, IL
Hiawatha Education Foundation Kirkland, IL
Zoos Ferret Sanctuary N. F. P. (Until December 2006) Kirkland, IL
Good Samaritan Sanitarium & Hospital Inc. Knoxville, IL
Hope International Knoxville, IL
Knoxville Youth League 5 Knoxville, IL
Our Lords Chapel Knoxville, IL
The Knoxville Community Unit School District 202 Foundation for Knoxville, IL
La Grange Gospel Chapel La Grange Highlands, IL
Joyful Again La Grange Pk, IL
Lithuanian National Culture Fund Inc. La Grange Pk, IL
Wicklander Foundation Inc. 4 La Grange Pk, IL
Allodi Family Foundation 4 La Grange, IL
B. E. D. S. Inc. La Grange, IL
Charmaine & Company La Grange, IL
Community Nurse Health Association La Grange, IL
Creative World Montessori School Inc. La Grange, IL
Emmanuel Church Endowment Trust La Grange, IL
From the Heart Inc. (Until June 2006) La Grange, IL
Gentle Shepherd Christian Ministries La Grange, IL
Highlands Parent-Teacher Council La Grange, IL
Hope Chest Inc. La Grange, IL
Illinois Certified Domestic Violence Professionals Inc. (Until June 2008) La Grange, IL
Illinois Childrens Alliance La Grange, IL
Lagrange Area Historical Society La Grange, IL
Lagrange Memorial Health System Inc. La Grange, IL
Naprapathic Education and Research Foundation Inc. La Grange, IL
Pets & Pals Charities Ltd. La Grange, IL
Prairyerth Unitarian Universalist Fellowship La Grange, IL
Agape Christian Fellowship Church of La Harp La Harpe, IL
Community Council of La Harpe La Harpe, IL
La Harpe Educational Foundation La Harpe, IL
La Harpe Hospital Association La Harpe, IL
Helen Post Hospital Trust La Place, IL
Abundant Life Fellowship La Salle, IL
District 17 Safety Advisory Board Inc. La Salle, IL
Frank C. Wagenknecht-Lasalle 4-6856 Mr Francis Bichl Jr Ttee 4 La Salle, IL
Full Life Fellowship La Salle, IL
Illinois Michigan Canal Volunteers Charitable Tr 4 La Salle, IL
Illinois Valley Center for Independent Living La Salle, IL
Ladies of Charity St. Patricks Church La Salle, IL
Lasalle Public School Educational Foundation La Salle, IL
Midwest Cathedral Inc. La Salle, IL
Oakwood Cemetery Assn of La Salle 6 La Salle, IL
Ruth E. Patterson Lang Benevolent Fund 4 La Salle, IL
Shuwb Outreach Ministries La Salle, IL
St. Vincents Cemetery Assn 654 First Street 6 La Salle, IL
Tri County Humane Society La Salle, IL
United Way of Illinois Valley Inc. La Salle, IL
Victory Baptist Church La Salle, IL
Diamond Dreams Nfp (Until September 2006) Lackport, IL
A. R. K. Humane Society Ltd. Lacon, IL
Lacon Open Bible Church Lacon, IL
Lacon-Sparland Emergency 52 Lacon, IL
Marshall County Historical Society Lacon, IL
Campton Historic Agricultural Lands Lafox, IL
Garfield Heritage Society Inc. Lafox, IL
Lafox Museum Corporation (Until December 2005) Lafox, IL
Community Extension Project Inc. Lagrange Hlds, IL
All Come to Salvation Lagrange Park, IL
American Nuclear Society Incorporated Lagrange Park, IL
Brook Park Council of Parents & Teachers Lagrange Park, IL
Community New Hope Connection Inc. Lagrange Park, IL
Grimes Family Foundation 4 Lagrange Park, IL
Lagrange Park Fire Department Welfare Fund Lagrange Park, IL
Lagrange Park Friends of the Librar Lagrange Park, IL
Lyons Township Blazers Softball Club Lagrange Park, IL

Above is a list of organizations in Illinois that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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