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Vehicle Donation in Illinois

For people interested in vehicle donation in Illinois, below is a list of Illinois organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Rehab Products and Services Inc. Danville, IL
Renaissance Initiative Inc. (Until June 2005) Danville, IL
Retarded Childrens Center Inc. Danville, IL
Rock Church Inc. Danville, IL
Schlarman High School Foundation Inc. Danville, IL
Second Church of Christ of Danville Illinois Danville, IL
Spring Hill Cemetery Association 6 Danville, IL
Susan C. Alexander Liver Foundation Danville, IL
The S. Martin B. Charitable Tr 4 Danville, IL
Transitional Support Services Inc. Danville, IL
Two by Two Daycare Inc. (Until December 2006) Danville, IL
United Cerebral Palsy of Vermilion County Danville, IL
United States Swimming Inc. Danville, IL
United Way of Danville Inc. Danville, IL
Vermilion County Aids Task Force Danville, IL
Vermilion County Animal Shelter Foundation Danville, IL
Vermilion County Handicap Association Inc. Danville, IL
Vermilion County Health Advocates Inc. Danville, IL
Vermilion County Mental Health Center Inc. Danville, IL
Vermilion County Museum Society Danville, IL
Vermilion County War Museum Society Danville, IL
Vermilion Festival Chorus Danville, IL
Vermilion Foundation 4 Danville, IL
Vermilion Healthcare Foundation Inc. 4 Danville, IL
Vermilion Heritage Foundation Danville, IL
Water Wellness Foundation Danville, IL
Wheeler Foundation 4 Danville, IL
Yeshuas Gate Ministries Danville, IL
Young Mens Christian Association of Danville Ill Danville, IL
Young Womens Christian Association of Danville Illinois Danville, IL
Your Family Resource Connection Inc. Danville, IL
A. Caring Place Humane Society (Until December 2006) Darien, IL
Angels-Little Angels Darien, IL
Bill Collins College Scholarship Foundation Darien, IL
Buddhas Light International Association Chicago Chapter (Until December 2007) Darien, IL
Cass 63 Foundation for Educational Excellence Darien, IL
Chicago Institute of Disability Research Darien, IL
Chicagoland Bird Observatory Inc. Darien, IL
Christ Community Church Darien, IL
Darien Historical Society Darien, IL
Darien Lions Club Foundation Darien, IL
Darien Youth Club Darien, IL
Francenter Darien, IL
Gabriella Foundation for Down Syndrome (Until December 2007) Darien, IL
High Road Ministries Inc. Darien, IL
Hinsdale Central Ice Devils Hockey Club Inc. Darien, IL
Huskies Hockey Club Inc. Darien, IL
Indian Prairie Public Library Foundation Darien, IL
International Buddhist Progress Society at Chicago (Until December 2007) Darien, IL
Kingswood Academy Darien, IL
Mark Hagen Memorial Foundation Darien, IL
Mohammed Webb Foundation Inc. (Until December 2008) Darien, IL
Parent Teacher Club of Cass School District 63 Darien, IL
Progressives-Haramble (Until May 2007) Darien, IL
Qv Inc. Darien, IL
Sanicki Fam Charitable Tr Ua Darien, IL
Sarode Foundation 4 Darien, IL
Sockers Youth Foundation Ltd. Darien, IL
The Walsh Forum Inc. (Until December 2007) Darien, IL
University of Chicago Hospitals Darien, IL
Vidyaranya Kannada Kuta Darien, IL
Vokkaligara Parishat of America Darien, IL
Big Mound Burial Association 6 Davis Junction, IL
River Valley Believers Fellowship Davis Junction, IL
Chapel of the Highways Ministry Inc. Davis, IL
Evangelical and Ecumenical Womens Caucus Davis, IL
Faith Community Church Davis, IL
Mechanicsburg Cemetery Association 6 Dawson, IL
Dekalb County Animal Welfare League Inc. De Kalb, IL
Hope Haven of Dekalb County Inc. De Kalb, IL
Illinois Citizens Committee for Teacher Education De Kalb, IL
Northern Illinois Korean Church De Kalb, IL
Preservation of Egyptian Theatre Inc. De Kalb, IL
Desoto School Education Foundation Inc. De Soto, IL
Desoto Township Volunteer Fire Department De Soto, IL
Decatur Club of Frontiers International Decator, IL
Decatur Police Foundation (Until December 2007) Decature, IL
Prairieland Animal Welfare Society Inc. Decautur, IL
Deer Creek Mt. Zion Cemetery Assn 6 Deer Creek, IL
Doutoku Kaikan America Deer Park, IL
Master Life Mission Deer Park, IL
Terry Moran Foundation Deer Park, IL
Vehe Farm Foundation Deer Park, IL
Alan B. Shepard Middle School Ptso Inc. (Until June 2005) Deerfield, IL
Arthur C. Nielsen Jr Charitable Trust 4 Deerfield, IL
Arthur Zaltzman Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
Asian Refugee Care Corporation Deerfield, IL
Bear Spirit Medicine Lodge Deerfield, IL
Bonnies Book Foundation Deerfield, IL
Briarwood Scholarship Foundation Deerfield, IL
Calvary Way Community Church Deerfield, IL
Caruso Middle School Parent Teacher Organization Inc. (Until June 2005) Deerfield, IL
Casa Lake County Inc. Deerfield, IL
Chicago Metalarts Guild Deerfield, IL
Common Ground Deerfield, IL
Congregation Bnai Tikvah Deerfield, IL
Dannenberg-Meyer Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
David J. & Judith L. Miller Family Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
David N. Simon Charitable Foundation Deerfield, IL
Deerfield Area Historical Society Deerfield, IL
Deerfield Bannockburn Proffessional Firefighters Association (Until December 2007) Deerfield, IL
Deerfield Community Nursery School Deerfield, IL
Deerfield High School Hockey Foundation Inc. Deerfield, IL
Deerfield Montessori School Deerfield, IL
Deerfield Park Foundation Deerfield, IL
Deerfield School District 109 Education Advancement Foundation Deerfield, IL
Deerfield Youth Baseball Association Inc. Deerfield, IL
Dennis Kessler Memorial Scholarship Fund (Until December 2008) Deerfield, IL
Devin Shafron Memorial Book Fund Deerfield, IL
Dr Herbert & Shari Rosen Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
Enh Parent to Parent Nfp (Until June 2007) Deerfield, IL
Ernsteen Family Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
Fremont Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
Friends of Ryerson Woods Deerfield, IL
Friends of Tsad Kadima Deerfield, IL
Future Brands Distributors Foundation Deerfield, IL
Gianaras Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
Harry and Sadie Lasky Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care of New England Inc. Deerfield, IL
Harvey B. Levin Charitable Trust 4 Deerfield, IL
Highland Park Music Club Deerfield, IL
Icomm N. F. P. Deerfield, IL
Ida & Ben Schwartz Foundation Inc. 4 Deerfield, IL
Illinois Firefighter Memorial Foundation Deerfield, IL
International Childen S. Benefit Fund Deerfield, IL
Jerome and Ilene Cole Foundation Inc. 4 Deerfield, IL
John R. Oltman Charitable Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
Joseph M. Siegman Family Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
Joy of the Game Foundation (Until December 2005) Deerfield, IL
Kathleen & Charles Walgreen III Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
Kevin Kaplan Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
Kipling School Pto Inc. (Until June 2005) Deerfield, IL
Laura G. Tasky Memorial Scholarship Fund (Until December 2007) Deerfield, IL
Living Word Ministries Deerfield, IL
Loftus Family Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
Marvin L. Kayne Foundation Inc. 4 Deerfield, IL
Masters Fund Inc. 4 Deerfield, IL
Maury and Nancy Fertig Family Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
Michaels Gift (Until December 2006) Deerfield, IL
Michel Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
Moriah Congregation Deerfield, IL
Morris T. & Barbara F. Friedell Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
Navy League of the United States Chicago Council Deerfield, IL
Nicholas M. & Marla W. Patinkin Foundation Inc. 4 Deerfield, IL
North Shore Unitarian Church Deerfield, IL
North Shore Unitarian Church Ministerial Housing Tr Deerfield, IL
Nsm Educational Trust Deerfield, IL
Nyberg Family Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
Oc Family Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
Organization for Aid to Kids Deerfield, IL
Orphans of the Storm Deerfield, IL
Pamela and Leonard Cohen Family Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
Partnership for the Future (Until December 2005) Deerfield, IL
Paul W. Franke Family Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
Potluck Childrens Literary Magazine (Until December 2005) Deerfield, IL
R. A. Schoellhorn Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
Rauch Educational Foundation (Until December 2007) Deerfield, IL
Robert & Marilyn Zahorik Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
Robert and Lois Weinstein Family Foundation Inc. 4 Deerfield, IL
Rotary Club of Buffalo Grove Charitable Foundation Deerfield, IL
Schwartz Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
Scrits Fbla Scholarship Fund Deerfield, IL
Shona Goorvich Childrens Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
Skyword Ministries (Until December 2005) Deerfield, IL
Snp Consortium 3 Deerfield, IL
Society of Israel Philatelists Deerfield, IL
Solomon Goldberg Family Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
Soudan Family Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
South Park Elementary School Pto Inc. (Until June 2005) Deerfield, IL
Special Kids Network Inc. Deerfield, IL
Sports Lodge Scholarship Fund Deerfield, IL
Stephanie Weitzman Foundation Deerfield, IL
Stuart and Sheri Levine Family Foundation Inc. 4 Deerfield, IL
The Baxter Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity Deerfield, IL
The Howard and Raina Ruskin Family Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
The Tsemakh Institute for the Study of Judaism and Christianity Deerfield, IL
Tracey Beth Rumick Scholarship Fund Deerfield, IL
Trinity International Foundation Deerfield, IL
Trinity International University Deerfield, IL
Triple Eee Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
W. B. Graham Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
Walden School Parent Teacher Organization Inc. Deerfield, IL
Walgreen Benefit Fund 4 Deerfield, IL
Walgreen Drug Stores Historical Foundation Deerfield, IL
Warshaw Family Foundation 4 Deerfield, IL
West Deerfield Township Food Pantry Deerfield, IL
Wilmot Elementary School P. T. O. Deerfield, IL
12th Armored Division Association 6 Dekalb, IL
Barb City Manor Inc. Dekalb, IL
Ben Gordon Center Dekalb, IL
Ben Gordon Center Association Foundation Inc. 5 Dekalb, IL
Central American Fund for Human Development (Until December 2007) Dekalb, IL
Childrens Community Theatre Dekalb, IL
Childrens Learning Center Inc. Dekalb, IL
Christian Church Dekalb, IL
Community Coordinated Child Care Dekalb, IL
Conexion Communidad Community Connection (Until December 2005) Dekalb, IL
Consumer Advocacy Council of Dekalb County Dekalb, IL
Cy Miller Foundation 4 Dekalb, IL

Above is a list of organizations in Illinois that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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