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Vehicle Donation in Newark, Delaware

For people interested in vehicle donation in Newark, Delaware, below is a list of Newark, Delaware organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

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A. M. Huntington Trust FBO Brookgreen Gardens Pv 3584 5 Newark, DE
A. Place to Go (Until December 2007) Newark, DE
A. S. Guterman Foundation Inc. 4 Newark, DE
Aaron P. Stahl Memorial Fund (Until December 2005) Newark, DE
Adopt-An-Angel Newark, DE
Advance America Foundation Newark, DE
Aetna Hose Hook and Ladder Company of Newark Delaware Newark, DE
Ahlul Hadeeth Society (Until December 2007) Newark, DE
Aid to International Medicine Inc. Newark, DE
Aikikai Foundation of Delaware Newark, DE
Al Nur Inc. Newark, DE
Al-Hamd School Newark, DE
Alchon Family Foundation 4 Newark, DE
Aletheia School and Day Care Center Inc. Newark, DE
Alt Med Angel Com Inc. Newark, DE
Alumni Association of the University of Delaware Newark, DE
Amer Acad & Inst of Arts & Letters Letters Pv 3960 4 Newark, DE
American Philosophical Association Inc. Newark, DE
American Shakespeare Theater Company Newark, DE
Amherst College Foundation Trust Newark, DE
Ann Pinkerton Charitable Trust Pv 15689 4 Newark, DE
Anthony J. Grieco Memorial Scholarship Fund 4 Newark, DE
Apex Youth Services Inc. Newark, DE
Appelbaum-Kahn Foundation 4 Newark, DE
Arcana Foundation Inc. 4 Newark, DE
Arch Bishopric of New York Trust 5 Newark, DE
Archer M. Huntington Tr Ua 050640 FBO Syracuse University Etal Newark, DE
Art Educators of Delaware Scholarship Fund Association Newark, DE
Arthur D. Weekes Jr Charitable Trust 4 Newark, DE
Arthur K. Watson Charitable Tr UW 4 Newark, DE
Arthur and Gullan Wellman Medical Research Trust 4 Newark, DE
Ashleys Angels Inc. (Until December 2006) Newark, DE
Association for Children and Infants With Digestive Disorders Newark, DE
Association of Friends of Aurora Center Newark, DE
Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs Newark, DE
Audrey E. & Donald L. Hutt Trust 283 Newark, DE
B. H. Homan Jr Trust Pt 15583 4 Newark, DE
Baisley Powell Elebash Fund 4 Newark, DE
Bandak Institute Newark, DE
Barnett & Annalee Newman Foundation Tr 4 Newark, DE
Barnett Newan Foundation 4 Newark, DE
Bass Endowment Tr for Fort Worth Symphany Orchestra Assoc Inc. 4 Newark, DE
Beatrice P. Delaney Char Fdn 4 Newark, DE
Beckwith Family Foundation 4 Newark, DE
Bent of the River Sanctuary Trust c/o Edward F. Bennett Vice Pres Newark, DE
Berkeley Fund 4 Newark, DE
Bethesda by the Sea Et Al Trust P11370 Newark, DE
Bible Fellowship Church of Newark De Newark, DE
Big Band Society of Del Valley Newark, DE
Billy Cook Foundation Newark, DE
Blood Bank of Delmarva Inc. Newark, DE
Bob Gore Foundation Inc. 4 Newark, DE
Bomar Charitable Trust 4 Newark, DE
Booth Ferris Foundation 4 Newark, DE
Brookside Soccer League Newark, DE
Byron Society of America Newark, DE
Camp Cherith in Pennsylvania Inc. Newark, DE
Campus Safety Association Csa of the National Safety Council Nsc Newark, DE
Canal Church of Christ Inc. Newark, DE
Cancer Care Connection Inc. Newark, DE
Cannon Free Library Trust Pt 29800 Newark, DE
Cedar Hill Foundation 4 Newark, DE
Cesle C. Dues and Mamie F. Dues Charitable Fdn 19420 Newark, DE
Charles E. Robinson Memorial Scholarship Fund 4 Newark, DE
Charles M. & Mary D. Grant Foundation P. 13040 4 Newark, DE
Charlotte & Norman Codo Charitable Tr 4 Newark, DE
Charmane Star Jackson Starlight Foundation Newark, DE
Chesapeake Silver Cornet Brass Band Inc. Newark, DE
Chinese Christian Spirit Life Community of North America Inc. Newark, DE
Christian Family Services Inc. Newark, DE
Christian Interaction Newark, DE
Christiana Care Health Initiatives Inc. Newark, DE
Christs Green Pastures Ministry International Inc. Newark, DE
Cornell Medical Benefits Tr Newark, DE
Corrosion & Materials Res Institute Newark, DE
Da Hamel Family Charitable Trust 4 Newark, DE
Dance Delaware (Until December 2007) Newark, DE
Datelinehealth-Africa Inc. (Until December 2006) Newark, DE
Dave Tiberi Youth Center Inc. Newark, DE
Delaware Academy of Science Inc. Newark, DE
Delaware Action for Animals Incorporated Newark, DE
Delaware Alliance for Health Care Newark, DE
Delaware Amateur Skating Foundation Newark, DE
Delaware Association of Child Care Professionals Inc. (Until December 2005) Newark, DE
Delaware Chapter of the American Society for Deaf Children Newark, DE
Delaware Christian Campus Ministry Foundation (Until December 2006) Newark, DE
Delaware Council on Economic Education Inc. Newark, DE
Delaware Dance Cmpany Newark, DE
Delaware Ducks Youth Hockey of New Castle County Inc. Newark, DE
Delaware Foundation for Autistic Citizens Inc. 4 Newark, DE
Delaware Foundation for Medical Services Ltd. Newark, DE
Delaware Junior Blue Hens Ice Hockey Club (Until March 2007) Newark, DE
Delaware Kidney Fund Inc. Newark, DE
Delaware Library Association Newark, DE
Delaware Manufacturing Alliance Inc. Newark, DE
Delaware Medical Education Foundation Ltd. Newark, DE
Delaware Pain Initiative Inc. Newark, DE
Delaware Partners in the Americas Newark, DE
Delaware Pro-Life Coalition Inc. Newark, DE
Delaware Rugby Foundation Newark, DE
Delaware Self Help Corporation Newark, DE
Delaware Society for the Preservation of Antiquities (Until December 2007) Newark, DE
Delaware Special Olympics Inc. Newark, DE
Delaware Technology Park Inc. Newark, DE
Delaware Trail Spinners Inc. Newark, DE
Delaware Wildlife Rehabilitators Association Newark, DE
Delaware Womens Alliance for Sport and Fitness Newark, DE
Delaware Womens Conference Inc. Newark, DE
Delmarva Walk to Emmaus Newark, DE
Dexter Paine 2002 Charitable Tr 2 4 Newark, DE
Dexter Paine 2002 Crut 1 Tr 4 Newark, DE
Dol Sam Korean Assembly of God Inc. Newark, DE
Edmund Niles Huyck Foundation 4 Newark, DE
Emma A. Sheafer Charitable Trust 4 Newark, DE
Empowering Women in Need of Guidance Corporation (Until December 2007) Newark, DE
Esther Simon Charitable Trust P-50418-00-6 4 Newark, DE
Evelyn Jaffe Hall Charitable Trust 4 Newark, DE
Everlasting Church Newark, DE
Exceptional Care Inc. Newark, DE
Fay T. Barnes Scholarship Fund 4 Newark, DE
Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies Inc. Trust Newark, DE
Filipino Heritage and Arts Museum Newark, DE
First Presbyterian Church Et Al Tr P11369 Newark, DE
Food Bank of Delaware Inc. Newark, DE
Fretboard Fellowship Ministries Inc. Newark, DE
Friends of White Clay Creek State Park Newark, DE
Fund Raising Committee Newark, DE
Fund for European Scouting Pt 16436 4 Newark, DE
Gary J. & Kathy Elaine Anderson Charitable Foundation 053100 4 Newark, DE
George A. Gaston Charitable Trust Pt 13008 Newark, DE
Gethsemane Missions Incorporated (Until September 2006) Newark, DE
Gillette Charitable & Educational Foundation 4 Newark, DE
Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay Council Inc. Newark, DE
Gladys B. Beckett Trust Newark, DE
Glasgow Baptist Church Inc. Newark, DE
Global Episcopal Mission Network Inc. Newark, DE
Global Mission for Comprehensive Human Development Inc. (Until December 2007) Newark, DE
Grace and Truth Baptist Church Newark, DE
Grass Roots Citizens for Children Newark, DE
H. Elping O. Thers P. Reach E. Ffectively Inc. (Until December 2006) Newark, DE
Harriet Ford Dickenson Foundation 4 Newark, DE
Head of Christiana Cemetery Association 6 Newark, DE
Heal Autism Now Delaware Foundation (Until December 2008) Newark, DE
Helen W. Buckner Charit Residuary Tr UW 4 Newark, DE
Henry M. Blackmer Foundation Inc. 4 Newark, DE
Heritage United Development Corporation (Until December 2005) Newark, DE
Hermitage Foundation Trust 4 Newark, DE
Hispanic Society of America Trust No 2 Pv 14989 Newark, DE
Hockessin-Area Community Theatre Inc. (Until June 2007) Newark, DE
Holy Bethel Church of God Newark, DE
Homeward Bound Inc. Newark, DE
Hope Dining Room Inc. Newark, DE
Howard Bailey Life Enrichment Program Newark, DE
Howard J. & Dorothy Adleta Foundation 4 Newark, DE
Hummingbird Society Newark, DE
Improved Order of Red Men Degree of Pocahontis of New Jersey Great Newark, DE
Independence School Newark, DE
Indo-American Association Delaware Newark, DE
Integrated Vegetation Management Partners Inc. (Until December 2007) Newark, DE
International Chamber Players Newark, DE
International Reading Association Inc. Newark, DE
International Society for Analysis Applications and Computation Inc. Newark, DE
International Society of Motor Control (Until June 2006) Newark, DE
Isabella M. Sheldon Tr Ua 060848 4 Newark, DE
Islamic Society of Delaware Newark, DE
Janet Upjohn Stearns Charitable Trust 4 Newark, DE
Jephson Educational Tr 2 4 Newark, DE
Jephson Educational Trust 4 Newark, DE
Jessie Edward & James C. Edward Fund Newark, DE
Jnt Foundation 4 Newark, DE
John Frank Hulse and Brittie M. Hulse Memorial Fund Newark, DE
John Roach Trust Fund Pt 8204 Newark, DE
John S. Scurci Foundation 4 Newark, DE
Jurodin Fund Inc. 4 Newark, DE
Justin W. Jennings Foundation (Until December 2005) Newark, DE
Kaplan Family Charitable Foundation 4 (Until December 2007) Newark, DE
Katie Swaney Foundation Newark, DE
Kimmel-Spiller Charitable Foundation 4 Newark, DE
Korean Presbyterian Church of Wilmington Inc. Newark, DE
Lars Foundation 4 Newark, DE
Larsen Foundation 4 Newark, DE
Leslie A. Lummis Charitable Tr 4 Newark, DE
Lettyes Sisters in Session Institute Newark, DE
Lillian Kaiser Lewis Foundation 4 Newark, DE
Living Stones Community Fellowship Inc. Newark, DE
Living Waters Ministries Inc. Newark, DE
Lizanell and Colbert Coldwell Foundation 4 Newark, DE
Lon Morris College Endowment Newark, DE
Love of Christ Church Newark, DE
Madison Square Boys Club Trust Pt 9317 of New York Newark, DE
Margaret J. Plant Graves Fund Trust Pt-10267 Newark, DE
Margaret Woodbury Strong Museum Charitable Trust 301025150 Newark, DE
Mariners Museum Trust 1 P. 3583 Newark, DE
Mariners Museum Trust No 2 P. 3152 Newark, DE
Marjorie C. Adams Charitable Trust 4 Newark, DE
Martha L. A. Norris Foundation Tr 4 Newark, DE
Maryland College Health Nurses Association Inc. Newark, DE
McKaco Charitable Foundation 4 Newark, DE
Meadwood Church of Christ Newark, DE
Mid-Atlantic Ballet Academy Newark, DE

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Above is a list of organizations in Newark, Delaware that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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