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Vehicle Donation in Colorado

For people interested in vehicle donation in Colorado, below is a list of Colorado organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Information Match Arvada, CO
Inspiration Work Corporate Chaplaincy Inc. (Until December 2006) Arvada, CO
Inter-Church Arvada Resource for Ministry & Service Arvada, CO
International Order of Religious Science Practitioners Inc. Arvada, CO
Jeffco Alliance for the Mentally Ill of Jefferson County Inc. Arvada, CO
Jeffco Open Space Foundation Inc. 3 Arvada, CO
Jefferson Center for Mental Health Arvada, CO
Jefferson Therapeutic Living Apartments Arvada, CO
Kings Kid Denver (Until December 2006) Arvada, CO
Kiwanis Club of Arvada Foundation Arvada, CO
Lalmba Association Arvada, CO
Lao Buddhist Temple Arvada, CO
Larimer County Spring Horse Show Inc. Arvada, CO
Lauretta Boyd Charitable Trust 4 Arvada, CO
Legacy Christian Fellowship Inc. Arvada, CO
Lincoln Academy Pto (Until June 2005) Arvada, CO
Linda Coulthard Morris Multiple Sclerosis Charity (Until December 2007) Arvada, CO
Little Flower Foundation Arvada, CO
Lmc Community Foundation Arvada, CO
Maranatha Christian Center Arvada, CO
Margaret McDonald Boss Living Trust 4 Arvada, CO
Maximum Joy Ministries (Until December 2004) Arvada, CO
Mennonite Housing Development Corp Arvada, CO
Metro Infanta Foundation Inc. Arvada, CO
Military Intelligence Service Veterans Club Inc. 6 Arvada, CO
Mission Corps International Inc. Arvada, CO
Missions of Hope Arvada, CO
My Beloved Care Center Arvada, CO
National Council for Self-Esteem Inc. Arvada, CO
Next Stage (Until December 2008) Arvada, CO
North Jeffco Foundation Arvada, CO
North Jeffco Swim Team Arvada, CO
North Jefferson Junior Baseball Association Arvada, CO
Optimist Club of Arvada Scholarship Endowment Fund Arvada, CO
Partners in Hope Foundation 4 Arvada, CO
Partnerships for Healthy Communities (Until December 2007) Arvada, CO
Patria Christian Fellowship Arvada, CO
Peacejam Foundation Arvada, CO
Personal Affordable Living Inc. Arvada, CO
Philippine Heritage Foundation Arvada, CO
Pinebrooke Community Church Arvada, CO
Pocket Flag Project Inc. Arvada, CO
Pomona Music Boosters Arvada, CO
Project DAR E. Foundation Inc. Arvada, CO
Rainn Run Inc. (Until September 2005) Arvada, CO
Ralston Valley H. S. Music Boosters Arvada, CO
Relief Fund for Higher Learning Institutions in Armenia Arvada, CO
Renewal Ministries Inc. Arvada, CO
Ride Provide Inc. Arvada, CO
Robby Ferrufino Memorial Fund Arvada, CO
Rock of Inspiration Arvada, CO
Rocky Mountain Horse Rescue (Until December 2008) Arvada, CO
Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute Foundation Inc. Arvada, CO
Rocky Mountain Percussion Association Arvada, CO
Rural Health Care Association Arvada, CO
Salvatore Taddonio Family Foundation 4 Arvada, CO
Servants of the Risen Savior Jesus- Holy Trinity (Until December 2006) Arvada, CO
Shiloh Believers Fellowship Arvada, CO
Sky High Bmx II Arvada, CO
Social Services Technical and Business Staffs Inc. Arvada, CO
Solid Rock Youth Ministries Arvada, CO
St. Judes Corporation for Education Arvada, CO
Suburban Swin League Arvada, CO
Summit Community Church Arvada, CO
Swap Free Enterprise Foundation Inc. Arvada, CO
Tepper Family Foundation 4 Arvada, CO
Tet Family Foundation A. Non-Profit Corporation 4 Arvada, CO
The Arvada Volunteer Fire Department Arvada, CO
The Bretzlauf Foundation Corp 4 Arvada, CO
The Crosspoint Foundation Inc. Arvada, CO
The Rolling Hills Foundation Arvada, CO
Trinity Presbyterian Church Arvada, CO
Truth and Life Ministries Inc. Arvada, CO
Two Ponds Preservation Foundation Inc. Arvada, CO
Usawest Policy Board Association (Until December 2006) Arvada, CO
Usawest Square Dance Convention of Colorado Arvada, CO
Van Wagner Family Foundation 3 Arvada, CO
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Dept of Colorado Arvada, CO
Vmt Family Foundation 4 Arvada, CO
Walter Michael Nothey Memorial Fund Inc. Arvada, CO
West Ridge Christian Church Arvada, CO
Westie Rescue Network Inc. Arvada, CO
Wild Bird Information and Rehabilitation of Denver (Until December 2005) Arvada, CO
Wilderness Ministries International (Until December 2006) Arvada, CO
Windstar Colorado Connection Arvada, CO
Women to Women Ministries Inc. Arvada, CO
Woodrow Wilson Academy Elementary School Arvada, CO
World Advocates Inc. (Until December 2006) Arvada, CO
World Institute of Self-Esteem Inc. 4 Arvada, CO
Yours Mime & Ours Inc. Arvada, CO
Youth Baseball Foundation of Colorado (Until December 2005) Arvada, CO
Youth With A. Mission Denver Arvada, CO
Ywam Foundation Inc. Arvada, CO
Ark of the New Covenant Ministries Inc. (Until December 2008) Arvanda, CO
Arvada Council for the Arts and Humanities Inc. Arvda, CO
24 Hours of Aspen Foundation Aspen, CO
Airport Business Center Foundation 4 Aspen, CO
Alfred A. Braun Hut System Inc. Aspen, CO
Arches Foundation 4 Aspen, CO
Aspen Alpine Club Inc. Aspen, CO
Aspen Art Museum Aspen, CO
Aspen Art Museum Foundation Aspen, CO
Aspen Ballet Company and School Aspen, CO
Aspen Board of Realtors Bill Heldman-Stark King Memorial Schola Aspen, CO
Aspen Camp Sch for the Deaf Inc. Aspen, CO
Aspen Center for Christian Studies Aspen, CO
Aspen Center for Environmental Studies Aspen, CO
Aspen Center for New Medicine Inc. Aspen, CO
Aspen Center for Physics Aspen, CO
Aspen Chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association Aspen, CO
Aspen Choral Society Aspen, CO
Aspen Community & Institute Committee Aspen, CO
Aspen Community Theatre Aspen, CO
Aspen Congregation of Jehovahs Witnesses Aspen, CO
Aspen Country Day School Inc. Aspen, CO
Aspen Education Foundation Aspen, CO
Aspen Educational Archive Aspen, CO
Aspen Field Biology Laboratory Inc. (Until December 2008) Aspen, CO
Aspen Figure Skating Club Aspen Skating Club Aspen, CO
Aspen Foundation for Sports Medicine Education and Research Aspen, CO
Aspen Gay and Lesbian Community Fund Aspen, CO
Aspen Given Foundation Aspen, CO
Aspen Global Change Institute Inc. Aspen, CO
Aspen Hall of Fame Aspen, CO
Aspen Historic Trust Inc. Aspen, CO
Aspen Historical Society Aspen, CO
Aspen Interfaith Association Inc. Aspen, CO
Aspen Jewish Center Aspen, CO
Aspen Junior Golf Foundation Inc. Aspen, CO
Aspen Junior Hockey and Skating Foundation Inc. Aspen, CO
Aspen Rotary Club Scholarship Foundation Aspen, CO
Aspen Rotary Club-Christmas Wish Incorporated Aspen, CO
Aspen Rugby Foundation Aspen, CO
Aspen Skiing Company Environment Foundation Aspen, CO
Aspen Snowmass Nordic Council Inc. Aspen, CO
Aspen Swim Club (Until December 2007) Aspen, CO
Aspen Theatre in the Park Aspen, CO
Aspen Valley Community Foundation Aspen, CO
Aspen Valley Medical Foundation Limited Aspen, CO
Aspen Valley Ski-Snowboard Club Inc. Aspen, CO
Aspen Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Aspen, CO
Aspen Winter Sports Foundation Inc. Aspen, CO
Aspen Writers Foundation Inc. Aspen, CO
Aspen Youth Center Aspen, CO
Aspen Youth Experience Aspen, CO
Aspen-Pitkin Animal Shelter Capital Campaign (Until December 2005) Aspen, CO
B. O. L. D. Inc. Aspen, CO
Barnard-Fain Foundation 4 Aspen, CO
Betty A. & Lloyd G. Schermer Foundation 4 Aspen, CO
Bigger Picture Ministries (Until December 2008) Aspen, CO
Biochemical Research Foundation Inc. Aspen, CO
Boogies Diner Foundation Inc. 4 Aspen, CO
Books for Life Foundation Inc. (Until December 2006) Aspen, CO
Brent and Connie Waldron Family Star Foundation 3 Aspen, CO
Bridgefilm Company Inc. Aspen, CO
Bruce S. Lustman Family Foundation 4 Aspen, CO
Caddo Lake Institute Inc. (Until June 2007) Aspen, CO
Care Center Committee for Theroaring Fork Valley Aspen, CO
Castalia Foundation 4 Aspen, CO
Celebrate the Beat (Until December 2008) Aspen, CO
Challenge Aspen Aspen, CO
Charity Assistance Advisors (Until December 2008) Aspen, CO
Charles B. Israel Foundation 4 Aspen, CO
Child and Adolescent Institute Aspen, CO
Chris Klug Foundation (Until December 2008) Aspen, CO
Christ Episcopal Church Foundation of Aspen Inc. Aspen, CO
Community Health Services Vna Inc. Aspen, CO
Community Office for Resource Efficiency Aspen, CO
Cordoba Initiative (Until December 2008) Aspen, CO
Digital Arts Foundation (Until December 2007) Aspen, CO
Distinguished Service Foundation 4 Aspen, CO
Donordirect (Until December 2006) Aspen, CO
Dorothy and Van Holman Foundation 4 Aspen, CO
Early Learning Center Inc. Aspen, CO
Ecoflight (Until December 2006) Aspen, CO
Edward & Julia Hansen Foundation Inc. 4 Aspen, CO
Erdman Family Foundation 4 Aspen, CO
Essence Foundation 4 Aspen, CO
Extreme Sports (Until December 2008) Aspen, CO
Flatirons Foundation 4 Aspen, CO
Floreat 4 Aspen, CO
Flunison Fund Private Foundation 4 Aspen, CO
Foundation for Worldwide Mercy and Sharing (Until December 2008) Aspen, CO
Fred & Elli Iselin Foundation 4 Aspen, CO
Friends of Marolt Park Aspen, CO
Friends of the Aspen Sports and Recreation Complex Aspen, CO
Friends of the Moore Pool Aspen, CO
Fullerton Family Charitable Trust 4 Aspen, CO
Gayla W. Carney Family Charitable Foundation 4 Aspen, CO
General Service Foundation 4 Aspen, CO
Gideon Gartner Fdn Ch Tr 72788 4 Aspen, CO
Goldenberg Foundation 4 Aspen, CO
Grassroots Television Inc. Aspen, CO
Great Aspen Wine Auction Inc. Aspen, CO
Greenwald Foundation 4 Aspen, CO
High Mountain Volleyball Club Inc. (Until October 2006) Aspen, CO
Himalayan Scholarship Fund Aspen, CO
Independence Pass Foundation Aspen, CO
Independent Films Inc. Aspen, CO
International Flamingo Foundation (Until December 2005) Aspen, CO

Above is a list of organizations in Colorado that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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