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Vehicle Donation in Northbrook, Illinois

For people interested in vehicle donation in Northbrook, Illinois, below is a list of Northbrook, Illinois organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Sc Centrum Sport Inc. Northbrook, IL
Scheinman Family Foundation 4 Northbrook, IL
Schor Family Foundation 4 Northbrook, IL
Segal Family Foundation II 4 Northbrook, IL
Segal Foundation 4 Northbrook, IL
Selma Breskin Kaplan Foundation 4 Northbrook, IL
Sheldon Gray Family Foundation 4 Northbrook, IL
Sklare Family Foundation 4 Northbrook, IL
Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Northbrook, IL
Solomon Schechter Day Schools Northbrook, IL
Spatz Foundation 4 Northbrook, IL
Special Gifts Theatre Inc. Northbrook, IL
Spectrum International Institute for Wellness Research & Education Northbrook, IL
Stars of David International Inc. Northbrook, IL
Story Quarterly A. Charitable Foundation Inc. Northbrook, IL
Sudix Foundation 4 Northbrook, IL
Supporting the Spirit Foundation Northbrook, IL
Suzanne Dreebin Wilensky Foundation 4 Northbrook, IL
Suzanne Kahl Mangan Scholarship Fund Inc. Northbrook, IL
Ted Hanson Family Foundation 4 Northbrook, IL
Temple Beth-El of Northbrook Northbrook, IL
Tessie Grosby Charitable Foundation 4 Northbrook, IL
The Chest Foundation Northbrook, IL
The Colburn Collection 3 Northbrook, IL
The Eric and Joan Norgaard Charitable Trust 4 Northbrook, IL
The Felicia Beth Nekritz Memorial Fund Northbrook, IL
The Irving & Roberta Lewis Charitable Foundation 4 Northbrook, IL
The John R. Houlsby Foundation 4 Northbrook, IL
Theodore G. Schwartz Family Foundation 4 Northbrook, IL
Too Good to Be Through Inc. Northbrook, IL
Trauma Foundation Inc. (Until December 2005) Northbrook, IL
Tree of Life Church & Mission Northbrook, IL
Trevian Small Fry (Until December 2007) Northbrook, IL
Tricord Foundation 4 Northbrook, IL
Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Northbrook, IL
United States Soling Association Ussa Northbrook, IL
University of Chicago Foundation for Emotionally Disturbed Children Northbrook, IL
Victory 2000 Inc. Northbrook, IL
Warrior Softball Association (Until December 2005) Northbrook, IL
Wesselink Family Foundation 4 Northbrook, IL
West Northfield School District No 31 Foundation Northbrook, IL
Wolff Family Foundation 4 Northbrook, IL
Women in Need Northbrook, IL
Yedalm Presbyterian Church Northbrook, IL
Zachary Scott Goldberg So I. Can Play Hockey Foundation (Until December 2007) Northbrook, IL
Zen Buddhist Temple of Chicago Northbrook, IL

Above is a list of organizations in Northbrook, Illinois that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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