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Vehicle Donation in Illinois

For people interested in vehicle donation in Illinois, below is a list of Illinois organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Richard and Helen Thomas Family Foundation 4 Chiago, IL
May Llewellyn Irwin Tr 2 FBO San Diego County Council Boy-Scouts 4 Chicaco, IL
Southwest Chicago Pads Chicag, IL
St. Marys Oneness Temple Chicage, IL
New Horizon Christian Fellowship Church Chicageo, IL
American Friends of Yeshiva Talmud Torah of K. Far Chabad Chicagfo, IL
Union Ridge Bible Chapel Chicago Harwood Ht, IL
Aunt Marthas Youth Service Center Inc. Chicago Heights, IL
Chicago District Evangelistic Association Chicago Heights, IL
Chicago Miracle Temple Church Incorporated Chicago Heights, IL
Chicagoland Historical Bus Museum (Until December 2006) Chicago Heights, IL
Church of Prayer & Deliverance Inc. Chicago Heights, IL
Ministerial Alliance of Chicago Heights & Vicinity Inc. Chicago Heights, IL
Pauline Christian Community Church Chicago Heights, IL
Pauline Feeding Program Chicago Heights, IL
Paw-In-Hand Dog Training Assoc Inc. Chicago Heights, IL
Paws Critter Crossing Chicago Heights, IL
Prairie State College Foundation Chicago Heights, IL
Preservation Jass Fest Society Inc. Chicago Heights, IL
Raeann Corradetti Memorial Scholarship Fund Chicago Heights, IL
Respond Now Chicago Heights, IL
Rising Star Inc. Chicago Heights, IL
School District 170 Educational Foundation Inc. Chicago Heights, IL
Steppin Higher Double Dutch Program (Until June 2008) Chicago Heights, IL
Tower of Ministry Swat Chicago Heights, IL
Union Evangelistic Baptist Church Chicago Heights, IL
Destiny Family Church Chicago Hgths, IL
Christ Ecumenical Center Chicago Hgts, IL
Employment Associates Group Inc. Chicago Hgts, IL
Bethesda International Christian Ministries Chicago Hts, IL
Big Run Wolf Ranch Inc. Chicago Hts, IL
Chgo Hts Rotary Foundation (Until December 2006) Chicago Hts, IL
Chicago Heights Community Youth Committee Chicago Hts, IL
Chicago Heights Drama Group Chicago Hts, IL
Chicago Heights Fitness L. L. C. Chicago Hts, IL
Chicago Southland Development Inc. Chicago Hts, IL
Christian Embassy of Peace Chicago Hts, IL
Christian Vision Center Inc. Marlene Woodson Chicago Hts, IL
Dravo Charitable Foundation Chicago Hts, IL
Due Season Ministries International (Until December 2007) Chicago Hts, IL
Eastside Healthcare of Chicago Heights Foundation (Until December 2006) Chicago Hts, IL
Elementary School District 159 Education Foundation Inc. (Until June 2008) Chicago Hts, IL
Evergreen Park Community Hs Found- Ation for Educational Excellence (Until December 2008) Chicago Hts, IL
Exceptional Childrens Charities Inc. Chicago Hts, IL
Family Success Chicago Hts, IL
Florence Kaplan Foundation 4 Chicago Hts, IL
Gateway to Success Academy Inc. (Until December 2007) Chicago Hts, IL
Great Comission Outreach Ministries (Until December 2007) Chicago Hts, IL
Greater Faith Baptist Church of Park Forest Chicago Hts, IL
High School District 206 Education Foundation Chicago Hts, IL
Ingram Foundation (Until December 2007) Chicago Hts, IL
Jehovahs Place Christian Center Chicago Hts, IL
Jesus is King Ministries Chicago Hts, IL
Jesus the Way Truth Life Church Chicago Hts, IL
Junior Charity Fund Chicago Hts, IL
Living Word Outreach Ministries Chicago Hts, IL
Manhattan School District 114 Educational Foundation Inc. (Until June 2005) Chicago Hts, IL
New First Community Association Chicago Hts, IL
New Life Baptist Church of Bloom Township Chicago Hts, IL
Partners in Prayer Everlasting Ministries Chicago Hts, IL
Prayer Crisis Hotline (Until December 2008) Chicago Hts, IL
Reconciliation Resource Ministries Chicago Hts, IL
School District 13 Education Foundation Inc. Chicago Hts, IL
School District 161 Pto Inc. Chicago Hts, IL
South Suburban Home School & Gym Group Inc. (Until June 2006) Chicago Hts, IL
South Suburban Humane Society Chicago Hts, IL
South Suburban Training and Rehabilitation Services Chicago Hts, IL
Southland Health Care Forum Inc. (Until December 2007) Chicago Hts, IL
Southland Health Link Inc. (Until December 2005) Chicago Hts, IL
St. Bethel Missionary Baptist Church Chicago Hts, IL
Suburban Recovery Center Chicago Hts, IL
The Immaculate Heart of Mary Learning Center Inc. Chicago Hts, IL
True Foundation Church Chicago Hts, IL
Victorious Living Church of God Chicago Hts, IL
Animal Welfare League Chicago Ridge, IL
Center for Transcultural Studies 3 Chicago Ridge, IL
Palestinian Humanities and Arts Now (Until December 2006) Chicago Ridge, IL
South Suburban Major & Crimes Task Force Chicago Ridge, IL
Maranatha-Eritrean Christians Fellowship Chicagp, IL
Glore Fund 4 Chigago, IL
Hyde Park Neighborhood Club Chigago, IL
Mens Employment and Business Ownership Program (Until December 2008) Chigago, IL
Ambulance Rescue 33 Ltd. 5 Chillicothe, IL
Chillicothe Christian Church Chillicothe, IL
Chillicothe Community Fire Department Inc. Chillicothe, IL
Chillicothe Foundation Inc. 4 Chillicothe, IL
Chillicothe Historical Society Chillicothe, IL
Community Needs Agency of Chillicothe Illinois Inc. Chillicothe, IL
Crossword Cafe (Until December 2005) Chillicothe, IL
Helen Jodan Truitt Memorial Scholarship Fund Trust Chillicothe, IL
I. V C. Band Boosters Chillicothe, IL
Ivc Educational Foundation Chillicothe, IL
John F. Sloan Perpetural Charitable Tr 4 Chillicothe, IL
Pearce Community Center Inc. Chillicothe, IL
Pearce Foundation Inc. Chillicothe, IL
United Fund of Chillicothe Township Chillicothe, IL
Franklin Cemetery Association 6 Chrisman, IL
Hoult Cemetery Association Inc. 6 Chrisman, IL
Light-Carmel Cemetery Association 6 Chrisman, IL
Christopher Greater Area Rural Health Planning Corp Christopher, IL
Crystal Lake Junior Football Association Chrystal Lake, IL
A. Home for Tomorrow Cicero, IL
Allan L. Maca Foundation 4 Cicero, IL
Animals & Kids Together Cicero, IL
Berwyn Cicero Council on Aging Cicero, IL
Boys Club of Cicero Cicero, IL
Cbs Anti-Hunger Foundation Cicero, IL
Ceda Near West Community Resources Center (Until December 2006) Cicero, IL
Centro Cristiano Monte De Los Olivos Cicero, IL
Childrens Center of Cicero-Berwyn Inc. Cicero, IL
Christian Life Center Assemblies of God Church Cicero, IL
Cicero Berwyn Stickney Interfaith Leadership Project Inc. Cicero, IL
Cicero Recovery Club Cicero, IL
Comunidad Unida De Latinos Sordos De Illinois Fundacion Inc. (Until December 2005) Cicero, IL
Corazon Community Services (Until June 2008) Cicero, IL
Corey Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Cicero, IL
Czech Mission-Religious & Cultural Center Incorporated Cicero, IL
Dual Language Literacy Incorporated Cicero, IL
Family Service & Mental Health Center of Cicero Cicero, IL
Grant-Parkholme Memorial Association 6 Cicero, IL
Great Heart Foundation (Until December 2007) Cicero, IL
Hotpoint Combined Appeal Plan Cicero, IL
Illinois Signal Corps and Military History Museum Inc. Cicero, IL
Lithuanian Choral Ensemble Dainava Cicero, IL
Mission of the Living God Cicero, IL
Morton Area Partnership for Education & Training Cicero, IL
Morton College Foundation Cicero, IL
Morton Music Parents Association Cicero, IL
Morton Scholarship League Cicero, IL
Neighborhood Center of Cicero Inc. Cicero, IL
Our Place Homework and Enrichment Center Cicero, IL
Recycling Committee of Cicero Cicero, IL
Seguin Service Inc. Cicero, IL
T. G. Masaryk Free Thinking School Association Cicero, IL
The Lisa Marie Santoro Scholarship Foundation Cicero, IL
United Spiritual Council of Nations Cicero, IL
Westowns Neighborhood & Economic Development Corporation Cicero, IL
Cisco Area Economic Development Corporation Cisco, IL
L. R. Bill Frye Scholarship Fund Cisne, IL
North Wayne County Ambulance Service Cisne, IL
C. P. Cemetery Association 6 Cissna Park, IL
Cissna Park Community Life Development Inc. (Until December 2006) Cissna Park, IL
Cissna Park Education Foundation Inc. Nonprofit Organization Cissna Park, IL
Country Theatre Workshop Cissna Park, IL
Grace Bible Church of Cissna Park Illinois Cissna Park, IL
Irquois Area Citizens for Life Cissna Park, IL
Coast Guard Sea Veterans Mid- America 6 Clarendon Hills, IL
Friends of the Clarendon Hills Public Library Clarendon Hills, IL
Grace Welsh Piano Scholarships Inc. Clarendon Hills, IL
Peter Winston Friend Foundation Clarendon Hills, IL
Stephen J. Bloom Charitable Foundation 4 Clarendon Hills, IL
Childrens Research Foundation Incorporated Clarendon Hls, IL
Christian Church of Clarendon Hills Clarendon Hls, IL
Clarendon Hills Christian Childrens Center Clarendon Hls, IL
Clarendon Hills Historical Society Clarendon Hls, IL
Clarendon Hills Lions Foundation 4 Clarendon Hls, IL
Clarendon Hills Middle School Paren Teacher Organization Clarendon Hls, IL
Clause Foundation Inc. Clarendon Hls, IL
First Folio Shakespeare Festival Clarendon Hls, IL
Hinsdale Central Foundation Clarendon Hls, IL
Hinsdale Swim Club Clarendon Hls, IL
Homeopathic Association of Greater Chicago Clarendon Hls, IL
Love Inc. of Western Suburbs Chicago Clarendon Hls, IL
Michael Begg Foundation Clarendon Hls, IL
Pendulum Theater Company Clarendon Hls, IL
Rocque Family Foundation 4 Clarendon Hls, IL
Seton Little Peoples Montessori School Inc. Clarendon Hls, IL
William and Beverly Rockford Foundation Inc. 4 Clarendon Hls, IL
World War II 82nd Airborne Historical Society Clarendon Hls, IL
Clayton Mausoleum Cemetery Association 6 Clayton, IL
Siloam Springs Amish Mennonite Church Clayton, IL
South Side Cemetery Assn 6 Clayton, IL
Arthur Merkle-Clara Knipprath Nursing Home Clifton, IL
Clifton Cemetery Association 6 Clifton, IL
Clifton Community Food Pantry Clifton, IL
Reo Education Scholarship Fund 4 Clifton, IL
Agape Center Fellowship Clinton, IL
Christy Massey Memorial Foundation Clinton, IL
Clinton Community Young Mens Christian Association Clinton, IL
Clinton Crime Stoppers Inc. Clinton, IL
Clinton J. F. L. Inc. Clinton, IL
Dewitt County 4-H. Fair Association Clinton, IL
Dewitt County Farm Bureau Foundation Clinton, IL
Dewitt County Friendship Center Clinton, IL
Dewitt County Genealogical Society Clinton, IL
Dewitt County Human Resource Center Clinton, IL
Dewitt County Museum Assn Clinton, IL
Dr John Warner Hospital Foundation Inc. Clinton, IL
First Christian Church Clinton, IL
Katherine Bogadus Tr UW 4 Clinton, IL
Kleeman Village Housing Corporation Nfp Clinton, IL
Little Galilee Christian Assembly Clinton, IL
Reliance Unlimited Group Inc. 6 Clinton, IL
Revere-Clinton Manufacturing Division Employees Benevolent Fund Clinton, IL
S. A. F. E. Club Inc. Clinton, IL
Second Change Pet Adoption Inc. Clinton, IL
Tri-County Operation Cool Inc. Clinton, IL
Weldon Springs Foundation Inc. Clinton, IL
Write Stuff for Kids (Until December 2006) Clinton, IL
Bible Church of Reconciliation of Gods Hand Ministries Cntry Clb Hls, IL

Above is a list of organizations in Illinois that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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