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Vehicle Donation in Colorado

For people interested in vehicle donation in Colorado, below is a list of Colorado organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

M. O. M. S. for Moms Inc. Salida, CO
Neighbor to Neighbor Volunteers Salida, CO
New Life Book Ministry Inc. Salida, CO
Salida Area Parks Open Space and Trails Salida, CO
Salida Concerts Inc. Salida, CO
Salida Hospital Foundation Salida, CO
Salida Housing Development Corporation Salida, CO
Salida Steamplant Salida, CO
Salida Youth Ministries Salida, CO
Strawberry Door Incorporated Salida, CO
Support Our Schools Salida Salida, CO
Tenderfoot Transmitting Inc. (Until December 2005) Salida, CO
Youth Unlimited (Until December 2006) Salida, CO
Costilla County Community Council Inc. San Acacio, CO
Costilla County Economic Development Council Inc. San Luis, CO
Costilla County Health Association (Until December 2006) San Luis, CO
Health Care Foundation Inc. San Luis, CO
Land Rights Council Inc. San Luis, CO
San Pedro Mesa Volunteer Fire Department (Until May 2008) San Luis, CO
Mariachi San Luis Inc. (Until December 2007) San Pablo, CO
Saguache Neighborhood Community Council Saquache, CO
Sargents Open Door Fellowship Sargents, CO
Sargents Volunteer Fire Dept (Until December 2006) Sargents, CO
Upper Tomichi Historical Community Association Sargents, CO
All Gods Creatures Inc. Security, CO
Fountain Valley School of Colorado Security, CO
Security Bible Church Security, CO
The Christian Church of Security Security, CO
Bear Canyon Cemetery Association 6 Sedalia, CO
Belayer Ministries Inc. (Until January 2007) Sedalia, CO
Brotherhood of the White Temple Sedalia, CO
Cars for A. Purpose Incorporated (Until December 2008) Sedalia, CO
Cherokee Ranch and Castle Foundation 3 Sedalia, CO
Dchs Choir Boosters (Until June 2005) Sedalia, CO
Grace and Truth Assembly Sedalia, CO
Misha May Foundation (Until December 2006) Sedalia, CO
Mountain Artisans Art Council Sedalia, CO
Nationwide Roundup Incorporated Sedalia, CO
North American Trail Ride Foundation Sedalia, CO
Patrol Squadron Colorado Sedalia, CO
Sedalia Wild Game and Fish Club Inc. Sedalia, CO
Seven Streams Inc. (Until December 2008) Sedalia, CO
Stand in the Gap Project Inc. (Until December 2008) Sedalia, CO
The Sedalia Historic Fire House Museum (Until June 2006) Sedalia, CO
Trips With A. Mission (Until December 2005) Sedalia, CO
Trumbull Volunteer Fire Department Sedalia, CO
Whispering Pines Lifestyle Retreat Sedalia, CO
Yucatan Animal Rescue Foundation Sedalia, CO
North American Trail Ride Conference Inc. Seddalia, CO
Shekinah Sedgwick, CO
Seibert Community Church Seibert, CO
Cultural Council of Park County Shawnee, CO
Kiowa Albright Memorial Center Sheridan Lake, CO
Sheridan Lake Bible Church Sheridan Lake, CO
Sheridan Historical Society Inc. 4 Sheridan, CO
The Younger Generation Players Sheridan, CO
Andrews Family Foundation 4 Showmass Village, CO
Defender of Biodiversity (Until February 2008) Silt, CO
Friends of the Library Silt Branch Silt, CO
Gods Provision Silt, CO
Lower Valley Trails Group Silt, CO
Meadowmountain Academy of Arts and Natural Sciences Inc. (Until April 2007) Silt, CO
Michele Pfeifer Foundation A. Nevada Non-Profit Corporation 4 Silt, CO
New Castle Ambulance Service Inc. Silt, CO
Pauline S. Schneegas Wildlife Foundation Silt, CO
Prodigal Ranch Foundation Silt, CO
Riding Institute for Disabled Equestrians Inc. Silt, CO
Shire Horse Foundation Silt, CO
Silt Historical Society Inc. Silt, CO
Silt Revitalization Inc. (Until December 2006) Silt, CO
Silt Youth Sports Association (Until December 2007) Silt, CO
Custer County Senior Citizens Center Inc. Silver Cliff, CO
Mission Wolf Silver Cliff, CO
Valley Assisited Living Inc. Silver Cliff, CO
Westcliff Community Church Inc. Silver Cliff, CO
People for Silver Plume Inc. Silver Plume, CO
Solve & Save Open Lands Vistas & the Environment Silverplume, CO
Antler Foundation Irrv Tr 4 Silverthorne, CO
Apricot Tree Silverthorne, CO
Community Action for Sustainable and Affordable Solutions (Until December 2007) Silverthorne, CO
Edney Family Foundation 4 Silverthorne, CO
Faith Foundation 4 Silverthorne, CO
Family Advisory Network Silverthorne, CO
High Country Soccer Assoc (Until December 2005) Silverthorne, CO
Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology Silverthorne, CO
League for Animals and People of the Summit Silverthorne, CO
Nwccog Foundation Inc. Silverthorne, CO
Summit Snow Tigers Silverthorne, CO
Summits Mountain Community Fair Silverthorne, CO
Trail Corps Academy (Until July 2006) Silverthorne, CO
A. Theatre Group Silverton Silverton, CO
Center for Snow and Avalanche Studies (Until June 2007) Silverton, CO
Friends of the Silverton Public Library Incorporation Silverton, CO
Great Western Rocky Mountain Brass Band Festival Inc. Silverton, CO
Mountain Studies Institute San Juan Mountains Colorado (Until December 2006) Silverton, CO
San Juan 2000 Delelopment Association (Until December 2006) Silverton, CO
San Juan County Historical Society Silverton, CO
San Juan County Search and Rescue (Until December 2005) Silverton, CO
Silverton Arts Council Silverton, CO
Silverton Family Learning Center (Until June 2008) Silverton, CO
Silverton Gunfighters Association Silverton, CO
Silverton San Juan County Amb Assn Inc. Silverton, CO
Solrc Foundation (Until December 2007) Silverton, CO
Amy Wolverton Scholarship Trust Simla, CO
Big Sandy Rural Fire Company Simla, CO
Crossroads Youth Works Simla, CO
Moyer Ministries Inc. Simla, CO
Neighborhood Bible Church Ofsimla Simla, CO
Prairie Arts League Simla, CO
Anderson Ranch Arts Foundation Snowmass Village, CO
Hoffman Family Charitable Foundation 4 Snowmass Village, CO
Vanderwerf Charitable Family Private Foundation 3 Snowmass Village, CO
Corox Foundation 4 Snowmass Vlg, CO
Energy 2000 Forum in Aspen Snowmass Vlg, CO
Ernst and Wilma Martens Foundation 4 Snowmass Vlg, CO
Grassroots Asia (Until December 2007) Snowmass Vlg, CO
Joan & Virgil Stiefel Simon Foundat Ion 4 Snowmass Vlg, CO
Little Red Schoolhouse Educational and Community Center Inc. Snowmass Vlg, CO
Marvin C. Moses and Susan E. Moses Foundation Inc. 4 Snowmass Vlg, CO
Rocky Road Incorporated Snowmass Vlg, CO
Snowmass Chapel & Community Center Inc. Snowmass Vlg, CO
Snowmass Nature Center Inc. Snowmass Vlg, CO
Snowmass Village Community Fund Inc. Snowmass Vlg, CO
Snowmass Village Rotary Club Charitable Foundation Inc. (Until June 2006) Snowmass Vlg, CO
Snowmass Western Heritage Association (Until December 2008) Snowmass Vlg, CO
Snowmass-Wildcat Firefighters Association Snowmass Vlg, CO
The Jack E. and Betty Jane Schuss 1999 Charitable Trust Snowmass Vlg, CO
Trashmasters International Inc. Snowmass Vlg, CO
Writers Conference and Festivals Associated Writing Program Snowmass Vlg, CO
Bellerive Foundation USA Snowmass, CO
Earthbeat Choir Inc. Snowmass, CO
Environmental Research Group Snowmass, CO
First Light Foundation (Until December 2008) Snowmass, CO
Pathfinders (Until December 2008) Snowmass, CO
Rocky Mountain Institute Snowmass, CO
Snowmass-Capitol Creek Caucus Snowmass, CO
Windstar Foundation Snowmass, CO
Windstar Land Conservancy Snowmass, CO
Camp Id Ra Ha Je West Association Somerset, CO
New Hope Community Church South Fork, CO
Ruth H. Brown Foundation 4 South Fork, CO
South Fork Ambulance Assoc South Fork, CO
Spiritual Fitness Ministries Inc. South Fork, CO
Upper Rio Grande Health Clinic South Fork, CO
Children Come First Spring, CO
Baca County Educational Trust Springfield, CO
Bernard C. & Hazel Neill Foundation Inc. 4 Springfield, CO
Emma Belle Tolbert Charitable Tr 4 Springfield, CO
Ray and June Bishop Foundation 4 Springfield, CO
Springfield Child Care Center Inc. Springfield, CO
Springfield Council for the Arts and Humanities Springfield, CO
Springfield Ems Association Inc. Springfield, CO
Springfield Scholarship Fund Springfield, CO
Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art St. Joseph, CO
Steamboat Springs Community Orchestra Steamboat Spgs, CO
Birchtree Foundation Inc. 4 Steamboat Spr, CO
Born Free Wildlife Rehabilitation Steamboat Spr, CO
Christian Heritage School Steamboat Spr, CO
Community Agriculture Alliance Inc. Steamboat Spr, CO
Community Alliance of the Yampa Valley Steamboat Spr, CO
Duffey Foundation Inc. 4 Steamboat Spr, CO
Euzoa Bible Church Steamboat Spr, CO
Friends of Perry Mansfield Steamboat Spr, CO
Garth Family Foundation 4 Steamboat Spr, CO
Halverson Foundation 4 Steamboat Spr, CO
Health Care Foundation for the Yampa Valley Steamboat Spr, CO
Heritage Park Preschool (Until July 2007) Steamboat Spr, CO
Historic Routt County Steamboat Spr, CO
Horizons Specialized Services Inc. Steamboat Spr, CO
Humble Ranch Education and Therapy Center Steamboat Spr, CO
International Erosion Control Association Steamboat Spr, CO
Laurel Street School and Family Center (Until December 2005) Steamboat Spr, CO
Lift Up Pf Routt County Steamboat Spr, CO
Lowell Whiteman Primary School Steamboat Spr, CO
Mixed Media Painting School of Steamboat Springs Inc. Steamboat Spr, CO
National Association for Cemetery Preservation Inc. Steamboat Spr, CO
Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association Steamboat Spr, CO
Oak Street Performing Arts Company (Until December 2006) Steamboat Spr, CO
Regional Affordable Living Foundation Steamboat Spr, CO
Rocky Mountain Ski Instructors Educational Foundation Steamboat Spr, CO
Rocky Mountain Youth Corps Steamboat Spr, CO
Rout County Council on Aging Inc. Steamboat Spr, CO
Routt County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Advisory Council Inc. Steamboat Spr, CO
Routt County Crime Stoppers Steamboat Spr, CO
Routt County Fair Association Steamboat Spr, CO
Routt County Foundation for Senior Citizens Inc. Steamboat Spr, CO
Routt County Habitat for Humanity Steamboat Spr, CO
Routt County Humane Society Inc. Steamboat Spr, CO
Routt County United Way Steamboat Spr, CO
Steamboat Dance Theatre (Until December 2007) Steamboat Spr, CO
Steamboat Springs Board of Realtors Community Fund Steamboat Spr, CO
Steamboat Springs Booster Club Steamboat Spr, CO
Steamboat Springs Council of the Arts and Humanities Steamboat Spr, CO
Steamboat Springs Education Fund Steamboat Spr, CO
Steamboat Springs Figure Skating Club Steamboat Spr, CO
Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club Foundation Inc. Steamboat Spr, CO
Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club Inc. Steamboat Spr, CO
Steamboat Springs Youth Hockey Association Inc. Steamboat Spr, CO
The Emerald City Opera (Until December 2006) Steamboat Spr, CO
Yampa Valley Community Foundation Steamboat Spr, CO

Above is a list of organizations in Colorado that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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