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Vehicle Donation in Delaware

For people interested in vehicle donation in Delaware, below is a list of Delaware organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

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Ahsan Jafri Foundation (Until December 2007) Bear, DE
Aquinas Academy Inc. Bear, DE
Bear Babe Ruth Organization Bear, DE
Blue Chicks Senior Olympic Softball Bear, DE
Canal Athletic Association Inc. Bear, DE
Caravel Academy Athletic Boosters Association Bear, DE
Caravel Academy Inc. Bear, DE
Cek Ministries (Until December 2007) Bear, DE
Christ Foundation (Until December 2007) Bear, DE
Christ Servants Mission Institute Bear, DE
Christian Reformed Campus Ministries Inc. (Until December 2004) Bear, DE
Christiana Fire Company Bear, DE
Christina Partners for Excellence Inc. Bear, DE
Community Athletic Association Inc. Bear, DE
Corner Stone Ministries Incorporated 5 Bear, DE
Cornerstone Child Care and Youth Center Inc. Bear, DE
Debtwinners Credit Counseling Inc. (Until December 2006) Bear, DE
Delaware Academy of Chemical Sciences Incorporated (Until December 2007) Bear, DE
Delaware Aerospace Education Foundation Bear, DE
Delaware Diamond Warriors (Until January 2007) Bear, DE
Dumpster Cats Rescue League Inc. (Until December 2007) Bear, DE
Education Transfer Bear, DE
Friends of Lums Pond Inc. (Until December 2006) Bear, DE
Friends of Patriot Bomb Dogs (Until December 2006) Bear, DE
Friends of the Bear Library Association Bear, DE
Grace Chapel Baptist Church Inc. Bear, DE
Grace Chapel Outreach Ministries Inc. Bear, DE
Greater Newark Flag Football League Inc. Bear, DE
Gujarati Samaj of Delaware Inc-Gsd Bear, DE
Liberty Christian Ministries Inc. Bear, DE
Love Inc. of Northern New Castle County Bear, DE
Mark Inc. Ministries Bear, DE
Middle Atlantic States Conference of Correction Bear, DE
Mighty Wind Ministries Bear, DE
Ministries for Christ Inc. Bear, DE
New Castle County Crisis Pregnancy Center Inc. Bear, DE
New Life Ministries Inc. Bear, DE
Old Umuahia Development Union North America Bear, DE
Operation Ac Inc. (Until December 2007) Bear, DE
Parables Tell It Like It is Inc. Bear, DE
Practice Without Pressure Inc. (Until December 2005) Bear, DE
Red Lion Evangelical Assoc Inc. Bear, DE
River of Life-Delaware (Until December 2007) Bear, DE
Shekinah Glory Fellowship Church Inc. Bear, DE
Sickle Cell Disease Association of Delaware (Until December 2005) Bear, DE
Society for Pet Adoption Rescue and Education Inc. (Until December 2006) Bear, DE
St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church of Delaware Bear, DE
Stormins Classic Inc. Bear, DE
Temple of Praise Worldwide Inc. Bear, DE
Victoria Flicks Friends Foundation Inc. 4 Bear, DE
Women in Transition Inc. (Until December 2006) Bear, DE
Youth Advance of Delaware Valley Inc. Bear, DE
Youth Spectacular Inc. Bear, DE
Bethany Beach Volunteer Fire Co Inc. Bethany Beach, DE
Delmarva Youth Tennis Foundation Bethany Beach, DE
Fort Miles Historical Association Inc. Bethany Beach, DE
Friends of the South Coastal Library Inc. Bethany Beach, DE
Quiet Resorts Charitable Foundation Inc. (Until June 2005) Bethany Beach, DE
Railroad Historic Preservation Trust Inc. (Until December 2008) Bethany Beach, DE
Voice of Teh Faithful-Coastal Delma Rva Affiliate (Until December 2008) Bethany Beach, DE
Blades Economic Development Corporation Blades, DE
Family Ministries Inc. Bridgevill, DE
Bridgeville Apple Scrapple Festival Inc. Bridgeville, DE
Bridgeville Cemetery Association 6 Bridgeville, DE
Bridgeville Community Action Corp Bridgeville, DE
Bridgeville Kiwanis Foundation (Until December 2006) Bridgeville, DE
Bridgeville Lions Foundation Inc. (Until June 2005) Bridgeville, DE
Bridgeville Public Library Bridgeville, DE
Bridgeville Senior Center Inc. Bridgeville, DE
Church of God & Saints of Christ Incorporated A. Non-Profit Bridgeville, DE
Coverdales Crossroads Community Council Inc. 4 Bridgeville, DE
Delaware Forestry Association Bridgeville, DE
New Beginnings Worship Center Bridgeville, DE
New Coverdale Outreach Mission Inc. Bridgeville, DE
Newton Foundation 4 Bridgeville, DE
Restoration Outreach Ministries Inc. (Until December 2007) Bridgeville, DE
Southern Delaware Center for Children and Families Inc. Bridgeville, DE
St. Johnstown Cemetery Assn Inc. 6 Bridgeville, DE
United Assembly of Christ Inc. Bridgeville, DE
W. G. M. Outreach Ministries Inc. Bridgeville, DE
Caesar Rodney High School Cheerleader Booster Club Camden Wyo, DE
Caesar Rodney Wrestling Boosters Club Camden Wyo, DE
Camden-Wyoming Fire Company Inc. Camden Wyo, DE
Delaware Exploratorium Ltd. Camden Wyo, DE
Delaware Lions Sight & Hearing Conservation Foundation Inc. Camden Wyo, DE
Faith Community Church Camden Wyo, DE
First Pilgrim Baptist Church Inc. Camden Wyo, DE
Fred Fifer III Memorial Educational Fund Inc. Camden Wyo, DE
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Spca Camden Wyo, DE
Won Way Out Ministries Inc. (Until December 2008) Camden Wyo, DE
Bridge to Life Christian Church Camden, DE
Caesar Rodney Band Parents Association Inc. Camden, DE
Caring Hearts Helping Hands Inc. (Until December 2006) Camden, DE
Children Youth Family and Community Connections Inc. Camden, DE
Childrens Theatre Inc. Camden, DE
Community Outreach Prevention Education Inc. Camden, DE
Ferndean Shelter for Animals Escaping Domestic Danger (Until June 2007) Camden, DE
M. F. Chase Unity Memorial Church or Ganization Inc. Camden, DE
New Life Ministries Camden, DE
Restoration Life Ministries Camden, DE
Simpson Educational Fund Inc. 4 Camden, DE
Slam Dunk to the Beach Inc. Camden, DE
Centreville School Inc. Centreville, DE
Layton Preparatory School Inc. (Until December 2007) Centreville, DE
Cheswold Volunteer Fire Company Cheswold, DE
Glasgow Lions Service Foundation Inc. Christiana, DE
Agape Charismatic & Evangeliistic Incorporated Claymont, DE
Arden Craft Shop Museum Inc. Claymont, DE
Bnai Brith Senior Citizen Housing Inc. Claymont, DE
Brandywine Community Resource Council Inc. Claymont, DE
Celestial Church of Christ Divine Parish Claymont, DE
Childrens Home Inc. Claymont, DE
Claymont Community Coalition Claymont, DE
Claymont Fire Company 1 Claymont, DE
Claymont High School Alumni Association Inc. Claymont, DE
Claymont Historical Society Claymont, DE
Darley Art and Historic Society Claymont, DE
Delaware Financial Literacy Institute (Until December 2005) Claymont, DE
Delaware Progressive Committee of Women Inc. Claymont, DE
Delaware Shakespeare Festival Inc. (Until December 2007) Claymont, DE
Frie Claymont, DE
Friends of the Claymont Stone School Inc. Claymont, DE
Grandparents United De Inc. (Until December 2006) Claymont, DE
Hellenic Electronic Center Claymont, DE
Human Services Council Inc. Claymont, DE
Kita Kece Mineyo (Until December 2005) Claymont, DE
National Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route Association (Until December 2008) Claymont, DE
New Knollwood Civic Association Inc. Claymont, DE
The Friends of Rockwood Inc. Claymont, DE
US S. Robinson Dd-562 Inc. 6 Claymont, DE
Blue Hen Golf Scholarship Inc. Clayton, DE
Calvary Baptist Church of Townsend Inc. Clayton, DE
Central Delmarva Trails Association Inc. (Until June 2007) Clayton, DE
Clayton Fire Company No 1 Inc. Clayton, DE
Lillian Smith Senior Center Clayton, DE
New Life Ministry Clayton, DE
Parent-Teacher Organization of Providence Creek (Until June 2007) Clayton, DE
Providence Creek Academy Charter School Clayton, DE
Providence Creek Center for Autism Research and Education (Until June 2007) Clayton, DE
Providence Creek Center for Non-Profit Entrepreneurship Inc. (Until June 2007) Clayton, DE
Providence Creek Society Inc. (Until June 2007) Clayton, DE
Providence Creek Summer Camp Program Inc. (Until June 2008) Clayton, DE
Saint Josephs at Providence Creek Clayton, DE
Delaware Uso Foundation Dafb, DE
Archaeology Excavation Incorporated Dagsboro, DE
Dagsboro Redmen Memorial Cemetery Inc. 6 Dagsboro, DE
Dagsboro Volunteer Fire Co Dagsboro, DE
Delaware Family Foundation Inc. Dagsboro, DE
Emmanuels House Dagsboro, DE
Friends of Prince Georges Chapel Inc. Dagsboro, DE
Lower Delaware Therapy Dogs Inc. Dagsboro, DE
Power & Love Outreach Ministries Inc. Dagsboro, DE
William J. Jernick Memorial Fund (Until May 2007) Dagsboro, DE
Delaware City Cemetery Association 6 Delaware City, DE
Delaware City Fire Co Number One Inc. Delaware City, DE
Delaware City Library Society (Until June 2006) Delaware City, DE
Ever Redeeming Love Church Inc. Delaware City, DE
Fort Delaware Society Delaware City, DE
Friends of the African Union Cemetery Inc. (Until December 2008) Delaware City, DE
Full Gospel Ministries Delaware City, DE
Main Street Delaware City Inc. Delaware City, DE
Kenneth W. Hammel Foundation Inc. 4 Delaware, DE
Country Baptist Church Delmar, DE
Delmar Fire Dept Inc. - Del Corp Delmar Fire Co Inc. - Maryland Corp Delmar, DE
Delmar Lions Service Foundation Inc. (Until June 2007) Delmar, DE
Delmar Public Library Delmar, DE
Harvest Ministries Incorporated Delmar, DE
Mirworth Enterprise Inc. Delmar, DE
Missionary Furlough Homes Inc. Dove, DE
Amc Museum Foundation Inc. Dover Afb, DE
512th Ags Booster Club 6 Dover, DE
Adobe House Inc. Dover, DE
Agape Love - Interdenominational Outreach Ministries Dover, DE
Aid in Dover Inc. Dover, DE
Alliance of the Holy Family International Inc. Dover, DE
American Library in Paris Inc. Dover, DE
Applied Optics Center of Delaware Inc. Dover, DE
Bayhealth Foundation Dover, DE
Bayhealth Inc. Dover, DE
Bayhealth Medical Center Inc. Dover, DE
Because We Care Dover, DE
Believers Ministries Inc. Dover, DE
Calvary Baptist Church Dover, DE
Camp Barnes Inc. Dover, DE
Canaan Full Gospel Christian Church Inc. Dover, DE
Capital City Church of Christ of Dover Inc. Dover, DE
Caribbean Hertiage Committee (Until December 2005) Dover, DE
Central Delaware Christian Academy Inc. Dover, DE
Central Delaware Committee on Drug Abuse Inc. Dover, DE
Central Delaware Soccer Assoc Inc. Dover, DE
Charter School Inc. Dover, DE
Chesapeake Emergency Energy Recipient Program Inc. Dover, DE
Church on the Westside Inc. Dover, DE
Community Health Partnership Inc. Dover, DE
Community Singers Inc. Dover, DE
Crew Serve International Inc. (Until December 2007) Dover, DE
Crossroad Christian Church Dover, DE
Crossroad Christian Developmental Academy Inc. Dover, DE
Crossroad Corporate and Community Center Inc. (Until December 2008) Dover, DE
Dela Care Inc. Dover, DE

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Above is a list of organizations in Delaware that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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