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Vehicle Donation in Illinois

For people interested in vehicle donation in Illinois, below is a list of Illinois organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Girl Scouts - Sybaquay Council Inc. Elgin, IL
Greater Elgin Care Cooperative Elgin, IL
Hamilton Wings Elgin, IL
Harvey and Ethel Daeumer Foundation 4 Elgin, IL
Heartland Voices Elgin, IL
Heavens Gate Christian Center Elgin, IL
Highland Avenue Church of the Brethren Elgin, IL
Hoffer Foundation 4 Elgin, IL
Home Based Care Corporation Elgin, IL
Housing Continuum Inc. Elgin, IL
Illinois Hydraulic Foundation 4 Elgin, IL
Illinois Scholarship Foundation 4 Elgin, IL
Independent Players Elgin, IL
Institute of Islamic Education Elgin, IL
International Teams Elgin, IL
Islamic Community Center Elgin, IL
Jack Knight Airmail Society c/o Stephen Neulander Elgin, IL
Jeremiah Restoration Ministry Inc. Elgin, IL
Judson College A. Baptist Institute Elgin, IL
Kairos Family Center Inc. Elgin, IL
Kindness Incorporated Elgin, IL
Lakewood Cemetary Care Corporation 6 Elgin, IL
Larkin Center Elgin, IL
Latino Treatment Center Elgin, IL
Libras Elgin, IL
Life Center Inc. Elgin, IL
Light on Ministries Nfp (Until June 2007) Elgin, IL
Literacy Connection Elgin, IL
Little Angels Parents Arc Elgin, IL
Living Daylight Corporation Elgin, IL
Living Gospel Church Elgin, IL
Living Hope Inc. Elgin, IL
Louise Forshe Ministries Elgin, IL
Love and Grace Ministry Elgin, IL
Manifold Mercys Ministries Elgin, IL
Matthews Ministries (Until December 2008) Elgin, IL
Missions Projects Inc. Elgin, IL
Mulford Square Preservation Corporation Elgin, IL
Musicfortheworld Elgin, IL
National Dusters Quads Searchlights Association 6 Elgin, IL
Neighborhood Housing Services of Elgin Inc. Elgin, IL
New Beginnings Christian Fellowship Church Elgin, IL
New Church Development Board District of Ill-Wis Brethren Elgin, IL
New Community Project (Until December 2007) Elgin, IL
New Hope Baptist Church of Elgin Elgin, IL
Northeast Neighborhood Association of Elgin Elgin, IL
Northern Illinois Critical Incident Stress Management Team (Until December 2008) Elgin, IL
Northern Illinois Heart Institute Inc. 4 Elgin, IL
Oak Crest Residence Association Elgin, IL
Open Door Clinic of Greater Elgin Elgin, IL
Opera Professional Entertainers Repertoire Association (Until December 2005) Elgin, IL
Original Gods Gym Eltin Elgin, IL
P. A. D. S. Elgin, IL
Parents & Teachers of Coleman Elgin, IL
Parlasca American Indian Memorial Foundation Elgin, IL
Pentecostal Church of God the Way Inc. Elgin, IL
Philadelphia Holiness Full Gospel Baptist Church Elgin, IL
Renz Addiction Counseling Center Elgin, IL
Riverfront Action Committee Elgin, IL
Rotary Charitable Projects Foundation of Elgin Ill Elgin, IL
Seigle Family Foundation 4 Elgin, IL
Senior Services Associates Inc. Elgin, IL
Sherman Health Foundation Elgin, IL
Sherman Health Systems Elgin, IL
Sherman Home Health Care Corporation Elgin, IL
Sherman Hospital Elgin, IL
Sherman Long-Term Care Association Elgin, IL
Shop and Share Inc. Elgin, IL
Sixties Museum Inc. (Until December 2005) Elgin, IL
Springhill Youth Foundation Inc. (Until December 2006) Elgin, IL
St. Edward Central Catholic High School Education Foundation Elgin, IL
St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church of Elgin Elgin, IL
Stickling Foundation Elgin, IL
Streamwood Youth Basketball Association Inc. Elgin, IL
Summit Foundation Inc. Elgin, IL
Summit School Inc. Elgin, IL
Suzuki Plus Elgin, IL
Talisman Theatre Inc. Elgin, IL
Thaddean Society (Until January 2006) Elgin, IL
The Big Timber and Kwo Ne She Indian Dancers Inc. Elgin, IL
The Foundation Ltd. Elgin, IL
Ummah Relief International Elgin, IL
United Way of Elgin Elgin, IL
Upstate Special Recreation Association Inc. (Until December 2008) Elgin, IL
Veterans of World War One Ladies Auxiliary Leo E. Anderson 800 Elgin, IL
Victory Baptist Church of Hoffman Estates Elgin, IL
Vineyard Christian Fellowship Elgin Elgin, IL
Voices for an Open Spirit (Until December 2007) Elgin, IL
Walk in the Word Elgin, IL
Well Child Conference of Elgin Elgin, IL
Westridge Community Christian Church Elgin, IL
Witnesses to the Holocaust Inc. Elgin, IL
Yeshua Foundation Elgin, IL
Young Christian Retreat Center of Elgin Elgin, IL
Young Mens Christian Association of Elgin Elgin, IL
Young Womens Christian Association of Elgin Ill Elgin, IL
Youth Leadership Academy Elgin, IL
Apple River Fort Historic Foundation Inc. Elizabeth, IL
Elizabeth Community Ambulance Service Elizabeth, IL
Elizabeth Historical Society Elizabeth, IL
Equestrian Land Conservation Resource Elizabeth, IL
Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation Inc. Elizabeth, IL
Jo Daviess County Extension & 4-H. Foundation 4 Elizabeth, IL
Jo Daviess County Farm Bureau Foundation Elizabeth, IL
Safe Haven Elizabeth, IL
Golden Circle Senior Citizens Council Elizabethtown, IL
Hardin County Historical & Genealogical Society Elizabethtown, IL
Hardin County Main Street Organization Elizabethtown, IL
Keeling Hill Baptist Church Elizabethtown, IL
United Airline Employees Relief Fund Elk Grove Township, IL
Admiral Byrd School Pto Elk Grove Village, IL
Alexian Brothers Health System Inc. Investment Trust Elk Grove Village, IL
Alexian Brothers Services Inc. Elk Grove Village, IL
Bigston Foundation 4 Elk Grove Village, IL
Brother Louie and Fannie Roncoli Foundation Elk Grove Village, IL
Charles and Frances Kempler Foundation 4 Elk Grove Village, IL
Chicago Catholic Healthcare System Inc. Elk Grove Village, IL
Elk Grove Center for the Performing Arts Elk Grove Village, IL
Elk Grove High School Educational Fdn Inc. Registered Agent Gk Ergang Elk Grove Village, IL
Elk Grove Township Community Day Care Center Elk Grove Village, IL
Friends of the Elk Grove Village Public Library Elk Grove Village, IL
Happy Memories Inc. Elk Grove Village, IL
Kishan Patel Memorial Foundation Inc. 3 Elk Grove Village, IL
Maranatha Charismatic Fellowship Elk Grove Village, IL
Mission Club Elk Grove Village, IL
Village Church of Itasca Elk Grove Village, IL
Alexian Brothers Corporate Health Services Elk Grove Vlg, IL
American Academy of Pediatrics Inc. Elk Grove Vlg, IL
Amitron Helping Hands Foundation (Until December 2005) Elk Grove Vlg, IL
Anila Sinha Foundation for the Promotion Arts & Culture of India Elk Grove Vlg, IL
Asia Reaching Mission Elk Grove Vlg, IL
Camp Blessing Inc. Elk Grove Vlg, IL
Camp Elim and Other Youth Ministries of Haiti 4 Elk Grove Vlg, IL
Campise Family Charitable Foundation 4 Elk Grove Vlg, IL
Carrie Burke Foundation (Until December 2005) Elk Grove Vlg, IL
Chicagoland Dog Rescue Elk Grove Vlg, IL
Elk Grove Historical Association (Until December 2005) Elk Grove Vlg, IL
Elk Grove Village Italian Sister Cities Inc. Elk Grove Vlg, IL
Everett & Doris Bernardo Family Foundation 4 Elk Grove Vlg, IL
Exploring Art Seminars Elk Grove Vlg, IL
Jeffrey M. Zgonina Foundation (Until December 2005) Elk Grove Vlg, IL
John H. & Ann G. Rhoades Foundation Inc. 4 Elk Grove Vlg, IL
John and Phyllis Groot Foundation 4 Elk Grove Vlg, IL
Kenneth W. Young Centers Elk Grove Vlg, IL
Kristins Club (Until June 2007) Elk Grove Vlg, IL
Lopera Piccola Elk Grove Vlg, IL
Mbbe of America Inc. Elk Grove Vlg, IL
Qt Foundation 4 Elk Grove Vlg, IL
Ridge Family Center for Learning Fto Elk Grove Vlg, IL
Robert Kellman Memorial Invitational Elk Grove Vlg, IL
Salt Creek Parent-Teachers Organization Elk Grove Vlg, IL
Sanfilippo Foundation 3 Elk Grove Vlg, IL
Scanning Microscopy International Inc. Elk Grove Vlg, IL
Team Rossi (Until December 2007) Elk Grove Vlg, IL
Terrence and Dorothy Brown Foundation 4 Elk Grove Vlg, IL
The Second Chance Adoption Organization Elk Grove Vlg, IL
Amateur Hockey Assoc Illinois Inc. Elk Grove, IL
American Amusement Machine Charitable Foundation Inc. Elk Grove, IL
Brenen Hornstein Autism Research and Education Foundation Elk Grove, IL
Clearmont School Pto Elk Grove, IL
Elim Institute of Reconciliation Inc. Elk Grove, IL
Hahn Maeum Korean Presbyterian Church Elk Grove, IL
Jamaican American Club (Until December 2005) Elk Grove, IL
Muslim Arab Community Center of America Elk Grove, IL
National Cockatiel Society Inc. Elk Grove, IL
Scheck Foundation 4 Elk Grove, IL
United Christian Fellowship Elk Grove, IL
Elkhart Cemetery Association 6 Elkhart, IL
Elkhart Historical Society Elkhart, IL
Mt. Pulaski Toppers Booster Club Inc. Elkhart, IL
Gospel Assembly Church Elkville, IL
Southern Illinois Ralph Bell Crusade Elkville, IL
Ellsworth Fire Protection District 6 Ellsworth, IL
7th Sense Productions Elmhurst, IL
Adult Christian Care Inc. Elmhurst, IL
Alben F. Bates and Clara G. Bates Foundation 4 Elmhurst, IL
Albert H. Glos and Iona D. Glos Foundation 4 Elmhurst, IL
American Blind Skiing Foundation Elmhurst, IL
American Hyperlexia Association Elmhurst, IL
Ara Helping Hands Nfp (Until December 2007) Elmhurst, IL
Association of Mid-Continent Universites Inc. Elmhurst, IL
Barbara Ann Deboer Foundation Elmhurst, IL
Burmese Buddhist Association Elmhurst, IL
Buttons & Bows Cooperative Nursery School Incorporated Elmhurst, IL
Carl E. Overton and Lydia M. Overton Foundation 4 Elmhurst, IL
Carol M. Rogers Memorial Scholarship Fund Elmhurst, IL
Center for Speech and Language Disorders Elmhurst, IL
Charles and Carol Hammersmith Family Foundation 4 Elmhurst, IL
Chicago Church of Christ Elmhurst, IL
Chicago Flute Club Elmhurst, IL
Chicago Light Artillery Co B. Elmhurst, IL
Chicago Metropolitan Theatre Guild Elmhurst, IL
Chittenden Family Foundation 4 Elmhurst, IL
Cisca Educational Foundation Elmhurst, IL
Come to Life Ministries (Until June 2008) Elmhurst, IL
Conservation Research Institute Elmhurst, IL
Cougar Baseball Club Elmhurst, IL
David A. Beuter Memorial Fund Elmhurst, IL
Dukes Quarterback Club Inc. Elmhurst, IL
Dupage Family Disability Network Elmhurst, IL

Above is a list of organizations in Illinois that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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