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Vehicle Donation in Florida

For people interested in vehicle donation in Florida, below is a list of Florida organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Future Foundation Inc. Hallandale, FL
Grupo Folklorico Panama Inc. (Until December 2006) Hallandale, FL
Habonim Cultural Club-Survivors of the Holocaust Hallandale, FL
Hallandale Community Council Scholarship Fund Inc. Hallandale, FL
Hallandale Employee Assistance Trust Hallandale, FL
Hallandale Jewish Center Inc. Hallandale, FL
Hallandale Neighborhood Improvement Corporation Hallandale, FL
Hallandale Symphonic Pops Orchestra Inc. Hallandale, FL
Harmony of Divine Light Co Hallandale, FL
Harold M. and Mary B. Morris Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Hallandale, FL
Higher Vision Ministries Inc. Hallandale, FL
Institute of Jewish Knowledge & Learning Inc. Hallandale, FL
Jacob Goldfarb and Malka R. Goldfarb Charitable Foundation 4 Hallandale, FL
Living Spring Ministries USA Inc. Hallandale, FL
Meals on Wheels for the Aged Shut-Ins Inc. Hallandale, FL
Morris Kesselman & Rita Kesselman Foundation Trust 4 Hallandale, FL
Netive Ezra Corp Hallandale, FL
New Beginning Deliverance Center Inc. Hallandale, FL
Payton Memorial Education Foundation Inc. (Until June 2007) Hallandale, FL
Porcaro Family Charitable Foundatio N. Inc. 4 Hallandale, FL
Reading With Barbara Ann Inc. Hallandale, FL
Samuel and Gertrude Horovitz Family Foundation 4 Hallandale, FL
South Florida Health Consultant Corp (Until December 2005) Hallandale, FL
Teen Connect Inc. (Until December 2007) Hallandale, FL
The Community Civic Association Incorporated (Until December 2005) Hallandale, FL
Trinity Agape Church Inc. Hallandale, FL
University of Pennsylvania Dade Alumni Foundation Incorporated Hallandale, FL
Victor Posner Foundation Inc. 4 Hallandale, FL
Ahavat Shalom Inc. (Until December 2007) Hallendale Beach, FL
Gonzalo Rodriguez Memorial Foundation (Until December 2004) Hallendale, FL
Community Services and Development Center Inc. (Until June 2007) Halndle Bch, FL
Gp Mile Run Committee Inc. (Until December 2005) Halndle Bch, FL
Hallandale Beach Sports Complex Inc. (Until December 2006) Halndle Bch, FL
Hepburn Family Foundation Inc. 4 Halndle Bch, FL
National Vulcanized Fibre Company Community Services Trust Fund 4 Halndle Bch, FL
The Friends of the Hepburn Center Inc. Halndle Bch, FL
Harmony Foundation Inc. Harmony, FL
Harmony Neighborhood School Inc. Harmony, FL
Christ Witness Church of the Almighty God Inc. Hastings, FL
Harvest Times Evangelist Ministrty Hastings, FL
Hastings High School Alumni Foundation Hastings, FL
Lords Temple City of Refuge Hastings, FL
Moohad Hethaverut Hastings, FL
Notar Shyisrael Sheyarim Inc. Hastings, FL
Share the Fruit Ministries Inc. (Until December 2006) Hastings, FL
St. Johns County Horse Council Inc. Hastings, FL
All Children Foundation 4 Havana, FL
B. & B. Early Childhood Educational and Developmental Center Inc. Havana, FL
Bell Road Human Services Inc. Havana, FL
Bethel Baptist Church & Ministries Inc. Havana, FL
Coonbottom Volunteer Fire Department 6 Havana, FL
Cougar Ridge Center Inc. Havana, FL
Florida-Georgia K-9 Search and Rescue Squad Inc. Havana, FL
Gadsden County Humane Society Goals Inc. Havana, FL
Gulf Coast Shih Tzu Rescue Inc. (Until December 2008) Havana, FL
Havana Historical Society Havana, FL
Helping Hands Foundation of Havana Inc. Havana, FL
Henderson Care Centers Inc. Havana, FL
Korean War Veterans Association of Florida Inc. Havana, FL
Metro Community Outreach Inc. (Until December 2008) Havana, FL
Metropolitan Cathedral of Truth Inc. Havana, FL
Tallavana Baptist Church Inc. Havana, FL
Tallavana Christian School Havana, FL
The Lighthouse for Ministry Inc. Havana, FL
Tim Hicks Ministries Inc. Havana, FL
Vickers Cemetery Inc. 6 Havana, FL
504th Military Police Battalion Association Inc. 6 Hawthorne, FL
Bird World Inc. Hawthorne, FL
Hawthorne Day Care Center Inc. Hawthorne, FL
Hawthorne Firefighters Aide Inc. Hawthorne, FL
New Start Ministries Inc. Hawthorne, FL
Saluda Cemetery Association Inc. 6 Hawthorne, FL
West Putnam Save Children Inc. Hawthorne, FL
West Putnam Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Hawthorne, FL
Baddour-Saleeby Foundation Inc. 4 Heathrow, FL
Childrens Network Inc. (Until September 2006) Heathrow, FL
International Foundation for Education and Health 4 Heathrow, FL
Lake Mary-Heathrow Festival of the Arts Scholarship Fund Inc. Heathrow, FL
National Association for Affordable Housing Heathrow, FL
Pawpaws Pals Inc. (Until December 2007) Heathrow, FL
Refinement Ministries Inc. 4 Heathrow, FL
Senior Housing Services Inc. Heathrow, FL
Inner Peace Church of the Spirit Hernando Bch, FL
Alternative South Inc. Hernando, FL
Blind Americans Inc. Hernando, FL
Bridges of Hope Inc. Hernando, FL
Citrus County Art League Inc. Hernando, FL
Citrus County Family Resource Center Inc. Hernando, FL
Families & Friends of Retarded Adults in Citrus County Hernando, FL
Fleet Reserve Association Citrus County Branch 186 6 Hernando, FL
Friends of the Citrus County Library System Inc. (Until December 2005) Hernando, FL
Gods Work Ministries Inc. Hernando, FL
Good Spirit Foundation Inc. Hernando, FL
Grace Bible Fellowship Hernando, FL
Sharkhunters International Submarine Research Institute (Until June 2008) Hernando, FL
Spanish Church House of Prayer Hernando, FL
Ted Williams Retrospective Museum & Library Inc. Hernando, FL
Think First Injury Prevention of Central Florida Inc. Hernando, FL
Lily of the Valley Inc. Hialeah Gardens, FL
Americas Kids Inc. Hialeah Gdns, FL
Ministerio Trigo Nuevo Inc. Hialeah Gdns, FL
A. Willing Heart Inc. (Until June 2006) Hialeah, FL
Agenda Cuba International Inc. Hialeah, FL
Agrupacion Espirita Seguidores De Jesus Corp Hialeah, FL
Alfa Y. Omega La Hermosa Corp Hialeah, FL
An House of Prayer for All People Inc. Hialeah, FL
Andres Andy Perez Family Foundation Inc. Hialeah, FL
Asamblea Evangelica De Hialeah Inc. Hialeah, FL
Asociacion De Caballeros Catolicos De Cuba Directorio General Inc. Hialeah, FL
Aviary & Cage Bird Society of South Florida Hialeah, FL
Ballet Etudes of South Florida Inc. Hialeah, FL
Bardie C. Wolfe Jr Foundation Inc. Hialeah, FL
Beneficent Foundation of St. Antony Inc. Hialeah, FL
Bess Development Corporation of South Florida 4 Hialeah, FL
Brethren in Christ Church Corp Hialeah, FL
Budokan Judo School Corp Hialeah, FL
Buena Vista of North West Dade Inc. Hialeah, FL
Byways and Hedges Ministries at Large Inc. Hialeah, FL
Caribbean Cultural Connections Inc. Hialeah, FL
Caribe Dive & Research Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Hialeah, FL
Casa Sobre La Roca Iglesia Integral Inc. Hialeah, FL
Centro De Ensenanzas Palabra De Fe Inc. Hialeah, FL
Centro Evangelistico El Faro Inc. Hialeah, FL
Centro Internacional De Alabanza Norte Inc. Hialeah, FL
Child Hope Inc. Hialeah, FL
Children First Charter School Inc. Hialeah, FL
Christian Homes for Children Inc. Hialeah, FL
Church Missionary Christ King Congregation Christian Of'antioqui Hialeah, FL
Church of Jesus Christ the Almighty Inc. Hialeah, FL
Citrus Health Network Inc. Hialeah, FL
Community Services Center Inc. Hialeah, FL
Comunidad Cristiana De Hialeah A. B. C. USA Corp Hialeah, FL
Comunidad De Cristo Inc. Hialeah, FL
Comunidad De Fe Ministries Inc. Hialeah, FL
Con Amor Para Hormiguero Inc. Hialeah, FL
Cristo La Solucion Inc. Hialeah, FL
Cristo Roca De Salvacion Inc. Hialeah, FL
Cristo Vive Inc. Hialeah, FL
Cruzada Estudiantil Y. Professional Para Cristo Inc. Hialeah, FL
Cuban Theatre Foklore Heritage Inc. Hialeah, FL
Cubanos Con Fe En Accion Inc. Hialeah, FL
Dade Broward Marine Corps Reserve Committee Hialeah, FL
Dade Christian School Foundation Inc. Hialeah, FL
Dade Family Counseling Inc. 4 Hialeah, FL
Darc Housing Inc. Hialeah, FL
Dynamic Attitudes Inc. Hialeah, FL
El Centro Cristiano Para Las Naciones Inc. Hialeah, FL
El Nuevo Pacto Corporation Hialeah, FL
Elim Exodus 15 27 Concilio Internacional De Iglesias Evangeli Hialeah, FL
Embajadores De Cristo Inc. Ambassador for Christ Inc. Hialeah, FL
Emilio Miyares Police Memorial Foundation Inc. Hialeah, FL
Epworth Village Chapel Inc. Hialeah, FL
Epworth Village Inc. Hialeah, FL
Epworth Village West Inc. Hialeah, FL
Faith Vision Baptist Church Inc. Hialeah, FL
Faith in Action Ministries Inc. Hialeah, FL
Faithful Friend Center Inc. (Until December 2007) Hialeah, FL
Family Aids Coalition Inc. (Until December 2006) Hialeah, FL
Fitness Commitment Institute Inc. (Until October 2007) Hialeah, FL
Florida Foundation for Health Awareness Inc. (Until December 2007) Hialeah, FL
Foundation for New Life Inc. Hialeah, FL
Fraunhofer Center for Research in Computer Graphics Inc. Hialeah, FL
Genuine Love Inc. Hialeah, FL
Good Shepherd Evangelical Community Church Inc. Hialeah, FL
Gracia Fe Y. Amor Inc. Hialeah, FL
Guiding Light Gospel Productions Inc. Hialeah, FL
Hialeah Athletic Association Inc. Hialeah, FL
Hialeah Bible Mission Inc. Hialeah, FL
Hialeah Chamber of Commerce Industry Foundation Inc. Hialeah, FL
Hialeah Concerned Families Corp Hialeah, FL
Hialeah Hospital Ancillary Services Inc. Hialeah, FL
Hialeah Miami Springs Rotary Charitable Foundation Inc. (Until June 2005) Hialeah, FL
Hialeah-Dade Development Inc. Hialeah, FL
Hialeah-Seminola Community Development Corporation Inc. Hialeah, FL
Home Health Care Inc. Hialeah, FL
Hope for the Community Inc. (Until December 2007) Hialeah, FL
I. Love the Kids Foundation Inc. Hialeah, FL
Iacovelli Family Foundation 4 Hialeah, FL
Iglesia Bautista Ebenezer Inc. Hialeah, FL
Iglesia Bautista El Redentor Inc. Hialeah, FL
Iglesia Bautista Libra Cedros Del Libano De Miami Inc. Hialeah, FL
Iglesia Bautista Nuevo Amanecer Inc. Hialeah, FL
Iglesia Biblica Bautista De Hialeah Inc. Hialeah, FL
Iglesia Biblica Bautista Nuevo Testamento Inc. Hialeah, FL
Iglesia Catholica Apostolica Americana Inc. Hialeah, FL
Iglesia Christiana La Gloria De Dios Hialeah, FL
Iglesia Cristiana Reformada Vida Nueva Inc. Hialeah, FL
Iglesia Espiritualista Caminos De Luz Inc. Hialeah, FL
Iglesia La Vid Verdadera De Aic Inc. Hialeah, FL
Iglesia Menonita Encuentro De Renovation Inc. Hialeah, FL
Iglesia Misionera Del Esperitu Santo Catolica Y. Apostolica Inc. Hialeah, FL
Iglesia Misionera Pregoneros De Justicia De Florida Inc. Hialeah, FL
Iglesia Victoria Asambleas De Dios Inc. Hialeah, FL
In Da House Friends of Amelia Corp (Until December 2007) Hialeah, FL
Institute for Health Care Research Inc. 4 Hialeah, FL
Instituto Internacional Para Capellanes Cristo Rompe Las Cadnas Hialeah, FL
Invest in Our Children Inc. (Until December 2008) Hialeah, FL
Jordan Grove Ministries Inc. (Until December 2005) Hialeah, FL
Just Ride on Foundation Inc. Hialeah, FL
K. D. Edwards Memorial Scholarship Fund Inc. Hialeah, FL

Above is a list of organizations in Florida that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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