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Vehicle Donation in Illinois

For people interested in vehicle donation in Illinois, below is a list of Illinois organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Tender Touch Inc. (Until December 2008) Calumet City, IL
The Chicago Chapter of the Alabama A&M. University Alumni Association Calumet City, IL
Ultimate Goal Ministry (Until December 2007) Calumet City, IL
Urban Outreach Calumet City, IL
Calumet Park Baseball League (Until September 2007) Calumet Park, IL
Calumet Park Community Organization Calumet Park, IL
Childrens Depot Calumet Park, IL
Comcare Providers Inc. Calumet Park, IL
Community Improvement Assn of the Calumet Area Calumet Park, IL
National Black United Front Educational Fund Calumet Park, IL
New Life Outreach Ministry Calumet Park, IL
Out of A. Need Missionary Church Temple Calumet Park, IL
Pioneer Missionary Baptist Church Calumet Park, IL
T. A. I. L. S. Awareness (Until December 2007) Calumet Park, IL
Townsend Mosby Inc. 4 Calumet Park, IL
Words Way Christian Fellowship Ministry Calumet Park, IL
Chicago Inner-City Golf-Mentor Program Calumet, IL
Community Christian Church of Chicago Calumet, IL
Cambria Food Bank Cambria, IL
Community Church Maple Street Cambria, IL
Covenant House of Williamson County Inc. Cambria, IL
Andover Historical Society Cambridge, IL
Cambridge Academic Foundation for Excellence Cambridge, IL
Cambridge Historical Society Cambridge, IL
Cambridge Main Street Cambridge, IL
Geneseo Bible Fellowship Church Cambridge, IL
Henry County Childrens Advocacy Center Cambridge, IL
Henry County Economic Development Partnership Cambridge, IL
Henry County Emergency Services Assn Cambridge, IL
Henry County Farm Bureau Foundation Cambridge, IL
Liberty Cemetery Association Henry County 6 Cambridge, IL
Cameron Christian Care Center Cameron, IL
Gods House Cameron, IL
Building for Him Nfp Inc. (Until December 2005) Camp Point, IL
Central Adams County Fire Protection District Auxiliary Camp Point, IL
Christ Outreach Program Inc. Camp Point, IL
Panther Pride Foundation for Central Schools Camp Point, IL
B. H. and Jim A. Taylor Scholarship Trust Canton, IL
Bruce & Nellie M. Jackson Memorial Fund 4 Canton, IL
Canton Inter-Church Council Inc. Canton, IL
Canton Youth Organization Canton, IL
Charlotte Ann Bennett & John R. Bennett Music Scholarship 4 Canton, IL
Chester G. Lehr Jr Memorial Scholarship for Men Canton, IL
Christian Service Program Inc. Canton, IL
Community Concert Association Canton Illinois Ltd. Canton, IL
Covenant Community Fellowship Church Canton, IL
East Elm Apartments Inc. Canton, IL
Foster and Maralee Overcash Scholarship Trust 4 Canton, IL
Francis Roy Herink and Margaret C. Otto Herink Memorial Trust 4 Canton, IL
Fulton County Emergency Medical Association Inc. Canton, IL
Fulton County Historical and Genealogical Society Canton, IL
Fulton County Rehabilitation Center Inc. Canton, IL
Fulton County Tourism Council Canton, IL
Fulton-Mason Crisis Service Canton, IL
Good Neighbor Charitable Organization Canton, IL
Graham Hospital Association Canton, IL
Graham Services Corporation Canton, IL
Humane Society of Fulton County Canton, IL
James & Lena Halsey Educational Trust 4 Canton, IL
John A. and Karen J. Threw Charitable Tr 4 Canton, IL
John Keets Foundation for Aids Research & Education Canton, IL
Louise Jones Student Loan Trust Canton, IL
Playhouse of Fulton County Canton, IL
Ralph & Consuelo Green Scholarship Trust 4 Canton, IL
Rebuilding Together Canton Inc. (Until September 2008) Canton, IL
Santas Friends Nfp (Until December 2006) Canton, IL
Save the Rice Lake Area Association Canton, IL
Skepticism Inc. Canton, IL
Spoon River College Foundation Canton, IL
United Way for Spoon River Country Canton, IL
Victory Crusade Ministry Inc. Canton, IL
Young Mens Christian Assn Canton, IL
Young Womens Christian Association of Canton Canton, IL
Church of the Apostolic Road Capron, IL
Illinois Trails Conservancy Capron, IL
Abundant Health Resource Clinic Carbondale, IL
American Association of Teachers of French Carbondale, IL
Archway Inc. Carbondale, IL
Attitudinal Healing Center of Southern Illinois Carbondale, IL
Attucks Community Service Board (Until December 2005) Carbondale, IL
Boo Rochman Charitable Corporation 3 Carbondale, IL
Boys & Girls Club of Carbondale Carbondale, IL
Brehm Preparatory School Inc. Carbondale, IL
Carbondale Chamber Foundation Inc. Carbondale, IL
Carbondale Community Arts Incorporated Carbondale, IL
Carbondale Community High School District 165 Education Foundation Carbondale, IL
Carbondale Crimestoppers Carbondale, IL
Carbondale Elementary Education Foundation Inc. Carbondale, IL
Carbondale Interchurch Council Carbondale, IL
Carbondale Junior Sports Inc. Carbondale, IL
Carbondale Main Street Carbondale, IL
Carbondale Muslim Center Carbondale, IL
Carbondale New School Carbondale, IL
Carbondale Soccer Inc. Carbondale, IL
Center for Instruction Staff Development and Evaluation in Carbondale, IL
Church of Christ and Man United Inc. Carbondale, IL
DAR E. of Carbondale Carbondale, IL
Dayemi Tariqat Carbondale, IL
Dillinger Cemetery Association 6 Carbondale, IL
Exeter Group Ltd. Carbondale, IL
Five County Education to Careers Partnership Inc. Carbondale, IL
Foundation for Justice Under Law Inc. Carbondale, IL
Fralish Private Foundation 4 Carbondale, IL
Franklin Community Care Services Carbondale, IL
Friends of Sigma Pi-Beta Nu Carbondale, IL
Friends of Southern Illinois Regional Social Services Carbondale, IL
Friends of the Carbondale Public Library Carbondale, IL
Garwin Family Foundation 3 Carbondale, IL
Giant City School Progress Association Carbondale, IL
Grace Community Church of the Christian & Missionary Alliance Carbondale, IL
Greater Carbondale Tourism Development Foundation Carbondale, IL
Greater Gillespie Temple Church Inc. Carbondale, IL
Green Earth Inc. Carbondale, IL
Growing Adventure Ministries Carbondale, IL
Guadalupe Fund Carbondale, IL
Hans Tai Chi Wellness Center Inc. Carbondale, IL
Harold & Betty Braswell Ministries Carbondale, IL
Heartland Community Action Foundation (Until December 2008) Carbondale, IL
Heavens Playground (Until December 2007) Carbondale, IL
Heterodyne Broadcasting Company Carbondale, IL
Hill House Inc. Carbondale, IL
Humane Society of Southern Illinois/Spca Inc. Carbondale, IL
Illinois Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers Carbondale, IL
International Water Resources Association Inc. Carbondale, IL
Islamic Center of Carbondale Inc. Carbondale, IL
John T. Cherry Foundation Inc. 4 Carbondale, IL
Kasl Inc. Carbondale, IL
Keep Carbondale Beautiful Inc. Carbondale, IL
Lifesavers Training Corporation Carbondale, IL
Lions of Carbondale Foundation (Until December 2005) Carbondale, IL
Lost Sheep Ministries Inc. (Until December 2005) Carbondale, IL
Margham Inc. Carbondale, IL
Monument of Hope Church of Deliverance Inc. Carbondale, IL
New Birth Kingdom Church International Carbondale, IL
New Zion Missionary Baptist Church of Carbondale Il Carbondale, IL
New Zion Noma Life Services Program Carbondale, IL
North Grove Family Cemetery Association 6 Carbondale, IL
Partners in Historic Preservation Inc. Carbondale, IL
Pelissier Foundation 4 Carbondale, IL
Praise Central Church of Deliverance Carbondale, IL
Puka Preschool Carbondale, IL
Rbf Dome Nfp (Until June 2007) Carbondale, IL
Rebuilding Together Carbondale Township Inc. (Until December 2007) Carbondale, IL
Ri 651 World Community Service Projects Inc. Carbondale, IL
Rotary Club of Carbondale Charitable Foundation Inc. Carbondale, IL
Saluki Swim Club Inc. Carbondale, IL
Senior Adult Services Carbondale, IL
Shawnee Crisis Pregnancy Center Carbondale, IL
Siu-C. Baptist Student Center Booster Club Carbondale, IL
Southen Illinois Healthcare Enterprises Inc. Carbondale, IL
Southern Il Regional Social Services Inc. Carbondale, IL
Southern Illinios Sports Club Carbondale, IL
Southern Illinois Acheivers Inc. Carbondale, IL
Southern Illinois Center for A. Sustainable Future (Until December 2005) Carbondale, IL
Southern Illinois Center for Independent Living Carbondale, IL
Southern Illinois Collegiate Sailing Club Carbondale, IL
Southern Illinois Community Foundation Carbondale, IL
Southern Illinois Fire Relief Fund (Until December 2007) Carbondale, IL
Southern Illinois Hospital Services Carbondale, IL
Southern Illinois Irish Festival (Until June 2008) Carbondale, IL
Southern Illinois Regional Efforts for Aids Inc. Carbondale, IL
Southern Illinois Research Park Corporation Carbondale, IL
Southern Illinois University Carbondale, IL
Southern Illinois University Foundation Carbondale, IL
Southern Illinois University Payroll Office Carbondale, IL
The Jackson County Stage Company Inc. Carbondale, IL
The Science Center Carbondale, IL
Thrift Shop United Church Women of Carbondale Il Carbondale, IL
Tlc of Southern & Central Illinois Inc. Carbondale, IL
Ulysses S. Grant Association Carbondale, IL
Union-Jackson Farmworkers House Union-Jackson Labor Camp Carbondale, IL
Unity Point School District No 140 Education Foundation Inc. Carbondale, IL
Universities Council of Water Resources Inc. Carbondale, IL
University Christian Ministries Carbondale, IL
Villa Park Inc. 4 Carbondale, IL
Vineyard Community Church Carbondale, IL
Wesley Foundation Carbondale, IL
Western Heights Christian Church Carbondale, IL
Womens Center Incorporated Carbondale, IL
Womens Rights Defense Fund Inc. Carbondale, IL
Word of Life Ministries Inc. Carbondale, IL
Workshop Trust Fund Carbondale, IL
Blackburn University Carlinville, IL
Bridge and Other Games Foundation (Until May 2006) Carlinville, IL
Calvary Association of Carlinville 6 Carlinville, IL
Carlinville Area Hospital Assocation Carlinville, IL
Carlinville Brown Trust Fund for Girls Nfp 4 Carlinville, IL
Carlinville Churches Good Samaritans Ministry Carlinville, IL
Carlinville Football Club Carlinville, IL
Carlinville Marijuana Education Committee Carlinville, IL
Carlinville Public Schools Foundation Carlinville, IL
Carlinville Senior Citizens Center Carlinville, IL
Carlinville Track Club Carlinville, IL
Carlinville Youth Soccer League Carlinville, IL
Cavalier Programs Advisory Committee (Until December 2007) Carlinville, IL
Loveless Park Committee Carlinville, IL
Mac-Gomery Christian Service Camp Inc. Carlinville, IL
Macoupin Center for the Developmentally Disabled Carlinville, IL
Macoupin Community Health Centers Inc. (Until December 2007) Carlinville, IL
Macoupin County Agriculture Education Foundation Carlinville, IL

Above is a list of organizations in Illinois that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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